Subject: The Demonstration
From: Solstice <>
Date: Feb, 1995

The Demonstration

I previously posted this to alt.personals by mistake. Sorry. Oh, by the way. It's a fantasy for you PC jackasses.

Dear Tony,

You asked me in your last letter to tell you about my experiences teaching abroad.

I don't want to mention the specific country, but I can tell you that this happened in Europe several years ago. You might find it interesting. I was teaching English at a local school when one of the administrators asked for volunteers for a state correctional program. I was a foreigner and had a lot of time on my hands. I submitted my name and was quickly accepted.

A meeting was held and the program was explained. It involved girls assigned to the school by the courts. Apparently, these young women had been arrested for crimes, mostly shoplifting and prostitution, in larger cities. They were on some kind of probation and could get off with a clean record if they succeeded in our school. The courts would assign them to attend our institution, out in the country, once a week. The idea, as explained to us, was to be very tough with these girls. At that first meeting, the administrator passed out several large wooden paddles. We were told, in no uncertain terms, to use them liberally on the girls' bottom ends.

One of the most important things, the administrator said, was to establish rigid discipline right away. Loosely translated, he said to "...conduct some kind of convincing demonstration at the first class." We could paddle them on their panties but were to avoid bare bottom beatings. Any female who did not fully cooperate was to be reported immediately. She would be quickly thrown out of the program and probably do jail time.

A few days later, the first busload of young ladies drove up to our school in the early evening. They were all about 17 or 18 and wore cheap, modest denim dresses.

As my class of about 15 young ladies filed into my classroom I was surprised. I had expected tough criminals. Many of them were very pretty with very good figures. A rigorous diet and exercise regimen was also apparently a part of the program.

But they were a lively group! They were loud, all talking at once. Several stared at me impassively with their legs wide open under their desks, defiantly daring me to steal furtive glances up their dresses. This was not going to be easy.

They wouldn't quiet down. Remembering the administrator's advice, I scanned the room for a few students to "make an example of." Right away I noticed a very cute, short brunette with nice legs and a full, curvy backside. She remained standing, disregarding me, as she talked and gestured with a girl next to her. I also saw a tall, slim blonde with a long pony tail avidly chewing a large wad of gum, seemingly oblivious to everything around her. Her long, shapely legs were crossed, one foot gently moving up and down rhythmically. Lastly, there was a big, well built redhead in the back, in the corner, apparently having some kind of dispute with the girl in front of her. She had long, full wavy hair. Even from the front of the room, her light blue eyes were apparent.

In their language, I yelled, "Hey! Get quiet here! Let's go. What do you think this is?" Some of them quieted down.

I strolled over to the brunette. I couldn't believe she was still talking to her girlfriend. The other girl shut up and stared when she saw me walk up behind her pal. I grabbed a full handfull of brown hair and began walking to the front of the room. The brunette screamed, but I kept pulling. As I dragged her by the hair to the front of the room, the class went absolutely silent.

"That's more like it," I said. Then I pointed to the blonde. "You - you like to chew gum?"

She was surprised and didn't seem to know what to say. I repeated the question. "Well, y-yes--" she said.

"Get up here," I ordered. "I'll show you what happens when you chew gum in MY class. And you!" I shouted, indicating the attractive redhead. She froze. I noticed a few of the girls were smiling, as if they were enjoying my show of force. "You have a problem?"

Me?" she asked. "No. No problem."

"Well, I'm going to give you one, then. You want to fight with your classmate, huh? I saw you push her. Come up here!"

"I didn't push anybody," she said indignantly.

"Shut up. I didn't ask you a question. I told you, I SAW you. Now get up here!" She hesitated, then slowly rose and walked to the front of the quiet room.

I reached into my desk drawer and took out the big paddle. The three girls' eyes widened and seemed riveted to the big piece of wood. "Turn around," I instructed. The three of them, now really worried, turned their backs to the class without a sound.

