Subject: Story: Sorority Guest (M/FFFFFF...paddling, humiliation)
From: (Solstice)
Date: 16 Jul 1997 21:27:17 -0700

Sorority Guest 1 & 2

This is a story that I originally posted to A.S.S. in 1995. Part of it appeared at Laura's Spanking Corner web site ( - a great site - visit it soon if you've never been there) and I started getting e-mail asking for "the rest of the story." Well, the rest of the story was on an old 5.25 floppy that is incompatible with my new computer. I tried to copy it at work and that didn't work. It looked like I would have to retype about 50 pages. musicman, who has posted here on S.S.S. had archived the story and came to my rescue. So, to thank him and the others who offered to help, and so Laura can obtain the complete version, here it is. Thanks again to: TRIMLS, Robert McCool, D Landhill, Rod1199 and especially musicman and Patricia Lynne O'Donnell

Sorority Guest

Many readers wrote to me after I posted "Spin The Paddle" and said I had a special talent for humiliation (is that a compliment??!). They begged for a story about embarrassingly initiating pledges. Here's the result:

(c) 1995 * SOLSTICE *

Wednesday of Hell Week for my girlfriend Audrey's sorority was "guest day." Sisters assigned a pledge group were allowed to invite one person over to help initiate her group. In the fall of her junior year, Audrey, now the group's treasurer, invited me. It was an experience I will NEVER forget!

I had already graduated and had my own place off campus. She told me, "Humiliation is the key to the ceremony. And also a lack of expense. I only got about $50 to spend on the 'party'."

I said something like, "But, Audrey, what if they refuse to play."

Her eyes flashed. "No way. They've been briefed. They want in this sorority, Honey. Big time. Don't you worry about a thing."

Then we went shopping. I suggested some silly stuff for dumb stunts , like pies in the face and ice cubes down the pants. But I couldn't figure out what she had planned. In addition to Redi-whip and disposable pie tins, she bought a strange array of stuff: eggs, ice pops, food coloring, Vicks VapoRub and a bottle of HEET. She told me to be over at the sorority house at 8:00 p.m.

I was, understandably, right on time! I was ushered into a side dining room. The table had been pushed to one wall and on it was wine, cheese and other food along with several boxes. I figured the stuff Audrey bought was in them. I was partly right. Six chairs were neatly lined up facing the table. Behind them were a few other chairs scattered about. There was a big piece of clear plastic extending from under the chairs to the front of the table, obviously placed there to protect the rug from the evening's activities. On the wall, hanging in a neat row from little hooks, were six big wooden sorority paddles. They were all different, having been made by the girls themselves. Each one carried some inscription to Audrey or a cute message.

I was introduced to Audrey's six lovely pledges, each one prettier than the other. I had met two of them before and heard about the others from Audrey. I was surprised at how differently each one was dressed.

Helen was a beautiful, haughty, tall, slim brunette with long straight hair, dressed in a tight, but conservative, suit. She wore several rings and a necklace. She looked like a young attorney.

Sharon was a bouncy blonde WASP with the kind of bulging blue eyes that I love. She had on tight jeans that showed off her luscious figure very well and a somewhat low cut frilly white blouse. She had small breasts but a big, shapely round ass that I noticed right away. Other than lipstick and maybe some blush, she wore no other make up.

Lauren was a really stunning Hispanic girl of medium height, with very dark, long brown hair, big dark eyes, a dark complexion and perfect, even teeth. She was very shapely, dressed in a short, tight, low cut dress. She could have been a model, I swear. I didn't see any make up on her at all. She was pretty quiet, but had a great smile and a very girlish laugh. Her whole face lit up when she giggled.

Karyn was a typical Midwest girl next door. She had beautiful, layered, wavy blonde hair. Everything about her said "quality." She was wearing an expensive looking pair of wool pants and a modest, feminine blue blouse that matched her eyes. She didn't wear much make up, but I did notice that her lipstick was darker around the rim of her lips than in the center. I had never seen that before. Her legs were a little short, but her backside was very trim and pouty. She was pretty serious. When she looked at you, her gaze was steady as a rock. Confident and well spoken, she seemed more mature than the others.

Paula was another blonde. She looked like a doll you would buy in a toy store. About 5'5", small breasted, with smooth, pale skin, a ponytail and big innocent blue eyes. She was dressed very casually: a pair of thin cotton blue shorts that showed obvious panty lines in the back and a tube top without a bra, and sneakers. I think she was Italian. She seemed like the youngest of the group.

Lastly, there was Kim. A real knockout. A solidly built girl with good sized breasts, she was at least 5'9" tall, long, thick, tumbling blonde hair, full lips that looked like they were made for kissing and cat's eyes with large liquid pools of light blue at the centers. She wore a fantastic white suit and heels that showed off her long, sleek legs to great advantage. When I got within three feet of her, I immediately caught the scent of her perfume. I wondered if she knew what was in store for her and her pretty clothes. I decided she must be rich.

There were four or five other Big Sisters there. Pam and Christine, who I had paddled last year, were present and four or five others whose names escape me.

Everyone was drinking and munching and having a good time. About a half hour after meeting the girls, I stood off to the side for a moment and watched them all chatting casually and remembered why I was there. I could not believe I was about to see these lovely young ladies treated harshly. Maybe it wouldn't happen. Then, again, knowing Audrey...

Just then my girlfriend stood before the table and clapped three times, loudly, and everyone quieted down.

"Okay, ladies, have a seat. Let's get started." There was a moment of shuffling and soon the six pledges were seated in the front row, watching Audrey attentively. The other girls sat on the chairs in the back, apparently forming the audience.

"Our first order of business, unfortunately, is punishment for a naughty girl," she said confidently. She walked directly to Kim, bent down, and grabbed her left earlobe firmly. "Kim, get up here. Bring your chair." Kim rose clumsily, Audrey pulling on her ear all the while. The hapless girl picked up the chair, and with some effort, dragged it with her to the front of the room. Seeing that sophisticated female treated that way right off the bat turned me on.

Still holding the girl's ear, Audrey continued, "Our little Kimmy, here, got a friggin' C on her history quiz. Tell them about it, Kim." It was a simple, but intoxicating sight. My attractive girlfriend, holding this beautiful, well dressed blonde by the ear as she spoke. Although shorter than Kim, Audrey pulled the girl's ear upwards, so that Kim's head was tilted to the side.

Kim grimaced in distress. "Wh-what's to tell?" she asked. "You don't study, y-you don't do well." A few of the girls chuckled.

Audrey let go of her. Kim rubbed her ear, then self consciously smoothed her clothing. Audrey spoke slowly and coldly. "That's right. Right. So, because you were lazy, we all look bad." Then she shouted: "Delta Omega women GET GOOD MARKS!!! Do you understand that?"

Kim was taken aback. Her shoulders slumped slightly. She answered quietly, "Yes, Audrey."

Audrey gestured toward the wall. "Go get your paddle and give it to our guest. Then bend over the back of the chair."

Audrey turned the chair so that most of us would view Kim from the side.

Without a word, Kim walked over to the row of paddles on the wall. I watched the backs of her slim legs as her spike heels bit into the plastic drop cloth and my pulse quickened. Apparently I was going to swat her! I swallowed hard. She took down one of the heavy wood implements, came straight to me and handed it over. Then, still without a sound, she bent over the back of the chair, her rear end pointing towards me. She opened her legs about two feet or so and stood there, waiting.

I looked at the paddle. It felt hefty in my hands. It was at least two and a half feet long, four inches wide and three quarters of an inch thick. Shit, I thought to myself, these girls don't play around. On one side there was a big painted red heart and across it, the words, "To Audrey, My Big Sister. Love, Kim."

Audrey snapped me out of my reverie. "You thank him for each one and ask him for another, Kimmy. Give her three hard swats. And I DO mean hard!" she snarled.

I grasped the paddle's handle with both hands, stood to Kim's left, and measured the distance. The girl's short white skirt was drawn tight against her very vulnerable ass cheeks and I noticed the faint outline of some kind of underwear. I held the paddle an inch away from her ass and got set. Then I swung it back and up and brought it swiftly forward.

The room seemed to explode with sound as the hard, flat wood made contact with Kim's firm, rounded butt. It was like hitting an inflated rubber inner tube: bouncy, but with a solid feeling of weight to it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Paula jump, apparently startled by the loud "POP!" the paddle made on the girl's ass. Kim lifted her head and emitted a breathy "Ohhhh..." She bent her left leg and her ass canted to the side a little.

"Thank you, sir, may I have another?" came Kim's voice, low and breathy.

I wound up again and swung really hard. The wood arced down through the air, swooshing quietly, and landed with another noisy SPLAT! against the seat of Kim's skirt. It was a perfect shot! The bottom of the skirt shot out as the top was drawn tight. "OW!...geez..oh," she said. She moved her knees in and out, her sexy hind end tilting left and right in the process. Then she stopped moving, straightened and seemed to brace herself.

"Thank you, sir, m-may I have another?"

"Is he good at that, Kimmy?" Audrey asked.

"Oh, YES, Big Sister! He is EXCELLENT at it. He gets an A plus in paddling." Everyone chuckled at her brave little joke. She seemed to be breathing a little heavily. "He's very, very good--"

I swung again. WHAACKKK!! As the paddle hit her butt a third time, she violently shot up straight and forward, pushing the chair with her outhrust pelvis. "Oh, oh, oh shit!..." she said. Both her hands flew back to her hot rear end and she squeezed and kneaded both cheeks comically. I watched as the white material creased and smoothed as a result of her hand movements. One or two of the other girls laughed.

"Whatsamatter, Kimmy, ass on fire?!" one of the Big Sisters called out. Kim, eyes closed now, nodded silently. The Big Sisters giggled, elbowing each other. The pledges stayed serious. Finally, she opened her eyes, stopped rubbing her butt, and grabbed the back of the chair. She picked it up and started to turn back to the row of girls.

"Wait a minute," Audrey said imperiously. "You're not done yet."

Kim's head snapped around to stare at Audrey, her gorgeous hair swinging with the movement and framing her face. Her pretty mouth dropped open but no words came out.

"Take off your jacket...and your skirt," Audrey told her.

"But, Audrey--"

"Oh shut up, you big baby. Just do it!"

Dutifully, Kim reached to the side of her skirt, visibly blushing, and undid the fastener, then pulled her zipper down. Grabbing the waistline, she wiggled and pushed the skirt down. I caught my breath as the full expanse of the beautiful girl's long legs came into view. She had no pantyhose on. Then she removed her jacket.

The tail of her blouse obscured her bottom, but her gams were certainly on display. Audrey took Kim's clothes and threw them over to the side wall.

"'Back over the chair," Audrey said. Reluctantly, slowly, the girl complied. But Audrey wasn't satisfied with the position. "Open your legs more." Kim obeyed. Audrey stepped to Kim's rear and kicked at Kim's shoes, spreading her feet even further apart. Then she pulled the back of Kim's white blouse well up onto her back. The girl's butt was magnificent! Stuffed into thin, white, silky panties, her wide, well rounded cheeks strained against the material. On either side, the base of her ass protruded impudently from the short little pants. The skin was a hot pink from my previous work there.

I knew what was expected and eagerly lined up to swat Kim again, riveting my gaze on my target. "Wait a minute," Audrey said suddenly. I looked up from Kim's ass. Audrey went to the table and began digging into one of the boxes. She produced an egg. I was perplexed.

"What's that for?" I asked. A couple of the girls in the back giggled.

Kim looked up and saw what Audrey was holding. She started to say something. "Hey, what's that..." Her voice trailed off.

"I'll show you," Audrey said.

She walked behind Kim. Taking the waistband of the girl's panties in her right hand, she pulled the elastic away from her victim's buttocks. Then, with her left, she carefully placed the egg deep into Kim's underpants, between her cheeks. "It goes here," she explained. Then she let the elastic snap back into place.

As the egg was deposited in her panties, Kim emitted a low, "Mmmmm." I assumed the egg was cold.

