Subject: Sorority Punishment (F/F, paddle, harsh)
From: (Solstice)
Date: 24 Aug 1997 06:45:09 -0700

Sorority Punishment

While working on a story for I grew impatient. The project had gotten out of hand, had too many characters and far too much detail. It stalled. I decided to write something in the meantime that might provide something more like "instant gratification." ======================================================

"Okay, Brenda" Marie said quietly. "You've acknowledged that you were wrong and are willing to take your medicine, right?"

Brenda nodded solemnly.

The cellar of the sorority house was damp. The five of us stood in the harsh light of the bare bulb above our head . Myself and the three sorority officers stared at Brenda.

She was a beautiful young woman. Standing about 5'9" in her high heels and beige suit, she had a positively hourglass shape. She had either been told to dress that way or was returning home from some formal gathering. I never found out which.

Brenda's long, dark brown hair shined in the incandescent light and fell appealingly to her shoulders before sweeping up into a little wave. She had very regular features, a petite nose, lush lips, a slightly dark complexion and huge brown eyes. Her legs were long, lovely and straight and her short skirt and dark hose displayed them sexily. Ironically, that alluring face and body played a part in what got her into trouble. That's why I was present.

At last Friday's mixer Brenda had a nasty spat with Richie, her beau of the moment. Sulking, she hit the punch bowl--hard. I was making sandwiches in the kitchen for the sorority's guests. Suddenly, a pair of feminine arms were sandwiching me! At first I thought it was Marie and I half turned, smiling. I was shocked to see Brenda. Her breath stunk. Her speech was slurred and her pretty eyes were red and glassy. She mumbled something about having fun together.

As much as I would have loved to take advantage of the situation, I knew better. First of all, Brenda was a pledge, so she was a little on the young side for a Big Man on Campus (at that time) like me. I had also had seen part of her fight with Rich. I knew the girl was just lonely, drunk and hurt and I was sure she had no real interest in me. Besides, I had just started getting serious with Marie and I knew she might walk in any minute. I clumsily tried to push her away. Brenda tried to hug me again. I didn't know it at the time but Dee, the Sigma Alpha V.P., was right outside the kitchen door. She turned out to be a lifesaver. I found out later that she heard everything.

I remember saying something like, "Hey, Brenda, relax--" when the door burst open and a furious Marie appeared. Dee came in right behind her. I suppose she had summoned my girlfriend. Brenda looked surprised, then confused. She released me instantly.

I'll spare you the incredible string of profanity that spewed from Marie's mouth as she literally lunged at Brenda. Dee and I managed to keep them apart. Thank God for me, Dee backed up my allegations of innocence.

The next day, as her head pounded from a hangover, Brenda apologized to both of us. That's what resulted in this cellar meeting a few days later.

"I'll tell you right now, Brenda, this won't be a joke paddling. I'm going to blister your fucking ass. You will never fucking forget this, you got that?" Marie told the young woman.

"Yes," Brenda answered in a very quiet voice.

My girlfriend, her long, red hair looking radiant in the dull light, paced back and forth. She was clearly disturbed. "You say you want to stick with the house, but vamping on a sister's guy because you had a fight with your dorky boyfriend is way outta line. Never, EVER again, you understand?"

"Yes," the girl responded.

"No matter how drunk, no matter how pissed you are!" Marie exclaimed. There was a scary, warning edge in her voice.

"No, I understand. I do," Brenda replied contritely. My eyes roved up and down her shapely body. The idea of watching this attractive young woman being paddled shook me up--big time. I felt a sexy thrill run through me and a tightening in my crotch. My stomach seemed full of butterflies.

There was a silent pause. "Okay," Marie said simply, "Dee, gimme the paddle." The Sigma V.P. handed her the sorority's "house paddle." It looked huge and was beautifully hand painted with the sorority's letters and insignia on it. From what I knew, it was only used to deliver light symbolic swats in final initiation ceremonies. The thing had to be over 20 inches long with a black taped handle you could grasp with both hands. The spanking end was about five inches wide and three quarters of an inch thick. The thought immediately occurred to me that I certainly wouldn't want to be hit by that thing!

