Subject: New Story: The Need F/F (spanking, mast, sex)
From: "Jessie Walker" <sapphire77@hotmail.com>
Date: 28 Dec 1998 23:37:56 -0800

The Need

The usual disclaimers apply. I am probably way out of my element here.... but I thought I would give this kind of a story a try. Comments and feedback are always appreciated.... be gentle please <G>. Thanks, Jessie.

The day was crisp, clear and cold.... just the way I like it. I have Dar Williams playing as loud as my ears could take while driving and singing and taking in the beautiful day ahead of me.

I didn't see the car until it ran straight into my side, pushing my car out of the lane and onto the side of the road. Stunned, I can only sit there as Dar continues to blare in my ears singing about Christians and Pagans. I hear a knock on my window and turn my head to see an irate man yelling what I can only imagine are obscenities at me.

I shake my head to clear it, and between the loud music and the man screaming, my rage finally kicks in. I turn down Dar and jump out of the car.

The man is cussing and making broad gestures at me. I look over and see a woman in the passenger side of his car, or what used to be his car. She is staring at me. I glare at her. The man comes closer and I can smell the alcohol on his breath before he even speaks. I put my hand out to block him coming any closer to me. He continues his verbal assault on me, telling me that women shouldn't be allowed to drive and something about "stupid bitches who stop in the middle of the road."

I am just about to scream at him that I was stopped because there happened to be a red light keeping me there when I hear a woman's voice behind me. I feel a hand on my shoulder. It is light but firm. I spin around to see who has the audacity to try and restrain me.

Two dark brown eyes clash with my blue ones. My mouth shuts instinctively trapping the slew of words I was about to spit out Our gazes hold. My brain reels as I try to place who she is, but nothing comes. A chill runs through my body causing goose bumps to raise on my skin as it always does when something significant happens to me.

A long time ago a woman told me that the soul knows everything. Maybe my soul recognizes this woman, for I certainly don't..... at least not in this lifetime. But she is so familiar to me. I know her, yet don't know her at all. Her eyes..... there is something about her eyes..... something that is just out of my reach of awareness. I felt like I was in a dream. My surroundings turn surreal..... time stands still for me.

It is her very silence that brings me out of it. She just stands there silently as the man abuses and berates her. He spits at her and curses her. Her arm remains around my shoulders protectively. I lean into her a bit, still not knowing quite what is going on and wondering why she doesn't say anything.

The man looks like he is about to take a swing at her. I think that perhaps she might be deaf and start to jump in when her arm tightens around my shoulders and she says, "I don't think that would be very wise. You are in enough trouble already. I would hate to see you have Assault added to your charges."

The man goes off muttering and cussing back to his car and wife. A police car drives up and the woman takes charge. While she describes what she has seen, I standd there still in a daze from the events. I vaguely hear the officer say, "Well, Ma'am, I appreciate your help and involvement. I will meet up with you both at your house a little later to get the details. I am gonna take this fellow in for the time being. Probably will get back to you in a couple of hours."

The woman leads me to her car and I go along with absolutely no fears. It seems perfectly natural to me to get in the car with this stranger. As she starts the car and drives into traffic I take the time to study her. Her hair is dark brown and boyishly short curling up at the nape of her neck. I have an urge to run my fingers through it and mess it up. Her neck is long and elegant. She is wearing a tank top that shows off her firm body. The cotton material stretches across her top revealing the outline of her breasts and flat stomach. I could feel my color rise as she catchest me staring. Her full lips turn upward as her grin reaches her eyes.

She breaks the silence first. "My name is Torey. I know that yours is Beth."

I look stunned. She smiles and says, "It was on your insurance card that I gave the police. Don't worry, I am not some maniac."

I relax a little and stare out the window as the sky darkens with rain clouds. Little spatters hit the windshield. Before I knew it we have pulled up to a large white house.

Once inside, I look around in awe at the house. It is huge. I speak my first words. "Do you live here all by yourself?"

Torey nods as she throws the keys on the kitchen counter and checks her messages. "Well, if you consider living with 5 dogs living alone."

As if on cue, 5 big dogs come running into the kitchen. Torey bends down to rub each of the golden retrievers ears and give them kisses on the top of their heads. "Hey guys, did you miss me huh?," she cooes at them.

She stands and looks at me and says, "You are soaked. I have a huge bathtub upstairs that is absolutely wonderful. Why don't you go up and take a nice soak and relax a bit. Here, I will show you where it is," she says reaching for my hand.

For no reason at all tears well up in my eyes. "Why are you doing this for me?" I whisper not expecting her to hear me.