Lauren, to my right, laughed and put her hands up to her face in disbelief. I noticed Helen and Sharon were smiling. The other girls had surprised looks on their faces.

Kim twisted around to her left. There was a mixture of confusion and concern reflected on her adorable face as Audrey walked away. I looked at Kim's ass. It was a ridiculous sight. The graceful shape of her butt was incongruously disturbed by a substantial bulge at the base of the center of her ass, right where I was about to swat her.

Audrey leaned back nonchalantly against the table with one hand on her hip. She looked at me with a steady gaze and said, "Scramble it, Honey."

For some reason, I felt a little foolish. "Well, uh, okay," I said. Kim's head swung back around front, apparently ready. I placed the paddle at her rear end and, through it, could feel the brittle hardness of the egg and the slight yielding of Kim's ass. I drew back and swung. The paddle made a funny SPLAT-phhlllgg! noise and some of the wet contents of the egg shot out diagonally at high speed to the floor. Most of it stayed in the girl's panties.

"Oh!" she shouted. "Ugh!..oh, fuck!...that is UNBELIEVABLE!" The other girls were laughing, some of them rocking back and forth in their chairs. Audrey had a big grin on her face.

As I drew the paddle away I burst out laughing. I couldn't help it. There was a big wet splotch of yellow right in the seat of her panties and rivulets of liquid were already running down the insides of her legs. A few bits of pulverized white egg shell fell to the floor.

The paddle also had egg all over it. Everyone was laughing and pointing. Except Kim.

Audrey immediately produced another egg and, while everyone was still laughing loudly, the procedure was repeated. Kim wiggled her ass and was shouting something, but her words were lost in the general tumult. Finally, a third egg was produced and I smashed that one mercilessly between Kim's ass cheeks. I was laughing so hard I don't know if I could have hit her again. I leaned against a wall, weak, as Kim was allowed to straighten up. Her legs were an eggy mess, yolk and egg white dripping out of the seat and crotch of her panties. Her ass, nevertheless, was still in flames, but she wasn't about to rub that gooey mess back there. Her hands went back there, but she just touched her wet ass, then shook her hands daintily.

Audrey suddenly shot forward from behind us, the can of whipped cream she had bought that afternoon in her hand. She shouted something about "Vanilla egg cream!" and stuffed the nozzle down the back of Kim's underpants. White cream shot out the bottom of the squirming girl's panties. When Kim spun in surprise, a foolish grin on her pretty face, Audrey continued her spraying assault down the front. Kim's eyes widened and she bucked up and down as the cold whipped cream shot into her crotch and the front of her panties bulged outward. When we started to settle down, Audrey asked her how she felt "back there." Kim's face was a deep crimson. She looked silly and embarrassed, but also very beautiful. "All gushy," Kim said, spreading her knees apart so that her attractive legs were bowed. She was smiling in spite of herself.

"Go clean up," Audrey said and threw a towel to her. "But come back in panties. Once you remove an article of clothing in this room, you don't put it back on."

Kim's exit was accompanied by catcalls, whistles and teasing. She walked out on her tiptoes, slowly and carefully, holding her crotch with one hand in front and one in back so as not to stain the rug. Her face was twisted in a disgusted grimace.

"All right, settle down. Settle down," Audrey said, wiping the floor with a towel. "Now, Paula, would you come up here, please." The girl rose slowly, obviously worried. Audrey reassured her. "C'mon, c'mon, don't be scared." Then she continued, "Paula is going to perform a trick for us." Audrey looked at her shorts and top. "It was so nice of you to dress for the occasion." That brought snickers from the other girls.

"I was jogging before," Paula volunteered.

"You were jogging? Well, when we get through with you, you'll be running again, I'm sure." Audrey went to the table and began grabbing things, continuing with her patter. "It's a very easy trick. Maybe you've seen it before. I'll show you how to do it."

Audrey had a large metal funnel from the kitchen in her hand. "The idea is to get this quarter," she held it up for everyone to see, "into the funnel. And how you do it is this." Audrey then took the funnel and wedged the small tip into the waistline of the front of her skirt. She looked up toward the ceiling and carefully balanced the quarter on the tip of her nose. Paula was watching intently. "The trick is concentrating - no matter what distracts you." Dramatically, as if it was very difficult, with her arms straight out, Audrey slowly brought her head forward and the quarter fell neatly from her nose into the funnel. Everyone clapped.

At about this point, it dawned on me what was about to happen. I realized that I had seen this trick done at summer camp years ago. I looked at Paula carefully for any sign of recognition. Nothing. I couldn't believe she didn't know this old practical joke. This was going to be interesting.

"Now, Paula," Audrey explained, "if you fail this task, you are going to be paddled by our guest, do you understand?"

Paula giggled, rolled her eyes, and looked over at me. Perhaps she thought of what I had just done to Kim. She nodded.

"But," Audrey continued, "to make it harder, YOU have to do it...," Audrey waved a long kerchief in the air, "...blindfolded!"

"Oh, geez," the innocent girl responded, "that IS hard."

Audrey took out the quarter and gave it to me. She handed Paula the funnel. "Put it under your shorts and underpants so it doesn't move," she said. Paula followed her directions and put it into the front of her waistband, adjusting it with care to find the exact middle. "Now our guest will put the blindfold on." She handed me the kerchief and I tied it around Paula's eyes and knotted it at the rear. "Can you see anything?" asked Audrey.

"No. It's on good."

"Okay, good. Let me make sure," said my girlfriend. Then she reached behind Paula and pinched her ass hard.

Paula squealed, "Yeeow!" leaping to the side and giggling.

Audrey, laughing, said, "Okay. Good. But remember, you gotta concentrate, no matter what. Lift up your head. Here comes the quarter. Now don't move until I tell you to." With that, Audrey gestured for me to put the coin on her nose. As I did, Audrey turned to the table and, with her left hand, lifted a large glass of ice water out from where she'd hidden it behind a box. It was obviously very cold. The outside was wet with condensation and several ice cubes could be seen floating in the liquid. The other girls began to laugh and stomp their feet in anticipation, but Audrey quieted them with a silent finger to her lips. There was a palpable tension in the room.

The pretty pledge stood there foolishly, arms out, the funnel firmly inserted in her pants, totally unaware of what was about to happen. "Okay, get ready," Audrey warned, moving close to Paula's left side. She carefully brought the water to the lip of the funnel. "Okay, ready..." Audrey tipped the glass toward the metal rim. The seconds seemed to take hours.

"...set..." Without any further hesitation, Audrey tipped the glass well over and began pouring the ice cold water into the funnel and right down Paula's shorts! The girl stood there for a moment, oblivious, waiting for the expected "go!" (which never came) as everyone in the room held their breath.

Instantly, her face changed. Paula's jaw dropped and her face went up and down in what appeared to be utter shock at the sensations she was receiving from her crotch. That was a signal and everyone burst into uproarious laughter at her predicament. The surprised girl jumped forward and literally leaped up in the air, cutting the room with a loud "Eeeee!!!" She doubled over, hands frantically grabbing for the funnel and throwing it out of her shorts. Water sprayed everywhere. Dazed and confused, she ripped the blindfold from her head, blonde ponytail flying, her eyes wild with amazement and surprise. When she stopped her spasmodic moving, she looked down to see a dark wet stain spreading all over the front of her pants. The girls were screaming with laughter. Paula looked breathless and disoriented, the poor thing, like she couldn't believe what had happened to her. Then she began to smile foolishly and spun around to face her tormentor. Audrey was holding her sides, almost collapsed against the table.

Paula stupidly yelled, "You poured water down my pants??!!" which caused renewed gales of laughter. Then, "You fuck! You poured fucking ice water down my pants!" She broke into an embarrassed grin as she realized how she had been fooled. "Do you know how cold that was?" She reached for the glass of water, still in Audrey's left hand, but Audrey spun away quickly and shoved it at her, catching her full in the face with what remained in the glass. There were more screams from the other girls. Paula shook her head in startled surprise, now wet almost all over. She looked around, as if trying to find something to throw or do, but ended up doing nothing except shaking the freezing water off her face and arms.

"Oh, God! Oh God," Audrey was exclaiming through laughter that bordered on tears, "you were funny." I was laughing, too, but my girlfriend's cruelty, as usual, surprised me. Finally, everyone began regaining their composure. "All right. Where's the funnel?" Audrey wanted to know. "Where'd it go?" she asked.

The girls handed it up from where it had landed. Audrey took it, saying, "There better be a quarter in here."

"What?" asked Paula.

Audrey looked into the funnel and then held it out for everyone to see. Of course, Paula had understandably failed to drop the coin into the funnel. "Okay, Paula failed the task. I told you not to be distracted."

"What?!" Paula said again.

"I told you what would happen. Now get out of those wet clothes." I dropped my jaw. She was going to make her strip before I paddled her!

"Audrey...c'mon!" Paula protested.

"HEY!" Audrey shouted angrily. "I said get out of those wet clothes." Paula went silent and instantly grabbed the bottom of her tube top and pulled upwards. Her firm little tits bounded into view, topped by small brown nipples sticking straight up, apparently hardened by the cold water. Without stopping she hooked her thumbs into her shorts and panties and pushed down. Her round, lily-white ass popped out as she bent and slid the garments down her legs. She tossed the wet clothes aside carelessly. Her damp skin was glistening.

"Give him your paddle," Audrey commanded. Paula walked to the wall, briefly examined the paddles, and selected hers. She marched back toward me, her face red as a beet.

Uncontrollably, my eyes strayed down to her pussy and I feasted on the clear view of her furry blonde bush. Some of the Big Sisters whistled at her. Man, she was cute! She handed me the large piece of wood.

"How many swats, ladies?" Audrey asked the audience.

"Five!" a feminine voice called out.

"20," another girl called out.

"108!!" one of the Big Sisters said and everyone laughed.

I felt faint. The scene was other worldly. This mouth watering doll, nude except for white socks and sneakers, stood next to me, twisting one leg demurely over the other, while the girls decided how many times I would paddle her ass!

"Okay," Audrey finally said, "10 swats. Paula come over here. You're so athletic, always jogging and everything. I want you to get some exercise. So you're going to do calisthenics. You know how you spread your legs and touch your hand to the opposite toe in gym class?" Audrey demonstrated, legs apart, arms outstretched. She brought her right hand across her body and touched her left toe. There was muffled laughter.

"Okay. I get the idea," said Paula.

She reluctantly walked to the center of the plastic covered area and put her arms out.

Audrey looked at me. "Every time she touches her toe, you swing, understand?"

I nodded and got behind and to the left of Paula. Her tight little ass stuck out behind her. It was amazingly white and round, divided perfectly by her narrow crack. I took a deep breath.

"Okay, count them out, Paula." Audrey said. "Begin."

Paula bent forward and brought her outstretched right hand briskly down to her left toe. It put her ass in a perfect position to be whacked. I tried to time it so that the paddle would land across the base of her butt just as she touched her foot. I swung at that young lady's cute little ass with tremendous force and the loud noise of the blazing swat rang out. The contact with her behind gave a satisfying, solid vibration through the paddle. "Uuuff! One," Paula called out. Her bottom was small, tight and firm. It bounced for just a moment after the swat, then regained its sexy, impudent, outthrust shape.

Then she was up again, her tits bouncing a little. She started toward her right side, her graceful body twisting at the waist. WHACKK! "Ohhhwwooww! Two! Pause. CRACCKK! "Mmm! Three!" Pause. SPLAATT! "Mmmmm...Four!"

Pause. WHHAACCKKK! "Ahhh! Oh! Wait, wait...wait a minute!" Paula took a step forward, arched her back and furiously rubbed her cute ass, already red and burning from my swats.

"Hey! Back in position!" Audrey shouted.

"Okay, okay. Just wait a sec," Paula said, still rubbing her blazing hind quarters. Then she whispered, almost to herself, "Man, that stings...that really stings..." She paused, immersed in the sensations she was receiving from her buttocks.

"Okay. Here goes."

