Subject: Honor Courses/Stripped to the Skin Part I (M/f, nc, no sex)
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Honor Courses / Stripped to the Skin

A little background info on this one. This takes place early in the final term of Mary Catherine's senior year at Saint Francis, a couple of weeks past her 18th birthday. Mary's parents have special plans for their little girl, ones she does NOT agree with at all. She'll be very wealthy, thanks to the trust fund her late brother left her, but ONLY if she graduates from Saint Francis. In order to get her to cave in, they've cut her off without a dime (and one more tuition payment due).

Ordinarily this is the sort of thing she'd go to the Dean to for help and advice, but knowing that, her parents have made a threat (specifically if Mary goes to Andy for help, they will not give a VERY large donation that they promised to the building fund) and try to get him fired. At this point, Mary Catherine has already begun to have pretty serious feelings for Andy, which means she'll do almost anything to protect him -- even making some very bad choices. Basically she's trying to raise a lot of cash to make that tuition payment herself.

A few other characters are introduced here. Quick rundown: Mandy Brinkley is Mary Catherine's best friend, Kristin Erickson is a close friend, Alex O'Brien is a character I haven't really developed yet, and Veronica Lancaster (niece to the evil Virginia Preston Smythe -- all girls in their family have names that start with V) is Mary's biggest enemy on campus. Hate doesn't even begin to describe how Veronica feels about her rival. Mary Catherine and Dean Andrew Michaels (Andy) you already know if you've read one of my stories.

* * *

Senior year, a few weeks past Mary's 18th birthday

During their final term at Saint Francis, the top senior honor students are permitted to take a class or two during the evening at Penn State University. Mandy, Kristin, Alex, Veronica, and Mary Catherine are enrolled in classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Since Penn State is a fair distance from campus, the Dean drives the girls to the university after their final afternoon class; dropping them off in time for them to grab a quick dinner at the student union and go to class. They finish the evening by studying at the library until the Dean picks them up at 10:30 pm. While they're busy with their studies Andy does various things-has dinner with friends, goes to a movie or shopping, etc. Being the Dean is more or less a 24/7 job so it gives him a few hours a week to relax and be off duty and enjoy a few hours of freedom. Normally he picks the girls up at 10:30 pm, but he's really early tonight. It's only 8:45 . . . there's a blizzard heading for the Allegheny Mountains and the Dean wants to get back to Saint Francis before the storm hits . . .

Andy parked his Jeep in the Visitors lot and rushed toward the Penn State Library. The storm was moving in quickly; flakes were already starting to fall and the wind was biting cold. He was sorry to have to cut the girls' night short, not to mention his own, but the roads in the mountains tended to be dangerous during storms and he wanted them safe on campus before the snow got too deep.

He climbs the stairs to the third floor and makes his way to the table where the girls meet after class. Catching sight of them he says, "Hey girls, we' re taking off early tonight. There's a big storm coming and I want to be sure we don't get trapped in town. Sorry to cut your studying short." Mandy, Kristin and Alex shoot each other a quick glance, he's nearly two hours early! Veronica doesn't even look up from her Physics book, but a small smile comes to her face. This is their worst nightmare come true. Any minute now he's going to ask the question they're all dreading . . ."

"Hey, where's Mary Catherine? Her last class ended at 8:00 didn't it?" Alex and Kristin suddenly grow very interested in packing up their books and putting on their coats. Veronica merely shrugs her shoulders as she puts on her gloves and slings her backpack over her shoulder. Mandy looks up as she closes her book and gathers up her notes. In a deliberately casual voice she says, "Oh she probably got held up after class. She mentioned that she wanted to get some feedback on her assignment from her journalism professor. I'll go get her." "No, that's ok Mandy, it's cold outside and I don't want you wandering around campus unescorted after dark. I'll walk you girls out to the Jeep and I'll be back with Mary Catherine in a few minutes." The girls quickly finish packing their books and they walk to the Jeep. He unlocks the door and hands Kristin the key. Mandy, Veronica and Alex get in the back seat and Kristin gets into the driver's seat to warm up the car. "Remember, don't unlock the doors for anyone. I'll be back soon."

Andy walks away. As soon as he is out of sight the girls start arguing. "Oh man I knew something like this would happen. The Dean's gonna kill her, us too probably!" "Shut up Alex!" Mandy and Kristin say in unison. "What DO you think will happen if he finds her Mandy?" Kristin asks. Veronica's smile grows wider. She knows EXACTLY what will happen if the Dean catches Mary Catherine in this particular situation and she can't wait! As they debate Mary's fate, Andy makes his way across campus. Mary's journalism class is in Linley Hall, Room 413. He makes his way inside and finds the room. Just as he gets to the door a small group of students and the professor walk out talking and laughing. Mary Catherine isn't with them. "Excuse me," he says, "have any of you seen Mary Catherine Whitney?" They look confused for a moment, and then a tall thin girl with curly blond hair has a flash of recognition. "You mean Em?"

