Subject: A Promise Fulfilled
From: "Jessie Walker" <sapphire77@hotmail.com>
Date: 28 Jun 1998 12:00:14 -0700

A Promise Fufilled

Usual disclaimers apply and as always, comments are not only welcome, but also appreciated.---Jessie

I look over at her from where I am sitting. I wonder if I am going to be able to really go through with this. She looks so sweet and innocent. I shake my head of those thoughts. What am I thinking? Am I going soft? She may look sweet, but I know. I know what lurks beneath that exterior of sweetness..... and it isn't more sweetness.

As if reading my thoughts she gives me one of her most winning grins and says innocently, "Well, I think I am going to bed now. I am kinda tired. I hope you sleep well."

Oh yes, I am on to her. I raise my eyebrows at her. "Really?" I say. "Seems to me that you are forgetting a little something that I promised you."

She smiles that sweet smile at me and says, "What would that be? Besides, I am really really tired. Can't it wait 'til tomorrow?"

"No, I am afraid it can't wait 'til tomorrow. It most definitely needs to happen tonight," I say. "So why don't you come here," I say patting my hand on the couch.

"Uhhh, well, I uh, ....," she stammers.

"I do believe you are stalling," I remark smiling. "Stalling will only get you more of what I promised especially to you." I reach over and grab her hand. She doesn't exactly resist, but she doesn't move either. I gently pull her towards me.

"Hmmm, pretty interesting that you seem to be at a loss for words, " I chide, "that must be a first." She glares at me. I see that she wants to comment, but decides against it. I actually laugh. I am enjoying myself greatly.

My laugh is too much for her. She huffs, "You are such a brat. I suppose you tind this whole thing is amusing.... well, I don't. And I am not the brat. You are!! So there! What are you gonna do about that?"

"Exactly what I promised you, my dear." I say smugly, knowing that eventually her sweetness would fade and she would make it so much easier for me to do what I came to do. She didn't disappoint me.

I pick up the paddle that had previously been out of sight. Her eyes grow very wide. "A promise is a promise, sweetheart. You've been asking for this for a very long time and tonight you are going to get it."

I pull her over my lap. She tenses. I rub her bottom over her jeans. She relaxes. That is my cue. I bring my hand down smartly. She gasps. I continue to spank her over her jeans. I know that this doesn't really hurt.... the jeans are protecting her too much. After awhile, my hand starts to hurt and I decide it is time for those jeans to come down.

"Raise up a little love and unbutton those jeans so that we can pull them down," I say. She raises a little and fiddles with her jeans. I peel her jeans from her hips down to her knees. Her bottom is a slight shade of pink. I caress her bottom through her white cottom panties. Again, I feel her relax and again, I bring down my hand. This has a little more effect. She says, "Oh," I smile knowing that this promise is just starting to be fufilled. I have all night.

Her bottom is turning a nice light shade of red as my hand keeps peppering her backside. Her "Oh's" are becoming more frequent and I am ready to see her bare bottom. I ask her to raise up a little and she complies, quite nicely I might add. I pull down those white panties of hers and admire her red bottom.

My hand starts its attack on her again. She starts kicking and squirming. I know that the heat has built up and she is really feeling "something" now. I reach over for my paddle and rub it gently over the redness of her cheeks. She groans as the cool feel of the wood meets her burning flesh. I lift the paddle and bring it down on her cheeks. Before she can comment. I lift and bring it crashing down again and again. She is kicking and screaming and using a few choice words that I won't mention.

I stop long enough for her to compose herself a little. I stroke her hair and say,"We are almost done. These last few are going be very hard. How many should I give you?"

She thinks for a minute knowing that if she doesn't say enough that I will pick my own number. "6," comes her meek reply.

"Six it is then, " I say. "Count them aloud as we go please," I bring the paddle down hard.... very hard. She screams" one" at me. "Good girl, " I say as I bring down 3 more rapidly. She barely manages to spit those out. I know that she has just about reached her limit.

The next two are even harder and at the end of the sixth she just lays there. I throw the paddle to the floor and stroke her hair and her back as she comes back from the place she has just visited. I reach my hand down to stroke her face. Her face is wet with tears.

She sits up carefully. Her face and eyes are swollen from crying. My heart goes out to her. A doubt clouds my mind as I wonder if I might of been too tough on her.

I reach over to hug her. As I do so, she says, "So that is what you are going to do about it huh?" I look at her in the eyes and see they are full of mischief.

I know that I have met my match.