Subject: A Lesson Learned
From: "Jessie Walker" <sapphire77@HotMail.Com>
Date: 8 Oct 1998 14:52:42 -0700

A Lesson Learned

Alex couldn't remember a time when she hadn't lived with them. Sure, she knew that there had been a time, but she chose not to remember those dark days of her past.

She had a vague recollection of going to her 3rd grade teacher and telling her that her mother had run off and hadn't been back in more than a month, and that she was tired and hungry.

Her teacher, Ms. Morgan, had taken her to her house that night for a good night's rest and a good dinner. Alex had never left.

She moved in with Ms. Morgan (who told her to call her Anne) and her lover Vicki (who went by Vic). It had been a year now, and at times it had been rough, everyone adjusting to each other.

The two older woman had to adjust to having an 8 year old in the house and Alex had to adjust to having people tell her what to do, and abiding by the rules.

Yes, it had been a trying year for all involved. Alex had learned the hard way that Anne and Vic believed in loving discipline when necessary. She hated it when she was spanked, but she also felt a sense of security that she hadn't had before. She knew if she did something wrong that she would be soundly spanked, and then forgiven.

* * *

Today was no different. Alex fingered the note in her pocket, thinking about the consequences of what she was about to do. It would be so easy, and chances were that Anne would never find out if she signed her name to the note. No harm done Alex reasoned.

Darn that Mrs. Conner anyway, why did she have to go and write a note for Anne or Vic to sign saying they understood that Alex was not turning in her homework? What business was it of hers anyway? Alex had more important things to do, like creating stories in her head and playing with the dogs. Homework was not on her agenda. Sure, Vic and Anne had asked her if she had any homework to do, but she always held off those questions by saying that she had gotten it all finished at school. If she showed them that note, they would know that she had been lying. No, Alex thought, I can't show them that note.

That night Alex practiced diligently signing Anne's name over and over on a piece of paper. Finally satisfied, she took the note and copied Anne's signature perfect on the line. She sighed with relief and decided to put the whole thing out of her mind.

That night Alex had horrible dreams. She dreamt that Mrs. Conner was a giant and was holding the note in her hand saying, "Your a LIAR Alexandra... nothing but a LIAR."

Alex woke up in a sweat several times that night. The next morning, she was crabby and tired. Vic sat down next to her, her big brown eyes looking Alex over. "You look tired sweetheart," Vic said putting her hand to Alex's forehead, "are you feeling okay?" Alex nodded and stirred her cereal with a spoon. Vic kissed the top of Alex's head and said, "Well, if you are sure, then okay. I am headed off to work. Anne is going to take you to school today. I will see you later and have a great day. I love you," with that she was off.

Alex was alone with Anne. Normally, she would have loved this, and would have went upstairs to watch Anne get ready for her day at school. But today she just sat at the table and stared off into space, not really thinking anything.

Anne came down the stairs, her long auburn hair flowing. "You hardly have touched your cereal Alex, is something wrong?" she asked her blue eyes looking concerned. Don't look at her in the eyes Alex, the little girl thought to herself, she will definitely know something is wrong. Alex faked a smile and said, 'No, I am just not very hungry right now. I just want to get to school. Jane is gonna be there early and we are gonna play."

"Jane is such a nice girl. I am glad that the two of you became such good friends, " Anne said grabbing two apples and her purse. She handed one to Alex, "just in case you get hungry later" and then they were off.

At school, Alex had trouble concentrating on anything. She had given the note to Mrs. Conner and that had gone well. No problems. After that, Alex had relaxed a little, but something kept nagging her in the back of her mind. She pushed it out and away, and went about her day. After school, Jane's mom dropped Alex off. Alex headed into the house and saw that Vic was home from work already. She found her in the office pouring over some books.

"Hi Vic," Alex said wrapping her little arms around Vic's neck. Vic kissed Alex and said, "Hi lovey, how was your day?" Alex leaned against the desk and said, "Fine."