"Yes, Em, Em Whitney. I'm uh, well a friend. I'm giving her a ride home but there's a storm on the way so I'm early." "Oh sure, whatever," the girl says. "She said she was going over to the art department after class. I know she had some film drying that she didn't want to leave over the weekend. It' s Calhoun Hall . . . two buildings over, the red brick one with the pillars out front. Once you're inside go to the third floor and just follow the smell of developer and fixer. You can't miss it. "Great thanks," Andy says as he turns and hurries toward the fine art building.

It's snowing harder now, huge wet white flakes. By the time he gets inside Calhoun Hall a heavy layer of snow is covering his head and shoulders. He heads toward the elevator and presses up. As he waits, two guys carrying sketchbooks and coffee walk up behind him deep in conversation.

Based on their clothes, conversation, and charcoal smears on their hands and face it's pretty obvious they're art majors. One is short and stocky with a goatee, while the other one is tall, ruggedly built with intense eyes and long black hair held back in a ponytail. Just the kind of guy that college coed's go wild for in their Romantic Artist phase. "Man this elevator is slow," says the shorter of the two. "I wish they would fix it already." They fall back into their conversation, something about a drawing class. Finally the doors open up and they get on, Andy standing behind the two guys. The doors slowly close and the boy with the ponytail hands a large sketchbook to his friend and takes his coffee to hold while the other one can take a closer look. "Here, what do you think? Which one should I use for my next painting?" The other guy looks, takes the book and begins to flip through it. After a moment he looks up and says, "This is a joke, right Jason? I don 't believe these. Man, what's with you anyway? This is supposed to be a figure class! Nearly all of these sketches are of the models' face instead of her body! We wait four years to be able to take this class, spend two nights a week a couple of feet away from a hot babe totally naked and you draw her face?!"

"I know," Jason replies, "I can't help myself." Turning a page in his sketchpad he shows it to his friend. "Look at her though. Sure she's got a real cute body, especially that sweet, rounded little bottom of hers, but there's something about her face that just draws me in. Haven't you noticed how expressive it is? Even though she's up there posing nude you can tell she's a shy little thing. As soon as she removes her robe she starts to blush all over and her eyes drop to the floor. If anyone asks her to raise her head and look at them directly for a sketch she turns bright red and you can see her quiver slightly with embarrassment until we take a break and she 's able to put her robe back on. I think it's adorable. In fact, I'm thinking of asking her out for a cup of coffee after class. I'd like to get to know her better."

Jason's friend looks at him surprised. "What makes you think she'd go out with you? I heard her tell Mike Hendricks that she has a boyfriend when he asked her out last week." "Yeah, I know," Jason replies, "but I think she said that to get him to leave her alone. He came on really strong. Think about it Chris, what guy would let his girlfriend pose nude, even if it's just for an art class?" "Not me, that's for sure," Chris responds. "I like knowing that I'm the only one seeing my girlfriend naked, but still, she must have one. Did you get a good look at her from behind on Tuesday?" "No," Jason says curiously, "why?"

"Well she was real careful not to let it show during class, but I got paged and I went into the back to use the phone in Ed's office. She took off her robe and I got a good look at her bottom and it was bright pink! It was pretty obvious she'd been spanked and recently too. Who else but a boyfriend would do that?" Jason laughs, saying "I'd love to volunteer for that job. In fact, if I can get her to go out with me the modeling for this class is going to stop, even if I have to turn her over my knee to assure it. It's obvious she's not doing this because she likes it so that means she must need money, though I wouldn't have pegged her for a townie. There's something about her that says class. She's got a secret and I'm dying to find out what it is." The elevator stops and the doors begin to slide open.

Andy's head snapped up at those last comments, no it couldn't possibly be . . . sure he spanked Mary Catherine on Tuesday, but still there was NO WAY . . . he catches a quick glimpse of the open page of Jason's sketchbook as he closes it. Jason is talented . . . too talented as far as Andy is concerned. He can clearly make out Mary Catherine's wide, innocent eyes, the slight turn of her lower lip as her teeth graze it, and most startlingly the full rounded curve of her breasts, nipples slightly erect. He's stunned . . . furious and aroused all at the same time. What was she thinking, what could have possibly possessed her to do this? Well it didn't matter . . . he was going to find her and put an end to it, right this minute! If that boy thought Mary Catherine's backside had been warmed on Tuesday it was nothing compared to the way it would look after he got to the bottom of things. He followed them off the elevator toward the studio at the end of the hall . . .

Meanwhile . . .

