Subject: The Red Bottom Contest
From: Solstice <>
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 1995 01:13:34 UTC

The Red Bottom Contest

(c) 1995 SOLSTICE

Back in July posted a comment about a sorority's "Red Bottom Contest." This story is based on that:

With a big grin, my girlfriend Audrey exclaimed: "YOU are going to the Red Bottom Contest tonight!"

I asked her what she meant. She explained that each pledge class in her sorority went through this particular initiation rite and that it was a tradition to allow certain guys (i.e., boyfriends of the sorority's officers) to be there.

"I guarantee it will be the experience of a lifetime," she said. Her only warning was that I had to be quiet as a mouse and get to the Greek house by 8:00.

I got there right on time. I was immediately surprised. Instead of being offered a cool drink and a seat in the living room, as usual, Audrey and the other senior girls ushered me into a dark closet on the main floor. They had their fingers to their lips and fervently ordered me to remain silent.

I could hear movement outside the door. Then there was some singing, then raised voices and loud girlish laughter. Suddenly, the door opened and my friend, Steve, was unceremoniously pushed in. He was dating the sorority's president.

"What the fuck is going on?" I whispered.

"I dunno," he replied quietly. "It's some kinda contest," he said.

Finally, Christine, the house treasurer, quietly opened the closet door and signalled Steve and I to follow her into the living room.

An overwhelmingly feminine scent made up of perfume, hair spray and make up hit me as soon as I entered through the big open double doors. A dozen freshman girls, whom I recognized as the pledge class, were lined up in the middle of the large room, facing away from me. Each adorable teen was tightly blindfolded and dressed like a little girl. Their hair was done up in pigtails with big ribbons. They all wore short skirts, white blouses, ankle socks and petite little shoes. Each one held a paddle in her right hand, down by her side. A dozen senior girls, the "big sisters," stood directly behind them. I knew almost all of them and one or two silently waved to me, smiling excitedly. Two other guys, Mike and Joe, also dating sorority officers, were there.

"Okay, ladies," Audrey declared loudly, "The Great Red Bottom Contest is about to begin. The four tickets to the Rolling Stones concert that Sally's dad donated to us go to the winner and her big sister and the runner up gets $50 in cash. Okay. Big sisters, change positions." At this, the senior girls began switching places behind the pledges, apparently so the pledges would not know who was spanking whom.

"Pledges, hand back your paddles," Audrey said next. The pledges dutifully held the paddles behind them and the seniors took them. The older women immediately began hefting and swinging the big pieces of wood like batters getting ready to step up to the plate.

"Okay, pledges, assume the position!" Audrey barked.

All twelve girls instantly shifted position. I could hear the rustling of their clothes as they moved. They all opened their legs a bit, then bent forward and grabbed their ankles. Some of their skirts were so short, I could see the bottoms of their panties. Some of the seniors grabbed individual girls by their hips and moved them around so that they'd have room to swing the paddles. There was some murmering and giggles. I had to stifle a surprised gasp myself. I looked over at the other guys and they were grinning and nodding enthusiastically.

"Big sisters," Audrey continued, "skirts up!" There was more rustling as the seniors quickly flipped up the pledges' skirts high onto the girls' backs and 12 sexy, trim, panty clad female butts came into view! There were pink panties, black panties, white ones, a red pair and a few blue ones. Some were lacy or high cut, but some were plain. I felt a distinct stirring in my crotch, but I was hoping I wouldn't get visibly aroused in front of everybody.

These young girls were in great shape. You could take your pick. There were muscular girls, slim girls, fuller figured girls. But, adhering to the "standards of the house," every one was totally cute. Although the room was cool, I noticed I was beginning to sweat.

Audrey spoke slowly and distinctly, as if she wanted to be sure there would be no mistake. "Now, girls, ten swats. Pledges, count 'em off, one at a time. Altogether now. Ready...aim..." The seniors brought their paddles up and back in unison. The effect was like a military drill team.


