Subject: Spin The Paddle
From: Solstice <>
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 05:04:59 UTC

Spin The Paddle

One of the best evenings in my life took place several years ago in college. I went out with a girl who was the vice president of Delta Omega sorority. One evening, in the fall, she invited me and my buddy Steve over to her sorority house.

Boys were not allowed upstairs, but the girls were permitted to entertain guests in the large living room downstairs. My girlfriend, Audrey, introduced us to the girls. The house mother and some of the sisters were away, but because it was pledge week, all the new girls had to be present.

I was a little on edge for a couple of reasons. First, I had seen the Deltas around campus and they were lovely girls, but I had always noticed that the "Dellos" were pretty hard on their pledges. They made them carry around these huge paddles emblazoned with expressions of love for their "Big Sister" during hell week and a lot of kids teased the girls about it.

Another thing that made me nervous was that Audrey and her girlfriends were always making some sly remarks about ganging up on me and initiating me but good. I was worried they would do just that.

Lastly, as I walked in the sorority house, I was stunned to see several paddles hanging in plain view, one bigger than the next. It seemed a real possibility that these girls, who outnumbered us, might jump us and grab the nearest piece of flat wood and start whaling our butts. As it turned out, I needn't have worried, but I didn't know that then.

There were five pledges present. They were all 18 or 19 and cute. Right from the beginning, Audrey dealt with them in a commanding, almost military manner. She had them line up and then introduced each one. Each young lady stepped forward, shook hands politely, said, "I'm happy to meet you," and stepped back again.

There was Pam David, a bouncy, friendly "All American" doll with long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She had on a typical casual college girl outfit: faded tight jeans, a flannel shirt, white socks and sneakers. She gave me a big, cheery smile, a firm handshake and seemed sincere.

Next was Christine Ingles, a leggy dirty blonde with stormy, dark blue eyes and full red lips. She seemed a little distant, but respectful. She looked a bit sleazy, but also like she had just come from an office. She had on a tight, short dark brown skirt with sexy dark hose and a nice sweater. She wore very high heels that seemed to stick her butt up and made walking a little more difficult. Her hand was as cold as ice when I touched it.

Next came Susan Bass, a big boned girl with a dynamite figure. She looked Irish. She was tall, solidly built up top with pretty, even features, some freckles, dark blue eyes and long, wavy, full dark brown hair. She had on a tight, expensive pair of designer jeans and a knit pullover blouse. Her hand was warm and damp as she shook hands with me.

The fourth girl was Patty Emmabile, a mouth watering Italian brunette with white, smooth skin. She was short, with big dark brown eyes, high cheek bones, short wavy hair and a dazzling smile. She wore some kind of cotton or polyester pants with a zipper on the side and a regular white blouse with buttons down the front.

The last girl was Kathy Enfield. She was of medium height, with long straight reddish blonde hair and brown eyes. She was very pretty, slim and petite. She had on a feminine pink dress that ended just an inch or two above her knees, with a white collar and she wore flesh colored stockings. I noticed she also had on earrings, a bracelet and several rings. I could smell her perfume as she stepped forward to greet me.

A few of the Big Sisters were there, too, but over the years, my memory of them has faded. We all sat down in the big living room and began talking about school, various teachers and things. It was all pretty innocent. Audrey had the pledges serve us wine and cheese and things were going great. The pledges seemed relaxed. I was in my glory, surrounded by pretty girls, telling them all how great it was to be a senior.

After about an hour, when everyone had consumed several glasses of wine, Audrey clapped her hands loudly several times and announced ceremoniously, "Okay, it's time to play a game." I glanced over at Patty and she raised her eyebrows as if to say, "uh-oh," but betrayed no other concern. I looked at Christine and she gulped and smiled sheepishly.

"What game?" I asked.

"Well," Audrey said slowly, "have you ever played Spin The Paddle?"

"What?" I asked. I was utterly confused but my heart sped up at the sound of that game. I said, "No, I never heard of it." Audrey came over to me and surprised me with a kiss.

"Well, you'll remember it for a long time," she said. The pledges all giggled and laughed loudly and there were a few muttered comments like "he sure will" and "that's for sure!"

Furniture was quickly moved around and in a moment or two the five pledges, Steve and myself were in a circle. Audrey strode into the middle and put a "lazy susan" on the floor. That's one of those serving trays that spins around on its base so you can select different dishes. Then she went to a nearby wall and unhooked two of the larger paddles that hung there. The pledges were unsurprised by this and seemed to know what to expect. Christine and Kathy were serious, but the rest were grinning.

Audrey took one paddle and laid it down flat on the lazy susan. She gripped the other by the handle. Then she stood up and explained the game. It's real simple," she said. "Have you ever played Spin The Bottle?"

"Y-yes," I stammered, my pulse really racing now.

"Same thing." She pointed at that big, ominous looking instrument of punishment at our feet and said, "The handle is the pointer. Each one spins it in turn. You and Steve take turns being Pledgemaster. Whichever pledge it points to has to give the Pledgemaster a kiss and remove one article of clothing." Then she looked at the girls. "And I mean a major article, not shoes, socks or a bracelet," she warned. "Then the pledge gets two licks with the paddle." My heart almost leaped from my chest. My face flushed and my head felt light. I couldn't believe it.

Audrey continued, "If any of these cuties ends up nude and the paddle points to her, she gets THREE licks. Okay? Simple enough for you?"

"Y-yes, I guess so," I said, straining to maintain my composure.

"Yeah, well. you better hope it doesn't point to you!" Pam called out sarcastically.

"Nope," Audrey said triumphantly. Pam's face darkened. "If the paddle points to a guy, the number of swats gets doubled and it's re-spun until it points to a pledge, understand?" The pledges murmured that it wasn't fair but nodded in resigned agreement.