The break was over and students were back in the studio setting up their sketchpads. Mary walked over to the burgundy velvet-covered couch and faced away from the 20 or so students gathered around her. Mary Catherine's breathing was shallow and she felt lightheaded. It didn't get easier, no matter how many times she did this. She had no choice though; she needed the money too badly to quit. Taking a deep breath, she untied the sash and slipped the robe off. As she began to blush, she turned and laid on the couch, stretching her body into clean lines, one arm tucked behind her head, the other draped over her hip. A voice called out asking her to raise her chin and look up. Blushing furiously she slowly raises her eyes . . . up . . . up . . . until she's looking out into the room.

The door suddenly opens, a few students back late from the coffee break are chased in by a biting cold wind. As the door begins to close, one more person slips into the room . . . Mary suddenly feels as if she's about to die . . . Andy is looking directly at her, his eyes traveling from hers down the length of her bare body and back up again until their eyes meet. She's frozen with shame and fear, unable to breathe. What could he possibly be thinking . . . and what would he do? How could she make him understand the choice she had made? Could he ever forgive her for this?

Andy stops in his tracks as he catches sight of Mary Catherine reclining on the velvet chaise in front of about 20 students. She's totally and completely nude-absolutely stripped to the skin. His eyes lock on hers for a moment, then begin their descent down her body taking in every detail. He had always thought of her as a schoolgirl. Now though, after seeing Jason's sketch brought to life right before his eyes he was mesmerized.

"When did it happen?" he wondered as his overwhelming fury mixed with desire. She wasn't a little girl any more-at least from a physical standpoint. That much was clear from what he saw as his eyes caressed her body. Her uniform, even her weekend clothes, concealed a wealth of curves . . . gently rounded breasts-firm, high, pale swelled flesh . . . the color deepening to a velvety pink at the center of her erect nipples. Dropping his gaze he saw the flat tummy, the definite curve of her hip that was hidden when she squirmed across his lap during her spankings. His eyes lingered below her navel at the junction of her thighs and his heart quickened slightly. Andy realized that Mary Catherine had been careful not to reveal herself from the front for two, perhaps even three years. The most visible sign of her maturation was revealed from the front . . . a small patch of chestnut brown curls now rested gently between her legs. Her bottom he was well acquainted with, but he never noticed how shapely and firm the thighs and calves below them were. The years of tennis and riding made them athletic without being overly muscular . . . he loved women that had shapely legs and a cute, firm bottom. That thought snapped him out of his daze . . . this wasn't a woman, he told himself, this was Em . . . no, Mary Catherine . . . Sport . . . she was still just a girl.

His eyes traveled back up, lingering once again at the tangle of curls between her thighs . . . his thoughts were horribly confused. Who was this girl lying before him? Where was his bratty, endearing schoolgirl? When did life get this complicated? Finally his eyes met hers again. She hadn't moved, hadn't even blinked. She had a dazed look of disbelief on her face like a deer caught in the headlights just before it got run over by a car. The rest of the room was oblivious to the tension between them as Mary hasn' t moved or made a sound . . . and, he noticed she made no attempt to dress. "Damn it," he thought, he had to do something. Regardless of what she thought, and despite the physical evidence to the contrary she was NOT all grown up. This wasn't the time to argue though, no matter how enraged he felt at the moment. He needed to get her dressed and out of there . . . to get her home without completely losing his temper and doing something he regretted. Andy realized just how close he was to doing just that. Mary Catherine should thank her lucky stars that he couldn't discipline her immediately for this little stunt.

Taking one more lingering look an idea forms . . . she's SO bound and determined to be a grownup instead of the schoolgirl she still is. He had told her just a few weeks ago that Patrick's will had changed things between them. Andy was willing to acknowledge she wasn't a little girl anymore and to let her have a say in the decisions that affected her . . . but he also made it clear that these were decisions that they would make together. He had warned her that if she didn't come to him when she needed guidance and if she didn't make good choices she'd have to pay the consequences. By her actions today it was clear that she wasn't making good choices and obviously she knew it . . . otherwise she would have told him about her extracurricular activities. Things were definitely different and had gone much too far. The solutions that had worked in the past wouldn't be enough . . . the time had come to take a firm course of action. He cared about her, a great deal in fact . . . and even as he stood there dry mouthed and disbelieving his emotions were boiling up inside him. He was going to need to discipline her for her actions . . . not a schoolgirl spanking, but the type of discipline he would provide any grown woman he cared about. He knew there was a good chance she wouldn't forgive him, but it was a chance he had to take. Mary Catherine was far too important to him not to take her firmly in hand.

After disciplining her for this deplorable stunt, well, let's just say he thought she obviously needed a constant reminder that even though she was 18, she WAS still a schoolgirl and more importantly a young lady. The memory and feelings of a spanking, no matter how blazing, would only stay with her for so long. He needed to make it clear that this was NOT appropriate behavior for a girl her age, for any well-mannered girl in fact. In particular though it was not appropriate behavior for her. It was so far from acceptable that he couldn't begin to comprehend how she would try to justify her actions. His eyes drifted over her again as an idea started to form. There was one thing he could possibly do to accomplish that objective and give her the reminder she badly needed from him. She'd surely fight him every inch of the way, but it was the only solution he could come up with at the moment. He couldn't make her wear that Saint Anthony's jumper again . . . not while school was in session. What he had in mind though . . . it might be more effective in the long run . . . and it would give her a constant, gentle reminder that she couldn't escape. By the time the night was out he was determined to make her see what being a grownup really meant, and how easy it was transform her into a little girl . . . she had made her choice and now, so had he . . .