She got back into position, spreading her legs and putting her arms up and out. She bent forward again, her red ass popping out behind her. I swung the paddle as her ass was moving backwards. The fifth shot blazed across the base of both ass cheeks.

"Nyyuuhhooo!..oh!...five!" I swung again as she bent the other way. I knew I was being cruel, but this was great fun! WHHAACCKK! "Yeeoww! Six!"

I could feel her luscious rear end jiggling under each swat! SMAACKK! This last was a particularly hard that one lifted Paula up on her toes. She tottered there a moment, then breathlessly settled back down. "Seven!" Her head rose up again and she bent the other way. I swung forcefully. This time she screamed and again lifted up onto her toes. "Oh! Eigh--eight!" I was having quite an effect on her.

Slower, now, she straightened back up and bent to touch her opposite toe again. I swung just as hard and the paddle rang out once more. "Oh! Oh! Nine..oh nine!" For a moment she just stayed bending over, her hands flying back to her ass, vainly trying to rub the sting out. She parted her cheeks and squeezed them together again twice. I could see right into her crack. She had no secrets from me, so to speak. I was mesmerized, watching this attractive young thing suffering so much because of what I was doing to her.

"C'mon, get it over with. One more."

Paula's voice was almost a croak. "Okay. Wait. Wait."

"Bullshit!" Audrey was angry. She spun around, grabbed something out of a box and turned back to Paula. "Open your mouth." Audrey was holding a raw egg in her hand.

"C'mon, Audrey," Paula pleaded.

Audrey spoke very slowly and distinctly. "Open your fucking mouth." Paula opened her mouth wide and Audrey placed the egg inside. "If you break this, I will paddle you for a week every night, after dinner," she warned, then to me, "Give her three more," Audrey ordered. I swung, not realizing Paula's hands were still on her ass.

"Mmmmmff!" she screamed and held her hands to her stomach. She half turned and I had to smile. Her face was a sight. Her eyes were bulging with anger and her cheeks were bulging with the egg.

"Oh, I'm sorry..." I stepped forward, feeling bad. Audrey intervened. "Keep your fucking hands off your ass and they won't get hit. Hurry up, hit her!"

I swung very fast, to mercifully complete Paula's punishment quickly. The girl thrust out her hips after the first, trying to avoid the sting. I quickly hit her again with her back arched, swinging up into her cheeks. It lifted her up, hair flying. I thought she would fall to the ground. I wound up and swung again, really hard. WHHAACCK! "Mm! Mmmfff! oh! Oh no!..." As soon as we heard words, we knew she had broken the egg in her mouth. She turned to us, her face screwed up in disgust, spitting egg shells and raw egg. She began rubbing her butt again, wiggling her hips back and forth, doing an unintentionally sexy dance of pain. Then, in mournful agony, she let out a quiet, "OHHhhhhhh..."

"Now go sit down. I'm gonna paddle you for a week for that." Then, disdainfully, Audrey muttered, "Asshole..." Everyone's eyes were on Paula. She walked slowly to her chair, her eyes toward the ceiling, her mouth moving, hands glued to her ass. The part of her butt that was visible to me was a fiery red, flecked with darker shades here and there. Then she looked down at the hard wooden seat, as if she was wondering how she could possibly sit down on her damaged rear. Finally, to the muffled giggles of the other girls, she twisted around, put her hands on the seat to support her weight and very slowly lowered her buttocks to the chair. "Ohhhh," she groaned. Her face looked tired, her neat ponytail mussed, her legs carelessly open, giving me a good view of her blonde snatch.

At this point Kim walked back into the room, apparently with a change in panties. She sat down in the front row, inquiring about the ruckus she'd heard. Quick whispered explanations flew at her. She giggled and glanced over at Paula.

"Okay, girls. Now, we're going to play 'The Luck of The Draw'." The pledges looked at each other, knowing this couldn't possibly be good for them.

Audrey produced a hat and explained the game. "In the hat are slips of paper saying what will happen to you. Some of them are good, some are bad. You pick a number between one and ten. Then you choose from the hat and you get whatever the slip of paper says from our guest. "Got it?"

It was simple enough. They seemed to understand. "We'll go right across the front row." I had no idea what the slips of paper said, but I was game for anything. "Brenda, come on up."

Brenda, thus far untouched in her cute little dress, rose and walked forward. "Choose a number," Audrey said.

The living doll smiled shyly, looking so pretty. Then she said, "Six."

"Okay, six it is," Audrey said. Then she shoved the hat in front of the girl. Brenda looked in, then extended her hand and took out a little folded piece of paper. "Okay, read it to us, Brenda."

Brenda unfolded it and read it to herself. She smiled and then laughed and turned sideways, slapping her arms to her sides. "Oh no!" she said, seemingly embarrassed.

"What does it say?"

Brenda brought the paper back up and spoke slowly, "It says "pinched and swatted panties'." The Big Sisters at the back guffawed and laughed.

"Okay, our guest will do the honors. Get you paddle."

The sexy ritual of an attractive young woman selecting her paddle and handing it to me was repeated. "Bend over, Bren," Audrey suggested. Brenda bent forward and reached for the rear hem of her skirt. She hiked it up, higher and higher, until it was up and over her waist and her dark hose and black panties were on display. "Pantyhose down," Audrey admonished her.

With an embarrassed "Tsk!" Brenda reached under her skirt and grabbed the top of her hose, stripping them down over her big bottom with some effort. She stood there bending over, her long, slim legs straight, feet well apart, holding her skirt up.

"Should I pinch her?" I asked tentatively.

Audrey threw me a withering look. "Yes. Then swat her. Do it six times." Then to the audience, she said, "Count them for us, ladies."

Holding the paddle in my left hand, I took a step to Brenda's rear, reached out and touched her high on her right ass cheek. It was warm and rubbery and the sheer panties felt nice and smooth, like silk. As expected, I dug my index finger and thumb as deep as I could and squeezed a hunk of her female ass flesh. Her young, tender butt was so firm it was hard to get a grip. I twisted the skin in a big clockwise motion. Her skin was soft, but it felt like there was nice, tough muscle underneath.

Brenda gasped and pulled her ass away comically, bending her knees and swinging her butt downward. As she got back into position, legs straight, I stepped back, measured the distance and let fly with a tremendous paddle swat. WHACCK! Her ass felt good and heavy and I distinctly felt her cheeks quickly bounce up and down, like firm jelly, through the paddle's handle. Brenda's head snapped upward, but she made no sound. Although I couldn't see her eyes, I deduced from the position of her head that she was intently staring straight ahead.

"One!" the other girls called out.

I transferred the paddle to my left hand again and stepped closer to her. I don't know why I decided to alternate between pinches and swats. It just seemed natural. I grabbed another solid piece of her butt, this time digging my fingers deep into the middle of her right cheek. Her skin there was sifter, very full and easier to hold onto. I twisted my hand as far as I could, keeping a tight grip on her sexy ass, then I let go. Brenda went "Uhhh" and wiggles slightly.

After pinching her, I stepped back, held the paddle lightly against her ass and swung very hard. The sharp, delicious sound of hard wood meeting soft, feminine ass echoed off the walls. "Yeeow!" the girl shouted.


I again took a step toward her and she clumsily scampered two steps away, hampered by her pantyhose but still holding her skirt up. The girls laughed at her reluctance to be pinched again. "Man, that hurts!" she whined. Then she stepped back and submissively bent over again.

This time I put my hand very low on her right side and grabbed her ass from underneath the base of her butt. I could feel the raw heat in the seat of her panties from the two swats. I was able to get a good grip and squeezed hard, lifting her ass up slightly, then I twisted.

"Oww!" Brenda called out. She straightened and squirmed her ass left in pain and then quickly lifted up onto the toes of her high heels and bent back, but I had a good grip and held on tight. We hung there like that for a moment: me with my arm outstretched under her butt, with a good solid hold of the bottom of her ass, my fingers applying as much pinching and twisting force as I could muster, and her bent backward, up on her toes. Her face was up toward the ceiling, her eyes closed. "Ow! Ow! Okay-okay!" she yelled and I let her go. "Shit!" she exclaimed, breathing loudly and relaxing onto her heels again. "I didn't know a pinch in the ass could hurt so much!" she said. The observers were delighted and filled the room with teasing comments and laughter.

I stepped back and set my feet, holding the paddle near my shoulder, and shook it back and forth like a baseball bat. The girl was a good sport, that was for sure. Just as she bent forward, before she was ready, I snapped the heavy wooden paddle forward with plenty of wrist snapping action.

CRACCK! That one sounded like the proverbial pistol shot! "Oh shiiittt!" Brenda screamed in reaction, her voice very high pitched and distressed. She sprang up on her toes again, arching her back like a bow, her hands immediately shooting back to comfort her severely burning ass.


I approached her from behind again and brushed her hands out of the way. I switched to her left cheek and repeated the procedure, reveling in the sensuous texture of her generous, hot hind end. The embarrassed girl must have been making some funny faces because I could hear the girls laughing. Brenda twisted her hips sexily as I pinched, rotating them slowly as if trying to gently break my grip.

Getting into position again, I aimed for the fullest part of her backside. I was afraid I'd pull a muscle, but I swung hard again. I felt I had to do my duty properly and truly toast her ass. It wouldn't have been fair to the other pledges to go easy on her. The paddle landed square in the middle of her butt, right across the tender crack of her ass. It made a loud but muffled SPLOOSH! sound this time. I felt the paddle catch and lift her entire, firm butt.


" period...time out!" Brenda stuttered, pulling her ass in. She turned slightly right, placed her left hand on the left side of her ass and held her right hand out behind her to ward me off. I saw Audrey laughing, a big grin across her pretty face. She seemed to be enjoying Brenda's ordeal immensely. I was surprised when she let the excited girl, her breasts heaving up and down, to pace around in a small circle. Brenda furiously rubbed her panty clad posterior with both hands as she stared at the floor. She seemed to be talking to herself, trying to get up the courage to continue. "Okay...okay...wait a minute...okay..." I heard her murmuring.

Finally, she stepped into the middle of her imaginary circle, made sure her skirt was up, then planted each foot and bent over again. What a view! Her panties stretched tight and her butt loomed up at me. It was obvious what the target was. Angry red and maroon irregularly shaped splotches peeked out of the bottom of her panties. I quickly stepped up to her and pinched her very hard on her left cheek again. I could tell the actual temperature of her ass was hotter!

"Damn!" Brenda yelled plaintively, fiercely wiggling reflexively to break my grip.

Trying to shorten her discomfort, I took a quick step back and slammed the paddle home again. PffftWHACK! She wasn't expecting to be swatted so hard and so quickly. Her ass felt relaxed and softer through the wood. I felt her cheeks vibrate violently through the wood. The bending girl screamed, short and loud and shot upright.

"Five!" Fewer girls shouted the number, so it was quieter this time.

I paid no attention to Brenda's distress nor her standing position and instantly grabbed another nice, solid hunk of her left ass cheek and twisted mercilessly. She went up on her toes again and danced from foot to foot, both hands on her head in disbelief. Starting low, then pitching higher, her voice cut the air: "Uhhhnn.." I released her and, before she knew what was happening and while she was still standing, I literally blasted her ass with the paddle for the last time.

Only two or three girls called out the number softly, "Six."

Brenda jumped up in the air three or four times, right off the ground, spinning slightly as she did, her beautiful, wavy, dark hair swirling around her head. She was holding her damaged rear globes delicately with both hands. It looked like she was trying to gently lift herself up by her ass cheeks. There were plenty of smiles but nobody laughed out loud.

Audrey stepped forward and put her arm around Brenda's shoulders and forced her to face the group, the young woman's skirt still gathered sexily around her waist. Tears were welling in her eyes. "Okay, Brenda. Kiss the paddler. C'mon, give him a big "thank you'."

Brenda stepped up to me, her face tensed in an adorable about-to-cry look, and demurely kissed me on the right cheek. "No, no, no! Give him a REAL kiss," Audrey commanded, frustrated that she had to repeat her orders. The girl came close to me again, her breasts brushing my chest, her dark eyes reflecting anger and humiliation. She kissed me lightly on the mouth, holding her face there, gently sucking on my lips. It was lovely, considering what I'd just done to her.