They seemed pretty calm considering what was about to happen. My hands were shaking. "And listen you," Audrey said to me sternly, "if you don't give them real hard licks, I'm gonna paddle your ass but good later, okay?" The girls all laughed at that and I eagerly nodded my head.

"Patty, start us off," Audrey said. Then she pointed to me. "You're the first Pledgemaster."

Patty, sitting across from me to Steve's left, leaned forward, giving me a quick view down the front of her blouse. She was wearing a frilly white bra. She grabbed the edge of the Lazy Susan and spun it clockwise. The paddle whirled and whirled and every one went quiet. It spun for what seemed like ages and the girls began shouting as it slowed, gasping with relief when the handle passed them by. Finally it came to a dead stop to Steve's right, aiming right at Christine. There were whoops and pointing from t he girls. I felt a tightening in my crotch as the excitement mounted.

Christine looked disgusted but resigned. "Of course, I gotta go first!" she said with a distinct New York accent. She reluctantly dragged herself up, a sour look on her face, and came over to my chair. She bent forward, put her arms on my shoulders and put her pretty face right in front of me. "I'm gonna give ya a little kiss," she told me, as if to prepare me. Now that she was so close to me I could see she had a little bit of eye shadow on, powder on her cheeks and her lipstick was very red. She smelled n ice. Then she closed her eyes, moved her face forward and kissed me right on the lips. I was rigid but tried to relax as the girls all yelled and catcalled. Christine thrust her tongue into my mouth and ran it along my lips. It was very exciting. When she pulled away, my face was stunned and my mouth was open. The girls were clapping and laughing. I looked at Audrey and she laughed and put her head in her hands, shaking it back and forth.

Then Christine took a step back and, staring right at me, grabbed both sides of her sweater with her arms crossed and lifted it over her head. She had small breasts held snugly in a sexy black bra and her hair fell back down around her shoulders as the garment departed her cute body. Then she threw it toward a corner of the room.

"Okay," Audrey called, "assume the position. Give her two swats, Jim!" She held the paddle out to me, handle first.

Christine turned around and grabbed her ankles, her miniskirt riding several inches up the back of her shapely thighs.

I got up and took hold of that large piece of flat, thick wood and was surprised at the weight of it. I swallowed hard. My mouth was dry. I looked at the girl, bending over in her bra next to me and got into position. Her shapely little butt looked round and inviting, sticking out vulnerably, perched on those two perfect feminine legs. Remembering Audrey's warning, I raised it up high and immediately brought it down flat against Christine's ass about as hard as I could.

The impact on Christine's upturned ass sounded like a small explosion. That ass was firm and tight. In the stunned silence that followed Christine gasped and then, through clenched teeth, she quietly hissed out one word: "Shit!" Someone snickered. There was tension in the room.

I wound up again and swung. Again, the sound of the impact filled the room and I felt those two tight little mounds bounce and jiggle within the tight confines of the skirt. Christine twisted her body a little, swinging her hips away from me. She stood up and slowly rubbed the tight seat of her skirt. "Whew!" she said. She walked deliberately to her seat shaking her head, smiling slightly, and gently sat down.

We went around the circle clockwise. Pam, sitting next to Kathy on my right, spun the paddle next. 'Round and 'round it went. As it swung by Christine, she gestured with her hand, waving it past her. "Keep going, keep going!" she said. It stopped on Patty. I felt a thrill go through me as I realized I was about to see that delicious young woman take two swats of the paddle that I was still holding in my hand.

Patty bowed her head, embarrassed and laughing, as the other girls pointed at her and called her name. Steve sprang eagerly to his feet. He was very well built, handsome and played numerous sports at school. Patty knew this was going to hurt.

She slowly stood up and looked down at her outfit, apparently wondering what article of clothing to strip off. Then she began unbuttoning her blouse. In a moment she dropped her blouse to the floor, revealing her lovely chest, clad in a dainty, lacy white bra. She looked up, her face flushed pink. She looked adorable. Then she walked up to Steve and took his face in both her hands. He looked like he was drowning. She kissed him tenderly for a long time. There were wolf whistles and giggles. The intensity of the kiss seemed to indicate Patty was trying to convince Steve to "go easy on her." It was not to be.

He looked at me as Patty stood back, bent at the waist, directly away from me, and grabbed her ankles. I had a perfect view. I handed Steve the paddle and he stepped behind the pretty bending girl. Her pants were drawn tight against her seat. Steve lifted the paddle and then swung it in an arc, up and into her feminine ass cheeks. There was a loud "Pop!" as the smooth, flat wood smacked the girl heavily in the ass. The blow knocked her off balance, but she immediately regained her position.

He swung again and Patty cried, "Oh!" and leapt to her feet.

"What's the matter, Patty?" taunted Audrey, "Is that little ass you swing so much when you walk burning a little?"

Patty rubbed her behind energetically. "You bet!" she responded causing laughter.

Now Kathy, just to my right, spun the paddle as Patty gingerly sat on her tingling rear. The pledges seemed to be holding their breath as the paddle circled around, pointing to each of us in turn. It stopped with the handle aimed at me. "Four swats for the next girl!" called Audrey.

The next hour was memorable, indeed... (part 2)

"Four swats for the next girl!" called Audrey.

Pam turned to Kathy, her big blue eyes open wide, and exclaimed, "How could you do that to us, Shar?!" Everybody laughed.

I reached for the lazy Susan and spun it energetically. "Oh, God, who will it be?" Susan said quietly as it spun. It came to rest pointing at Pam.

"It had to happen sooner or later," Pam said, smiling, her hands up with their palms toward me.