Part 2

Andy could feel his heart throbbing in his throat. It took all the willpower he could muster to keep his eyes off Mary Catherine's pale, taunt body. She stared at him-somewhat fearful of what he would do, yet certain he wouldn't take her in hand in front of the class and blister her bottom over his knee. At least Mary thought he wouldn't, honestly she wasn't sure. She just couldn't read the look on his face at the moment. Mary Catherine could see the anger-a frightening amount in fact, but there seemed to be more in his face than that. Unfortunately she just wasn't quite sure WHAT that look meant, and more importantly what he was capable of right now.

Andy caught his bearings and looked behind Mary Catherine at the clock on the wall. There was a good hour left before the end of class and he had no intention of waiting until then to take her home and deal with this inexcusable behavior. Getting her out of there was sure to be a challenge, but there was a bigger problem. He needed to figure out what to do in the future. Andy knew how stubborn Mary Catherine was and no matter what he did or said, Andy knew she would most likely come back given the opportunity. He had to somehow find a way to stop her. There was no doubt she was in for a blistering spanking, one she wouldn't forget for a long, LONG time. That alone would keep her away for a while-if for no other reason than the fact that she wouldn't show up to pose with the marks of the tawse crisscrossing her bottom. He'd selected the tawse in his mind the moment he saw her lying bare for the world to see. Andy knew from past experience that those were the marks that would last the longest on Mary Catherine's backside. The longer the marks lasted, the longer it would be before she dared to bare her body again. Deep down though he knew even a dose of the tawse would wear off eventually and then he'd be right back where he started. Andy knew eventually he would find her back here again, if for no other reason than to prove herself in some way. He had to come up with something that would serve as a deterrent to her for the remainder of the semester. Andy had no intention of letting her drop her college courses, she was doing too well and he would have to explain why he'd made her withdraw from Penn State to the trustees. That could, and most likely would, get her expelled, and no matter how much he disapproved of her actions, he was never going to allow that to happen. He'd promised himself a long time ago that she WOULD graduate from Saint Francis, no matter what. Obviously banning her from college was not the answer, but something had to be done . . .

"Back to the problem at hand," he thought to himself as he brought his gaze back down to stare in her eyes levelly. He knew, damn, she probably even knew, that he couldn't simply take her by the hand and lead her out of the class, no matter how much he'd like to do just that. Their eyes locked and he gave her a piercing look, his right eyebrow raising ever so slightly. She hadn't moved, hadn't blinked, she had a look of pure fear in her eyes, but there was defiance too. If he tried to make a scene there would be a blowup. Andy knew she wouldn't go quietly if he forced her and he needed Mary Catherine to leave without a fight. He looked around the room and saw the classroom door was the only way out. Satisfied she couldn't escape, Andy turned and walked out the door, letting it close behind him with a quiet click.

Mary felt her face her heart pounding in her chest and her entire body was flooded a bright red. She was somewhat surprised, and yes, damn it, disappointed, when she saw him turn and leave. She was almost tempted to run after him. Did he intend to do nothing, to just leave her here? She knew him too well and there were ALWAYS consequences. She'd known all along Andy would come eventually, a part of her had even wanted him to find her like this-though when she'd played this moment out in her mind it was after she had the money she needed to pay her tuition. Mary Catherine wanted to look at him and be able to say, "They see me as what I am now, a grown woman, not some little schoolgirl. Why can't you?"

Mary Catherine thought back to when she'd first seen the ad in the college paper. She'd been looking for a job, something that would pay more than typing term papers and doing laundry. Mary knew she wouldn't make enough money to cover her tuition unless she got a job. It was next to impossible though. They weren't allowed to be off campus, except for a few hours of freedom on Saturday afternoons. She was lucky though, she had two nights at Penn State and those were the same nights as Figure Drawing met. She'd been curious when she saw the ad, "MODEL WANTED FOR ART 4312, must be comfortable with nude modeling, excellent pay, previous experience preferred . . ." Mary Catherine had met with the professor, had lied about her age and her experience. She said she was a junior, a transfer student from California and that she had previously modeled nude for figure classes at UCLA. The first time had been the hardest, she'd gotten sick in the ladies room before she walked into class, that's how scared she had been. Over time it had gotten a little easier though. She still felt lightheaded when she removed the robe and laid down in front of two dozen strangers, but she tried to push past that, to withdraw inside herself until she couldn't see anyone or anything but Andy in her mind. The money was essential, but in all honesty she'd also done it for him.