"Okay. On your knees. Kiss the paddle. Brenda, all resistance gone, but disgusted, slowly knelt down, her pantyhose hampering her gracefulness. I extended the paddle to her horizontally. She puckered up and planted a long kiss right in the center of the area that had just heated her buttocks so efficiently. Then she rose and Audrey embraced her again.

"Very good, Brenda, you did very well. How about a round of applause for Brenda?" I tucked the paddle under my arm and clapped along with the others. Brenda slowly pulled up her pantyhose, obviously in agony and half walked, half stumbled to her chair. Her lips were trembling and she sobbed once or twice before sitting down, then crumpled into the chair in a heap. She was immediately sorry. She let out a soft, "ohhh.." and arched her back slightly, trying to take the weight off her butt.

"Okay, Kim, your turn!" Audrey said firmly. Kim, still in panties, very reluctantly stood and went up to my girlfriend. I watched her slim, sexy thighs as she walked. Pale and firm, they looked terrific. I shook my head. If this girl was going to get more, I didn't know how she would stand it.

Kim picked the lowest number she could. She said "Five," then dug into the hat and picked out a folded paper. She read grinned broadly, relieved. "Two dollar bills," she said. There was a sigh from the other girls. Kim had been very lucky, indeed. Audrey handed me five two dollar bills and I counted them out into Kim's outstretched hand. Then she strode confidently to her seat and sat down, as if to say, Ha! That was easy, girls!

"Okay Robin, you're next.

Beautiful, slim Robin had a walk like a runway model. She walked almost impudently to Audrey, hips thrust forward and said "Ten!" I thought that was a mistake. Since Kim had just gotten a "good" slip of paper, the odds were against her. She reached into the hat a little nervously as Audrey held it up. Then she unfolded the slip of paper she had selected. Her eyes widened and she put her right hand to the side of her face in dismay. She looked crushed.

"What's it say? What's it say?" The girls cried eagerly.

Robin, her face a picture of amazement read the writing: "Hard kicks, the second to last one in the seat of the panties and the last one bareassed!" Then she turned to Audrey. "Hard kicks? Kicks? What does that mean?"

Audrey grinned sadistically at what she had written, secretly glad that haughty Robin had unintentionally selected a high number for a particularly humiliating task. The other girls called out "oh!" and "oh no! and "you'll get a kick out of it!" and other silly things.

"You're gonna get a kick in the pants, Honey," Audrey explained. "Ten of them, as a matter of fact."

Robin took a step backwards, her hands moving behind her and lightly resting on her backside, immediately sorry that she took a chance on such a high number. "You're kidding!" she blurted, but Audrey just smiled, indicating she was not. Robin shook her head a few times, then resignedly got in front of the center of the table, flashed me an embarrassed, sexy look, then turned her back to me and bent forward. Her tight, short skirt immediately stretched taut across her mouth watering ass and the hem rode high up on her thighs. Audrey nodded suggestively at me.

I have to admit, I was kind of happy about doing this to her. I knew several guys who had dated, or tried to date, Robin. I remembered that she had cruelly dumped one friend and practically laughed in the face of another when he asked her out. She seemed to have no respect for men, or anybody else. So I sort of felt she deserved a good kick in the ass.

I couldn't resist a little joke. I looked down at my cheap, pointy Italian loafers and quipped, "Now I wish I had worn my boots!"

A few Big Sisters in the back urged me on: "Give it to her!" "Yeah," one of them called, "Kick her in the ass!"

I was blushing a little, but felt I had to do my duty. I looked at the slender, bending girl, and estimated the distance. Solidly balancing on my left leg, I stepped back onto my right foot for a moment, then swung it upwards hard and fast. I brought the side of my shoe forcefully into the center of the bottom of Robin's tight, cute little butt! The kick made a muffled WOP! The hem of her skirt flew up. I could feel the crack in her ass through my shoe, her two huddling cheeks moving up heavily, then bouncing back down again and jiggling furiously. I was surprised at how delicious it felt.

Like some perverted machine, I took up a rhythm. The audience counted out the numbers loudly. After each savage kick, Robin would snap her head up and take two small steps forward. It was like I was kicking her across the room. After three more good shots, she had moved five feet or so to the audience's right.

I reached forward and put a hand on each side of her curvy hips and pulled her backward a few steps until we were centered again. Then, still holding her solid hips, I brought my right knee up and hard into her behind. "Ooooofff!" she said, the sound seeming to be forced out of her. It felt very satisfying because I could feel the heft of her trim ass cheeks as they sprang up and spread outward, then jumped in reaction to the blow. I felt something give and heard a soft ripping sound as my knee reached the top of its arc and imbedded itself between the girl's cheeks. As I removed my knee from her ass, I was surprised to see that the seam in the seat of Robin's skirt had split! About four or five inches of stitching had torn and the back of her silky black slip could plainly be seen. I couldn't resist, turning her around to show the other girls my accomplishment. The Big Sisters laughed and clapped and pointed. Robin twisted around and looked at the tear in her seat. She was annoyed, but resigned and got back into position. She whispered so only I could hear, "Hey, take it easy will you?"

I hissed back, "Not a chance, babe."

I kneed her again, good and hard, and her skirt tore almost down to the hem. I held my knee there and enjoyed the feel of her warm ass tightly hugging my leg. The audience called out ""Six!" The Big Sisters were really enjoying themselves.

I wanted to try one more thing. I stepped back and kicked her with my foot again, this time aiming the sharp toe of my shoe right at the base of the crack in her ass. The tip of my shoe disappeared for a moment up her crack and, although I kicked her with great force, the impact was dull and soft. I sensed that I had probably contacted her asshole.

"OH!" Robin screamed and shot her hands to her behind. She spun violently and shot a nasty look at me. ""

"Shut up and bend over," I said. Audrey was so in control of the pledges that I was feeling pretty bold.

Robin glared at me and resumed her bending position, her sexy slip still peeking out of her torn seat. I gave her another hard kick with my toe, but Robin was squeezing her cheeks together and her ass felt like a rock. I still got a loud "Ow!" out of her.


Audrey spoke up, "Okay, up with the skirt, Robin."

Looking chagrined, Robin lifted her skirt and slip, revealing tight, very thin, matching black panties. I wasted no time and immediately blasted her in the ass again. "Ooooff!" she said again. Then, without being asked, she hooked her thumbs in her little underpants and stripped them down to her knees. She opened her legs a little to prevent them from slipping further. I was shocked to see red and purple lines and marks all over her cute white butt, apparently from my foot. I didn't realize I had been bruising her. A few of the marks plainly showed the imprint of the side of my shoe's sole and heel.

Just as I decided to go easy on this last one, Audrey sang out, "Give her all you got on this one!" I quickly debated what to do and came to a decision. My loyalties were with Audrey. I was NOT going to displease her in any way. I wound up and gave Robin a lollapalooza of a kick, square in her feminine ass. The poor girl shot forward clumsily with a short scream, her drooping panties nearly tripping her. She stayed there, bent over for several seconds, regaining her composure and, no doubt, concentrating on the unbelievable sensations coming from her tortured rear end. Then she went to pull up her underwear. Audrey stopped her.

"Leave 'em down. Return to your seat just like that."

"That's ridiculous," Robin shot back, still bent forward, hands on the waistband of her lowered underpants. I was getting a great view of her crotch. Audrey just glared at her and the girl thought better of arguing. She hobbled over to her seat to muffled laughter from the other girls. She sat down very gingerly on her bare, battered buttocks.

It wasn't over yet! I wondered other devilish tortures were on the slips of paper in that hat.

Audrey said simply, "Your turn, Betsy. Choose a number"

I liked Betsy a lot. She looked so good in those tight jeans. As she rose and went to Audrey, her hips swayed sexily. "Seven," she said, showing deep concern. Then she reached into the hat, pulled out a slip, unfolded it and read it to herself. A pink flush immediately came to her entire face and her mouth opened. She read, "Gooses and swats in panties." Then she looked at Audrey nervously, "Gooses? What's that?"

"You'll see," Audrey said in a singsong, carefree voice. "Get your paddle and drop your pants." My eyes hungrily followed Betsy's swinging ass cheeks as she walked away and then returned to hand me her paddle. It was a big, thick, hefty oval one with the letters "D.O." on one side and "Betsy loves Audrey" on the other.

Betsy's jeans were real tight. She unbuckled her belt, unzipped the front and struggled as she pushed them down. I watched, fascinated, as the waistband of her underpants came into view. When she finally got them down we all saw that she had on very lacy pink underpants with a pattern of little flowers all over them. The back of them was pretty narrow and stuffed up her crack so that most of her cheeks were bare. She had nice, slim, girlish thighs and pale, cool looking, creamy white skin.

Audrey came over and whispered unnecessary instructions to me. I sure as hell knew what she meant by "gooses."

Betsy bent over and presented her ass to me, her jeans holding her legs tightly together, one knee bent. I took my right hand and put all my fingers together to form a cone shape. I then brought my hand up to the crack in Betsy's ass and worked my fingers slowly in, wiggling my hand back and forth until I met hard resistance. Then I lifted up forcefully. Her ass was tight, warm and very firm. Her cheeks hugged my hand tightly. The girl twisted up on her toes obscenely, straightening her legs and shaking her butt, my fingers still inserted deep in her ass. I could feel two bones on either side and her cheeks contracting hard, trying to limit my progress. I moved my hand in a circle, digging deeply, fighting for every inch. Her panties were tightly twisted up and into her crack, baring almost all of her ass. It was sexy because, as I moved my hand, I was affecting the movements of her hips. She was unintentionally doing a sexy half nude hula with a man's hand deeply buried up her sexy rear end. The audience found that very amusing. I finally let her down and removed my hand. Next, she felt the paddle.

WHACCK! Her ass was big, heavy and solid. Her hind end absorbed the force of the blow, then reflected it back into the paddle in the form of jiggling vibrations through the wood to my hands. Her jaw dropped in amazement after the swat. "Wow! Oh that hurts!" she said.

She had apparently forgotten the routine, because when I goosed her again, her ass was totally relaxed. This time I inserted my hand sideways with my thumb toward the top of her crack and my index finger almost at the back of her pussy. She was mortified as I lifted her easily onto her toes again. In a high pitched voice, tinged with embarrassed laughter, she cried out, " shit!" We hung like that for a moment. When I pulled my hand out suddenly the wrinkled seat of her panties emerged with it and she relaxed back down.

I swung the paddle with almost all my might. PffftWHAACKK!! Betsy arched her back like a willow in a windstorm and grabbed the seat of her tiny panties with both hands. I stuck out my right index finger and dramatically displayed it to the watching, grinning girls. I then put it right below the base of Betsy's ass. She had her eyes closed and was oblivious to what I was doing. The girls were giggling at my obvious show. I rammed it home. Betsy, one hand still on each cheek, was shocked at the intrusion and arched her back even more and clenched her ass and legs tightly. It was too late. I felt my finger pass surprisingly further up her ass and knew I was fingering her asshole. I could feel the girl's strong, tight muscles encircling my finger through the panty material, now stuffed far up her butt. For a few seconds, I pushed and pulled, causing the stunned girl to flop up and down, like some crazed, life sized puppet, her bulging blue eyes nearly popping out of her head "!" she was babbling incoherently. I let her down, but the panty material stayed buried deep within her cheeks. It must have been uncomfortable, because she scissored her legs back and forth and pulled the seat of the panties out of her crack before bending over for her swat.

And it was a doozy! The paddle slammed home low, directly across both round globes. I felt that satisfying vibration of ass through the paddle and knew I had given her a real good one. "OGod! OGod! OGod!" she cried.

Audrey intervened at this point. "Take your jeans off," she said. "All the way. They're holding your legs too close together. And your blouse."