Christine leaned toward me, extending me a "high five." "Thank you!" she said. I slapped her hand and laughed.

"All right, all right, here goes," Pam said, rising from the chair. She immediately unbuttoned the top of her jeans and started unzipping her fly.

"Whoa," said Audrey. "Going for the pants right away! No butt protection!"

"I gotta," Pam replied. "I have no bra on!" Everyone laughed loudly at her predicament. In a moment, she had stripped down her pants to reveal a cute pair of skimpy pink panties. Her generous ass cheeks stretched the silky material tight as she bent over and draped her pants on the back of her chair. Then she came over to me, bent over and kissed me briefly. Everyone protested and they made her kiss me again, longer and more passionately. I could feel myself blushing. Then Pam boldly bent over and grabbed her ankles like the other girls had done.

"Give her four good ones!" Patty called out and Susan chided her with a gesture to quiet her down. Patty quipped with a shrug, "Hey, misery loves company! I just took two hard swats, Susan."

I looked at Pam's adorable ass. It was big and full and she had really nice legs. I got into position and swung at her butt with great force. "Whap!" The paddle bit deeply into her cheeks. Her ass felt soft and yielding. Pam let out a muffled, "Oooof!" and stepped forward, then back again. Knowing I had to give her four swats, I wound up and swung again immediately. "Wham!"

Pam let out a strangled "Oh!" and wiggled her ass sexily. I wound up and popped her again. I tried to make the last one as hard as the others. It was.

Pam rose up slowly, her face flushed, the base of her ass cheeks stuck out the bottom of her panties. They were glowing red. She grabbed her behind and said, "Whew!" as she gingerly rubbed her hands vertically up and down her backside. "Wow, that stings. Now I gotta sit down?!" The girls giggled.

I realized I had a tremendous bulge in my pants and sat down quickly to hide it as Pam walked slowly to her seat and sat down. She squirmed onto the side of her ass on the chair.

Susan then spun the paddle. It landed on Christine. "Not again!" she exclaimed. "Take them for me, Viv, you haven't gotten any yet."

Audrey spoke up quickly, "No substitutions. Take it like a woman, Christine."

The girls laughed and clapped. Christine rose and gave Steve a long, lingering kiss. I was sure she had her tongue deep in his mouth, as she had done with me. Then she unzipped the side of her skirt and stepped out of it. She had on dark pantyhose over black panties. Her legs looked long and smooth as she bent over in her pantyhose and bra to accept Steve's attentions with the paddle. I stared, transfixed, and burned the scene into my memory.

I handed the big paddle across the circle to him. He stood like a batter and swung it hard into the girl's ass. Christine let out a scream that surprised everyone. "Shit, that hurt!" she said seriously, springing up momentarily, then reluctantly resuming her bent over position. Steve immediately swatted her again, very hard. "Ohhh, Jeez!" Christine yelled, arching her back and rubbing her burning buns furiously.

Some of the other girls stifled giggles, but the room was pretty quiet. Christine's ass was obviously on fire. Now down to her feminine underwear, Christine walked to her chair and sat down, expressionless.

"Who spins next," I asked hoarsely.

"Christine does," Susan piped up.

Christine, looking somewhat uninterested, grabbed hold of the circular edge of the lazy Susan and gave it an angry spin. The paddle whirled for a long time. As it slowed it neared Christine again! The girls let out a rising chorus of squeals and yells, culminating in shouts and clapping when it pointed directly at her.

Patty pointed at Christine. "You did that to yourself!" she said, laughing.

"Don't blame me," Kathy joined in.

Christine bent forward at the waist in her chair and buried her head in her hands. "I don't believe this," she said slowly. She stood up and walked toward me unsteadily on her high heels. She bent forward and looked at me with pleading eyes then gave me the obligatory kiss. Then, without hesitation, she reached back and unclipped her bra clasp and out bounced two small, girlish breasts with little, pale, pinkish nipples. There were a few comments like, "Oh, God! How embarrassing" and stuff like that. Then she turned and bent over, sticking her butt out for my benefit.

Steve, grinning broadly, extended the paddle to me, handle first. I stood up and took it and looked down at Christine's pantihose covered posterior. I could see an angry red color showing through at the base of her cheeks. I was very excited by this time, so I tried to make it quick. I lifted the paddle high in the air and whacked the bending girl hard right across her ass. Again I felt the satisfying firmness of her tight little round buns. A very high pitched "Ow!" escaped her lips. I pulled back and swung again immediately and she got up quickly.

Pam pointed right at my crotch and said loudly, "Look at the bulge in his pants!" The girls all laughed loudly at that, and it was true. I couldn't hide it. My face was red as a beet and I sat down before Christine did. She hesitated at her chair and the girls ribbed her about not wanting to sit down.

Steve eagerly reached forward, still smiling and gave the tray a spin. The paddle's handle stopped at Kathy. "Ah, shit!" she said. I was glad because Kathy was a very sophisticated looking girl. I couldn't wait to see her get paddled. To her credit, she quickly stood, gave Steve a moderately passionate kiss and bravely began wriggling out of her dress. She pulled it over her head, some of her honey colored hair splaying upward as she did so. She had on a black bra and matching panties with flesh colored pantihose underneath. Her slender body was beautiful. Again, without delay, she just turned around and bent over and pointed her ass at Steve. He got up and I passed the paddle to Susan and she handed it to him. Kathy turned her face to him, wiggle d her ass, and said provocatively, "Come and get it Tiger!" Everyone laughed. She was a game girl. She stared straight ahead and braced herself.

