Subject: New Story: Moving On Pt 1 (Alex series, F/f)
From: "Jessie Walker" <sapphire77@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 18:50:38 PDT

Moving On

If the spanking of a minor bothers you, please read no further. The author wants to state that in no way does this series approve of the spanking of children in real life. This is a work of fiction and should be read in such a manner. The usual disclaimers apply. Feedback and comments are always appreciated and welcome-Jessie.

* * *

Vic entered the large house ready to relax and enjoy the rest of her day. She walked past the living room and noticed the sliding glass door wide open. She poked her head out and saw Anne lounging in a chair, sipping iced tea, and reading. She walked out onto the deck.

"Hey Babe. Aren't you home a little early?" She asked bending down to kiss Anne.

Anne smiled and reached up to meet Vic's lips. She put her book down and said lazily, "Well, it is a long story, but yeah, we are home a little early."

Vic's eyes squinted curiously. "Uh-oh, why don't I grab some lemonade and join you."

A few seconds later, Vic had changed into her shorts, grabbed some lemonade, and was ready to listen to Anne.

Anne wasted no time. "Alex got into a fight at school today. Apparently she punched a boy in the face. I didn't see it, but her teacher said that it looked like Alex just blew up. One minute the two were playing and the next they were exchanging blows. I brought her home early today and will do my lesson plan later tonight. She is upstairs sleeping right now. She was pretty upset…couldn't stop yelling and shaking."

Vic sighed and ran her hand through her short hair. "What is going on with her? Ever since last week, she has just been moody and difficult. I had to spank her once this week for screaming at me and I know you spanked her once for lying to you."

Anne nodded sadly. "I wish I knew. I sat her down today and tried to talk to her. I tried to get the story from her, but she wouldn't say anything. I am worried about her. I put in a call to her therapist, but she apparently had a family emergency and will be gone for a couple of days."

"How helpful," Vic said bitterly.

Anne smiled wryly, "My sentiments exactly. So anyway, Alex is suspended from school for the next two days. Sarah was going to let her off because Alex lives with us and I work there, but I told her to punish her like she would anyone else. Maybe Alex thinks she gets special privileges because I work there and happen to be good friends with the principal, but that isn't okay. She learned that one the hard way."

"Well, if you think getting two days off of school is learning the hard way, I suppose," Vic said looking up at the sky.

"I thought of that and she is also grounded for those two days. No TV, no video games, no playing outside, and bed time at 7:30 every night. Do you agree with that? I haven't talked to her yet. She was too riled up when I brought her home," Anne said getting up and stretching.

Vic reached out and grabbed Anne by the waist and pulled her down on her lap. She wrapped her arms around Anne's middle and squeezed while she breathed in her lover's scent. She kissed the side of Anne's neck and said, "Yeah, I think that is fair. So, I guess I will be staying home and working here for the next two days."

Anne turned and held Vic's face in her two hands and smiled. "Thank you Love." She kissed Vic long and hard. Vic growled and smiled. "You owe me."

Anne stood up and grinned evilly, "You'll get your reward. Don't you worry about that."

Both women walked in the house arm-in-arm and heard the screaming.

"What the hell?" Anne said racing up after Vic.

They followed the screams into Alex's room and found the little girl standing on her bed screaming with all her might.

Anne immediately walked over there. "Alex, sweetheart, what is the matter?" she yelled over the racket.

Alex screamed louder, and at closer look, Anne could see the tears streaming down the little cheeks. As she approached, Alex backed into the corner and started throwing punches wildly.

"ALEX. It is Anne and Vic," Anne said stopping where she was and looking at Vic. Vic was looking puzzled. The two stood helplessly as they watched Alex screaming and crouching in the corner of her bed.

Finally, not being able to stand it any longer, Anne walked up the bed and gently grabbed Alex. The little girl struggled and bit and scratched, but Anne got her into a bear hold and rocked her back and forth, telling her over and over that she was safe.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, Alex's little body relaxed and Anne could release the tight hold she had. Alex turned herself so that she could cling to the front of Anne, her legs wrapping around Anne's waist and her arms tightly around Anne's neck. Anne was hot and sweaty from the struggle, but stroked the little blonde head. Vic sat down next to the two and gently wiped away the last of Alex's tears.

"Hey baby, how about you come here for a sec so that I can hold you. Would you like that?" she said gently. Alex nodded and crawled over to Vic and clung just as tightly. Anne got up and went into the bathroom and got a wet washcloth. She wiped down Alex's face gently and sat down.

"Do you want to talk about it sweetheart?" Alex shook her head no and tears bloomed again.

"Okay, babe, we aren't going to make you until you are ready," Anne said kissing Alex's head. "Are you hungry?"