Betsy was pissed and, impossibly, her face turned an even deeper, hot red. She unbuttoned her blouse and stripped it off to reveal her smallish breasts held up in a plain white bra. Then she stepped out of her jeans and tossed them angrily aside. Audrey didn't care. She wasn't through with her instructions, either. Very slowly she told Betsy, "Now open your legs real wide and bend 'way over, so he can really give you a GOOD goose." Then, with a laugh, she said, "You know what a goose is now, dontcha Betsy?"

Betsy looked down in obvious shame and said, "Yes, I sure do, ma'am." Some of the Big Sisters thought that was funny and guffawed loudly. The girl, now completely stripped to her underwear, spread her legs very far apart and bent her supple body far enough to almost touch her head to the floor. Audrey was surprised, but pleased. I walked up behind her and put my middle finger against Betsy's tush. I could feel the heat coming from her blazing skin. I began to work my finger into her crack, but she was clenching her ass so tight, I got only about a half inch in.

Audrey saw I was having trouble and said, "Wait," and grabbed my wrist and roughly pulled my hand away from Betsy's butt. "Give me the paddle," she said urgently. I handed it to her and stepped back. Audrey instantly took a step behind Betsy, hefted the paddle in both hands and raised it high above her head. She swung the paddle at Betsy's ass with all her might. Man, that girl was an expert with a flat piece of wood! It must have been all that tennis she played. The swat reverberated throughout the room and Betsy sighed breathily. Then Audrey put her hands on her waist like an angry mother and angrily addressed the bending girl, "Relax your cheeks. Relax them!" Then to me, she said, "Try again."

This time my middle finger slid up Betsy's crack with ease and soon I was again knocking on Betsy's rear door with my fingertip. A muscular contraction rippled through her attractive ass as she involuntarily tensed. Audrey saw it and swung the paddle, hard. I nearly died. I thought she was going to hit my hand. But the solid piece of wood landed with a loud CRAACCK! full against the side of Betsy's left cheek. The girl reflexively dodged right, forcefully pulling my hand with her. I felt her hot cheeks clench and was surprised at the strength of her ass. "I said relax!" Audrey shouted. I felt Betsy making an effort to relax even more and I buried my finger deep up her butt.

Betsy was making little grunting noises as I twisted my finger this way and that, pushing hard. " eh!...ah....uh..." Her panties were twisted grotesquely, the edges biting into her soft reddened skin, disappearing, very taut, up her crack on either side of my hand. I could only imagine the tightness of the material at her crotch.

"Now pull it out - fast!" Audrey urged me. I did it and Betsy yelled "Ouch! Shit, THAT hurt!"

Audrey handed me the paddle again. I got behind Betsy and swatted her again. She couldn't stay in position. The lower portion of her behind was a deep crimson. It matched her pretty face. She rose and began slowly rubbing her stinging ass, up and down, with both hands. A tear dripped out of one eye, and streaked to her chin before dropping to the floor. She was breathing noisily, heavily, the white bra rising and falling rhythmically.

Audrey made fun of her. "Awwww, the little baby is crying!" Then she got right up to Betsy's face. "Is your ass hot? Is it hot, Betsy?"

"Yes," the girl said, starting to really sob. I felt bad. As usual, my girlfriend was going to far.

"Okay. I've got a remedy. Let's see, that's four, right?"

"No," Betsy said, "that's six, Audrey. Y-you hit me twice."

"Oh, they didn't count," Audrey answered airily. "I'll tell you what, I'll make you a deal. If you take off your bra and panties, take one more swat from our guest, I'll let him cool you off, okay?"

Betsy, still rubbing her behind, didn't know what to say. Not that she had any real choice, except perhaps to gather her clothes and quit the sorority on the spot. She nodded tentatively, "O-okay...I guess.."

"Good!" exclaimed Audrey. "Brave girl!" Then to the others: "A round of applause for Brave Betsy!" Everyone clapped and Betsy laughed a little, brushing away another tear. Then she unhooked her bra in the back and pulled it forward. Her pert little A cups came into view capped by small, pink nipples. I had a terrific urge to bend forward and suck on them. Then Betsy grabbed the waistband of her little panties and stripped them down and stepped out of them. She had a nice, small dark blonde bush, almost reddish.

Betsy bent over obediently, sticking her ass out toward me. Her buttocks were so red I could not possibly hit her really hard. I gave her a moderate blow that, nevertheless, stung her already damaged rear.

"Good, pledge!" called Audrey. "Now, I'll get the cool reward I promised you." Audrey walked out and I was left standing there, awkwardly. The girls were in various states of undress and Betsy, right in front of me, was totally nude. My eyes drank her in. Her skin was so nice to look at: milky and smooth. Her big, blazing red ass formed a pretty, but unbelievable, contrast. Time and again, I would look closely and intently at Betsy's luscious body and she would avert her eyes, blushing. Then I would reluctantly look away and she'd glance at me again. We could all hear Audrey in the kitchen. She was rummaging around in the refrigerator.

She was gone for only a few moments. When she walked back in, she was over dramatically sucking and licking a cone shaped purple thing on a stick. As I looked more closely, I realized it was a grape ice pop.

"What's that?" Betsy asked.

"This is your cool treat. You're gonna like this, Betsy. Trust me. Bend over. You have one last goose coming."

Betsy was thinking quickly and what was about to happen hit her with full force. Her eyes opened wide. "With THAT?!" she exclaimed.

"With this," Audrey agreed, and handed the cold, dripping ice pop to me. "Bend over and spread 'em," she commanded.

Betsy hesitated, uncertainty written all over her face. Then, with a disgusted roll of her eyes, she turned around, opened her legs wide and bent forward, her head down. The other girls were laughing, their hands over their mouths, trying to contain themselves.

"I said spread 'em!" Audrey said threateningly. Betsy put both hands back on her cheeks and pulled them apart submissively. I took a step toward her and looked at her cute little asshole. It was pink around the edge, then light brown and wrinkly. I could not believe what I was about to do to her.

I placed the tip of the ice against Betsy's asshole and she shivered visibly, her anal opening alternately contracting and relaxing. Then I worked the top of the cone in. It slipped in surprisingly easily. When I got its slender body in about an inch and a half, drops of purple juice dripping onto the floor as it melted, I straightened up and looked at Audrey. The ice pop stuck out of Betsy's ass ridiculously.

"Further," Audrey commanded. I dropped my shoulders and opened my mouth to protest. She cut me off, "You can get that 'way further." I bent over and resumed my efforts with a sigh, feeling mixed emotions.

As I worked the cold treat deeper and deeper inside her, Betsy began a low wail, getting louder and louder, "ohhHHHH!" The girls laughed and clapped. I could feel every move of Betsy's rear muscles. The pop would slide in an inch, then she'd involuntarily clench and it would stop. She'd then relax, and up another inch it would go. Finally, the whole thing was up her ass, just the stick protruding. Cold, purple juice was now dripping down the insides of her thighs.

"Good!" announced Audrey. "Now straighten up and stand to the side, Honey. We've got other stuff to do." Betsy very slowly and carefully stood up, in terrible discomfort. She took a few stiff, agonizing steps forward. Her eyes clenched shut, then opened wide as she concentrated on the weird, freezing sensations up her ass and the blazing heat from her punished cheeks. She had her side to everyone so they could all see the stick protruding from her backside and her tortured face at the same time. Every once in a while the stick would move as the girl contracted her muscles and the ice slowly melted.

"Now you all know that last week I gave you what I called an 'ASSignment' to do for this evening to see if you are really Big Sister material. I asked you to present an experiment for the Annual Unofficial Delta Omega Science Fair."

The Big Sisters seemed to be leaning forward in anticipation, knowing smiles on their lips. Some of the pledges were grinning and looking around.

Audrey continued. "Now, of the six ideas you submitted, me and the Big Sisters secretly notified four winners to go ahead with their projects. The criteria was imagination, practicality and amusement. Our amusement, I assure you, not yours. These projects will be our finale tonight."

Audrey strolled over to the table and picked up a piece of paper on which she had scribbled some notes. "I must say, you ladies did very well. You worked very hard on your ASSignments and came up with some devilish ideas. We have already selected who will be the subjects of our, uh, experiments. Now, if those of you on the receiving end of these projects are unhappy, you have no one to blame but yourselves, since you came up with them, you built them and you will administer them to each other. They've all been tested. They are reasonably safe, but, uh, shall we say, somewhat uncomfortable, believe me!"

I leaned casually against the wall. This sounded interesting, to say the least. Audrey glanced at the notes. "Let's see. First up is our brilliant science major, Karyn. Karyn, come up and explain your concept."

Karyn rose and walked up to the front. Before she could speak, Audrey realized that she was fully clothed and she had not been touched thus far. "You've been very lucky thus far." Karyn stopped in her tracks, but said nothing. "Don't worry," Audrey continued, "we've saved something special for you - at the end!" My girlfriend then came and stood right next to me, her hot right hand casually resting on my thigh.

Karyn faced the other girls. She had a rehearsed speech. During it, Betsy was still standing to her left, nude, her ass shivering cold and burning up at the same time. "Delta Omega women are always on the go and never seem to have enough, um, time, uh, to do all their chores. We must look fashionable at all times. So I invented a labor saving device to, um, like, help with, uh, the ironing." With that, Karyn reached deep into one of the boxes on the table and began pulling out some kind of contraption with a wire and what looked like a big, flat, metal circle. At the end of the wire was a plug and she stooped under the table and, after fumbling a moment or two, apparently plugged it into an outlet in the floorboard.

"This device is to prevent, uh, wrinkled panties." Audrey had a slight smile on her face. In the front row, Robin threw a worried glance at Brenda. "Uh, Kim and Brenda, could you come up here and help me demonstrate, um, my invention."

Kim let out an "Oh, shit," under her breath. Brenda and her rose and stood next to Karyn. Karyn, grabbing them each by the arm, positioned one to her right and one to her left. Kim ended up facing me and I had a good rear view of Brenda's butt at Karyn's left.

"Please bend over girls," Karyn asked in her soft, girlish voice, like it was the most normal thing in the world. Both females did as they were requested so that Karyn stood between them, with Kim's ass to her right and Brenda's to her left. "Let me get these out of the way," she said, bending to pull Brenda's dress up and pantyhose down, re-exposing the attractive girl's underpants. There were flecks of red from her prior paddling at the base of her exposed ass cheeks.

Karyn held up her invention and began explaining it. Betsy, a few feet beyond Brenda from my vantage point, slowly turned to watch, giving me another nice view of her furry crotch. The ice pop was still melting inside her ass. "Now, as you can see, I have taken a large electric frying pan and just cut the sides off it. I then filed the rough edges. As you can see, it's now flat on both sides."

Kim, her eyes widening with surprise and concern, twisted around from her bent over position to look at Karyn. Karyn looked at her. "Now don't worry, the temperature of the surface of the paddle is completely under my control with this rheostat here. I like to keep it at between 150 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit."

Kim stood up and addressed Audrey. "Are you fucking crazy? I'm not going to let her touch me with that thing!"

I was surprised at Audrey's response, delivered without hesitation. "A huge part of your initiation involves trust, Kim. Karyn is going to be your sister for life. Don't you trust her ability? Don't you believe she is going to be a good doctor? Or a chemist? Or some kind of scientist?"

"Audrey, I've seen her walk out of here wearing two different color socks," Kim shot back, "Sometimes I think she comes from Mars!" Karyn, behind her, hung her head.

"She is your sister, Kim. Do you know what that means? She is bright and knows her stuff....and she would never seriously hurt you. Would you, Karyn?"

"No, ma'am," Karyn said quietly, eyes still downcast.

"Continue. I think it's a VERY interesting idea. Don't you girls?" She addressed this last to the audience and was met with giggles and expressions of general agreement. Kim rolled her eyes and bent back over, a disgusted look on her face.