Steve wound up and brought the paddle forward with tremendous force. The swat rang out and Kathy's face changed instantly to concern as the pain spread deeply into her ass. "Oh. Oh," she said in a worried voice. Steve wasted no time and swung again, just as hard. "WHACKK!" Kathy almost fell forward from the blow. She put her hand out and Pam caught her. She grimaced and was unable to say anything. Patty giggled and hid her face with her hands. "God! My big sister never hit me like that," Kathy offered finally. The other girls muttered in agreement. One or two looked at Audrey, seemingly pleading, but my girlfriend was enjoying the hell out of herself. Kathy recovered herself and stood up. She smoothed the seat of her pantihose just once with both hands and sat down.

"Who goes next?" Audrey asked.

"Patty spins," Susan said.

"Yeah, I do," Patty agreed. The paddle spun swiftly under her hand and came to rest on Susan.

"Finally got ya!" Patty quipped, smiling.

Susan frowned. "Yeah, yeah. You got me," she said and stood up next to me. She was a big, magnificent girl. The realization that I was about to swat her in the ass with a paddle hit me like a ton of bricks.

She kissed me nicely, but without putting her tongue in my mouth. She pulled the knit blouse over her head and her two big voluptuous breasts, encased in a plain white bra, came into view.

I sucked in my breath and noticed I was almost panting with excitement. The paddle appeared in my hands from somewhere and Susan bent over. My pants were bulging but there was nothing I could do about it. I stood up and looked down at Susan's feminine derriere. Her designer jeans were stretched tight over her twin mounds, the trendy red label on her back right pocket standing out starkly against the blue denim. I lifted the paddle up above my shoulder and brought it arcing downward, then up into the base of both overhanging ass cheeks. The sound of that flat, hard paddle suddenly meeting tender, young female ass shattered the silence. The noise was unmistakable. "Yeow!" she yelled, loudly, surprising everyone and causing the exchange of knowing, amused grins among the pledges.

"Did you like that?" Audrey asked.

"No, Ma'am!" Susan shot back.

I swung again and hit her in the exact same place. "Oh!" she cried out and bent over backwards, rubbing the seat of her pants furiously. She hopped around on her toes a few times as if her ass was on fire, calling out "oh...oh...oh," intensely concentrating on the feelings she was receiving from her rear end. The girls laughed. "Shit!" she said, calming down. Then she took her seat again.

Pam reached for the lazy Susan and spun it. It pointed to me. "Uh-oh," Audrey called. "Four swats for the next lucky pledge!" Steve clapped his hands in unabashed joy and the girls looked sullen. Kathy then spun the tray. It went 'round and 'round and stopped pointing to Steve. There were calls of "Oh no!" and "Shit!" from the girls. "That's eight, ladies. Eight." Audrey reminded them. I reached for the tray and gave it a firm tug. The handle pointed right at Patty.

"Ohmigod!" she exclaimed.

"Okay, Patty, up you go!" Steve said eagerly. He stood up quickly and I handed over the instrument of punishment. As I touched the business end of it so he could grasp the handle, I noticed it was warm. It was about to get warmer. So was Patty's rear.

Patty stood up and unzipped her pants at the side and stepped out of them. She was now down to her white panties and bra. Her hind end was glowing pink right through her briefs and where the base of her cheeks stuck out at the bottom, you could see red splotches. She bent over and the girls quickly called out, "The kiss. You forgot the kiss!"

"Oh, yeah," she said and went over to Steve and kissed him. Then she quipped, "It's not bad enough that he whacks my butt--I gotta kiss him, too!" We all laughed. (Part 3)

Patty dutifully kissed Steve right on the mouth. Then, she rolled her big brown eyes in disbelief over what she was doing and bent over. "Not too hard," she implored quietly. It was the worst thing she could have said.

Her nearly whispered comment was met with loud expressions of protest from the other girls. Susan pointed to me and said, "Not fair. He almost knocked my teeth out!" The other girls agreed, all talking at once about how badly they had gotten paddled.

Finally, Audrey spoke up loudly. "I'm adding two punishment swats. Steve, give her ten!" The group, shocked, fell silent for a moment. Then there was a muffled giggle. Kathy had a surprised look and shook her right hand as if to say "wow!"

Christine, smiling broadly, wisecracked, "Nice goin', Patty. Ya really improved your situation!" One or two of the other pledges laughed, but the rest seemed genuinely concerned. With the way my friend and I were swinging that big, flat piece of wood, ten swats was a frightening idea.

By now Steve was in position. Patty looked delicious. She was probably 18 or 19, with nice, slim legs and a high, tight little ass and a small waist. Bent over in her panties and bra, her hands firmly gripping her ankles, she was ready. Her butt stuck out prominently, the obvious target of Steve's attention. He raised the paddle high up and then just began to wail on the helpless girl's rear globes. The swats came hard and fast: WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! THWACK! Patty's body shuddered in time with the blows . Suddenly, as if burned with a hot iron, the pretty girl jumped up and took several leaping steps forward. Steve stopped in mid-stroke, a grin of surprise and embarrassment on his face. He looked as if he'd done something wrong, but didn't know what it was. His victim put six or seven feet of distance between them, obviously in agony.

Patty's legs were bent, her back was arched with her hands clutching her flaming seat. Her face was turned upward, her mouth wide open, but no sound emerged for a few seconds. She shook her head furiously, her lovely dark, wavy hair swinging side to side against her neck and shoulders. "No!" she cried, "No, I can't! I can't!" She seemed to be half crying and half laughing.

"Bullshit, you can't!" Audrey hissed angrily. It was as if she felt Patty was embarassing her. Audrey motioned to two of the Big Sisters present and said, simply, "Get her on the couch." The two girls quickly grabbed Patty and put her face down over the overstuffed arm of the couch at the side of the room. Then one grabbed her arms and the other her legs, pinning her, ass end up. Without a moment's hesitation, Audrey stepped behind the now struggling girl and stripped down her panties to her knees!