The spectacle I saw and heard next burned itself into my brain. I can close my eyes and experience it today as vividly as if it happened two minutes ago.

There was a tremendous, rolling WHOPPPP! that filled the room immediately followed by a cacaphony of gasps, groans, sighs and yells from the pledges. I think I heard Mike call out a surprised "Oh!" in the din, but I wasn't sure. Then a sweet, loud, uneven, but melodious and excited "ONE!!!" by all the pledges! This was followed by another tremendous smacking noise as the 12 bottoms all received another forceful swat! "TWOOOO!!!

I couldn't believe how hard the big sisters were laying it on their dozen victims! The pledge line was wavering, swaying rhythmically under the rain of blows. I watched, eyes wide, fascinated, as whack after whack descended on the young ladies' upturned bottoms. Without let up the paddling continued, the noise filling the room, crowding my ears. Toward the end, the sounds of the paddles became more singular, the distressed voices calling out more individually.

I finally heard several girls cry out, "TEN!" then a few last whacks and more calls of "..TEN!..TEN!" from solo voices. The paddling suddenly stopped and for just a second or two, there was a tense silence. Then the pledges were springing upward and the room dissolved in laughter and moans. The spanked girls rubbed their hind ends energetically. The big sisters were turning around and congratulating each other, big grins on their faces. Everyone seemed to think it was the greatest of fun, except for the pledges.

Audrey urged calm. "Okay, okay, listen up. We're not done yet. Sisters, switch again," Audrey ordered. There was a collective groan from the freshman as the musical chairs began again. Suddenly, Audrey was by my side, silently pulling me closer to the line of girls by the hand. She quickly took a paddle from one of the sisters and gave it to me, indicating I should get behind one of the freshman. I was stupified. I tried to recover quickly, but my knees felt like they were made of rubber and my heart was pounding. I stood right behind a tall, slim blonde. Her pigtails came to the middle of her back. She was still earnestly soothing her small, shapely rear end with both hands. I watched with great interest as she methodically squeezed and kneaded each cheek, unaware of my presence just two feet behind her. I watched her elbows and the muscles in her arm flex as she tried to rub away the fiery burn. Her nails were neatly painted a delicate white. I noticed that the other guys had also been ushered into the line of sisters behind the pledges.

My pledge had on sheer white panties edged with lace. I could clearly see the crack in her incredibly rounded, cute butt and a faint pink glow from her first ten shots. Blazing red skin protruded from the base of her underpants, where ass met thigh. As if painted with an airbrush, the red color stopped abruptly and below that her skin was pure white.

Then my girlfriend was talking again. I had to try hard to concentrate on what she was saying.

"Okay, okay. C'mon. Bend over, ladies. Let's go. Sisters, ten more!" I could hardly believe my eyes as the blonde in front of me quickly bent forward, her underpants drawing tight with the strain. Her ass seemed to pop out at me, challenging me to smack it. Her legs were beautifully straight, long and smooth. I don't know if it was the new perspective or what, but I realized I had seen her in the halls at school. She was on a scholarship and her name was Jessie or Jackie or something.

Sarcastically, Audrey cried out: "On your mark..." We all lifted our paddles above our shoulders. For the first time I noticed how big and heavy it was. I gripped it solidly with both hands.

"Get set..." I mentally debated about how hard to hit this girl's ass. The sisters had swung so hard on that first series of ten licks, I decided to give her what she no doubt expected. Besides, I rationalized, she probably wanted to win the concert tickets.

"GO!" Audrey yelled. Aiming carefully, I brought the paddle around in a swift, smooth arc. I was almost surprised when it suddenly stopped completely and contacted the pledge's firm, young butt. It made a sharp, snapping sound that was soon overwhelmed by the slapping noises coming off the asses to our right and left.