"Assume the position, pledge," Marie said very slowly through clenched teeth.

Brenda, without hesitating, turned perpendicular to Marie and removed her jacket, revealing an incredibly small waistline. She handed her jacket to Dee. She then planted her pumps about two feet apart and bent forward, grasping her trim ankles firmly.

I watched, amazed, as Brenda's skirt greedily tightened around the girl's ass and rode up in the back, the small slit at the bottom of the rear of her skirt opening as wide as it could. I was standing slightly to her side. Lord, she was a sight! Her hem line was a taut straight line in the front and I could see the tops of her pantyhose in the back , where the color changed to a darker hue. Her waist was trim, the top of her skirt tightly encasing her silky, white blouse. Behind that, her feminine hips swelled invitingly and her legs were graceful and tight. Her hair fell forward, most of it tumbling down the left side of her neck.

Everyone spread out to allow Marie some "working space." I moved to Brenda's rear, a little to her right. What a view! Her ass was impossibly round and stuck out as if it was begging for rough treatment.

I watched, mesmerized, as Marie got set like a major leaguer, grabbing the paddle with both hands and shifting her hips slightly. She planted her pumps solidly, wide apart, her own tight, short skirt stiffening around her thighs. She waved the paddle menacingly above her right shoulder and then brought it slowly to just behind the bending girl's ass. She brought it back up again, high above her head. "Ten swats..." she said softly. My breath came in short gasps.

Twisting her hips mightily and moving her arms suddenly down and forward, Marie swung. I heard that big slab of wood swoosh through the air as it descended. Marie's torso twisted and her face contorted with the effort.

It sounded like someone exploded a hand grenade! BANG!! The paddle collided with the sexy base of Brenda's rear noisily, right across both ass cheeks. It sounded more like a plank of wood had fallen flat to the floor than a paddle swatting a bent over girl's rear end. The paddle seemed to bounce back instantly, as if the pledge's ass was made of hard rubber, then hung there, resting horizontally against her butt. Brenda rocked forward in reaction, her high heels lifting slightly off the floor.

There was a pause. You could hear a pin drop in that room. That had to have burned her butt real good, I thought to myself.

"Thank you, Miss," Brenda finally whispered, then, she cleared her throat and said a little louder: "May I please have another?"

Marie, again through clenched teeth, hissed, "You certainly may! I'm gonna.--" Marie swung as she was speaking and you could hear the effort in her voice as she continued, ".--ROAST you!" She timed her swing so that the hard wood collided with Brenda's ass an instant after she said "you." WHOP!! The second swat was just as hard as the first, right in the same place.

The hapless girl again moved up and forward, a little less this time. Marie took a step back, the paddle momentarily at her side. She seemed to be gauging the effect of her last shot. Brenda was doing a subtle little dance, picking up her dainty feet and nervously moving them left and right as if trying to steady herself. She hadn't said anything yet when Marie swung again. POW!!

"OH!" Brenda cried out. It was a high pitched yell and it popped out of her throat suddenly, like it was forced out of one end from the sheer impact of the board at the other. I stared at the back of her skirt, mesmerized.

Brenda started to say "Thank you, M---" WHAP! Another shot landed, then, CRACK!--another. Brenda cried out in shock and discomfort, then rocked unsteadily back and forth from the paddling. She rose up for a moment, then got back into position. She was making loud, breathy sounds.

I noticed the material at the seat of her skirt bunched up for a second each time the paddle landed, then jiggled as Brenda's ass vibrated underneath. Then the material tightened again as her ass returned to its normal, lovely, round shape. Her rear hem had ridden up a few inches by now and I could clearly see the base of a pair of small, white, lacy panties, the middle scrunched deeply into her crack.