Patty emitted a very high pitched "No!" as her underwear departed her bottom. She bucked and twisted, but the two older girls held her easily. Patty began to sob.

My mouth was open in shock. You could hear a pin drop in that room. I felt a curious mix of compassion for Patty and delight at my girlfriend's dominance. I sort of felt the game had gone too far, but there was no way I was going to interfere.

Patty's ass was a sight! Her shapely cheeks were a deep, dark red, with splotches of white and a dab of purple here and there. Just above and below her ass, her skin was alabaster white, untouched, smooth and beautiful. With exaggerated politeness, Audrey gestured toward the captive girl. "Steve," she said, pausing for effect, "please continue what you were doing. Patty, count these aloud for Steve."

"You fuck! I'll never forgive you for this," Patty said angrily.

"Yeah, yeah, we know," Audrey said nonchalantly.

Steve was dumbstruck and didn't move for a second or two. Then, recovering, he strode up to the bent over girl. The sorority sister holding Patty's legs bent down and to the side so Steve would have a clear shot. He planted his feet, and began swatting Patty's rump again. WHACK! Patty's head snapped upward. "Ahh! One, you fuck!" WHACK! "Urrgg..Two!" She quivered and shook her head violently. THWACK! "Ohhhoww! Fuck! Three! Oh! Oh !" She arched her back and her ass stuck up, unintentionally making an even better target.

SMACK! It was a perfect shot! "Uhhnnn...mmm...Four!" Immediately, she brought her ass back down and clenched her cheeks, pressing hard against the arm of the couch. The way she moved was actually pretty funny, except she was obviously in so much pain. Then she tried to twist and her hips moved from side to side. I stole a glance at Susan, to my left. Her pretty blue eyes were open wide, her mouth agape. Christine was sitting with one leg over the other, staring intently directly at Patty's well punished ass.

SWAT!! "Oh! Five! Oh, nooo! Shit!" Patty was wiggling every which way she could in a fruitless effort to avoid that big paddle. WHACK! "Oh, Jesus, Jesus! Six! Oh, shit!! That's it! Six! Oh, Jesus! Ohhh...ow.. ow... OW!...Wow!" The girl's ass had absorbed the full measure of every lick.

Audrey smiled. The two big sisters released Patty and she fell to the floor in a heap. She folded into a fetal position with her hands on her burning hind end. "You bitch!" she yelled in a strained voice.

"Fuck you!" spat Audrey. "You're out of the game. You're a sissy. Go stand in the corner."

"Screw you," Patty said, sounding almost tired.

Audrey flew into a rage. She walked over to Patty and grabbed her by the hair and lifted her, bodily, right off the floor. Patty screamed. The surprised girl's arms flailed around helplessly and everyone had a great view of her dark pussy hair, her panties now around her ankles.

Half pushing, half pulling, she clumsily marched her pledge to the corner of the room and deposited her there with her cherry red backside facing us. Then Audrey took a step back and to the side. She brought her right foot back and I realized immediately that she was going to kick her! Audrey delivered a tremendous kick to Patty's ass with her high heeled leather pump. Patty shouted a loud "Oh!" in surprise and pain. It sounded like the breath was pushed out of her. She swiveled her hips sexily, but she didn't move out of position. She just put her head down and stood there.

"Take off your bra," Audrey ordered. The girl, crying freely, slowly complied.

Patty's cute, curvy little ass looked like someone had taken a paint brush and actually painted her entire rear end crimson, then added flecks of maroon! Audrey calmly turned around, oblivious to Patty's suffering, and said, "I need a drink. Keep playing!"

Christine said quietly, "Who's turn is it to spin?"

Everyone was serious. "I'm not sure," Susan replied, "I lost track."

"I think I spun last," I volunteered. My voice sounded foreign to me, hollow, raspy and dry.

"Yeah, that's right. My turn," Susan said. She spun the tray and the paddle resumed its spinning. It landed on Kathy.

Kathy very quickly rose and nervously said, "Okay, my turn again." She apparently didn't want to show any reluctance in front of Audrey after what had just happened to her poor friend Patty. The atmosphere lightened a bit as we all concentrated on the game again. Kathy unhooked her bra. She was pretty flat chested, but her skin was an attractive tawny color and she had small, cute nipples. Now she was down to her panties and pantyhose. She leaned over to me and kissed me. Her lips were warm and soft. I felt just a brush of her silky tongue on my lower lip as she drew away.

She stole a glance at Patty in the corner, then bent forward and quipped, "Don't spare me, big guy." Her butt was slim and very compact. Steve walked over and handed me the paddle.

He smiled and pointed at Kathy's vulnerable backside. "Whack her right here," he said, indicating the fleshiest part of her bottom.

"Yeah, I think I got the idea," I said, laughing. I brought my arms back and up, got set, and then brought that solid piece of wood crashing into the bending girl's ass with tremendous force. The familiar sound of wood meeting feminine butt rang out, filling the room with sound. Kathy emitted a grunt. As I wound up for the second blow, I realized I had been unconsciously humming, "mmm...mmm," like I was enjoying something tasty. I immediately stopped that. I swung again and felt Kathy's hind end yield and vibrate through the paddle. Her butt was extremely tight and firm, almost hard.

She straightened up slowly, murmuring, "Uhh...yeah..okayyyy..." Then she sat down very gingerly.

I watched her for a minute, thinking about the fire I had so easily ignited in the seat of her panties. She was actually squirming in her chair. She caught me looking at her and said with a slight, embarrassed giggle, "What are you staring at, you cruel little bastard?"

"I'm watching you wiggle," I said.