"Did you do anything exciting?" Vic asked writing something down. Alex shook her head no. "Hmmm, well," Vic said, "do you have any homework to do?" Alex shook her head again.

"Mrs. Conner seems to feel a little differently," Vic said looking up and into Alex's eyes. Alex felt the blood drain from her face. Vic continued, "She called here about an hour ago wanting to know if we might meet and set up a way to help you get your homework done." Vic stopped her talking and looked directly in Alex's deep blue eyes.... brown clashing with blue.

"Of course, I had no idea what she was talking about and said as much," the older woman said sighing, " so Mrs. Conner asked if Anne had showed me the note and of course, I said 'what note'? And the rest I imagine you know about, " Vic said looking pointedly at Alex. "Do you want to tell me about it?"

Alex stared at her feet and shook her head no. Vic took something from off the desk and lifted Alex's face up so she could meet her eyes. "Well, maybe you could explain this to me, young lady."

Alex's eyes darted to the piece of paper with Anne's signature all over it that Vic was holding in her hand. She was caught. That was what she had forgotten.... she had forgot to rip up the paper and throw it away.

Vic was still talking. "I went up to your room to see if maybe you were just forgetting your homework here, and I found this interesting piece of paper," she continued not letting Alex look down, "Now if I were you I would start explaining right away. What is this all about?"

Alex's eyes filled with tears as she explained to Vic about not doing her homework and Mrs. Conner getting angry and writing that note for one of them to sign and how she had signed Anne's name.

Vic listened intensely and when Alex was done, she leaned back in her chair and thought before speaking. Alex could see she was mad, but her voice was calm.

"Alexandra, I am very disappointed in you. VERY. Not only did you forge Anne's name on the note, which is a crime I might add, but you also have been lying to both of us about doing your homework. This is inexcusable. You will be punished. I am going to give you a good and hard spanking for lying to me, and I imagine after you tell Anne that you forged her name and lied to both of us, that she will spank you as well."

Alex's lower lip trembled and her tears spilled over her cheeks. Vic sighed again and said, "I am going to wait to spank you until after you've told Anne. I think she needs to hear everything first. Now go up to your room until I come get you."

Alex's voice cracked as she said, "Vic, I am sorry."

Vic said quietly, "Just go to your room. I will be up shortly."

Alex walked up the stairs to her bedroom with a heavy heart. She hated disappointing Vic. Vic was usually so easy-going and loving, but today those things had been stretched and pulled. Alex had never seen Vic that angry with her. She usually didn't spank Alex. Anne was usually the disciplinarian, even at that, Alex didn't get spanked all that often. Usually a good talk took the place of a spanking, except on the rare occasions that Alex had pushed her luck. Unfortunately, today was one of those times.

Alex's heart did flip-flops as she thought about telling Anne. She certainly had gotten herself into a fine mess. She laid on her bed and cried a little, and fell into a restless sleep.

She woke to a hand lightly shaking her awake. She turned over to see Vic sitting beside her on the bed. Her deep brown eyes were a little softer. "Alex, wake up sweetie. Anne is going to be home soon. I could use some help with dinner and after dinner you can tell Anne. I will leave it up to you when you decide to tell her tonight. But it DOES have to be tonight, okay?" Alex nodded. "And," Vic went on, "I will give you your spanking before bed tonight. But for now, come down and help with dinner," Vic said holding out her hand. Alex took it, and down the stairs the woman and child walked.

The spaghetti, salad, and french bread was ready when Anne came walking through the door. "What a day," she exclaimed kissing Vic and bending down to hug Alex.. "Parent-teacher conferences always take it out of me." She grabbed a diet soda and set down wearily. "Luckily, I have you guys to come home to. You make it all worthwhile," she smiled.

Alex looked at Vic nervously as they both sat down to dinner. Vic talked about her day at the office, and Anne talked about her day at school. Finally Anne frowned and said to Alex, "Hey, what gives? You are usually a chatterbox at dinner. How was your day?"

