Subject: NEW STORY: STORMS Pt. 1 (Alex series, F/f)
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I am tired of all the bullshit on the newsgroup. So, I decided to write an Alex story which usually is about love and acceptance. I am hoping the newsgroup gets back to that because I miss it. With that said, here is another chapter in the Alex series. As always, this series includes the spanking of a minor, but in no way does the author advocate the spanking of children in real life. All rights reserved. Enjoy.--Jessie

Storms Part 1 F/f

Vic walked into the large house, appreciating the warmth that took the chill from her cheeks, and called out, "Hey, I'm home."

She heard Anne in the den, "In here Babe."

Vic set down her briefcase and sauntered into the den. She found Anne hunched over the desk doing her lesson plan for the next couple of days. She walked up to the back of the chair and wrapped her arms around Anne and kissed the side of her neck. Anne squirmed and let out a contented "oooh" before turning and kissing Vic long and hard on her lips.

"Hmmm," Vic said smiling, "a girl could get used to that,"

Anne smiled, stood, and stretched. Vic looked her lover up and down and reached out and grabbed Anne by the belt loop and pulled her close. "Where is Alex?" she whispered huskily into Anne's ear.

Anne ran her hands through Vic's short brown hair and kissed her again letting her tongue linger. "She's over at Jane's. She will be home about 6:30. I think we might have some time," Anne said raising her eyebrows and slipped a hand inside Vic's silk shirt.

Vic groaned and watched as Anne walked up the stairs, watched as Anne slowly and seductively removed every piece of clothing from her body as she made her way into the bedroom.

Vic stood there for a moment in awe. It never ceased to amaze her that, even after all this time, she still found Anne to be the sexiest woman alive. Her mind wandered to the first time she saw Anne.

She was in her final year of Grad school and was taking a solitary walk on one of the many beautiful trails the town offered. The day was crisp and clear, the leaves were changing colors, and Vic was very much aware of the beauty surrounding her. She was gazing out at the lake, standing close to the edge when she heard a woman's voice, "Lucy, Come here right now!"

Before she could register what was happening, she saw a flash of gold barreling toward her at lightening speed. The flash hit her and knocked her into the water. She came up sputtering and spitting and saw a hand reaching out towards her.

"Oh my God," she heard, "are you okay? I am so sorry. I threw a stick for my dog. I didn't know anyone was here. This is usually our spot and not many people know about it. Here, take my hand."

Vic looked up to see the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Anne was washed in sunlight, her dark auburn hair looking like a halo and her turquoise eyes shining brightly. For a second Vic wondered just how hard she had been hit and if she might perhaps be dead.

Anne smiled deeply and reached over to grab Vic by the arm. "I'm Anne by the way," she announced. The golden retriever came back with her stick and set it down and shook the excess water from her body. Anne laughed and said, "and this is Lucy."

Vic couldn't help but laugh and said, "Yeah, so we've met." The day went quickly from that point on. Anne lent Vic some dry clothes that she just happened to have in her jeep and the two spent the rest of the day sitting by the lake, drinking coffee, and throwing the stick for Lucy. The rest is history.

Vic shook her head clearing away the reverie, thinking to herself how fast the years fly by. Lucy was long ago buried, but now here she was, still with the woman she loved and they were raising a child together.

She heard Anne call down the stairs, "Hey, I'm cold up here. I need someone to warm me up."

Vic smiled and started up the stairs when the doorbell rang. "Damn," she cursed, heading back down the stairs and thinking that she better not be answering the door for some religious people telling her that she is going to hell.

She opened the door and saw Jane's mom, Nancy, with Alex and Jane right beside her. Jane looked like she had been crying. Alex wouldn't meet Vic's eyes.

"Nancy," Vic said loudly, hoping Anne heard, "Come in please."

"Hi Vic, sorry to come bearing bad news, but we need to talk." Nancy then turned to her daughter and said sternly, "You young lady, go wait in the car and don't move an inch."

Vic looked at Alex who brushed passed her and ran up the stairs to her room. Nancy came in and sat down. Vic offered her some coffee, but Nancy declined. Anne came down the stairs, dressed in clothes, much to Vic's relief.

The three sat and Nancy started, "Well, as you know, Alex and Jane came over to work on a project for school and they had said they were going to go for a walk around the neighborhood to collect some things for their project. I thought that was fine and let them go."