No matter how many times she'd thought about it, his actually walking through that door caught her off guard. Mary Catherine had held firm though and didn't move an inch. She had wanted him to find her here and see her nude-to see the curves of her body, the way she had grown up and out. Sure this wasn't the first time he had seen her bare, but not like this. He hadn' t seen her body, her bare breasts . . . the other signs of just what a woman she had grown into. Usually when Andy saw her bare he saw her just as another naughty schoolgirl in the process of baring her bottom for a well-deserved spanking. It seemed as though the only thought in his head when he saw her bare bottom at Saint Francis was to gage just how much redder he needed to turn it to teach her a lesson. This was so different though . . .

As the door closed behind him she felt a wave of disappointment wash over her. "What were you expecting?" she asked herself ruefully. "Did you REALLY expect him to walk over to you and place the robe over your bare body and toss you over his shoulder like some romance novel hero?" She sighed slightly. Of course not, he'd never do something like that, it wasn't like him to make a scene-particularly on campus where he had too many friends who might find out that one of HIS little schoolgirls was making a mockery of his authority. She just hadn't expected him to give in without a fight.

Her train of thought was broken by the sound of a loud bell. She blinked and her focus returned to the room as she realized the fire alarm had gone off. The professor stood and walked in front of the room "OK everyone out of the building. I don't know how long this will take so I suggest you take your supplies with you." The students hurried to pack up their notepads and charcoals as the professor turned to Mary Catherine. "Don't worry, I'm sure it's just a drill. There was a bunch of stuff in my faculty mailbox, but I only check about it once a week. You don't have to run outside in just your robe. Go ahead and get dressed, then if we get back in later we can continue." "Thanks professor," Mary said standing and heading back to the small curtain that had been put up in one corner of his classroom so she could change.

Mary Catherine quickly dressed and came out to find the professor and the students gone and Dean Michaels standing in the doorway with his arms crossed. He beckoned to her and said in a voice that was much too quiet and serious for her liking, "Come on Mary Catherine, let's go." Mary gulped, "I can explain," she said not knowing what else to say to him. "I doubt that," he answered levelly. "Get your things, we're going. We'll discuss it later." Mary put on her jacket and picked up her bag, following the Dean outside. Mary pulled her jacket around her as the icy wind whipped though the open hallway. She was already beginning to steel herself for the punishment she knew she had coming. Mary Catherine let out a sigh as he took her hand and led her down the hallway. She imagined the picture they were presenting-the Dean with his errant schoolgirl in tow. Five minutes ago she was a woman, bare for the world to see. The men in the room had looked at her with an unmistakable glint in their eyes as they sketched her. Now she was a child again, being taken in hand by the Dean. He tightened his grip on her hand and she knew this would be an especially severe spanking. As they walked into the stairway she saw the broken glass from the fire alarm. Despite her fear she couldn't help but smile to herself as the shards of glass twinkled in the pale light and crunched beneath her boots. Mary Catherine had to hand it to him, he was resourceful-no doubt the result of practice during his days at St. Sebastian.

They walk quickly and silently against the wind across campus to the Jeep. All eyes are glued to Mary as she and the Dean stop in front of the passenger side door. The girls were trying to judge as to whether Mary's bottom had already felt the wrath of the Dean. He opened the passenger door and closed it firmly behind her, stopping just short of slamming it. Satisfied she was buckled in, he walked around the back of the Jeep, tossed in her bag in with the others and headed for the driver's door without saying a word. Kristin took one look at his face and slid out from behind the driver's seat and squeezed into the back seat with Mandy and the other girls. As Andy stalked to his side of the Jeep, Veronica asked lightly, with a self satisfied smile on her face, "So, how was class Mary Catherine? I bet it was educational-for the Dean anyway." Mary said nothing but turned around and shot Veronica a glance. She heard the door slam on the driver's side, causing her to jump in her seat slightly. As Andy pulled the Jeep out of the visitor's lot, hot tears began to run down her face . . .

The ride back to campus went quietly for the most part. Their only stop was at a gas station and while the Dean filled up the Jeep Veronica took full advantage to taunt Mary Catherine. After checking to make sure the Dean was out of earshot, she put her hand on Mary Catherine's shoulder and said in a cheery voice, "So, let's start a pool, what do you say girls? We'll all toss in say five bucks and take a guess as to what the Dean will use on Mary Catherine for this little escapade." Mary turned and glared at Veronica whose smile grew wide. "Hmm . . ." Veronica said placing her finger on her chin, pretending she was in deep thought, "I figure what, the paddle? No, too common for such a stunt . . . maybe the cane . . . oh, I've got it, the tawse! That's it, I bet five bucks it's the tawse!" she says smiling and looking at the girls eagerly. Mary Catherine's blood went cold when Veronica mentioned the tawse. She knew deep in her heart that's what it would be this time. Despite how much she needed the money, she was starting to wonder if it was worth it.