She frowned in disgust and made a conscious effort to stop moving, not wanting to give me the satisfaction of seeing how uncomfortable I'd made her. "Yeah, well, you had to be there, if you know what I mean."

I smiled and taunted her. "Not a chance, Kathy. Not a chance."

Christine instantly leaned forward and spun the tray without being asked.

The paddle circled lazily and came to rest on Susan. "Damn!" she whispered.

Christine smiled broadly and clapped her hands. "Better you than me!" she said, falling back in her chair in relief. Pam nodded in agreement.

Susan stood up and wriggled out of her tight jeans with difficulty. I helped pull off her pant legs. She had on plain white panties. She looked fabulous as she strutted over to Steve in her underwear. Maybe it was the wine, but she seemed so unashamed. Her arms swung as she walked, as if she was casually walking to class in her bra and panties. She went right up to Steve and kissed him, pressing her ample chest against him.

Steve and I were becoming more relaxed. "Bend over, young lady" he said slyly. She followed his command and he got ready to swat her. She was turned three quarters to me, so I had a great view of her read end. Steve was to her left and behind her. She turned her face shyly away from him to the right, so I could also see her eyes.

I stared at her full, feminine backside and her trim, girlish thighs. I noticed her thin, gauzy panties had a slightly different material in the crotch and the edges had tiny lacework. Those little underpants would certainly be no protection! Her long legs were well apart, her high heels nervously angling right and left as she waited. The slim muscles in her calves were tight, pulsating slightly. My reverie was interrupted by the whoosh of the paddle as it swung by at incredible speed and blazed its noisy message directly onto Susan's big ass!

CRACK!! There was silence and Susan tilted her head up, puckered her lips and closed her eyes intently as the sting sank deep into her big, hot, sexy butt.

My strong friend brought the paddle back up above his right shoulder. He was smiling, obviously enjoying himself. Like Ted Williams, he brought the heavy, polished piece of wood swiftly down, then up, slapping the flat surface hard into the underside of the base of Susan's rear. It made a great "WHAP!" sound and the recipient's whole body quivered with the impact. She emitted a deep, low grunt. The girl definitely felt that! We could all see her butt cheeks involuntarily clenching and unclenching as the heat in her seat built up. She grimaced as the burning sensation spread.

As she slowly rose, her face was extremely serious. Her hands went to her rear and gently kneaded her cheeks for a moment. She kept her eyes closed and turned her face upwards, concentrating on the sting in the seat of her well stuffed panties. Then she sighed loudly and seemed to awaken and started to return to her seat, still rubbing her throbbing rear cheeks.

"You got hot buns, tonight!," Kathy said, giggling.

Very quietly, Susan replied, "You got that right," and strode back to her seat. She looked down at the chair and said, to no one in particular, "Sitting is getting VERY difficult!" Then she sat down, gave a feminine little, "Oh!" and picked her butt up off the seat before putting her full weight down again.

Pam looked embarrassed for her and said, "You're too funny!"

Steve regained his seat and grasped the Lazy Susan. He spun it forcefully.

Audrey, glass in hand, leaned sexily against the side of the couch, one long leg crossed over the other. She called out to me: "You like this game, Hon?"

I was embarrassed by the question. Kathy, next to me, was smiling at me, already knowing the answer.

"Of course he does," Christine chirped, her eyes shining mischievously, "He's a guy, isn't he?!"

"Well, do you like it or not?" Audrey insisted.

"Y-yes, I like it," I stammered.

"Why?" Audrey asked.

"Because it's fun," I said, although I felt really stupid. I was paddling half naked coeds! Saying it was "fun" didn't really explain how I felt, but what could I say?

Thank goodness, Audrey was distracted when the paddle handle ended up pointing at me. "Double swats!" she called, laughing, "And all you poor girls have on is your underwear?! I guess this is going to hurt, huh, ladies?" (part 4)

The girls seemed to be trying to ignore Audrey's taunts. Susan spun the paddle, although I thought it was Pam's turn to spin. I figured the order didn't make any difference, so I didn't say anything. It ended up pointing at Christine. She glared at Susan, her bare tits heaving up and down. "Everytime you spin the fuckin' thing, it points to me! What's with you?" Susan laughingly protested her innocence.

Christine slowly and reluctantly stood up. She hooked her thumbs into her pantyhose and wriggled out of them, scissoring her legs back and forth to make it easier to pull them down. Her legs were pale and looked very smooth and feminine. She tossed the hose aside, stood up and threw her arms up, as if to say, "well, here I am in just my panties!" I was entranced and momentarily forgot that I was the one who was to paddle her.

Kathy snapped me out of it by calling my name and holding the paddle out toward me. I took it. Christine walked to me and surprised me by putting her arms around me completely and holding me tight as she kissed me. It was a long, passionate kiss. She put one hand on the back of my head and tenderly stroked my hair as her soft tongue searched my mouth. I could feel her firm, full tits pressed against my chest.

After we pulled apart, Susan said, "Whoa, what a kiss!" She looked nervously at Audrey. I was oblivious, as Christine was in front of me, already bending all the way forward. Her black panties stretched tight across her crack. I gripped the paddle tightly and swung hard. I detected a "swoosh" as it flew rapidly by my ear. "POW!!" Christine lifted up on the toes of her high heels as her cute ass absorbed the force of the blow and her head moved in a circle. "Ohhhh..." was all she said. Then she settled back down. I swatted her again, just as hard. Through the paddle I felt her tight little ass bounce crazily from the impact. She emitted a hissing noise through her clenched teeth. I hit her again, square in the butt. "Ohhh," she said and actually wiggled her ass back and forth. I was hypnotized. Recovering, I swung a fourth time and, again, the impact seemed to explode in the room. Christine stood up slowly, going "uhhh...uhhh." Then, without rubbing her ass, ! she walked slowly and stiffly to her chair and attempted to sit down. She shifted one way, then the next in her skimpy panties, in obvious discomfort.

