Subject: New Story: Cheater (Alex Series) F/f
From: "Jessie Walker" <sapphire77@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 19:57:21 PDT


This series in no way advocates the spanking of children in real life. It is a work of fiction and should read as such. Comments and feedback are always welcome and appreciated. –Jessie

* * *

Anne was busily trying to do her lesson plan for the next day so that she could get home and have some quality time with Vic and Alex, which she felt had been lacking the past few days. She and Alex had plans to stop off at the store to buy a new board game to try out that night and she knew Alex was excited.

She hunkered over her desk, trying to finish up, when she heard a voice in front of her. Startled, she looked up and saw Alex’s teacher, Kim Conner, holding tightly onto a scowling and snarling 7 year-old who, with horror, she recognized as Alex.

“I really hate to bother you Anne, but we need to talk,” Kim said to Anne while turning to Alex and saying, “Why don’t you have a seat Alex?”

“Nooo, I don’t have too!” the little girl screamed, but sat anyway after glancing at Anne.

The teacher looked at Anne desperately, “She’s been like this all day. It all started this morning when the children were taking a math test. I was walking by and noticed Alex hiding something underneath her sleeve. I instantly got suspicious and had her move her arm, and well, I found an answer key to the test.”

“What?” Anne asked incredulously, her big blue eyes wide. She got up from her chair and walked to the front of her desk and leaned against it with her arms folded against her chest in the classic teacher pose.

“Alex, is this true?” she asked gazing down at the scowling girl.

“No, she is lying. She hates me!” Alex practically shouted jumping up.

“Sit down now!” Anne said harshly, barely containing her anger.

Kim continued, “Anne, I had no choice but to send her to the principal’s office. When I caught her she got so mad she dumped over her desk. She was down there all day. She refused to talk.”

“She lies!,” Alex screamed from where she was sitting.

“That is quite enough young lady!” Anne said looking at the stubborn face. She crouched down next to Alex and said, “Now, how about you tell us how you got those answers?”

“She’s lying,” the little girl said again, but only with half the gusto.

“Alex, unless you want a spanking right now, I suggest you start talking,” Anne said looking directly into her charge’s young eyes.

Alex looked back and knew she wasn’t kidding. Her bottom lip started to tremble. In almost a whisper she said, “I took ‘em.”

Anne swallowed hard and said, “How did you get them?”

“W-well, I kinda sneaked into the room when Mrs. Conner left this morning for her coffee. They were on the desk and I just happened to see ‘em,” Alex said in a whisper.

“So you were snooping around Mrs. Conner’s desk this morning and took the answer key?” Anne said with anger in her voice.

Alex looked down at her hands and said quietly, “No, I copied them down real fast.”

Mrs. Conner took a deep breath and turned towards the little girl. “Alex, I am very disappointed in you. I know you get here early with Anne and I trusted that when you got here early and wanted to come into the room that you would find something to do—but never did I imagine you would betray that trust. I did you a favor by letting you into the room, but until you can prove otherwise, I don’t want you in the room without me in there. Is that understood?”

Tears coursed down the little cherub cheeks. “I’m sorry.”

“Me too, Alex,” Mrs. Conner said, “We will have to talk more about your punishment tomorrow. Come see me first thing.” With that said, Kim looked at her friend and colleague and gave a small smile, “All in a days work huh?” As she was walking out she gave Anne a reassuring squeeze on her shoulder.

Anne went to the front of the room and grabbed her things. Alex’s eyes followed Anne. Anne didn’t say a word, didn’t trust herself enough to not blow up, so she said nothing.

In the car, Alex nervously looked at Anne’s profile. “Are you mad at me?” she asked.

“I am very angry at what you did. Yes,” Anne said.

Alex’s throat closed up and her voice cracked. “Are you going to spank me?”

“Yes,” Anne said more gently.

They pulled into the driveway and Anne shut off the engine. She turned to the little girl and said, “I want you to go up to your room and stand in the corner while you wait for me. Is that clear?”

“Noooo, please Anne, I’m sorry.” Alex wailed.