Mary's heart leaps into her throat, unable to come up with a biting reply, but Mandy's eyes narrowed as she glared at Veronica. "Do you think it's possible for once in your life to NOT be a bitch Veronica?" "What?" Veronica says with a gloating smile on her face. "I'm just trying to make the moment a little lighter, besides," she said squeezing Mary's shoulder, "I'm even willing to let little miss Mary play." "So which one do you think it will be Mary Catherine? If you want I'll even double the bet on the number of strokes!" Mary pushed Veronica's hand off her shoulder, but said nothing. Veronica spotted the Dean heading back to the car and let out a sigh, "You girls are such spoil sports!"

The rest of the drive back to campus seemed to fly by for Mary. She wasn't sure if it was because she knew what was waiting for her the minute she got back or because Andy seemed to be making record time through the storm. Before she knew it, and WAY before she wanted it, they turned up the winding road to Saint Francis and the Jeep pulled into the parking spot adjacent to the Dean's cottage. He quickly walked down to the end of the lane to close the wide double gate, which had been left open for their return. Halfway to the gate he suddenly turned and said, "The rest of you girls go back to your rooms for the night and get ready for bed. As for you young lady, stay right where you are and wait for me. We have something that needs to be settled tonight." Mary sighed as she leaned against the Jeep, his words ringing in her ears. Veronica pulled her bag from the back and tossed it over her shoulder with a grin. As she passed Mary, Veronica rubbed the seat of her jeans with one hand and acted as she was wiping away a tear with the other as she let out a giggle. Mandy shook her head and said, "Veronica, give it a rest." Mandy walked over to Mary and gave her a hug, "If you need to talk after just come by OK?" she whispered. Mary gave her a grim smile and nodded, "Thanks Mandy." The girls turn and began to walk across the Quad to the dorms. Veronica stopped and slapped her hand against her forehead as if she forgot something. "Oh Mary, I just remembered! I'm covering Kristen's floor for her tonight and her room is right below yours . . ." She tossed her long dark hair to the side and gave Mary a mock pleading look as she asked, " Try not to whimper too loudly tonight, ok? I need my rest and don't want to hear your crying all night. You can just slip the five under the door after the Dean is done with you. Thank you!" she said with her best fake smile. The sound of laughter floating across the Quad, Veronica turned and ran to catch up with the rest of the girls.

Normally Mary would have reacted, even now she contemplated tossing a snowball at the back of Veronica's head. She didn't though. Even as she watched the other girls walk toward the dorms, she could hear Andy walking back up the drive behind her. Mary Catherine pulled her jacket more tightly around her and ruefully thought, "He'll be seeing my body again in a few minutes." His arm slipped around her shoulder suddenly and he quietly said, "Let's go young lady, time to go inside." Letting out a sigh, she moved away from the Jeep and followed the Dean into his cottage . . .

Part 3: The Discipline

While Mary was waiting . . .

Andy could have left the gate open, he knew the caretaker would have spotted it on his late evening rounds and shut it for the night, even though it was snowing. He needed some time to think and to cool down before dealing with Mary Catherine though and closing the gate for the night gave him a few more minutes to collect his thoughts. During the ride back he was lost, seeing Mary again in his eyes. Angry, no furious, with her on the one hand for doing what she had done-but not being able to get the sight of the soft curls between her legs on the other. The main question, he thought as he reached the gate, was which was the best way to react. The Dean in him knew the answer to that, he was going to have to give Mary Catherine a sound spanking-one that would leave her sore for days to come and leave marks she couldn't hide. He had been serious. She was NEVER going to pose for that class again. Andy was distracted for a moment trying to remember if the tawse was in his cottage or in his main office. The cottage, he finally decided. He hadn't used it for months, but he had to keep it well oiled so it wouldn't become stiff from disuse. He'd brought it to the cottage for oiling and hadn't brought it back to his office.

Andy sighed to himself, as he shut the gate and began to walk back toward the cottage. This was so hard to understand. He realized for the first time he was dealing with more than a schoolgirl, he was dealing with a young woman. Her uniform hid that fact well through the years, but it was glaringly apparent to him now that Mary Catherine was growing, no, make that HAD grown up. He felt like he had been blind. Sure he remembered when she started to transform from a little tomboy who climbed trees and had skinned knees half the time to a blossoming girl. Somewhere along the way though she had blossomed into a young lady-one who was really quite something. "Now what?" he asked himself as he looked at Mary Catherine leaning against the Jeep her head down as the snow fell around her. There was a battle brewing between them and he knew the way he handled things tonight would determine if it was a battle or a full-blown war.