A little nod. Vic stood up with the child still clinging desperately to her, and they made their way down the hall, down the stairs, and into the kitchen.

Anne cut up some apples and sliced some cheese and put it all out on a plate. Alex grabbed a piece of cheese and nibbled. She had loosened her grip on Vic, but still needed the contact. Anne poured some more iced tea for her and some lemonade for Vic and Alex. Everyone was silent, each deep in their own thoughts.

The evening faded into darkness. Dinner was a quiet affair. Alex talked little and Vic and Anne didn't push it. They did tell her about being grounded and the restrictions that went with it. Alex sat through the talk expressionless, mashing her spaghetti into an ugly mass, taking a few bites of her garlic bread every now and then

"Alex, do you understand why you are being grounded?" Vic asked.

"Yes," the little girl said quietly. "Can I be excused to go take my bath?"

"Yes, you can," Vic said with a sigh.

Alex jumped up, put her plate away, and ran up the stairs. Vic and Anne sat at the table staring at each other.

"I don't understand," Vic said finally.

Anne shook her head. "Nor do I. I don't know what to do. I've never seen her like this. She is usually talking a mile a minute."

Vic nodded and said, "I have never heard anything like that scream before. She was scared to death. As long as I live, I will always hear that scream."

Anne reached over and took Vic's hand and squeezed.

"What are we going to do?" asked Vic.

"I think we should wait until tomorrow and see if she wants to talk then," Anne said massaging Vic's shoulders.

Later that night, Anne was sleeping and Vic was reading, when the screaming started again. Anne bolted awake out of a sound sleep and went running into the bedroom. Vic had a hold of Alex and was holding her tightly as Anne had earlier that day. The three of them sat in the shadows of the room wrestling with a little girl's demons. Finally, Alex fell into a restless sleep. Vic put her back to bed and pulled the covers over her. She turned to her lover and saw the tears rolling silently down her cheeks. She took Anne by the hand and led her to the big rocker. She sat down and pulled Anne onto her lap effortlessly and rocked her late into the night, both of them clinging to the hope that somehow, some way everything would be okay in the end.

* * *

Vic woke up groggy and stiff from sleeping all night in the chair. She looked at her watch and saw that it was after 9:00. Anne had already been gone two whole hours and Alex was not in her bed. She rubbed her hand over her face to wake herself up and stretched.

She walked out into the hall and heard the TV blaring. She made her way to the living room and stopped as she saw Alex sitting there sucking on popsicles and watching cartoons. She deftly walked to the TV and shut it off.

"HEY, I was watching that Vic," Alex said using the remote to turn it back on.

Vic turned the TV off again and blocked Alex's way when the little girl went to turn it on again. "No TV for you Alex. You are grounded. Do you remember the conversation we had last night?" Vic said watching Alex's little face intensely.

Alex said nothing, but threw the pillow to the other side of the couch, and folded her skinny arms over her chest. "Yes, I remember," she said huffily. "And I don't like it."

Vic suppressed a smile. "Well, you don't have to like it, but you do have to abide by the rules." She looked around the room and saw all the wrappers. "Alex, did you eat all this junk food?" she said staring at the chip remnants, candy bar wrappers, and Popsicle sticks scattered all over the carpet.

"You were sleeping and I was hungry," Alex said scowling.

"You know where the cereal is. And you also know that you aren't allowed to eat junk food for breakfast," Vic said irritably. "Now I want you to clean this room up right now."

"I have to wash up first. I am all sticky," Alex said trying to head for the door.

Vic gently grabbed Alex by the arm and said, "No young lady, you will clean it up right now. You are pushing your luck. I am sorry you had such a bad night last night, but that doesn't give you the right to break the rules. "

Alex yanked her arm from Vic's light grasp and said, "OK. You don't have to act that way. I heard you."

Vic stared at Alex, words on the tip of her tongue, but chose to walk away before the power struggle got any worse. She walked into the kitchen and poured some coffee from the carafe, and grabbed a muffin to nibble on as she read the morning paper.

After reading the paper she checked on Alex and found the little girl still in the living room. She was cleaning up the wrappers, but had the TV on mute and was watching cartoons.

"Alex, what are you doing?" Vic said from the doorway.

"Nothing," the child said switching off the TV quickly.

"Are you going to lie on top of everything else?" Vic said fighting anger.

"No," Alex said, pushing past Vic and walking up the stairs.

Vic followed her up the stairs and said, "You are pushing it. This is your final warning. I am going to take my shower now. I suggest you work on your homework."

As she turned, she saw Alex flip her the bird out of the corner of her eye. She turned back and said, "Do you have something you want to say to me, young lady?"