Karyn looked up again. She was calm and beautiful, fully dressed in her trim pants and feminine blouse, with the two girls bending on either side, their panty clad asses thrust toward her. Karyn gave Kim an angry look and continued, "As I was saying, umm, you control the temperature with this dial on the handle." She looked at Kim's ass, thought a moment, and then gave the dial a big twist, apparently increasing the heat. Some of the girls giggled. I began to detect a slight acrid, burning odor from where I was, so the thing must have been getting pretty hot.

Karyn pointed to Kim and Brenda's backsides. "These are just the kind of problems this is designed to, um, handle. Notice the many, uh, wrinkles in these girls' underwear." Kim rolled her eyes again.

"Now let's say it's morning and Brenda and Kim are late for class. They don't have time to, uh, you know, iron and stuff. Well, they would just bend over like this, see, and then I would then apply the heated paddle..." With that, Karyn brought the flat piece of metal back and swung it with full force into Kim's shapely upturned ass.

Kim shrieked and her face looked like she had swallowed something sour. Karyn held the hot skillet forcefully against the girl's butt. Kim wiggled her ass for a moment and finally thrust her hips forward to escape the hot metal. She was immediately breathless. "Oh! Oh, fucking Karyn, you are fucking NUTS!" she exclaimed, cupping her hot seat with her hands. "That burns like hell!"

Karyn answered her very calmly. "Well, there has to be some heating or it won't, uh, you know, get rid of the wrinkles." Then, without pause, she continued, "And you can work very quickly with this." She grasped the handle with both hands and slammed the metal disk right into Brenda's unsuspecting ass and firmly held it there. Brenda was totally unprepared for it but the soaring heat in her butt got her attention instantly. She spun to the side and managed to break contact with the pan.

Karyn instantly snapped the pan the other way, without pulling back, and caught Kim on the backs of her hands, which were still holding her flaming backside. The big girl pulled her hands away in pain and Karyn instantly gave her another shot across her now unprotected seat.

Kim bucked up on her toes, emitting a loud, high, "Arrgghhh!" and bent backwards. But Karyn was quick and moved with her, keeping her devious invention glued to Kim's rear end. Kim jumped from one foot to another two or three times, jiggling and screaming, getting the hot seat of her life. She reached back reflexively but as soon as her hands touched the hot metal pan, they shot forward again. She finally fled directly away from Karyn at a run.

Again, quickly and without warning, Karyn whipped the paddle the other way, catching Brenda at the base of her big ass and the tops of her thighs. Brenda screamed and immediately jumped and took off the other way, in agony. The other pledges and their Big Sisters were laughing heartily at the scene: Brenda on the right wall, rubbing her ass furiously and staring in disbelief at Karyn and Kim doing the exact same thing to their left.

Karyn went to go after Kim again and Kim went by me very close, pressing me against the wall. I could smell her delightful scent as she crossed in front of me. But Karyn's cord wasn't long enough and her hands were jerked to a stop as the plug under the table flew out of the wall.

I was looking forward to more of this, but Audrey stepped forward. "Very good, Karyn. Very well done. I think we'll keep your invention around." Audrey took the pan from Karyn and playfully pressed it against her own seat momentarily. She over dramatically grimaced and bucked her hips forward comically. "Whoa! Still very hot!" she quipped. Coiling the cord around the handle she carefully placed the contraption into a box on the table as Karyn sat down again.

"Okay," Audrey said enthusiastically, "next is Brenda's project. Kim you can sit down."

"Thank God!" Kim hissed and gingerly took her seat.

"Brenda, suppose you explain your experiment to us," Audrey said and moved back toward me.

Brenda struggled with her tight pantyhose, lifting them painfully into place, then smoothed her dress down in front of her. I noticed Betsy, still standing quietly in the background, her left hand over her pussy with the other arm across her stomach, holding her left hip. There was a large puddle of purple goo around her feet.

Brenda began her explanation. "In my home country, we have our own very effective way of dealing with misbehavior. Robin and Paula, could you assist me, please?" Both girls looked like there was nothing they wanted to do less. They got up, heads down and dawdling, and took a step or two to the front of the room. Robin, her ripped skirt around her waist and her black panties around her knees, stood impudently with her back to me, one hand on her out thrust hip. Paula, still stark naked, covered her crotch with one hand and her breasts with her arm.

Brenda turned her back on us and opened a long, slim carton on the table. "Now, because, in my country, we want to be sure that poor conduct is never, uh, never repeated, we use this." Brenda turned and displayed a standard, large sorority paddle. But there was something different about it. It looked thicker than usual. On closer examination I noticed there was a big green thing attached to the flat surface. "It is simply a paddle with large pieces of cactus glued to both sides of the blade."

I heard a few of the girls catch their breath, their hands on their chests, as they realized the implication of what they were viewing. Robin swallowed hard. Paula's hands went to her rear. Sure enough, the flat ends of the paddle had pieces of cactus firmly attached to the side. They were adorned with an incredible number of fearsome looking spikes sticking out in all directions that varied from a quarter to a half an inch.

"Now, the way you use this--"

Robin cut her off. "Audrey, I've got no goddam panties on! You're not gonna let her hit me with that are you?!"

The room went quiet as Audrey thought. "Brenda," she asked, "is that 'cactus paddle' just as effective over a pair of panties?"

"Yes," Brenda replied, "I think it is."

"Okay," Audrey quipped, "you can both wear panties. But that's all. Take off everything else Robin."

Paula gratefully retrieved her wet panties from the jumble of clothes on the floor and stepped into them while Robin did a slow striptease with her jacket, blouse, bra and skirt. She had nice sized, rounded breasts with big brown nipples. Brenda, enjoying her commanding role, positioned the girls as Karyn had, with Robin bent over on her right and Paula on her left, with plenty of maneuvering room in the center. She made them grasp their ankles with their legs well bent, so that the seats of their panties were really jutting out obscenely.

"You use this as you would any other standard paddle." Suiting her actions to her words, she brought the paddle up to her right shoulder, aiming for Paula's compact butt on her left. She swung really hard in a downward, then upward arc, hitting the bending girl with the middle of the paddle, low in the ass.

There was a hollow SPLOT! and Paula quickly lifted her ass a little, but otherwise didn't move. She just shook in place and gave a breathy "oh!". It had been a hard shot, but the sound was so different, no one knew what to make of the result. As Brenda took the paddle away, a gasp filled the room, then giggles, then loud laughter. The rear of Paula's panties contained a tangled nest of cactus needles imbedded in all directions deep in the base of her ass. There were embarrassed squeals of disbelief from the other girls.

Brenda immediately gave Robin the same treatment with the other side of the paddle. That was a joy to see because she was facing me and I could gauge her reaction better. Robin's face jerked upward forcefully and her eyes closed tightly as the paddle struck her ass. Then her jaw fell open and she shook her head rapidly in pain and amazement. I couldn't see her butt, but I was sure she also had several sharp needles stuck in the tender base of her fanny.

"Now, one of the most unusual aspects of this kind of instrument is the effectiveness of subsequent swats, because of the already imbedded needles," Brenda said. "You must observe where you still have material to work with on the paddle and adjust your position accordingly." She was referring to the fact that many of the needles that had been in the middle of the paddle were now stuck in her victims' asses! I couldn't believe Brenda had put so much serious thought into this. She took a half step back so that now the last 10 inches or so of the paddle, still chock full of spikes, would contact Paula's vulnerable seat.

The girl swung and the paddle seemed to arc downward with tremendous velocity. Brenda added an expert flick of her wrists at the last second. SPLOT!! The paddle contacted Paula's ass with terrific force, adding a new host of cactus needles to her skewered bottom and driving the original ones even deeper into her skin. Paula roared: "oh, Oh, OHHHH!" She tried to straighten up but stopped, her tits bouncing, apparently feeling a pinching sensation. She took a step or two forward in an awkward, half erect position and stopped again. She was obviously suffering greatly, to the delight of the girls in the back.

Robin was next. SPLOTT! This time Robin squeezed her eyes shut even tighter, deep furrows appearing on her forehead and around her eyes and lips. She seemed to be trying to bear the fierce pain, but then her mouth and eyes shot open wide, and she stiffly cried "Ah!, Ahhh!" It looked like she, too, could suddenly not move.

Brenda took a step closer to the nearly delirious girls to put previously unused areas of the cactus covering to use. Then she hit Paula again. A small shower of cactus bristles fell to the floor as she removed the instrument from the hapless girl's rear. This last swat was a little higher. Now Paula's entire hind end was covered with fine needles. It looked almost like a covering of hair growing out of her panties.

Brenda swung at Robin again. As her cruel invention whacked the young woman's backside once more, I saw a small piece of the cactus shoot away and fall to the floor. Girls were laughing loudly and pointing at Robin. As she slowly turned to see what was the matter, I realized that a second part of the cactus had also broken off the paddle. But instead of falling to the ground, it was stuck hard and fast to her left ass cheek!

We could all see that Robin was straining to keep herself under control. Veins and tendons stood out in her neck and her whole upper body seemed to redden. She was trembling. She went to remove the flat, green, four by five inch piece of cactus from her ass, but only succeeded in sticking herself in the hand. That resulted in more laughter. She stood there helplessly, her arms foolishly extended up and out. A crescendo of loud laughter surrounded her, directed right in her face, assaulting her ears. She was plainly in pain, her usually haughty eyes now imploring for someone to help her. I couldn't believe I almost felt sorry for her. But I had to giggle, too. This brash, conceited young beauty had really been "taken down a peg or two" by Brenda. It was wonderful. My eyes kept appreciating the scene, rising and falling from Robin's feet up to her panties, to her pretty head, then down again. All the time, the cactus was greedily and incongruously adhering to her rounded rear end.

"Okay," Audrey said suddenly, halting the girls' torture. "Excellent, Brenda, really excellent."

Brenda was beaming. "Thank you," she gushed. Robin and Paula were frozen like statues on either side of her, half bent, their tits hanging ponderously.

"How did you attach the cactus to the paddle?" Audrey asked curiously, taking and closely examining Brenda's ingenious project.

"You have to use a special epoxy, but it's not difficult," she explained.

"Great. Great. I'll have to have you make me up a couple of these," my girlfriend said, brandishing the instrument carefully. Then she looked at the two helpless girls, still ignoring the piece of cactus firmly attached to Robin's behind. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Look at those buns. Whatta sight!" She handed the paddle back to Brenda who put it away.

"Okay, who's next?" Then to Paula and Robin, "Okay, you can sit down now girls."

Robin was incredulous. "Sit down?" she said, then repeated it again. "How am I supposed to sit down with cactus needles sticking out of my ass?!"

"Oh," Audrey said reasonably. "Okay, okay, keep your shirt on. I hadn't thought of that. Okay. Go stand over there," Audrey commanded and gestured toward me. I was treated to the delicious sight of the two pretty coeds hobbling painfully and carefully towards me, their tits swaying suggestively as they gingerly moved forward, their arms swinging awkwardly away from their sides.

They were both going, "Ouch! Oh! Ow!" as they moved, which was pretty funny.

Robin got next to me and spoke to me, which surprised me, because she was always so aloof. "Would you help me?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, I gotta do the next project. Could you pull some of these needles out of my ass?"

I smiled broadly (who wouldn't?) and said, "Sure, sure. Bend over."

Together, Paula and I began frantically pulling out the piece of cactus and the thorns from Robin's shapely rear. I could not believe how many needles were stuck in her butt. I was surprised, considering how deeply and firmly some of them were imbedded, to see no blood. Robin was comical as we removed them, wincing and jumping as she bent over. Many of them were buried so deep that there was nothing to grab and they had to be left in, sort of stapling her panties tightly to her ass.

Meanwhile, Audrey, seeing there was a delay, turned her attention to Betsy. "Is that all melted?" she asked imperiously.


"Good. You're working with Robin next." Betsy looked fearful. "Don't worry. It's a nice experiment. She won't even hit you." Betsy looked relieved, but suspicious. "Bend over." Betsy complied and Audrey gently took out the now empty stick from the girl's asshole and held it up for all to see. There was a round of applause for Betsy and she shyly smiled.