Alex shrugged, "It was okay. Jane and I played at recess and stuff. And we got to play with clay today in art. That was fun." "Can I be excused please? I have some homework to do," Alex said looking at Vic out of the corner of her eye.

"Sure sweetheart, " Anne said. "But come on down when you are done. I feel like I haven't gotten to see you at all today." Alex nodded and ran upstairs.

She tried to work on her math, but her stomach was doing butterflies. She threw her pencil down and wandered down stairs, slowly.

Vic was in the living room watching the news. Alex glanced around for Anne, but didn't see her. Vic motioned her head at the door to the office. Alex stepped carefully over to the office door. She could feel her heart beating rapidly. She knocked lightly, hoping nobody would answer.

"Come in," Anne's voice answered. Alex gave Vic one last look. Vic smiled gently and whispered, "You can do it." Alex took a deep breath and walked in.

"Well hi stranger," Anne said smiling and putting down her reading glasses. Alex went to stand by her, looking deeply into her face. Anne was beautiful with auburn hair, striking blue eyes, and high cheek bones. Anne leaned over and picked Alex up and snuggled her onto her lap. Alex inhaled deeply, smelling Anne's musky perfume. She loved that smell. Suddenly, big tears welled up in Alex's eyes and she was crying.

"Hey, whoa, little one, what is the matter, " Anne said turning Alex so that she could see her better. Alex sobbed harder, leaning her head against Anne's shoulder. "What is the matter baby?" Anne said rocking Alex in the chair.

"I-I-I lied," Alex said through sobs. "I-I haven't been d-d-doing my homework a-and I told y-you I-I did."

"Well, everybody gets a little lax in there homework pumpkin. I don't think it is anything to cry about, " Anne said holding Alex close. "Just make sure you get caught up."

This made Alex cry harder. "B-b-but there is m-more."

"Ok, sweetie, why don't you tell me, " Anne said.

Alex took a huge breath and then spit it all out. "Mrs. Conner gave me a note to have you or Vic sign saying that you know that I haven't been turning in my homework... and I didn't wanna give it to you guys cuz' I knew you'd be mad at me and so I signed your name on it and gave it to her. And then she called here and talked to Vic and Vic didn't know what she was talkin' about and so she found the practice names I was doin in my room, and now she is mad and is gonna spank me too, but first she said I had to tell you," Alex started sobbing again.

Anne took all of this in quietly, still holding the little girl. Finally she said, "Let me get this straight. You haven't been turning in your homework and you've been lying about that to us, and when Mrs. Conner gave you a note to deliver to us, you took it upon yourself to sign it without letting us see it? Is that right?"


"Hmmm, well, this isn't good. Why did you do that Alex? Why did you lie?"

"I don't know, " Alex said in a meek voice. "I didn't want you to be mad at me."

Anne sighed heavily and said, "Didn't you think that we would find out eventually? Like when your report card came?"

"No, cuz' I was gonna be better, but Mrs. Conner is just mean. She is a big meanie," Alex blurted out.

"I hardly think Mrs. Conner being worried about your schoolwork counts as being mean, " Anne said sharply. "Why haven't you been doing your schoolwork?"

"It's only math, " Alex whispered, her lips trembling. "It's too hard. I don't understand and she goes too fast."

"Do you go up and ask for help?" Anne asked. Alex shook her head no.

"Well, then how do you expect her to know that you need help, Alex," Anne said exasperated. "Listen young lady, it is perfectly okay to ask for help. Do you understand that? She is there to help you. But it is not okay for you to lie to us, and it certainly is not okay for you to forge my name on notes that we need to see."

Alex nodded.

"Go on up to your room and wait for me. I will be up in awhile. I am gonna talk to Vic," Anne said, smacking Alex's bottom as she set her down.