Both Vic and Anne nodded, seeing nothing wrong with that. Nancy continued, "About 45 minutes later there was a knock at my door and my neighbor, Mr. Quincy, was standing there. He was hanging on to each girl and could barely catch his breath he was so angry.

"From what I could gather, both Jane and Alex went and egged his house, his mailbox, his car and the worst part is that they slashed his tires." Nancy sighed wearily. "He was so angry, and he had every right to be. He wanted to call the cops, but I calmed him down enough and told him that I am sure we could work this all out. I told him that we would meet with him tomorrow about noon to see what he would like to happen."

Anne was looking pale, "They slashed his tires?" Nancy nodded.

"Why would they do such a thing?" Anne asked with disbelief.

Nancy shook her head. "I asked the same thing, but neither of them would answer. Anyway, I need to be going. Jane and I are going to have a long talk if you get my drift."

Vic nodded and got up to let Nancy out, "Yes, I think we are going to need to give Alex that same long talk."

Vic and Anne were left alone in the living room; both too shocked to speak. Finally Vic found her voice..

"What are we going to do? I would have thought that she would've learned her lesson from breaking the schoolhouse windows incident, but apparently not."

Anne sighed. "Guess she needs a reminder. But first I want to find out why in the world she did that."

Vic nodded. "I will go up and get her." She headed up the stairs and knocked on Alex's door. She didn't hear anything and opened the door slowly. Alex was sitting on her bed with her little arms folded across her chest, a perpetual frown on her face.

Vic sat down next to her and brushed the hair out of Alex's face. "We need to talk to you Lovey," Vic said standing up and holding out her hand. Alex didn't budge.

"Alex," Vic said more firmly. "I want you to come down stairs with me right now."

Alex got up and huffed down the stairs and flopped herself in one of the big chairs across from Anne.

Anne got right to the point. "So you egged this poor man's house, car, mailbox, and then slashed his tires. I want to know why."

Alex's scowl deepened, but she said nothing.

"Alex, I want answers right this minute," Anne said rapidly losing her patience.

Alex mumbled something under her breath that Anne didn't catch, but Vic heard it. She said, "No, Alex, you are wrong, you DO have to tell us. Apparently you are not going to cooperate, so I want you to go up to your room and wait for us to come up. Do I make myself clear?"

"Fuck you!" Alex screamed running up the stairs and slamming the door, not once, but three times.

"My, she does have a way doesn't she?" Vic said wearily. She looked over at Anne and saw the anger.

Anne exploded. "I don't understand this. We've done everything. We've taken her to therapy, we've given her love, we've given her discipline, and we've given her consistency. What the hell are we doing wrong?"

Vic sat down next to Anne. "Hey, we've done nothing wrong. We are doing the best we can. It may not be perfect. In fact it isn't perfect. Alex isn't perfect either. We knew we would have a tough time with Alex. She was extremely hurt. There is a lot of damage there and we are going to have to deal with it. Do you remember what you told me when we first decided we would take this on?"

Anne shook her head.

"Well, I do. You said to me, "Vic, this will be the hardest thing we ever do, but she doesn't have anybody else. It's as simple as that."

Anne nodded. "I just get so frustrated sometimes."

"I know Babe," Vic said going to Anne and holding her tightly. "This ain't easy, but she is getting better. I see it in her everyday. Her therapist sees it and her teachers at school see it. We can't lose sight of the reality of our situation. We have a little girl who has known more pain in her first six years of life than we have known in our whole lives combined. That isn't just going to magically go away."

Anne nodded. "I know and I am sorry I lost it."

Vic kissed the side of her head and said, "Hey, remember, no apologies when it comes to this-we need to vent sometimes and that is why we've got each other."

"I love you," Anne said hugging Vic close.

"I love you too," Vic said getting up. "How about I handle this one?" she asked looking at Anne.

Anne nodded again, "Thanks Love. I will start dinner and maybe get a fire going. Seems that it is going to be a chilly night."

Vic took a deep breath and made her way up the stairs again. She hesitated out the bathroom door, not sure whether to grab the hairbrush or not, but decided that yes, Alex needed a good reminder.

She walked to the bedroom and opened the door. Alex was nowhere in sight. Her dresser drawer was open and Vic noticed that some of her clothes were gone along with her suitcase.

"Damn it!" Vic said running down the stairs, "Anne, she is gone. Her stuff is gone and her suitcase is gone. She must have snuck out the back."