Alex put her head down and shook her head no.

"That is what I thought," Vic said heading toward the shower. In the shower, she took a long time, letting the hot water relieve all the tension in her muscles.

Feeling fresh and clean, Vic walked back down the stairs and heard the thump against the house. Anger surged through her body as she marched outside. Sure enough, there was Alex shooting baskets.

"Get in the house right now Alex." Vic said, not caring to hide the anger in her voice.

"No, I am shooting baskets," Alex said running after the ball. "And besides, you can't tell me what to do, you aren't my mom."

"Now Alex!" Vic said trying to control herself.

"NO," Alex screamed loudly, hurling the basketball at the hoop and missing by a long shot.

"Alex," Vic said gaining some composure, "either you march yourself into that house right now, or I will turn you over my knee and spank you out here right this minute. It is your choice."

Alex took the ball and threw it as hard as she could at Vic, missing her barely, and ran into the house. Vic walked into the house, and couldn't believe it when she saw Alex running for the living room and heard the TV coming on full blast. . She counted to 30 slowly, calming herself down, before walking into the living room for the show down.

She turned the TV off and saw the anger in Alex's face. She dodged the pillows that Alex threw at her, silently thankful that pillows were the only things being thrown her way. Finally Alex ran out of pillows and fixed her blue-eyed glare towards Vic, who stood calmly leaning against the TV.

Finally the older woman spoke. "Go get the hairbrush Alex."

"FUCK YOU," Alex screamed, her face granite.

Again Vic said, "Go get the hairbrush Alex."

"I HATE YOU," Alex said, her little hands clenching into fists.

"Right now. Go get it," Vic said matter-of-factly.


"Alex, if I have to go get it myself, you are going to be very sorry. I suggest you get it right this very minute, " Vic said sternly.

Tears of rage were running down the little cherub face. "I HATE YOU," Alex said again jumping off the couch and running down the hall. "I wish you were DEAD."

A few seconds later, Alex returned and threw the hairbrush at Vic. "HERE."

Vic picked it up and sat down on the couch. Alex stood in the doorway sobbing.

"Pull down your pants and come lay over my lap Alex." Vic said

"NO," Alex said very unconvincingly.

"Right now. I am in no mood for games," Vic said calmly.

Alex hesitated at the door, tears running down her face. "Please Vic. I am sorry."

"Right NOW, Alex," Vic said firmly getting up and grabbing Alex's wrist gently and leading her to the couch.

She unsnapped the button on the little girl's jeans and pulled down the clothing including the little blue cotton panties. She gently, but firmly, guided Alex over her lap, taking a deep breath as she did so.

Alex struggled and sobbed and pleaded, "I am soooorrry Vic. Pl.eaase don't. I promise I will be good."

Vic brought the hairbrush down fairly hard. "I am sorry too Alex, that you couldn't abide by the rules. I was more than patient with you this morning, and you took every opportunity to rub that in my face, " she said paddling Alex's bare cheeks at a rapid pace, turning the fair skin a blushing red

Alex's legs danced madly as she hollered. "I didnnn't mean it. I was just crabby. Why are you SO mean?" the little girl sobbed.

Vic continued the pace, spanking crisp and firm, and watching as Alex's bottom turned from blushing to crimson. "Being crabby does not mean you can break the rules. Now, I gave you plenty of opportunity to mend your ways and you made it worse. You were rude and disrespectful to me."

"I don't know what got into you today, but whatever it is, it had better change and I mean fast. Do you understand?" Vic said giving Alex a half a dozen more sharp spanks to her tender bottom.

Alex was sobbing out of control by this time and most of the fight had left. She lay over Vic's lap as the tears fell hard and fast. Vic slowed the pace and intensity. She could feel the heat rising off of Alex's bottom. She put the brush aside and gave Alex a few more little spanks with her hands, trying to ease Alex into a normal pattern of breathing.

She rubbed Alex's back in slow circles. Alex's breathing got less and less ragged as she cried. Vic gently pulled up the little blue panties over Alex's bottom. The little girl remained motionless over the older woman's lap.

"Alex," Vic said quietly, "it is over sweetie."

The child started to sob again. Great wracking sobs coming from such small little shoulders. Vic gently turned her over to cuddle her, holding her like she would a newborn baby. She brushed the stray hair from Alex's face and wiped the tears as they fell.

"Lovey, can you tell me what is wrong?" Vic said, concern written all over her face.

Alex shook her head no.

"Please sweetheart. I am right here for you. I want to help," Vic said.

Alex said nothing, but a fresh batch of tears bloomed again in her eyes, falling one by one.