"ONE!!" I heard the blonde clearly call out in front of me. Man, she's brave, I thought. She had a high pitched, feminine voice that I will never forget. It gave me confidence and I swung again, just as accurately, but harder still. I saw the hard wood slap into her meaty ass. Her cheeks jiggled randomly, absorbing all the paddle's energy. "TWO!!" she cried excitedly along with the other pledges. I clenched my jaw and pulled the paddle back again. I could feel that I was breathing hard. I tried not to grunt as I swung again. "OHH!" she screamed this time, missing the number completely. I just wound up and gave her another. I noticed she was shifting slightly. Her ass shot to the right a little, as if trying to escape the burning kiss of the wood. WHACKK! "Ahh! FOUR!!" The paddlers were beginning to get out of synch. We were all just swinging away now, as hard and fast as we could.

I was cruel. I felt almost out of control. With my eyes bulging, my shoulders and back working into the blows, I punished her young ass as best I could. By the eighth swat, she was emitting a loud, guttural breath through obviously gritted teeth. I began to swing for an eleventh time before I realized it was over and stopped myself.

There was raucous giggling and laughter from the sisters again, but only loud sighs and groans from the pledges. Several freshman were arching their backs, rubbing their asses furiously, looking as if they had all sat on lit stoves at the same time.

It was apparently time to select a winner. Audrey ordered all the contestants to the side. Their sisters carefully guided the still blindfolded girls to the wall. Bent over, with their hands on the wall, Audrey went down the line, roughly stripping off the underwear from each one. There were ribald catcalls and a lot of pointing. I have never seen such fiery, red, battered buttocks in my life! My eyes danced over them. Each hot, punished ass that came into view was more delicious than the next! A few looked almost purple in places. I noticed I had done a great job on the blonde.

The four officers of the sorority went up and down the line appraisingly. Then they conferred. Of course, as usual, I felt Audrey was going too far, but I felt powerless to stop her. Her eyes were glittering as she announced, "It's a tie!"

Of course, this was a lie. She simply selected four of the best looking girls and said that their bottoms were equally red and, therefore, there had to be a "run off." The seniors made the four "potential winners" bend over the back of the couch in the middle of the room with their panties still down as the other girls continued to face the wall. Two pairs of big sisters held each girl's arms and legs so they couldn't move. Audrey and the other sorority officers silently indicated to us guys that we were to do the honors.

I ended up behind a lovely brunette with short hair and blue eyes named Roberta Wilson. She was in my science lab class. She was always funny and perky. I had admired her figure and could not believe I was about to paddle her bareassed. But it was kind of brutal. Her ass was already as red as a beet!

Us guys gave those four girls five more extremely hard swats. Roberta's ass was firm and sweet, but a little plusher than the blonde I had paddled. Unlike the previous festivities, this paddling was tense and vicious. There was no sound except for the wood smacking the girls' asses and the recipient's grunts. Roberta twisted in agony as I swatted her, but was unable to escape my powerful arms. I was playing a lot of tennis then and could really swing a padlle. I noticed the paddle made a big white imprint on her sexy, wiggling butt, which immediately turned scarlet as I drew the paddle back for the next shot. The girl was crying when I finished and I felt bad. When we were done, the four girls just stayed slumped over the couch, sniffling.

The guys were hustled out of the sorority house before the girls took the blindfolds off. I came back later that night, nonchalantly, as if nothing had happened. I enjoyed exchanging knowing winks with the seniors. Most of the pledges were upstairs nursing their bruised rear ends, but I did see three or four, obviously standing up or sitting very gingerly. It was a thrill seeing those pledges the rest of the semester too. They would not find out that there were men present for the contest until next year when they would be "in on the joke."

I had to pay back Audrey for letting me paddle the pledges with a lot of oral sex in the next few weeks. I don't remember who actually "won" the contest. I do recall that the runner up was cheated out of her $50 and ended up leaving the sorority. I thought it was kind of ironic that the fact that she didn't get the money caused a bigger scandal than the way her ass was treated that evening.