Anne breathed deeply and said, "It's okay. Calm down. She couldn't have gotten very far. Let's look around here first and then we can call the cops, but the important thing is not to panic right now."

Vic nodded and said, "Okay, I will take the house and you take outside. How does that sound?"

* * *

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Subject: NEW STORY: STORMS Pt. 2 (Alex series, F/f) From: "Jessie Walker" <sapphire77@hotmail.com> Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 16:09:43 PST Newsgroups: soc.sexuality.spanking

Storms Part 2 F/f

An hour later, both Anne and Vic met up back in the house with nothing. Anne leaned her head against the glass window and let the tears fall. “What if she heard me Vic?”

Vic came and put her arms around her. “If she heard you then we will deal with it. But we need to find her first. It is getting cold outside and there is a storm brewing.”

Anne looked outside and saw the leaves blowing and heard the wind howling. She shuttered thinking of her little girl out there all alone in the cold. And then she caught sight of something white in the tree. “Vic, look, do you see that?”

Vic looked to where Anne pointed and saw the blanket and then the little shoe peeking out from the branches. “That little devil,” she said smiling from relief. She started to open the door, but Anne held her back.

“I think we should let her stay out there for awhile. We will keep an eye on her, but I think she needs to know that she can’t just do this anytime she is mad at us. I know it is harsh, but I think it is the best way to go. If worse comes to worse, we can always go drag her down the tree, but I really don’t think it will get to that point. I think she will come in on her own,” Anne said looking deeply into Vic’s wonderfully brown eyes.

Vic nodded and said, “Okay, I agree, but let’s not leave her out there too long.”

Anne nodded in agreement, “No, it is too cold for her to be out there for much longer.”

Anne made some homemade chicken soup and some bread. Twilight turned into darkness and still the little girl did not come in. Finally Anne said, “How about we give her 30 more minutes. It is almost 6:30.”

Vic nodded and the two settled on the couch to watch the news. Fifteen minutes into the news, which neither woman was really watching, they heard the sliding glass door open. They heard little footsteps and suddenly Alex was standing in front of them, red faced and shivering.

“I-I-I-I’m k-k-kinda c-c-cold,” she said, her teeth chattering.

“Oh Lovey,” Anne said jumping up and picking Alex up. Vic ran upstairs to get the warmest blanket they had. She ran down and they wrapped Alex up in it. The girl shivered and shook. Anne picked her up and went to the rocker by the fireplace. She rocked Alex slowly, while Vic went to go run a warm bath. Alex was crying hard by this time.

“You didn’t even care I was gone,” Alex wailed. “You didn’t come find me.”

Anne smiled crookedly. “Of course we cared sweetheart. But it isn’t okay for you to run away every time you are mad at us. We knew you were in the tree. We saw the blanket and your foot. We wanted to wait until you came back to us.”

“But I was scared out there all by myself,” Alex sobbed. Anne rocked and soothed Alex, whispering words of love and comfort to her. Finally she stopped crying and Vic picked her up and they headed for the bathroom where Vic helped her get undressed and into the warm bubble bath.

Twenty minutes later, a clean and warm Alex came trotting down the stairs. “I’m hungry as a horse,” she declared. Anne already had TV tray out with the warm soup and bread on it. Alex gobbled it up and cuddled up next to Vic.

Vic lifted her up on her lap and said, “Lovey, we still need to have that talk. What you did today was really wrong. Can you tell us why you did that now?”

“I HATE that man. He is mean. He yells at us all the time to stay off his lawn and sometimes the ball goes over there and he won’t give us our ball back.”

“That still doesn’t make it okay for you to destroy his things. I thought you learned your lesson, but apparently you didn’t,” Anne said.

“Well,” Alex said pouting, “it isn’t like he drives the car. He’s too old. He probably doesn’t even remember it’s his car!”

“That doesn’t matter young lady,” Vic said sharply. “It still is his property and you have no right to destroy it. You will pay for those tires to be fixed and you will go over there tomorrow and apologize and offer to help him in anyway you can.”

“But that was my Christmas money! And I don’t want to go over there. He gives me the creeps.” Alex wailed.

“You should have thought of that before,” Vic said standing Alex up and landing a sharp spank to her bottom. “Now go upstairs and wait for your spanking.”

“But I don’t want a spanking!!” Alex said. “You are mean. I shoulda stayed out there all night!”

“Alex,” Vic said calmly, “go upstairs and wait for me please.”