Audrey addressed her. "You've had enough, Christine. Come here."

Christine was suspicious, but so relieved to hear the word "enough," she got up and went over to Audrey. I was mesmerized as I watched the slim girl walk away from the circle of players. The sexy ass cheeks that I had just treated so harshly swung back and forth girlishly.

"Here, I've got some cold cream," Audrey said innocently. She had taken a small jar with something white in it off the mantle. "Kneel on the couch," she continued. Christine hesitated, but complied, leaning forward over the back of the couch with her knees on the seat cushions. I couldn't figure out what was going on, but I knew Audrey was probably upset with the brazen kiss Christine had given me. "You, too, Patty. Then you can go upstairs and freshen up."

Patty hobbled over to the couch, her panties still around her ankles. Stepping out of the flimsy garment, she also kneeled on the seat, next to Christine.

Audrey pulled Christine's panties off, revealing a literally punished, fire engine red, swollen ass. Susan let out a low whistle and Pam called out, "Wow, look at that butt! It's GLOWING Christine!"

Everyone laughed. Christine retorted, "Yeah, yeah. Very funny."

Audrey took the top off the jar and scooped out a big blob of the cream. Kathy kidded: "Aww, Big Sister is taking care of the little girls..." Audrey began to smear the cream all over Christine's upturned posterior with her right hand. She scooped out some more, gently slipping her hand up the girl's crack a little bit.

Then she did the same to Patty. It was a lovely sight, the two nubile young ladies, their asses stuck up in the air, with my girlfriend rubbing their private parts. "Now, doesn't that feel better?" Audrey asked. They murmered their assent.

Finally, Audrey was done and began wiping her hands with tissues. The girl's backsides were a hot pink color, the fiery red now modified with streaks of white cream.

Then, as both females still knelt on the couch, Christine's head jerked up. "Hey!" she said loudly. Then, louder, "HEY!" All of a sudden, she was rising. She twisted her upper body around to look at Audrey, her face a mix of pain and dismay. "Hey, what is that stuff! Oh shit! My ass is BURNING!!"

Now Patty sprang up. "Shit!" she cried intently, grabbing her hind end with both hands. Audrey laughed loudly.

Pandemonium seemed to break out as we all realized that my girlfriend had tricked them into allowing her to put some kind of irritating cream on their already sore butts! I was amazed at Audrey's cruelty. The other girls were laughing in spite of themselves. Patty and Christine flew into a panic and put on a ridiculous, humiliating show, running around, yelling, bumping into each other, jumping up and down, tits bouncing, rubbing their fiery asses.

At one point Patty stepped in front of their tormentor, all modesty gone, and confronted her. "What did you do to me?!" Patty pleaded hysterically, hopping from foot to foot and frantically rubbing her ass. "Will this wash off?" Audrey just laughed in her face and Patty resumed her circular fleeing in no particular direction. "Oh, oh! Oh God! Oh! Someone help me! Please! Someone!"

The two completely nude girls were desperately trying to get out of the room now, but Audrey and the Big Sisters were prolonging their agony, grabbing their arms, holding them, asking "What? What's the matter?" Everyone got a good view of Christine's blondish triangle of pussy hair. Patty tripped over the panties left on the floor and was crawling for the stairs, losing a shoe in the process. Finally, they were allowed to leave and scampered up the steps, literally screaming. We could hear their rapid footfalls on the ceiling and their frantic shouts receding as they headed into an upstairs bathroom. Audrey crumpled on the couch, weak with laughter. Susan covered her face in pure embarrassment.

Pam bravely spoke up, "Audrey, was that really necessary?"

"Oh shut up!" Audrey replied. "They'll be okay. It was just a little joke." She paused. "Hurry up and finish the damned game. I want to be alone with my boyfriend."

"Who goes?" Kathy asked, glad that what she had just witnessed didn't happen to her.

"I guess I do," Steve said. He leaned forward and spun the paddle. It revolved for a few moments and settled on Pam. I was sort of glad because she had only gotten two swats and still had her flannel shirt on. As she stood up and stripped it off, Audrey spoke imperiously. "Fuck it, let's get on with it. Strip. All the way, Pam."

Pam stopped and looked at Audrey. "C'mon, that's not fair, Audrey."

"Screw fair. Just do it. Show everybody your pussy."

With a loud "Tsk!" Pam followed her instructions. I was fascinated as I watched her carefully remove her shirt and her big, pink breasts burst into view. She was, as they say, all woman. Without stopping she bent forward, her boobs swaying heavily, and stripped off, then stepped out of, her panties. "Okay?" she asked Audrey.

"No. Stand at attention." Pam rolled her big blue eyes, her adorable face visibly blushing now. She straightened her back and put her arms rigidly at her sides. "Now turn around, slowly, in a circle." I could not believe it when the embarrassed girl complied. "Look at her closely, guys. Isn't she pretty? We don't let ugly girls in our sorority." I nodded. Pam had big, light brown nipples, a narrow waist and full, feminine hips. Her skin was a translucent white and clear. The base of her butt cheeks was a splotchy pink from the two licks she had received from me. At the top of the pink area were two straight red lines at slightly different angles, which I assumed were made by the sharp top edge of the paddle. Everyone could see she was a natural blonde. Then Audrey said matter of factly, "Okay, Steve. Whack her in the ass good and hard."

Pam bent over submissively, firmly grasping her slim ankles with her hands.

"Open your legs," Audrey commanded. Pam tried to comply. "Wider!" my girlfriend barked.