By now Robin was ready. She had replaced her clothes and walked a stiffly to the front of the room. She had a really pissed off look on her face, as if she was going to make up for the cruel ordeal she had gone through by making Betsy suffer. Audrey came and stood by me again. I was staring at Paula's bristle covered ass directly in front of me when Audrey distracted me with a kiss and a firm squeeze to my rigid crotch. "There's more to see," she said. I felt like the luckiest man in the world.

Robin gestured toward Betsy. "I'm glad you're nude," she said sarcastically. "It'll make it easier." Then she began the explanation of her project. Unlike some of the other girls, she was very self assured and confident, very smooth. That was especially admirable after what she had just gone through. She was one tough woman. She would, no doubt, make it into the sorority.

"Look, we all want good marks, right?" The audience all agreed. Then Robin noticed Betsy was standing with one leg crossed, probably to hide her vagina and her arms crossed over her tits. "Stand at attention, Betsy!" Robin said simply. Betsy, looking ridiculous, slowly complied.

Throwing her shoulders back so that her tits stuck out, she straightened her legs and put her arms rigidly at her sides. Now everyone had a wonderful view of her small breasts and mound of pubic hair.

Robin continued as she unpacked several jars and brushes from a box on the table. "So we want good marks. What we need is to be inspired." Robin was now unscrewing the tops of the jars and inserting a brush in each one. She turned to her audience, relishing her role. "We need study aids. I came up with a method. Since I am an art major, I call it 'Rembrandt's Masterpiece.'"

She then took a large book from the table and handed it to Kim, sitting in the front row. I could see from where I was that it was some kind of art book.

"The procedure is simple. The student is asked a question. If she answers it correctly, she gets to swat the questioner with a paddle. If her answer is wrong, she is humiliated by having a portion of her body painted with this." Robin held up one of the jars triumphantly. "This is a mixture of a well known skin irritant and pigment. It causes extreme discomfort, but no real damage. This forces the student to redouble her studying efforts until the next session."

There was a stunned silence in the room. Audrey smiled at me, then looked back at Betsy. "Kim," Robin said, "several questions are highlighted in that book. Please read the first one."

Betsy's shoulders slumped for the first time, "But I'm a history major!" she protested.

"Oh, so what," Robin replied nonchalantly, "art is history. History is art. You should know this material." It was obvious that Betsy was about to fail and Robin would not be swatted at all.

Kim read from the book. "Who designed the cathedral at Faenza?"

Betsy was confused, then angry. She relaxed and turned to Robin. "Where the fuck IS Faenza? What do you mean who built--that's the stupidest thing--"

"Wrong!" bellowed Robin, then: "Attention!" Betsy comically straightened up. "The answer, Kimmy?"

"Giuliano de Maiano."

"Giuliano de Maiano. Remember that Betsy. Never forget it. Now, to HELP you remember..." Robin turned to us, "Name a color, ladies."

Someone shouted "Burgundy," then "citrine." Robin laughed and waved the suggestions away. Finally, someone said "Green!"

"Okay, green it is!" Robin picked up a jar and ceremoniously extracted the brush. A thick green liquid dripped from it. As Betsy remained at attention, her eyes glued to the tip of the brush, Robin approached her and spoke as she worked: "Now, we apply this carefully..." Robin swabbed the brush across the top of Betsy's left breast and a thick, bright green swatch appeared on her unblemished white skin. Some of it dripped down the middle toward her stomach, and Robin bent quickly to catch it with the brush tip, leaving a thick green line. Then Robin dipped the brush in the jar again and, moving the brush in tighter and tighter circles, painted the girl's entire left breast with the bright green substance. In seconds it was obvious that Betsy felt something unusual because she closed her eyes tightly and began sucking her breath through pursed lips. Then she moaned. Robin again went back for more paint before starting on Betsy's nipple, diligently applying coat after coat to the little tip as Betsy wiggled sexily.

Robin put the jar and brush on the table and turned back to the audience, a big, bright smile lighting up her face. "Next question, please."

There was a pause of amazement at the bizarre scene. Then Kim laughed and began to read the next one. "What is the brown pigment made from the secretions of the...of the..cuttle fish." Then she added, "What the fuck is a cuttle fish?" and the young women all laughed, except for Betsy.

There was a moment of silence. "Do you know?" Robin asked Betsy. The poor girl didn't seem to be paying much attention, concentrating instead on the painful sensation coming from her left tit. "No answer," Robin blurted, then in a taunting, sing-songy voice, "so..that's.. wrong. The answer is sepia. Remember that Betsy. Sepia. Let's see. How about blue?" Then, in a tone you would use to comfort an infant, "You look a little blue right now, huh? Yeah, ya do. Poor baby." Betsy just put her head back and grimaced.

Robin took a second jar and removed the brush. Just as carefully and cheerfully as before, she completely painted Betsy's right breast bright blue, again paying particular attention, and applying coat after thick coat, to her nipple. Betsy, looking ridiculous with one bright green breast and one vivid blue one, visibly cringed and let out a whispered, "ohhhh..."

"Keep going. Next question," Robin announced carelessly.

"Name the most famous New York lithographers in the late 19th century."

Betsy groaned. She could barely speak. "Uhhh..I...don't--"

Robin shot the answer at her: "Currier and Ives! You don't know shit from shinola, ya know that, Betsy?"


"We'll do red next. Turn around, Honey!" Betsy didn't move. I wasn't sure she even heard Robin. Her tormentor had no compassion. She grabbed the girls arms and just spun her around. Betsy was no longer rigid. She reminded me of a rag doll by the loose way her head and arms shook as Robin turned her. Then, with her hand, Robin delivered a flurry of rapid, hard spanks to Betsy's rear. The girl literally danced, picking her feet off the floor several times.

"Just freshening ya up, Honey!" she said sarcastically.

Robin daintily took a paint brush covered with red liquid from another jar and, squatted down behind Betsy. She must have felt some residual effects of her "cactus spanking" because instantly after squatting she sprang up and announced, "oooh - that still smarts!" Then she changed position slightly and squatted behind the girl again. She began liberally slapping the red color all over Betsy's ass. She was actually humming happily, as if she was working on some calming landscape painting. She worked from the top down, in broad horizontal strokes, carefully covering each inch of already sore skin with the viscous red liquid. I laughed in spite of myself. Before Robin was even done, Betsy began to react. She bent forward a little and a loud, "Oh!" escaped her lips.

Robin was very thorough. After Betsy's entire ass was painted bright red, she parted Betsy's cheeks and, with great care, slopped the paint thickly up and down her crack, causing laughter among the Big Sisters. Then she made sure she had fully coated the sides of her butt, halfway around to her waist, then the tops of her thighs. Betsy's whole back end was a loud, screaming red color.

Robin returned that jar to the table and asked for the "final question." I don't remember what it was but Betsy was not even mentally in the same room. She was twitching and emitting little whimpering noises. I could just make out " ass..." and " me, please.."

When there was no answer, Robin spun her back around and started talking about how Betsy needed to study more and that her performance was shameful and all this other shit. I was getting kind of mad at her because I thought the girl had had enough. Robin produced a small scissors.

Without even stopping her patter, she began cutting off Betsy's pussy hair and throwing it aside in clumps, giggling devilishly. Several of the spectators murmured, their hands flying up to their open, amazed mouths or landing flat on their upper chest. I think Robin said something about the paint had to be applied to bare skin or something. Then she had a jar in her hand and was swabbing Betsy's entire crotch and pubic area with a bright yellow color.

The Big Sisters were laughing but the pledges sat in stony silence. Robin roughly pushed open Betsy's legs, dipped the brush in the jar again and stuck the brush upwards. I couldn't see exactly what she was doing, but apparently she was coating Betsy's genitals with the yellow liquid. I took a step forward, but Audrey put her hand on my chest and murmured, "Don't worry.."

"Now, turn around, Honey," Robin said with exaggerated sweetness, "so I can finish my work of art. As you know I am a vegetarian." She went to the table, picked up something, and came back to Betsy's rear. She was holding a large carrot and a small plastic jar. I could see the label plainly. It was the Vicks VapoRub.

"Now bend forward. I'm gonna give you your veggies." As Betsy slowly complied, Robin dipped the sharp end of the carrot into the Vicks and liberally coated at least three inches of it. "This will feel real good, Bets, 'cause it's medicated," she announced. Then she replaced the jar on the table and delicately opened Betsy's red painted ass cheeks with her left thumb and forefinger. With her right hand, she carefully twisted and turned the carrot while pushing it deep into the girl's rectum. Betsy grunted. It was a low, primitive, animal noise: horrible and exciting at the same time. When the vegetable was solidly in the girl's ass about four or five inches, Robin straightened up.

"Now face me," she said and returned to the table. She picked up a long, thick green cucumber and held up another jar. She gestured toward the audience. "Vicks or Vaseline?" she asked facetiously. Various girls called out one or the other. Robin made a big show of reading the label on the Vicks. "Hmmm...external medication. Okay, Vicks it is!" she called joyfully and put the Vaseline back on the table. She again dipped one end of the long vegetable into the jar. One of the girls in the back groaned loudly, causing muffled giggles. Others yelled, "No!" and "Don't do it!"

She faced Betsy. "Open your legs, Sweety." Betsy, her eyes still closed, obediently parted her legs. Robin stooped down and worked the cucumber deep into the pledge's only other available orifice. Betsy's pretty face began to twitch even more and in a few moments I noticed a fine coat of sweat breaking out over her delicate features.

Then Robin stood up and returned to the table. "One more," she said dramatically. She pulled a long stalk of celery, with leaves on the end of it, out of a bag. The other end of the stalk was wide and shaped like a big spoon. From the table came a third, larger, jar, filled with red stuff. She unscrewed the top and sniffed it. "Mmmmm. This is delicious!" she said. Then, sounding very much like a teacher, "It's red hot Salsa...yes!...thick and savory, as they say...I spiced it up myself with a raw egg, hot mustard, a lot of tobasco sauce and tons of horse raddish. That's how I like to serve it to pledges. Ya gonna love this, Betsy! But first, to add some texture, we need a little Vaseline." Betsy's eyes opened like slits and she shot a quick sideways glance at Robin. Robin dipped the stalk in the petroleum jelly jar and came away with a big glob. She daintily moved it back with her finger so that part of the stalk, near the end, was empty.

Then Robin scooped out a huge serving of the reddish mixture and came back to Betsy. "Open wide," she said, indicating Betsy's mouth. The girl complied. Robin placed the celery with the weird concoction into Betsy's mouth. "Okay, bite down, gently," Robin said, sounding like a dentist. Betsy's mouth reluctantly closed around the stalk of celery and there was a sympathetic groan of disgust from almost everybody in the room. Betsy's face soured and I couldn't help wondering what it felt like. I was curious, but glad I wasn't the one tasting it.

Robin, apparently finished, stood up, put the last jar back on the table and, with a showgirl flourish, one arm gracefully extended upward and the other down, yelled, "Voila! I give you Rembrandt's Masterpiece!" The girls clapped weakly, but I could see that several of them hated this cruel brunette that they would have to deal with all through their college careers.

Robin slowly and proudly spun Betsy around two or three times. I could see that the nude, helpless girl was trembling, her face screwed up into a mask of distress, her lower lip quivering. She stumbled and almost fell, agony etched all over her. There was a fine sheen of sweat all over her shapely body. Tears silently began to stream down either side of her face and she was emitting little squeaking noises. I had to admit that the colors all over her with the vegetables sticking out did make her look like some grotesque art exhibit.

Karyn, unable to contain herself, spoke up, "You're a bitch, Robin!"

"Fuck you!" Robin shot back angrily, "I just got a hundred splinters up my ass!" Instantly, Karyn jumped up and charged. In a moment the two girls were wrestling, slapping, pulling hair and shouting. Audrey, Kim and I sprang forward and separated them fairly easily. Karyn's blouse was torn slightly and Robin's face was flushed, her chest heaving.

"If you can't take it, you shouldn't be in the sorority!" Robin insisted, her eyes moist and flashing.

"That's going too far!" Karyn countered.