Alex burst into tears and ran up the stairs. Vic sighed and looked at Anne who grabbed her hand and squeezed it gently.

Vic gave one knock on Alex’s door before opening it. Alex was in her rocking chair rocking hard enough to hit the wall and leave dents.

“Let’s get this over with Lovey. I don’t like it anymore than you do,” Vic said patting her lap.

Alex scowled and said, “NO!”

Vic said slowly and evenly, “Do I have to come get you?”

Alex didn’t answer only rocked harder bringing down a Pooh figurine that Anne had bought for her. It crashed to the floor and broke in three pieces.

This was too much for Alex. “SEE WHAT YOU DID?!” she screamed.

Vic went over to Alex and picked up the struggling girl. Alex was flailing wildly and hit Vic in the face. Vic fought with her anger, let it subside and then pulled Alex across her lap and picked up the hairbrush and landed 10 rapid fire swats to Alex’s pajama bottoms.

Alex screamed and kicked harder. Vic gave her five more swats, a little firmer.

“Alex, I want you to stop this right this minute. The moment you calm down we will begin your real spanking,"Vic said sternly.

Alex gave a couple more kicks just for the hell of it before stopping and letting herself dangle over Vic’s lap.

“That is better,” Vic said lifting Alex up and standing her between her legs. “Now, I want you to take down your pajama bottoms and panties and get back over my lap.”

Alex stared crying again. “Please Vic, not my panties.”

“I am in no mood for arguments right now. Maybe had you cooperated in the first place, things could’ve gone smoother, but you chose not too and made things harder on yourself.” Vic said calmly. “Now hurry up, let’s get this over with.”

Alex took down her purple pajama bottoms and her little cotton panties and laid herself across Vic’s lap. Vic’s heart went out to the little girl as she brought her hand down on the little white bottom. They had all had a bad day, especially Alex. But this didn’t stop her from raining her hand down time and time again. The spanks increased in their intensity and speed and soon Alex was crying and pleading, but still Vic did not stop. She needed to get her point across and she planned to do just that.

Alex’s bottom turned from white to pink and then to a darker shade of pink. Vic stopped momentarily to pick up the hairbrush. Alex sobbed at seeing Vic pick up the hairbrush.

“Noooooo, please Vic,” she cried kicking her legs.

“I want you to learn your lesson. Apparently the spanking you got for breaking the windows in the school house didn’t teach you anything, so I want you to remember this for a long time,” Vic said bringing the hairbrush down sharply, but not too hard, knowing Alex’s bottom had already taken quite a bit. Alex screamed and sobbed as the hairbrush came down fast and sharp on her bare cheeks, alternating from left to right, with the occasional sting to the back of her thighs for trying to kick Vic in the face. After a couple rounds of this, Alex stopped fighting and let herself genuinely cry. Vic landed a quick stingy half dozen more as a reminder to “not do that ever again” and set the hairbrush down. Alex’s bottom was deep pink and radiating heat that even Vic could feel. Vic knew that Alex would remember this for some time, or at least she hoped she did, because she didn’t know if she had it in her to go through this again.

The little girl lay limp over Vic’s lap while Vic rubbed her back and stroked her head. “It is all over Lovey,” Vic said.

She picked up the sobbing girl and went to the rocker and the two rocked until Alex’s tears fell no more. Vic tucked the child in and kissed her goodnight. As she was walking out, Alex called her name quietly.

Vic walked back to the bed, “Yes Lovey?”

“Does Anne really hate me?” Alex said, her lip quivering.

Vic sat down on the bed and leaned over so that her face was close to Alex’s. “Did you hear us talking earlier?”

Alex nodded and tears sprung to her eyes.

“Oh, sweetie, no, Anne does not hate you. She loves you with her whole heart and that is why she gets frustrated sometimes. But she never stops loving you. Okay?” Vic said.

Alex nodded, appearing a little satisfied. She held out her little arms to Vic and the older woman gave the little girl one last hug before kissing her again and whispering that she loved her. Alex grinned and said, “I know that silly.”

“I am going to send Anne up to tuck you in too, Okay?” Vic said. Alex nodded.

Vic trekked down the stairs and went to go tell her partner that Alex had heard the conversation. Anne’s eyes filled with tears when she heard this. She let the tears fall and made her way up to the bedroom.

Alex was staring out her window from her bed.

Anne came and sat down on the bed. Her voice was hoarse. “I am sorry you heard me being frustrated.”