I walked up and down behind the three girls, directly in front of the first row of desks. I brandished the paddle and lectured on behavior at the same time. Finally, I said something like, "Now you're going to see what happens if you misbehave in my class." I took out a tissue, stood in front of the blonde and made her spit her gum out. I threw it away. Then I told all three to bend over and grab their ankles. They were angry and mortified, but had no choice but to comply. I couldn't help but notice that each ass was at a slightly different height.

I walked up and down, continuing my lecture as the girls bent over like that. The class watched me as if they were mesmerized. Finally, I approached the girl furthest on the class' left, the brunette. As I got into position, I noticed the side of her face was red with embarassment and I hadn't even touched her yet!

I brought the paddle far up over my head and said something appropriate, like, "...and THIS is what will happen if you do ANYTHING I don't like..." Then I swung very hard with both hands. I felt the satisfying contact of the wood with the girl's wide, firm ass and the room exploded with the noise, followed instantly by my victim's high pitched "OWW!!" I turned to the class and said, "See?" Then, I went back to my task.

WHACK! "See--" SPLAT!!


"--what--" WHACK!!

"Please!!!" the brunette screamed.

WHACKK! "--happens--" SWAAT! "--to naughty--" POP!!


CRACK!! "--young ladies?!" POW!!

"My G-Goddd! god...Ohhh! Oh! Omigod!," the girl whined.

You could hear a pin drop. A few of the girls shifted nervously in their seats, perhaps feeling sympathetic to the hapless brunette or maybe wondering what they had gotten themselves into.

Then, for dramatic effect, I swung violently again, this time frantically dispersing forceful blows directly across the other two girls' asses. Working back and forth, from rump to upturned rump, I shouted:

"Now, will--" WHACK! "--you listen?!"

"Oh, please!!!"

CRACK!! CRACK!! "Or will this have to be--"

The girls were bobbing up and down, their long, sexy legs bending and straightening under the rain of fearsome blows.

WHACK!! "--repeated--" SMAACCKK!

"OWW! No, PLEASE, sir, please!!"

"--and--" WHACCK! "--repeated?!"

I paused. I could hear the girls' heavy breathing and realized my chest was also heaving from the exertion. I stared seriously at my class of pretty young ladies and they stared just as intently back.

Then I began shouting again. "And I can HUMILIATE you if I want!" With that, I flipped up back of the brunette's dress. She caught her breath, but before she really had time to react, I was all over her ass again with the paddle, delivering five hard, super serious swats to the fine, rounded seat of her white panties. Her hind end felt delicious through the hard, smooth wood. The paddle made more of a SMACK sound as it repeatedly contacted her butt. She half stood up at one point, but I screamed for her to get back down. She did, comically, in an instant.

Next came the blonde. I flipped up her skirt, and made a little speech about the need for her to respect her elders. Then I wailed away on her ass. Through the paddle, I could feel her full, sexy cheeks bouncing up and down, vibrating back and forth and just jiggling all over the place as I relentlessly swatted her. Several times she flinched to one side, sensuously elevating one hip. After another spank or two, down would go that side and up would go the other. She appeared to be wiggling her ass in a rhythmic dance of discomfort.

When I felt I had sufficiently heated up the rear of her panties, I gave the redhead an equal dose. Her hind end was the smallest and hardest, snugly wrapped in pink underpants. Her muscular butt seemed to bounce only once and then immediately regain its impudent, round shape until I whacked it again. It made a lovely WHOP! sound as I swung the paddle up and into the base of her ass, literally lifting her up onto her toes.

I was swinging so hard, my arms actually got tired quickly, like a punched out fighter. So I made all three of them stand with their noses touching the blackboard, their legs well apart, holding their skirts well up so that their underwear were fully on display. Their swollen cheeks, glowing a bright, blazing red, peeked out from the sides of their panties.

When I told the class to get out their books to start the first lesson, the girls snapped to it with military precision and I couldn't help laughing. At the mid-class break, I allowed the three miscreants to re-join their classmates. All during the second half of the lesson I could see the three of them squirming on their hot bottoms! I made a joke about it and even had the class repeat English phrases about the spanking, like: "The teacher punished the student's bottom," and "The three girls were spanked by the teacher."

Although I was called on to paddle my girls on several occasions after that, I had no more trouble with that class that day.