As he walked into the cottage, his arm around her shoulder, he thought about his options. He knew PRECISELY how he would handle things if Mary Catherine had been a college coed or a graduate student that he'd been dating and he had caught her in such a position. Andy thought about that-about what he would do if Mary Catherine had been his girlfriend. It didn't take much thinking. He'd devised an excellent way to keep a girlfriend who pushed a little too hard against sensible boundaries in check in the past. It was what Mary Catherine needed, he thought to himself, a constant, gentle reminder that she was still under his rules and still a little girl who needed looking after in a way, despite what she thought or how she looked. Andy knew all too well that some girls liked to test their limits and Mary pushed harder against those limits than any girl he had never known. That was the problem though, she wasn't his girlfriend, she was a student. He had a responsibility to her but unfortunately he couldn't keep her in check like that. He wished it wasn't the case at the moment. He would have had a clear course of action if they were dating because there was no way he would allow a girlfriend of his to strip in front of a room full of strangers, art class or not! It would be effective, even if she wouldn't understand it. He looked down at Mary's and the idea took hold. Somehow he knew Mary Catherine WOULD understand the implications of such a punishment. She was extremely sensitive and intuitive, and would realize why he had chosen to impose such a rule. Still, she was a senior in high school and his responsibility, not a girl who he was dating or taking to bed . . .

Andy quietly closed his cottage door, locking it behind them. He hung up his jacket and motioned for Mary Catherine to do the same. She stood there, looking from him to the front door and back again. "Go on young lady. Take off your coat and leave your bag out here in the living room. I'll meet you in my office. Mary could feel her heart beating harder and her palms began to sweat. Mary Catherine quickly took her jacket off and hung it up neatly, taking care to place her scarf neatly over the neck. She wiped her hands on her green cords, then straightened her sweater. It wasn't her uniform, but it felt like a uniform at sorts. This was the sort of thing most of the students at the college were wearing these days and she had taken great pains to look the part of a college coed, even though she made it look just a little different-so she would stand out from the crowd. She idly thought of spring, still so far off. She'd be able to wear her GAP and JCrew summer dresses and shorts to class then. It didn't matter though, anything was better than her uniform. She stopped and nearly laughed with dismay. She was about to be disciplined and all she could think of was whether or not Andy would make her wear her uniform to her college classes!

Mary Catherine drew in her breath, straightened her spine and quietly walked into the study. The amber light from the lamp on his desk was the only thing that lit the room and gave it a warm, cozy glow-homey almost. "Yeah, right," she thought to herself ruefully. Mary Catherine felt her heart skip a beat then pick up in intensity when she spotted the tawse on his desk. She bit her lip as it began to quiver. Up until now she had held out hope, however slight, that maybe it would be detention, lines or even a paddling. The sight of it on the desk left no doubt, and even if it had, there was a small bottle of leather oil and a rag, a sure sign of what was to come. Mary walked slowly to his desk until she was against it, her eyes never leaving the tawse.

Andy studies her as she approaches, the transformation was almost complete. Mary Catherine's hair was up and hanging from one side in a loose, sloppy ponytail. She looked like his Mary again, the one he knew-cords, hiking boots, a baggy sweater with long sleeves which hid her hands. She was biting her lower lip, eyes fixed firmly on the tawse before her. It hurt him to do it but he knew this time he had to really make an impression. He was sure about this part of her punishment, but the other part, he still wasn't sure.

"I want you to oil it," he said simply as he stood up and walked to her side of the desk. She nodded slowly, never taking her eyes off leather strap. With shaking hands she picked up the bottle of oil and placed a little on the rag. She slowly began to rub it back and forth on the tawse, biting her lip and fighting back the tears. Andy paced behind her, lecturing her, forcing himself to stay calm as he did. She tried to listen, to hear what he said, but she couldn't. The sight of the tawse was all consuming to her. All she heard was the stray phrase now and then. "I'm VERY disappointed in you . . . can't believe you would be so free about who sees your body . . . just because your body has matured it doesn't mean you have young lady . . . rules are made for a reason and they will have to be followed-not only as long as you're at Saint Francis but as long as I know you . . . lucky, and I mean LUCKY I didn't put you over my knee and paddle your bottom raw right there in front of the entire class . . . no way, and I mean NO WAY, you will ever, I repeat EVER set foot in that classroom again." Mary heard him, heard the anger in his voice despite the quiet tone, heard the disappointment, she even thought she heard some hurt way in the background. Mention was made of what shape the rest of her punishment would take-detention for four weeks, restricted weekends (that hurt!) and a letter of resignation to the professor of the art class (although no mention needed to be made that the reason was she was still a senior at Saint Francis).

The lecture went on and on as she slowly oiled the tawse. Mary Catherine really didn't mind, she knew Andy was worried about her and moreover, the longer he talked, the longer it would be before the tawse would be in his hand and her bottom would be feeling it. Finally she felt Andy's hand on her shoulder and she froze, her heart flip-flopping again. "Ready young lady?" She carefully placed the rag down on the table and nodded. She absently thought to herself as she looked at his desk, "Will he clear his desk or will he have me do it instead?"