"Okay, okay. Shut up, both of you. Go sit down." Then she addressed the other girl. "Betsy." She didn't respond. Her eyes were closed. Then Audrey looked toward the back, "Chris, bring Betsy upstairs and clean her up." The older girl came forward and gently led Betsy away. The sight of that pretty young girl rocking side to side as she walked slowly away from me, bowlegged, is etched on my memory. The cucumber dangled obscenely between her legs while the carrot hung out of her red painted ass. It wiggled back and forth, like a bizarre tail, with each step.

Audrey tried to lighten the atmosphere. How she controlled these girls was beyond me.

"Well, you should like this next one, Robin," my girlfriend said. "Karyn is going to get it this time. And the young lady who got wrinkle free panties from Karyn will do the honors! Kim, c'mon up."

Kim, enthusiastically smiling, bounced up to the front of the room. "First, I gotta get dressed," she said. She moved to the side and sorted out her clothes, then donned her blouse, skirt and jacket.

She moved to the table and began unloading stuff. First she put a gold colored metal plate of about three feet by two feet on the floor with the short side facing the pledges. There were two footprints outlined on each end of it. I later found out it was made of copper.

"Get up here, Karyn," she said.

The pretty blonde came forward. I couldn't keep my eyes off the seat of her tight slacks. She had a very fine ass, shapely, but slim.

"Now, Karyn, you seemed to like heat. You seemed to enjoy giving Brenda and me a hot seat with that...that... contraption. Well..." Kim bent under the table and began laboriously dragging out something heavy. It was a car battery. "...I like electricity." I was mystified. I couldn't figure out what Kim was planning. She reached into a box and, carefully withdrawing its contents, said, "And this is my electric paddle." Karyn gasped, took a step back, and put a tentative hand to her backside.

Kim displayed her invention to us all. It had a big wooden handle, bolted to a flat copper colored metal blade that was about four inches wide, 18 inches long and about a quarter inch thick. Attached to the back of the handle was a cord of about six feet that connected to a black box on the table. Another cord extended from the box and ended in two large alligator clips, the kind found at the end of car jumper cables.

Kim ceremoniously clipped the ends of the wire to the battery terminals. She then adjusted a dial on the black box while looking at a gauge on the front of it. Then she placed her palm against the metal of the paddle and stepped gingerly onto the plate on the floor with her right foot. "Okay. Good. It's working." she said.

"Now, I have to give some credit to my boyfriend, Tony, who helped me with this. We've tested it together and it works great. It's safe, but, I assure you, very uncomfortable. This will be a wonderful science demonstration. We're going to see the effect of severe paddling combined with electricity on the female ass. Specifically, Karyn's female ass."

She pointed to the black box. "This is a combination transformer and voltage regulator. The electrical charge comes from the battery and is adjusted here. By turning this dial I can reduce or increase the voltage that enters Karyn's butt. The copper plate on the floor acts as a ground, allowing the current to flow. I am insulated from shock by the wooden handle--"

Karyn was trembling. "Y-you can't expect"

Very sarcastically, Kim rapidly repeated Audrey's earlier lecture: "But, Karyn, I'm your SISTER. I know my STUFF. I'd NEVER hurt you! You have to TRUST me. Remember all that shit, honey? Well, now it's YOUR turn. Take off your shoes and put your feet on the footprints on the floor plate."

Karyn spun and faced Audrey, her eyes pleading, "Do I have to, Audrey?"

"Of course," my girlfriend said with a big grin, "this will be fun!"

Karyn rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah, but not for me." She looked down sadly, then demurely slipped off her heels. She had on some kind of nylon stockings. She very carefully placed her feet in the outlines on the plate, which spread her legs about two and a half feet apart.

"Now bend over, dear," Kim said with exaggerated sweetness and a big, smug smile. Karyn complied and my heartbeat quickened. The seat of her slacks tightened across her peach-like buttocks, clearly defining her crack and swelling the seams of her clothing. She put her hands on her knees, her legs slightly bent. She was in a perfect position to be swatted.

Kim continued speaking. "Now, Steve told me what the voltages, amps, etc. were, but I forgot all that stuff." She bent down and put her face right next to Karyn's and said very distinctly, "I just know it gets worse as I crank it up." Then she stood up again. "For scientific purposes, we'll start off at a low setting, with clothing on..." Kim adjusted the dial carefully, "...then bring up the current and slowly strip the subject of all protection. Now, Karyn, I want you to concentrate on how this feels, because we want a detailed report from you."

With that, Kim set her legs apart and measured the distance to Karyn's jutting butt with both hands on the paddle. Then, like a home run hitter, brought it straight back and very swiftly forward. It made a short, dull, heavy SLAPP! sound on impact. Karyn moved forward an inch or so in reaction, then jerked upwards spasmodically. But Kim kept the paddle pressed firmly underneath the base of her succulent, squirming rear.

"Oh shit! ohohohoho!..n-no!..n-no!" Karyn cried out, but apparently could not move. Her legs were visibly trembling. As soon as Kim pulled the paddle back, Karyn shot forward off the plate, spun around and her hands snapped to her rear. Her eyes were wild. "You sick bitch, you're a fucking sadist!" Raucous laughter filled the room.

Kim just smiled. "Drop your pants and get back in position," she said calmly.

"Audrey?!" Karyn said loudly.

My girlfriend's voice was low, almost hoarse, "Do it."

Karyn angrily swung an arm in front of her, frustrated. Then she reached for the zipper at the side of her slacks. Her face twitched, as if she might burst into tears. She peeled the tight pants down and I was treated to a cute frontal view of dark pantyhose over tiny blue panties.

"Pantyhose, too," Kim ordered.

Resigned, Karyn hooked her fingers into her hose at the sides and swung them downward to her knees.

"All the way off. And the blouse," Kim said, then, impatiently, "C'mon, Karyn, we don't have all day!"

Karyn pushed the pantyhose and pants as far down as she could, then pulled them off. She threw them aside and carefully unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off. She was modestly built, but very well proportioned. She had nice, feminine hips and a tiny waist. She wore a lacy, small, powder blue bra, which her breasts filled generously. She walked back onto the plate and got into position.

Her legs were very white. The base of the globes of her backside peeked out the bottom of the panties, looking slightly pinkish.

"Now, stand up, face the class and describe that experience," Kim told her.

Karyn sighed, rose and turned to face everyone. She looked ridiculous in her bra and panties, giving a scientific dissertation about a humiliating occurrence. "It was...was terrible!"

"No, I mean what did you feel?" Kim asked.

"Uh, well...I felt a real hard, burning swat, and then..."

"Yes, then?" asked Kim again.

" a real bad electric shock..."


"Where?! Right in my ass! Right across both sides. And it was real bad, like vibrating...and I couldn't move. Then, when it was over, my cheeks stung. They felt hot. They still do."

"Very good. Assume the position."

Karyn, now a bright blushing red, bent over again and put her feet on the outlines on the copper plate. Kim adjusted the black box, obviously turning it up.

The beautiful blonde hefted the paddle and wiggled it back and forth a few times. This time she brought it 'way up over her right shoulder. It made a noise like: PAAHH! as it slammed into the seat of Karyn's panties. The swat was so hard that Kim couldn't control it and the paddle bounced off the pledge's rear. Karyn thrust her hips forward and involuntarily swiveled them sexily. "OHH!" she screamed, her hair flying around her head. "Wow, that was bad!"

Kim, a little disappointed, asked, "How did that feel?"

"Like a lightning bolt!" Karyn said quickly, blowing a jet of air upward to push her golden hair back. There were muffled giggles from the peanut gallery. "The swat is bad enough, but then there's like, like, this mule kick!"

I laughed. That was a good description!

"Yeah, that's Ohm's Law kicking in, Karyn. Okay. Again on the panties," Kim said.

Karyn enthusiastically rubbed her fanny, as if preparing it for the next assault, then got into position again.

Kim repeated the procedure, this time holding the paddle in solid contact against Karyn's quivering backside. The girl sprang up onto her tiptoes and hung there, quaking, her back arched like a high jumper. "uhhhhhh!" she shouted. Karyn's blonde hair arced upward at her forehead, apparently charged. Finally, Kim let her down by removing the instrument. "Holy Mother of God!!" Karyn cried in an odd, high pitched voice, her hands pumping rapidly up and down the roundness of her cute rear. She spun sideways to me and I could see a tinge of red right through the seat of her little pants. At the edges some of the lace was blackened. There was a wisp of smoke at her rear.

The Big Sisters were slapping their thighs and laughing hysterically.

Kim asked her for another "report." Still massaging her hind quarters, her face all red, the girl stammered, "That was...that was..bad..REALLY..b-bad." She didn't seem too coherent.

"One more," Kim said, then slowly, enjoying drawing out the words, "bareassed, with your tits out."

Karyn, shaking, but eager to get her ordeal over with, quickly unfastened her bra and literally threw it away. Her full, pale breasts, topped off with big pink nipples that stuck straight out, bounced into view and bobbed up and down sensuously. Then she bent and stripped off her panties, stood up and threw them angrily to the floor. She was completely nude, her body glowing a vibrant pinkish-white, except for a bright red rectangular imprint across the base of her ass. She marched to the plate on the floor, placed her feet on the outlines there and bent over. I admired her sheer courage.

Kim twisted the dial once more, then quickly got into position behind the bending girl and swung with all her might. FWWOOPP! Although it was a very hard blow, Kim managed to adhere the paddle to Karyn's ass cheeks. The bending girl shook, obviously being shocked, some of her hair standing up grotesquely. For long seconds the two women stood like that: Kim firmly pressing the paddle home, her face grimacing with effort and determination while pretty Karyn received a steady stream of voltage right through her ass. Four or five sparks from the edge of the paddle crackled and played up and down the girl's crack and the fullest part of her cheeks. Everyone watched, holding their breath, stunned at what we were seeing.

As soon as Kim broke the contact, Karyn's legs gave way and she folded with a short, loud scream, onto the floor in a fetal position. Her beautiful ass was ablaze with colors I never saw on female skin before or since.

Kim stared down at her with a stupefied smile. Nobody moved. A thought flashed through my mind: "They killed her. We're all in deep shit!" Then Karyn moved, flopping over on her back with her legs open, revealing her feminine lips covered with fine blonde hair, some of it blackened toward the rear. I swear I thought I saw a curly cue of smoke rise from between her legs.

I turned to Audrey and hissed angrily, "You know, sometimes I think you motherfuckers are insane!"

She shot back, "Don't worry about it. She'll be okay." Then she stepped forward and broke the silence, "Karyn, you were GREAT! How 'bout a big hand for Karyn," and she began to clap. Everyone else joined in. Karyn sat up, groggily. She smiled sheepishly, then groaned and lifted her ass comically off the floor.

Audrey took one arm and pulled her up. Karyn, all modesty gone, opened her legs wide as she stood, giving me a view I won't soon forget. She was, understandably, a little wobbily.

Looking like a little girl, Karyn twisted around to look at her hind end and shouted, "Oh, no!" dramatically. Everyone laughed. Kim hugged her. The other girls rushed forward, sensing the entertainment was over and gathered around Karyn. Kim, her machine still hooked up, sneakily began whacking anyone near the metal plate. There were cries and loud giggles as various pledges and Big Sisters jumped as they were given a quick, playful shock. I was glad I wasn't over there. Then Kim unhooked the battery.

The pledges went upstairs and the rest of us cleaned up the room and put everything away. In about an hour, the girls had cleaned up and changed clothes and came back down. We all went out to a local restaurant, on the sorority's petty cash fund, and celebrated. I was incredulous but pleased that they were apparently no worse for wear, eating and drinking heartily. I was filled with both lust and admiration for them. There were lots of ribald jokes and ribbing as the pledges gingerly sat down or rubbed their behinds unselfconsciously.

At one point, Audrey spilled a drink. I couldn't resist feigning anger and asking the pledges: "Can I borrow some of those exotic paddles later?" Everyone howled and looked at Audrey. She covered her face in embarrassment.