Alex walked dejectedly up the stairs and sat on her bed holding her bear tightly.

Anne found her sitting there in the same spot a half hour later. Alex didn't look up. She held the bear a little tighter to her. Anne sat down next her on the bed. Alex glanced sideways and saw that Anne held a hairbrush. Anne put the hairbrush on her other side and put her arm around Alex.

"Alex, Vic and I have talked and we both feel that after school tomorrow, you will go tell Mrs. Conner the truth. We will be there with you, but you will tell her. And then we will all come to a solution as to how to help you with your math. Is that understood?" Anne said quietly.

Alex gulped and nodded her head slowly. Anne continued, " I am going to spank you now for lying and for forging my name. Pull down your pants and panties and lay across my lap."

Alex let go of the bear and got up slowly, her little hands trembling as she pulled down her pants and her panties and went across Anne's lap. Anne positioned her a little better and begin spanking Alex with her hand.

The spanks were sharp and stingy right from the beginning. Alex kicked and yelped, but Anne's hand rained down, oblivious to the child's yelps. "It is NOT okay to lie and it is NOT okay to sign my name to things that I need to see. Am I making myself clear?" Anne said above the sound of the howls and spanks.

"Y-y-yes," Alex sobbed.

"Good, " said Anne picking up the hairbrush. "I want this to sink in so that it NEVER happens again." And with that she continued her descent on Alex's red bottom. The young girl cried and screamed as the brush came down again and again on her bare flesh. Anne gave Alex a rapid and hard 20 which left Alex speechless and sobbing. She finished with another good dozen and then went back to her hand while Alex continued to cry quietly. Finally, after she felt that Alex had had enough, she stopped.

Alex was whispering softly as the tears fell, "I-I-I am s-ss-so sorry. I won't e-ever d-do it a-again."

Anne stroked Alex's long blonde hair. "I hope not sweetheart. I don't like spanking you. But you know what?" she said as she helped Alex up and into her lap, snuggling her close.

"What?" Alex said quietly.

"I am glad you told me," Anne said kissing Alex's tear-stained cheek. "And I am even gladder you got caught, because now you'll think twice before you do something like that again, won't you?"

Alex nodded and sniffed and snuggled in closer to Anne. Anne gently set Alex on the bed and went to her dresser and got Alex's pajamas out. Alex lifted up her arms and Anne pulled the shirt over her head and off. She handed Alex her nightgown to put on as she pulled down the quilt. Alex got in and laid on her tummy. Anne leaned over and brushed the stray hair from the little girl's face. She kissed her lightly and whispered, "I love you sweetheart. Vic will be up shortly."

There was a knock on the door and Vic came in. She looked at Anne and Anne nodded and walked out of the room. Vic came and sat next to Alex on the bed.

"Hey sweetie. How you doing? You've had a pretty hard day, haven't you?"

Alex sniffled a little and said, "yeah." Vic reached over and caressed Alex's cheek. "I told you I would spank you tonight before bed for lying to me as well," she said.

Big tears started rolling down Alex's cheek with those words. Vic wiped away the tears and said, "Tell you what, how about I give you 10 spanks on your bottom and we will be done. You think you can handle that?"

Alex's little body relaxed a little as she nodded. "Why don't you climb over my lap and we will get this over with so I can hold you," Vic said. Alex climbed over the woman's lap and Vic lifted the nighty exposing Alex's red and hot bottom. Quickly and lightly, Vic spanked Alex all of 10 times. Alex's tears began again as her bottom was already so sore.

Vic gently picked up the crying girl and took her over to the rocking chair where she sat down with Alex in her lap and they rocked and rocked. They rocked until the little girl's eye lids were drooping. Vic, then very carefullly, walked with Alex back to bed, and layed her down on her tummy and pulled the covers up tightly around the little girl she had come to love so much. She bent over and kissed her and whispered, "Sweet dreams, little one."

Alex, barely heard her as she fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.