Subject: Deceived (F/f)
From: "Jessie Walker" <sapphire77@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 19:30:08 PDT


This is a work of fiction. If a loving spanking of a minor offends you, please read no further. The usual disclaimers apply. Comments and feedback are always appreciated. Thanks-Jessie


School was over for the day. Alex and Jane were swinging back and forth, waiting for Anne finish her lesson plan for the next day, deep in discussion. The fight between the two girls, when Alex had decided to bite Jane, long forgotten and forgiven.

"Alex, my mom and dad and me are going to the coast on Saturday and my mom said you can go," Jane said looking hopefully at her friend. "Do you think you could?"

Alex let her feet drag, slowing the swing, and looking at Jane. "Really? I haven't been to the ocean in forever! I hope Anne and Vic say yes. I bet they will!" The two discussed the details as the time flew by.

"Hey you two, I am ready," Anne shouted from where she was standing. "Let's go."

The two little girls went running. After Jane had been dropped off, Alex turned to Anne and said, "Anne, Jane and her family are going to the coast on Saturday and invited me. Do you think I could go?"

Anne was deep in thought, thinking about her day and how rough it had been. She just wanted to get home and run a hot bath and go to bed. She felt like she was coming down with the cold that all the kids at school seemed to have. "I think you should ask Vic first, Lovey. She may have other plans for us this weekend."

Alex frowned. "But I really want to go," she said kicking her heels into the seat.

"I heard you punkin. And I still say you need to ask Vic. Okay?" Anne said looking at Alex and tousling her blonde hair.

Alex scowled harder. "You never let me have any fun," she mumbled.

"Alex," Anne said firmly, "I am not saying you can't go. I am saying you need to check with Vic first, OK?"

"OKAY," Alex said a little to loudly. Anne sighed and said, "How was your day?"

"I hate Mrs. Wilson. She yelled at me." Alex pouted.

Anne couldn't help but smile at Alex's perfect pout. "What happened?"

"I was just getting up to get a drink of water and while I was doing that I was going to give Jane a piece of paper." Alex said.

Anne, knowing Alex's thought process, said, "Was there writing on the piece of paper that you needed to give Jane?"

Alex looked slyly at Anne out of the corner of her eye. Anne caught her glance and laughed. "That is what I thought."

Alex smiled sheepishly. "Well, she didn't have to read it in front of the class."

"Yeah, that probably was embarrassing," Anne agreed. "You probably will be sneakier next time, huh?"

Alex smiled at Anne, showing the gap where her two front teeth used to be. The two pulled into the driveway and walked into the house.

Anne found Vic in the study. She went up behind her partner, who was seated and diligently working, and put her arms around Vic. She kissed the side of her neck and massaged her shoulders.

"Hey Babe," Vic said, turning her chair and pulling Anne on her lap. "How was your day?"

"I am feeling really tired. I would like to run a bath and lay down for awhile, if that is okay with you." Anne said.

Vic's deep brown eyes filled with concern. "Of course it is okay. I will make dinner and wake you up a little later to see if you feel like eating."

Anne leaned over and kissed her lover deeply. "You are the best."

"I know," Vic said slapping Anne's bottom, sending her on her way.

Dinner was over and Alex and Vic were finishing up a rousing game of Monopoly while Anne slept.

"Vic," Alex said, putting away the little metal pieces, "Anne said that I could go to the coast on Saturday with Jane's family, but she wanted me to let you know."

"Well, thanks for letting me know. Why don't you have Jane's mom call me and we will work it all out or did Anne already talk to her." Vic said.

"Anne already talked with her. It is all planned. They are going to pick me up at 10:00 on Saturday. Jane's mom is out of town and just wanted me to ask you guys for her. They will drop me off around 5," Alex rubbed her sweaty palms against her pajamas.

"Okay Sweetie. I hope you have a good time. You should probably be getting to bed now." Vic said kissing Alex and hugging her tight. "I will be up in a minute to tuck you in."

Alex scampered up the stairs and stopped in Anne's room to give her a kiss goodnight and tell her that Vic said it was okay for her to go. Anne nodded, chilling from head to toe, positive now of catching that cold.

Saturday came and Alex was up at the crack of dawn to get ready, waking Vic up with her excitement. At precisely 10 the van came to pick Alex up and the little girl ran out without even so much as a kiss for Vic.

Vic headed up the stairs, smiling to herself, to check on Anne. Anne was getting over her cold quite quickly with her typical style of toughness and tenderness. She was sitting up in bed reading when Vic walked in.

"Hey you, we have the house to ourselves. Alex practically dove into the van. I didn't even get a kiss before she left. She was so excited." Vic said lying down next to Anne.

Anne put her book down and rubbed her fingers gently through Vic's hair. "I am so glad you made the choice as to whether she should go or not. She would've drove me crazy with asking all the time and I wouldn't have had the patience for that, not when I am sick."

"What do you mean? I thought you did make the decision," Vic said looking at Anne.

Anne shook her head. "No, I told her that she needed to check with you because you may have had plans for this weekend."

Vic tightened her jaw and relaxed it and sighed. "Well, my dear, I think we've been had by a seven year old."

Anne raised her eyebrows into a question.