For a moment, Brenda's head turned sideways and she bent further forward, like she was concentrating deeply on something. Then she slowly straightened again. Marie seemed to wait for her.

I heard my girlfriend grunt as she swung the paddle downward again in a vicious arc. It reminded me of how she swung the bat when she played softball. WHAM!! Another stupendous swat landed on Brenda's vulnerable, round ass. She stumbled forward a step, her right leg bending slightly, like she was having trouble standing up. Marie quickly brought the paddle back up and held it at the ready, up near her right ear. I noticed her feet were wide apart, her eyes flashing and focused intently on Brenda's ass. One of the buttons in the middle of her blouse had come undone and a tuft of her hair in the front had sprung out of place.

"C'mon, c'mon..." Marie muttered impatiently.

As soon as the bending pledge returned to position, Marie swung with all her strength. I again noticed the paddle whiz through the air as it descended. My girlfriend was an expert at this, having paddled many a pledge in her time. She made sure the paddle's arc went down low, so she could bring it upward and into the girl's buttocks at the last moment. Then she flicked her wrists powerfully just before impact for additional speed and force. Watching the well dressed sorority president paddling the equally sophisticated looking pledge so skillfully was extremely arousing.

WHACCKK!! Brenda moved forward as Marie followed through with her swat for several inches.

Brenda cried out and continued to stumble forward, wobbling, both knees giving way, so that she was momentarily squatting. Her hands involuntarily grabbed her butt and I could see she was squeezing hard. She stood like that a moment, her ass solidly in her hands.

After a brief pause, as she recovered and stood, her fingers eagerly switched to rubbing her blazing butt, lifting the hem line further so that it was halfway up her rear. She was saying quietly, "ohh...ohh...ohhh..." The skirt's material rippled this way and that as she consoled her fiery hind end. She was breathing very heavily, filling the room with what sounded like rapid sighs. I watched as she shook her head, as if in disbelief over what was happening to her. Then she bravely bent over again. I felt sorry for her, but at the same time, I admired her incredible strength. I would have been attempting to flee the room by now.

"How many is that?" asked Marie. No one spoke. I thought it was six or seven, but I kept my mouth shut.

Brenda was obviously in no condition to be doing math. "I--I'm not sure," she croaked. Her voice was shaking and distracted. It was obvious she was trying to stay in control.

"That's five," Marie summarily announced. I knew that was wrong, but she was certainly in control of the situation and apparently felt she could take advantage and do what she wanted.

"Lift up your skirt!" Marie commanded.

Brenda turned half around, her face reflecting doubt.

"Just fucking do it, you pig!" Marie said, spitting the words out quietly. Then she suddenly yelled. It was so loud that Dee jumped and it scared the shit out of me: "YOU WERE GONNA SHOW HIM SOMETHING THE OTHER NIGHT!!! WHY NOT NOW, SLUT??!!!" A drop of spit flew out of her mouth as she yelled. She absently wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and then said quietly as she hefted the paddle up and down, "Get it up!" Marie seemed beside herself with rage. I could see she was trembling. Brenda hesitated following the order for only an instant, but Marie seemed to take it as an affront. In a heartbeat, Marie reacted.

The paddle clattered to the floor and Marie's left hand landed heavily on the Brenda's back, jostling the still bending girl. Marie's right hand grasped the tight rear hem and yanked. With the skirt gripped tightly by the bending girl's thighs, it didn't give at first. I was paralyzed. I felt like I was welded to that spot. Then there was a ripping noise and I saw the rear seam let go. It only ripped two or three inches and in a moment the skirt was up on Brenda's back, lower on the left side, but high up near her waist on the other. For a moment, I had a good view of Brenda's white underwear through her dark pantyhose.