“I recommend you do as I say,” Anne said looking pointedly at Alex. “I am in no mood for games right now.”

Alex’s tears started all over again and she got out of the car and walked slowly into the house.

Anne put away her things and listened to the messages hearing that Vic was running late and would be there as soon as she could.

She then made her way up the stairs and to Alex’s room. The little girl was right where she was supposed to be. Anne sat on the edge of the bed and called Alex to her. She stood her in between her legs and held her chin so that their eyes connected.

“What you did was wrong. Not only did you cheat, but you also took something that did not belong to you. And you broke trust with Mrs. Conner. Do you realize that what you did was very very wrong?”


“Why would you do something like that?” Anne asked.

“I don’t know,” Alex said quietly.

Anne sighed. “Go get the hairbrush.”

Alex’s sobbing started as she got the hairbrush and gave it to her guardian. Anne took the brush and set it aside and unbuttoned the little jeans and helped Alex step out of them. Next she helped the little girl out of her pink panties and guided her over her lap.

She wasted no time in bringing her hand down on the little girl’s bare bottom hard and fast. Alex wiggled and squealed as Anne’s firm hand found its mark time and time again. Anne found her rhythm quickly and soon Alex’s little bottom was turning a nice shade of pink.

The little girl kicked and yelled and tried to squirm away, but Anne had a firm grasp around Alex’s waist. Anne increased her pace as well as her firmness, alternating from the right cheek to the left, causing Alex to start crying out in earnest.

“Please Anne---I’m sorry. I won’t do it again,” Alex sobbed, kicking her legs against her bed.

Anne picked up the hairbrush and said, “That is right Alex, you won’t do it again. Now I am going to spank you with the hairbrush and I want this to be a reminder to you NEVER to do this again. Do I make myself clear young lady?” Anne said landing a smack right in the middle of Alex’s red bottom.

“YES,” Alex screamed. But Anne had already started spanking Alex fast and with a lot of sting. Alex struggled against the older woman’s authority. Anne knew that she was pushing Alex to the limit, but she also knew that Alex needed to learn her lesson and she didn’t want anything like this happening again. She spanked on and on, not too hard, as Alex was young, but with enough sting to make her point well. Finally she slowed her pace and then stopped all together. Alex stayed over her lap crying softly.

Anne’s heart went out to her little girl. She gently rubbed Alex’s back and shoulders. “It’s over sweetheart,” she said brushing back Alex’s long blonde hair from her tear-streaked face and gently patting the very hot and freshly spanked little bottom.

Alex got slowly up. Anne held out her arms, but Alex pushed them away and scowled at her. “I hate you. You are a Bit—Witch,” the little girl said with tears in her eyes.

Anne felt her heart break, but managed to find her voice. “You are very mad at me and that is okay, but it isn’t okay to call me names. When you are feeling better and like you can talk to me nicely you may come down.” She walked to the door and turned to look at Alex one last time before shutting the door quietly.

She walked down the stairs and started dinner that she didn’t really feel like eating. Later, Vic came home and she curled up on the couch with her and told her of her day. Dinner came and went and still Alex stayed in her room.

It was much later and the two women were on the couch gazing at the fire, each lost in their own thoughts when Alex came to stand by Anne.

She stood silently, her blue eyes serious and dark, and Anne could see her bottom lip trembling

“Can I climb on your lap?” she asked Anne with a cracking voice.

Anne nodded and folded the blanket back to let Alex climb into her lap and then wrapped the blanket and her arms around Alex, holding her closely.

They sat for a long moment, wrapped in warmth and comfort, with Alex’s little blonde head nestled against Anne’s breasts. Finally, ever so softly Alex whispered, “I’m sorry Anne.”

“Thank you Lovey,” Anne said kissing the side of Alex’s sweet face. Alex’s body relaxed deeper into Anne’s. She flung her feet out so that they were over Vic’s lap. Vic gave them a tickle and grinned widely at hearing the wonder of a 7 year-old giggling happily and contentedly.

* * *