"She told me that you had said yes and that she was just letting me know. She said you had already talked with Jane's mom and everything," Vic said shaking her head.

Anne groaned. "That little turkey. She must have really wanted to go badly. Thing is she probably would have gotten to go just the same if she hadn't been sneaky about it."

Vic nodded. "So what do you want to do about it?"

"I feel like driving down to the coast and picking her up right now, " Anne said. "But we don't know what part they went to or anything like that." She sighed.

"I will tell you one thing though," Vic said. "She isn't going to do this again."

The two older women had a long discussion about how not to let this happen again, how they wanted to handle it, and went about their day. They spent the better part of the day outside, enjoying the sunshine, sipping iced tea, and planting flowers.

They came in around 4 to wash up and Anne decided to catch a little nap as she still wasn't 100%. Vic washed up as well, put dinner on, and waited for Alex to come through the door.

Sure enough, Alex came waltzing through the door at 5. She ran into the kitchen showing her treasures to Vic.

"And look, I found these for you and Anne," she said holding up a clamshell.

Vic wasted no time getting to the point. "You lied to us Alex. You manipulated both Anne and I." She watched the little face go ashen. "I know what Anne said to you. She didn't say that you could go. She said ASK me. I seem to remember you TELLING me. And that is NOT OK. Do I make myself clear young lady?"

Tears welled in Alex's eyes. "I-I'm sorry Vic. I really wanted to go."

"Not good enough Alex." Vic said sharply. "Go up to your room and wait for me. I am extremely disappointed in your behavior."

Alex set the shells on the counter and let the tears fall as she walked with her head down up the stairs.

Vic stood at the counter, fingering the shells. She took a deep breath and grabbed the wooden spoon from drawer. She walked up the stairs and knocked once on Alex's door before opening it.

Alex was curled up into a little ball sobbing. Vic sat at the edge of the bed and gently put her hand on Alex's shoulder and turned the little girl so that she was facing her.

She reached over and picked Alex up, cuddling her on her lap. Alex continued to sob. Vic rocked slowly.

"You know what you did wrong don't you?" Vic said quietly.

Alex sobbed harder and nodded.

"Why did you do that? You know, you probably would have gotten to go just the same if you would have just asked."

"I-I was afraid you'd say no." Alex said rubbing her cheek against the flannel on Vic's shirt.

"Well, I hope that little trip was worth it to you Lovey, because you are grounded through next weekend," Vic said, smoothing Alex's hair. She continued, " I am going to spank you now for lying to me. Anne will come in and talk to you later, whether she spanks you as well is up to her."

Upon hearing this, Alex's sobs started again. Vic held her tighter. When Alex calmed down again, she said, "I want you to pull down your pants and get over my lap."

Alex stood up and pulled down her jeans and shuddered once before lying across Vic's lap. Vic rubbed the little girl's back and said, "I don't like having to spank you Alex, but I want this to be a reminder to you to not pit Anne and I against each other. Do you understand?" She brought her hand down on the panty-clad bottom.

Alex's tears bloomed again as Vic started the spanking. She started slow and methodically, slowly increasing the speed and intensity. She left no area of Alex's little bottom untouched. Alex screamed and kicked, but still the hand spanked away. Vic lectured as she alternated from cheek to cheek.

"I don't ever want this to happen again, young lady. Do you understand?" She said picking up the wooden spoon and pulling Alex's panties down. Alex felt the draft and started kicking harder, knowing what was coming.

Vic spanked lightly and fast, knowing full well from her own childhood how much that awful spoon stung. Alex's bottom was on fire and her wails soon turned into deep sobs. Vic slowed the pace and said, "Do you think you'll remember next time to ask and not tell?" She gave Alex a few fast stingy spanks to make her point.

Alex's muffled yes was answer enough. She threw down the spoon and let Alex cry herself out. She rubbed the middle of the little back in slow circles feeling the last of the tension drain away. Finally, Alex stood up and Vic helped her back into her panties.

Alex stood in between Vic's legs and looked up at the older woman. "I'm sorry Vic. I really am. Will you still love me?" she said as leftover tears rolled down her face.

"Oh Sweetheart," Vic said picking Alex up and hugging her close. "Of course I will still love you. Don't you know that no matter what you do or how you act, I will always love you? And so will Anne. Don't ever doubt that. But I am glad you asked and you can ask that question anytime you need too, OK?" Vic said lifting the little chin and looking into the blue eyes so much like Anne's.

Alex nodded and wrapped her little arms around Vic's neck. "I am kinda tired. Can I go in and sleep with Anne?"

"Let's go check if she is still there." Vic said picking Alex up and walking across the hall. Anne was still in bed, eyes open.

"Hey there Lovey," she said smiling at Alex.

"Alex wanted to come lay with you for awhile while I finish dinner. Do you feel like company?" Vic said.

Anne patted the bed and Alex gave Vic one more kiss and jumped onto the bed. She snuggled up to Anne.

As Vic was walking down the hall she heard Anne.

"Wow, you have an awfully hot bottom."

"Vic spanked me," she heard Alex say with a pout in her voice, "and I didn't do nuthin." .

"You poor baby…." She could hear the grin in Anne's voice.

Vic walked down the hall grinning to herself, knowing full well that both woman and child were in there enjoying themselves immensely.

* * *