Vic waited. She sat with Alex on the couch and held and stroked the little girl. Alex went in and out of sleep, and still Vic waited. Both were still sitting there when Anne walked in the door.

"Hey," she smiled, "there are my gir…." She stopped halfway through her sentence as she saw Alex's tearstained face. Her eyes darted to the hairbrush at Vic's side. She walked over to the couch and sat down. She put her hand on Alex's knee and said, "Hey there, Lovey. Having a rough day huh?"

Alex nodded and wiped the tears away. Anne held out her arms and Alex slowly moved into them. Anne held her tight and kissed her cheeks. "Hey sweetie, I need to talk to Vic for a bit. Do you think you could go up to your room for a little while?"

Alex nodded, and without so much as looking at Vic, walked up the stairs.

Anne looked at her lover and saw the unshed tears in her dark brown eyes. "Are you okay?"

Vic nodded.

Anne snuggled up to Vic and pulled her into a tight side embrace. She rested her head against Vic's shoulder and whispered, "Suppose you tell me about it?"

Vic told the story to Anne. "I feel so incompetent with her Anne. I don't know what to do. I lost my cool."

Anne shook her head and said, "No Babe, anybody would have. Alex was looking for trouble. You warned her and she disregarded that warning. You did everything right. Okay?" she said kissing Vic's forehead.

"I have some news that may shed some light on her behavior though," Anne said straightening a little so that she could look at Vic in the eye. "I had a visitor on my lunch break today. Alex's mom came to visit with me," Anne said looking pointedly at Vic.

"Holy shit," Vic whistled.

"Yeah. Seems that she took it upon herself to talk with Alex after school all last week. Must have been when I was doing my lesson plan and Alex was outside waiting for me. Told Alex that she wanted her to move back in with her." Anne said, trying to fight down her rising anger.

Anne continued, "Apparently Alex told her no, but that wasn't good enough for this lady. She kept coming back and back. Told Alex she would fight for her and take us to court."

"Oh my God Anne, what did you tell her?" Vic asked.

"I laughed at her and told her to try. I told her that she is wanted on abuse and neglect charges, as well as abandonment, and that I was sure the police officers would be mighty interested in knowing of her whereabouts. She left shortly thereafter."

Vic shook her head. "All of this makes complete sense now…the tantrums, the rages, the tears, the screams, that poor little girl."

Anne nodded. "Anyway, I think we need to be extra supportive of her right now. She has been through a lot lately and didn't even mention it. Probably didn't want to upset us."

Vic sighed. "Would it be okay if I went up and talked to her? Alone?"

Anne smiled gently and said, "Sure Babe. I will call in a pizza for tonight. I am too worn out to cook."

Vic kissed Anne lightly and the two women embraced for a long moment. Vic walked to Alex's bedroom and found the door open. She knocked anyway and heard the little voice say come in.

She sat down in the rocking chair. Alex was lying on her bed looking at the ceiling.

Vic broke the silence first. "Must be pretty hard seeing your mom again after all this time huh?

Alex looked at Vic in astonishment. Vic smiled gently and got up to sit on the bed next to Alex.

"Sweetie, why didn't you tell us?" Vic said.

Alex took a long time before speaking and when she did, her voice cracked. "I didn't want anyone to take me away from you and Anne."

"Nobody is EVER going to take you away from us Alex. We are now your legal guardians. It became official in October. I guess we never thought it was necessary to tell you. We made a mistake in not telling you then and I am very sorry for that." Vic said tracing a finger over Alex's eyebrows.

"What does that mean?" Alex said, her little forehead wrinkling.

"It means we are a family," Vic said.

Alex grinned slightly, but tears quickly followed. "Why did my mom come back Vic?"

"I don't know baby. Do you want to see her? Because if you do, we could probably arrange to have her come visit you." Vic said.

Alex shook her head. "No, sometimes I miss her a lot, but you know what? I have you and Anne now and I love you guys. And I know you love me, even when I feel mean."

"We love you no matter what sweetheart. We would love you if you decided you wanted to see your mom and we would love you if you decided not too either. And everyone feels mean sometimes. It is part of being human."

Alex nodded.

" I am sorry I had to spank you today." Vic said, trying to hide the tears forming.

Alex sat up and threw her arms around Vic's neck. "I know Vic. I'm sorry I didn't follow the rules. I just felt so mad."

Vic hugged back, "It is okay to feel mad. But maybe one of these days you will be able to talk to me about it rather than show me how mad you are."

Alex grinned her toothless grin and with all the wisdom of a 7-year- old said, "Nah, showing you is funner." She grabbed Vic's hand and said casually, "C'mon Mom, I am hungry."

This time, Vic didn't even pretend to hide the tears.

* * *