Brenda didn't really resist until she heard the skirt rip. Then she suddenly spun to her left. It happened so fast, I'm not sure what occurred, but I think she swung her left arm up and unintentionally hit Marie on the side of the head. Both girls began yelling. In an instant, Marie had a handful of the brunette's hair clutched tightly in her hand. Brenda was crying and saying "all right! all right! calm down!" and Marie was yelling that she was a bitch.

Dee and the other girls were on them in a moment and the altercation went no further. Dee said something about how they had agreed to settle it this way and they were going to finish it and then put it behind them.

Marie, her hair mussed, retreated, smoothing her skirt and moving her shoulders like a street tough. She looked around for the paddle and picked it up. Brenda pulled her ripped skirt down again.

"Get that fucking skirt off!" Marie barked. "The blouse too. Give Solly a little show!" Then she seemed to think about it and said sarcastically, "With your tits it'll be a big show, actually." I glanced at Marie with a small questioning smile on my face but she didn't look back.

Brenda put her hands by her sides and stared at Marie defiantly. "Okay," she said simply, her lower lip quivering. She began to angrily unbutton her blouse. "I don't give a shit," she muttered, her eyes glassy with tears.

Marie came right back at her. "You don't give a shit? You don't give a shit?! Good! Maybe I'll have you strip for the last two swats, then. Why not let Solly see that big black bush you were gonna offer him, huh?"

Brenda replied very quietly, as if she were talking to herself, "I wasn't offering any bush..." Her voice trailed off. I think she thought better about answering back, since Marie was still holding that big paddle. In a moment she had handed her blouse to Dee, revealing a plain, white, well stuffed bra. Her breasts seemed to almost overflow the top. Then she unfastened the skirt at the side and slipped it down and off her sexy legs. She demurely stepped out of it and gave that to the other girl, too. She looked magnificent as she stood fully erect in just her heels and underwear. Wow! I had never dreamed I would ever get a chance to see Brenda like this. I thought of all the males on campus that would love to see this. I immediately gazed at her delicious rear end hungrily and could easily detect a dull red glow through the pantyhose. It was spread all across the base of her ample, curvy behind. I can assure you there was something else in the room fully erect at this point.

Without being told, she opened her legs wide and bent back over, firmly grasping her legs just above her ankles. The pantyhose tightened and the red color of her ass became much more apparent. She was so close and sticking her ass out so invitingly that I had an overwhelming desire, which I had to control, to reach out and touch her.

Marie immediately got into position. "Brace yourself, Brenda," she said flippantly, "because now we're getting down to business..."

Marie put the paddle against the girl's ass once again. It nearly covered her butt from top to bottom. She took two practice swings, slowly bringing the paddle up and then down to softly tap Brenda's butt again.

Marie shifted her weight onto her rear foot, pulling the paddle ‘way back and up. Then, bending her knees, her whole body moved downward, swinging the heavy, flat piece of wood with it. Then the wrist flick. BAMM!!! The paddle connected solidly with Brenda's pantyhose covered ass. I swear it lifted her ass about two inches. An unintelligible scream shot out of Brenda's mouth and she bent her legs as her hands again flew to her bottom in a vain attempt to douse the fire there. Her head moved upward and she looked silently up at the ceiling for a moment.

Marie watched carefully, like a snake eyeing its prey. As soon as the girl took her hands away and was just getting in position again, Marie swung, arcing the paddle down and then upward perfectly. SWAT!! The blast echoed around the room and Brenda sprung upward like a cartoon character that has sat on something very hot. She danced like that for a moment, holding her scalded ass in her hands, taking little steps this way and that, moaning to herself, her eyes tightly closed.

"What's the matter, Brenda?" Marie asked rhetorically, "Is your ass on fire? Shit, you walk around here like your ass is so hot, you should be used to it!" she taunted.

Brenda, sniffling loudly, bent forward and rotated at the waist, like she was doing calisthenics, her hands glued to her hot rear. Under her breath she was saying, "oh..oh.." Then she slowly got back into position. It looked like it was an effort for her to move. I couldn't see too clearly between the lighting and the pantyhose, but it appeared to me there were dark splotches in various places on her butt.