She turns and looks at me right in the eye and responds, "because every now and then we have a chance. It can happen at the weirdest times... but when it does, you have to let it in and acknowledge it. You know?"

I nod, confused by her words, not understanding what she is really trying to tell me. I allow her to lead me up the stairs staring at the way her jeans are pulled tight across her ass as she moves up the stairs. We walk into an enormous bedroom and into the bathroom. She turns on the faucet of the truly magnificent bathtub and adjusts the temperature. She sits on the edge of the tub and pulls me closer. Our eyes meet and lock. Her hands reach out to unbutton my flannel shirt slowly. Her eyes never leave mine. I shiver slightly as the cold air hits my skin as my shirt falls to the floor. She reaches around me lingering. I can feel her hard nipples against my skin as she unhooks my bra and pulls it from my body. I wait for her eyes to wander down my body, but they stare intently back at my own. Her hands find my button and zipper of my jeans. Slowly in one motion my jeans and underwear are down around my ankles and I am holding on to her shoulders as I step out of them. Her hands go around my waist as I focus my eyes on her soft, pink, and moist lips. She draws me in and I am consumed. Our lips meet hungrily again and again. I feel a stirring inside me that I didn't know existed. Our tongues intertwine, separate, and come together over and over. My hands go to the back of her head and finally I am able to touch where her hair curls up at the base of her neck. Her hands run through my long blonde hair and finally she pushes me back gently. Her mouth is swollen with passion. My hand runs down the front of her neck and traces the outline of her erect nipple through the cotton.

Her voice is hoarse as she speaks, "Get in the tub. I will be back later. There is a robe hanging on the door for when you get out." She walks out of the room leaving me frustrated, hurt, and confused. Who is this woman who kisses me, takes my breath away, and leaves me wanting so much more from her?

These thoughts and more race through my head as I lower myself into the steaming water. Fatigue washes over me and I relax into the tub and let the water carry me away. Satisfied and groggy, I climb out of the tub and dry myself off. The sky has turned charcoal black and the rain pitter-patters against the big window in the bedroom. The bed is huge and inviting. I sit my naked body on the bed. Softness envelopes me. I lay my head on a pillow and fall into a deep sleep.

Sometime later I awake to the branches scraping against the window and see the rain streaks making patterns. The little light that is left pours into the bedroom, leaving shadows to dance on the walls. I feel a stirring deep within myself as I think of Torey and the kiss that still lingers on my lips.

My hand touches my breast and finds the nipple hard and wanting. I pinch it between my fingers slowly and deliberately. My other hand wanders lower, feeling a need start to build deep within. My breath picks up as my fingers circle the area that is becoming more and more wet and swollen. Slowly I rub myself, slipping a finger inside every now and then to feel the moisture. My speed increases as does my urgency. Soon I am in a steady rhythm.... my hand and my body are one. My hips lift slightly off the bed as my fingers delve deeper and rub faster. Finally sensing the end, my fingers squeeze the one certain little spot that will take me over the edge. My body arches and shudders as wave after wave of pure pleasure hit me.

Sweat beads on my brow from my effort. I settle back into the soft bed relishing the release my body has offered me. Only then am I aware of another presence in the room. She is standing by the bed, her dark eyes glittering. A slight edge of fear creeps into me as I hear her voice.

"Turn over."

I hesitate only a moment and do so. I feel her take the pillow from the head of the bed and hear her once more. "Lift up." She puts the pillow underneath me so that my bottom is raised. Her hand is cool on my bottom. She rubs all over, making sure to take note of my wetness every chance she can. I moan as I feel the need starting to stir within me again.

I feel a sting and gasp from the pleasant sensation of her hand coming down on my bare flesh. She spanks me again. The mixture of pain and pleasure make me squirm. Her hand rains down on my bottom again and again, stopping occasionally to rub, soothe, and pat. The spanks become harder and faster. The heat builds and spreads. I feel a cool surface rubbing in circles on my hot cheeks and hear a crack first and then feel the sharp sting of the paddle. I groan as her hand wipes the stinging away. I relax again just as the paddle comes down again. The friction of the sensations drive me wild. The paddle kisses down on my burning bottom time and again only to be erased by her hand and caresses. Her fingers slip inside moving back and forth bringing me to a frenzy. I am biting the quilt to keep from screaming out. Her fingers keep the intensity -- rubbing, stroking, and dipping inside of me. Her other hand spanks me, increasing the speed in time with my urgency.

Finally, I scream and feel my body shudder. Her spanks slow as I quiver from my second orgasm of the night. I lay my head down on the comforter. I feel her naked body cover me. She kisses my neck. I hear her whisper, "You are on fire."

I smile in the night and think to myself........

A fire that was started by you.

* * *

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