Pam spread her legs so that her feet were at least three feet apart. This girl was in great shape. From my sitting position just a few feet away, I had a great view of her light brown pussy lips. I could see their wrinkles, and they were covered by fine curly blonde hair. Above them were Pam's jutting, round, impudent asscheeks, waiting to be swatted. Her crack was just slightly wider where her asshole was. I've never seen a woman before or since so exposed and vulnerable.

Steve wound up and whacked her with all his strength. I winced at the loud impact. Her exposed butt cheeks rippled and vibrated. The swat knocked her off balance and she had to step forward to avoid falling. As Steve took the paddle away, a perfectly rectangular, hot looking dark pink imprint appeared, right across the fleshy base of both cheeks. Steve swung again and I could feel the rush of air as the paddle flew by, even though it was more than two feet away. CRACCKK!! The sound split the air. The girl shot forward and ended up staggering a bit, her legs opening further, giving me an even better glimpse of her womanhood tightly tucked under her crotch. Now her ass was a bright red. You could sense the heat emanating from it.

"Okay, get out of here," Audrey commanded. The humiliated girl quickly gathered her clothes in a sloppy heap against her chest and actually RAN from the room, her face reflecting tremendous relief. As she shot past me she whispered "Whew!"

There was just Kathy and Susan left. "Get up you two," Audrey said. "Strip down. Both of you."

The two girls looked nervously at each other, but rose and wordlessly did as they were told. The only sounds were the swish of materials against bare legs and breasts as Kathy took off her pantyhose and panties and Susan unclipped her bra and dropped her underpants. In a moment, the two pretty coeds stood there, totally nude. Kathy was tanned, her ass and crotch noticeable lighter than the rest of her. Susan was very light complexioned, with cute freckles here and there. I noticed a small mole on the right side of her groin. Susan was blushing furiously, but Kathy seemed unfazed.

"Line up." The two girls moved into position, side by side.

"Assume the position." They both immediately bent forward and grabbed their ankles. I nearly groaned in agony. I could plainly see both their pussies. Audrey picked up the paddle from the Lazy Susan and handed it to me. Steve was still holding the other one.

"Let's get this over with. Whack their asses until I tell you to stop." Audrey was so assertive that neither Steve, myself nor the young ladies said a word in protest. He got behind Kathy and I got behind Susan. I noticed that they were noticeably pink in the rear end department from us males' prior attentions.

"Sorry, Susan," I teased, "but I have to do this." I was surprised when she didn't reply. I guess she was tired of this painful game and just wanted to get it over with.

We got set and began swinging those two solid pieces of wood forcefully. The room was full of the staccato rhythm of two paddles rapidly slapping two girls' asses. The victims tried to accept the punishment stoically, but both were swaying and wiggling as the swats rained down on their hot rears. After a half dozen swats, Audrey spoke again. "Okay, switch pledges."

I left Susan's now blazing red rear end and got behind Kathy's equally crimson backside. "Ready Shar?" I asked.

Very quietly she said, "Yes."

Without hesitation, we began swinging our implements again. As we paddled them, the girls began making noise, low at first, then louder and louder. After another four or five swats they were crying out loudly and the room reverberated with shouting, complaining female voices and the noisy, repetitious cracks of the paddles.

"Okay," Audrey finally said. "Get out of here," she said. She went to kick Susan, but missed, the alchohol apparently affecting her aim. The girls bolted right up the stairs, nude, leaving their clothes behind, happy just to be out of the room.

It was over. I realized instantly that I was exhausted, emotionally as well as physically. But when I looked at Audrey, I knew the show was not quite finished yet. She had a glint in her eye, which I recognized as lust. "Steve, will you excuse us, please." Steve, a huge lump in the front of his pants, hurried out the front door and was gone.

Audrey pulled me to her and kissed me, her tongue thrusting rudely deep into my mouth. My hands went right to her tight ass and I squeezed and kneaded her buttocks energetically. I pulled away for a moment. "We can't do this here," I whispered.

"Okay," Audrey replied, "come out on the back porch."

We went outside. It was a sultry evening. Audrey had me lay down on a comfortable lounge. With sure hands, she unsnapped my pants and unzipped my fly. Massaging me gently, she slipped her soft, feminine hands into my shorts and withdrew my pulsing, rigid penis. Then she began licking it like it was some kind of ice cream cone. She slurped her tongue this way and that, kissing it, teasing, tickling, while she jerked it firmly with her hand.

"Did you like that game, Honey?" she asked.

"Yes. I-I...loved it," I croaked. She giggled.

"Well," she said between licks, "if you're good," she slurped and licked me some more, "I'll let you play it again, taste delicious...ahh...maybe with...mmmmm...some of my pretty sorority sisters, huh?"

" would be great," I managed. It was getting hard to talk.

Then she engulfed my dick suddenly with her entire, warm, wet mouth. I was in ecstasy. "I love you...I love you," I murmered softly. And I meant it. The memories of the earlier events came flooding into my mind and mental pictures of the pretty pledges bending over, the feel of their asses through the paddle, the sounds of the swats, their humiliation and those feminine voices, whirled in my head. Suddenly, I felt like I was exploding and I came and came and came. Audrey eagerly sucked on me, hard, until I slumped back, utterly spent. We spent a tender hour there in each other's arms.

Now, you would think that would surely be the end of it. But it wasn't. Later, Audrey made coffee, and all the pledges (except Patty) came back down, fully dressed. It was really exciting. Here I was, talking and teasing pretty girls that I had just severely spanked and seen nude. There were lots of jokes and flirting and snide remarks. But looking at each one, acting so natural and normal, and then imagining how I had seen and treated them an hour or so earlier, was intensely erotic. For the rest of the school year I shared knowing looks and winks with those girls whenever I ran into them.

And I did get to play again. But that's another story...