This time I was counting. Marie whacked her again, the third time since Brenda had removed her skirt. What a shot! Brenda leaped upwards with a short, clipped, high pitched scream and then crumpled to the floor, her legs folded under her and her face in her hands. I could see Brenda's shoulders heaving with sobs but she made no sound that I could hear. I saw Marie smile, like she was pleased with her accomplishment.

No one moved. After about 30 seconds Brenda's arms flopped down onto her legs and she lifted her face, as if she were resigned. She slowly rose. The side of her pantyhose were dirty from the dusty cellar floor.

I feel guilty about this next part. I hadn't forgotten Marie's threat about stripping the poor girl. Brenda was getting into position, swaying slightly as she bent over and shifted her weight from one side to the other. I thought quickly. It was now or never. I decided to act.

I caught Marie's eye and made a pulling motion toward the back of Brenda's pantyhose, to remind Marie to take them down. She got the idea instantly. Dee and the other girls looked up and smirked over at me. I knew I'd never live this down. I was right. Dee teased me about it for a year afterward.

"Oh, yeah," Marie chirped, "'last two, honey. ‘Time to strip!"

Brenda stood up. "Oh, c'mon," she said quietly. I was surprised because she sounded fairly composed.

"No. No! You said it didn't matter. I take you at your word, pledge. So, it doesn't matter. Now take it off, baby...or I'll do it for you."

Brenda's head dropped. Then she looked at me. I was surprised, uneasy and guilt ridden, but eager to see her strip.

"Don't look at him," Marie snapped as Brenda began to unhook her bra in the rear. Her hands were shaking and one of the other girls stepped up to help her. "He's a guy, Brenda. He WANTS to see you naked. Men are pigs, you know that." I smiled slightly, feeling very much like a big, stupid pig. "He's not gonna help you. He'd betray you in a hot second. He just betrayed you now. He reminded me to have you strip."

I stared at Marie reproachfully. "Squealer!" I said jokingly.

Brenda glanced over at me and gave an ironic little laugh, her pretty head nodding knowingly. I felt momentarily embarrassed. I thought it strange that Brenda was stripping and getting her ass beaten, but I was the one blushing at the moment.

But all such thoughts disappeared as Brenda's two big tits bounced into view. I caught my breath. They were perfect, topped with big, round brown nipples. I felt pure, unadulterated lust for the embarrassed girl. For a moment I was sorry about everything. Sorry she got punished because of me and sorry I couldn't go out with her. Then I became absorbed in the scene again and the feeling passed.

In one motion she hooked her thumbs into her pantyhose and underpants and stripped them down. Her ass sort of popped out at me and I was unprepared for the view. The shape was utterly gorgeous, curving impossibly up and out and then back under to connect with her taut, smooth thighs. But the bottoms of those twin mounds were a mess of angry splotches the like of which I had never seen in my life! The colors! There was maroon and, I think, a little blue in there. Areas not bruised from the tops of her thighs to halfway up her butt were a fiery red, speckled here and there with darker crimson. Some of the marks had a round, swirling look to them, but there were three or four, up at the middle of her butt, that appeared to go straight across. I figured they were from the top edge of the paddle where it had bitten deeply into her butt.

I noticed Brenda's face was flushed, but she wasn't really blushing. I guess she was beyond that now. She bent over again. Marie kept ordering her to spread her legs wider and wider and bend over further. Brenda just sighed and did as she was told. It was one of the most perverse displays of female anatomy I had ever seen. From behind I had a clear view between the girl's legs and could see luxuriant, jet black hair there. I stared and drank in the scene, my heart pounding. I wanted to run over and hug Marie and thank her for this unusual "treat," but that didn't seem appropriate I considered surreptitiously pinching myself to be sure I wasn't dreaming.