Alex came and sat on Anne’s lap and snuggled her cheek against Anne’s flannel shirt. “It’s okay Anne,” she said wiping a tear from Anne’s cheek, “sometimes you just get mad—just like me—but it doesn’t mean you don’t love me, right? It just means you got lots of feelings that are all squished up.”

Anne laughed at the wisdom of this child. She hugged her tightly and said, “That’s right baby. I may get frustrated, but I never stop loving you. Not ever. That will never happen. Okay?”

Alex nodded, secure for the moment. She grinned her toothless grin and said, “Hey, Anne, how MUCH do you love me?”

Anne grinned herself, loving this game that she knew Alex would soon be outgrowing, “I love you more than an elephant!” She reached out to tickle Alex.

Alex giggled and said, “Well, I love you more than a giraffe!”

Anne knew her lines well, having played this with Alex many times, “Well, I love you more than all the animals and people combined in this universe.”

And Alex, completely delighted with this game, grinned and said, “Wow, you must love me a WHOLE lot.”

“You got it Lovey,” Anne said holding Alex tight and covering her face with kisses.

Suddenly Alex got serious again, “Anne, do I really have to go over to Mr. Quincy’s tomorrow?”

“Yes, pumpkin, you do, but Vic and I will be there with you. Okay? Try and get some sleep now,” Anne said kissing Alex one more time and tucking the covers up around her.

The little girl was soon asleep and dreaming peacefully.

* * *

The next morning Alex was reluctant to go back to Mr. Quincy’s, but Anne and Vic were adamant and all three walked the couple blocks to his house.

Once on the porch Anne nudged Alex to ring the doorbell. Alex took a deep breath and knocked really lightly. “Guess he isn’t home,” Alex said starting to back away.

Vic grabbed her shoulder and spun her back around to the door. “How about a you try knocking a little louder?”

“Oh okay!” Alex said grumpily. She knocked and after a few minutes the door opened and Mr. Quincy stood.

“So,” he said, “your back. Do you have any more eggs you want to get rid of?” Alex missed the twinkle in his eye.

Alex took a deep breath and said, “No, Mr. Quincy. I came to apologize. I am really sorry that I egged your house and mailbox and car, and I’m very sorry I slashed your tires.” Alex took out a wad of bills and said, “And here is all my money, it was my Christmas money, but they said I had to give it to you to pay for the tires that I ruined. And I would like to clean up the mess I made and help you with anything else that you might need to show you that I am sorry.”

Mr. Quincy looked from Alex to Vic to Anne. He scratched his head and said, “why don’t you come in and have a seat.”

“Thank you,” Vic said following him in and pulling Alex along with her. They all walked into the dark living room and took a seat.

A big black lab came running into the room and dropped something into Alex’s lap.

“Hey,” Alex said, “that’s my baseball. Your dog has my baseball.”

Mr. Quincy said, “Is that your baseball? I wondered how he got that. I’ve got several more that I didn’t know where they came from either. Perhaps they are all yours.”

Alex laughed. “I thought you were just mean and took ‘em. But Jack was taking ‘em all along.”

Mr. Quincy laughed at Alex’s bluntness. “So I have the reputation for being the mean old guy on the block eh?”

Alex nodded shyly. “I am sorry Mr. Quincy.” She got up to give the old man her money.

Mr. Quincy shook his head. “Alex, I want you to keep your money. I have a better idea. How about you clean up the eggs and help me around here. I am old and my eyes don’t work very well anymore. Say, you wouldn’t happen to like model trains would you?”

Alex’s eyes got big. “Why?”she asked.

“Well, I have a whole room downstairs with my train set and it needs to be cleaned and used to keep it looking good and working well. How would you like to help me do that? It would be a big help to me,” Mr. Quincy said winking at Vic and Anne who were smiling.

Alex nodded and put out her little hand. “We got a deal,” she said showing off her toothless grin to the old man.

On the way home Alex turned to Anne and Vic and said, “You know, I don’t think Mr. Quincy really needs help with his trains. I think he just needs someone to talk too.”

“Why do you think that?” Vic asked.

“ ‘Cuz everyone needs someone to talk to and care about ‘em. He has no one else. It’s as simple as that.”

Vic looked over at Anne and smiled deeply and then turned to swing Alex up on her shoulders and said, “Yes, Lovey, it IS as simple as that.”

* * *

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