WHAMM! The slamming of the paddle into Brenda's hot rear end brought me back to my senses. I saw her ass literally shimmy for a fraction of a second under that big board. Then the young woman emitted a high pitched scream and shot up, taking two or three steps forward. Her breasts jiggled merrily. She arched her back and grabbed her bare ass greedily, her hair swinging back and downward. I watched, transfixed, as she stayed like that for a few seconds. Then she stood up straight, again motionless for awhile, holding her rear. Finally, with her head down, she lifted her right foot up in back and stomped it down in frustration. Then she began taking small, aimless steps this way and that. As she danced from foot to foot without thinking, she half turned toward me and I got a pleasing frontal view of a beautiful, suffering, nude young woman.

"Last one," Marie called out. She paused. "Solly," she said, "you do the honors. And make it a good one!" I was stupefied to see that Marie was holding the paddle toward ME.

Without much hesitation I nervously took it. My mouth was dry. The big piece of wood felt massive and hard in my hands. I saw Brenda glance over at me as she got back into position. Big, thick tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Marie and I switched places and I rested the paddle against Brenda's defenseless rear end as she stood there.

Marie began talking and both Brenda and I waited as she spoke. Marie said, "This will teach you, Brenda. I want you to feel this one. And remember it's coming from the guy you were trying to seduce. Instead of giving you pleasure, he's delivering pain, got it?" Brenda just nodded silently and bent forward. She was obviously crying now.

I tried not to prolong her agony, but out of fear of Marie I made sure I hit Brenda really hard. I don't remember the noise but I will never forget the sensations that came through the handle of the paddle. Brenda's ass was firm. It yielded only slightly to the flat, hefty piece of wood. The impact felt heavy and solid, an odd combination of hard and soft. Her ass bounced as it absorbed the sting.

One second the girl was there in front of the paddle and in the next instant, she was gone. Brenda had shot up and forward in the blink of an eye. She took several steps, rubbing her bottom rapidly with her hands, like she was fleeing a fire. Surprised, I involuntarily grinned sheepishly at the effect I had on her, which was pretty stupid on my part. The other sorority girls immediately surrounded her and began covering her up with her clothes. I suddenly felt like an intruder as the sisters tried to comfort the loudly weeping Brenda.

Marie came over to me. "Good job!" she said, smiling broadly. "She'll remember that one!" Then her right hand went flat against the front of my pants and she rubbed me there suggestively. She was obviously turned on. "C'mon," she said seductively, "let's go for a walk down by the lake." I knew what that meant. I would get a blow job, at least, at the gazebo. The way I felt, that wasn't a bad idea!

Marie and I, our arms around each other, turned to the others. "I'll be back in a couple of hours," she said. Then she slowly walked close to Brenda with me at her side. The girl was holding her clothing up to her chest with one hand to cover herself and slowly massaging her buttocks with the other. Her eyes were red from crying and she was sniffling. She looked uncomfortable, but adorable.

Marie jabbed her finger into Brenda's chest. "Now, you be GOOD!" she said pointedly, but not unpleasantly. Then, casually, she added, "Welcome back to Sigma Alpha..." and we quickly turned and walked away.

Then I remembered something, stopped and turned around. As seriously as I could, I said, "Brenda, I just wanna say one thing..."

"Yeah?" she asked nasally, looking at me in earnest, disheveled but still very beautiful.

"Oink, oink!" I said, smiling sarcastically and giving her a thumb's up sign. Marie giggled.

We turned to leave again and I asked my girlfriend furtively, "Do you really think I'm a pig?"

She grinned coquettishly and said quietly, "Well, you know what I meant..."

As we walked up the cellar stairs Brenda called after us: "I'm sorry, Marie. ‘Sorry, Solly. I didn't mean to cause all this trouble." Her voice began to crack as she called out, "And thank you! Thank you both!!"

Marie and I looked at each other and laughed. We continued up the stairs, went down the sorority house hallway and walked out into the sunshine.