Suddenly she had her answer. "Ok young lady, go upstairs to the bathroom and take off everything from the waist down and wait for me. At first his command didn't register at all. Mary was lost in her own world. In fact she had already unfastened the top button of her cords and she was reaching for the zipper when his words registered. She stopped and asked, "What did you say?" without turning around, a puzzled look on her face. "I said I want you to go upstairs to the bathroom and take off everything from the waist down." Mary closed her eyes and tried to fight off the panic she could feel rising inside of her. A million thoughts went racing through her head, but one stood out above the rest. "Now you've done it Mary, he's going to strap you within a inch of your life this time!" She just didn't understand why he wanted her in the bathroom instead of here. It was just as easy to take the tawse to her bottom across his desk. She racked her brain trying to figure out why he wanted her in the bathroom and then she remembered something Alex had told her. The swim coach would paddle girls on the team for being late or lazy during practice after he'd made them jump in the pool to get wet. She said the pain of the paddle was magnified on wet skin. Was that it? Was he going to wet her bottom before drying it with the tawse?

She turned buttoning back up her cords as she looked at the Dean with pleading eyes. Although she rarely cried even after a sizzling paddling, her lip was beginning to quiver and a thin stream of tears ran down her cheeks. The Dean was unmoved, at least outwardly. He just picked up the tawse up off the desk and said, "Let's go young lady, I'm waiting." Mary looked at him once more and slowly turned, heading for the hallway. She climbed the stairs, biting her lip as she wiped the tears from her eyes. Andy followed behind her, the tawse dangling from his hand.

"Let me know when you're ready for me," he said as she walked through the bathroom door. Mary nodded, then closed it behind her. She couldn't figure out why he waited outside while she removed her clothes. It wasn't like he hadn't seen her naked. For the second time that evening Mary took down off her cords and let down her panties. As she did she looked around. As much time she had spent in the Dean's cottage over the years, she had never seen his master bathroom. It was nice, no beautiful even-nothing like the bathrooms in the dorms. It had a pedestal sink with a large mirror hanging over it. There was a handsome chest of drawers holding linens and towels a beautiful claw footed tub and a separate walk-in shower. She neatly folded her pants and panties and placed her socks and shoes besides them, looking around she decided to place them on the chest. She cleared her throat and in a small voice said "Ready Sir". Mary felt the words catch in her throat-she didn't know where that "Sir" had come from!

Andy came in the bathroom, a fluffy white towel folded over in one hand and the tawse in the other. When she saw the towel in his hand she was certain that was his plan, to wet her bottom to increase the sting. She felt her heart start to beat faster and her mouth dried. She couldn't read him, couldn't tell what he was thinking. She hurt though. For the first time in her life Andy didn't correct her with the gentle, "It's Dean, remember Sport?" that she'd grown used to hearing over the years when she got flustered and called him Sir by mistake. She stood before him and he looked her over. She was standing straight, hands folded carefully in front of her, nestled inside the sleeves of her sweater. Andy waited until she looked up at him before continuing his appraisal-her eyes were so soft, like a lamb being led to slaughter. She looked so innocent . . . so heartbreakingly innocent. He knew though this was the right decision.

He walked past Mary Catherine and placed the folded white towel on the chest besides her clothes. He took a step back and looked around the room and finally walked to the pedestal sink. He looked at her and gestured at the sink. Her heart was beating a million miles a minute now. She knew exactly what he was thinking and after taking a deep breath she walked over to the sink. She braced herself against it, as her hands gripped the edges tightly. She knew what she had done had been far beyond anything she had done before, beyond any prank or stunt she'd ever dreamed of pulling and she knew that this punishment would match and be beyond anything that had been administered to her before. Mary Catherine drew in her breath and bent over as far as she could-presenting her bottom as a target for him as best she could. She closed her eyes as she felt Andy adjusting her sweater, raising it above her hips, then his hands moved away. She tightened her grip on the sink and opened her eyes, looking at herself in the mirror just inches from her face. It was as if she was preparing herself for what was to come. After a long moment she blinked and broke her gaze, looking at the Dean in the mirror. "You don't have to count Mary Catherine," he said, signifying that by the end she'd be unable to do anything but cry. She slowly nodded, the fear taking over her, then returned her gaze to herself . . .

She didn't even hear the tawse as it flew through the air-SPLAAAAATTTTT!! It took a minute for the searing pain to spread through her cheeks and up to her brain. From Andy's view he saw a long, pink stripe come into view across the full of her cheeks. Mary grimaced and shut her eyes tight, taking in a deep breath of air. Slowly she released it and opened her eyes looking at herself again in the mirror. Her lower lip was trembling and her eyes were beginning to tear. Taking a deep breath she again looked at Andy through the mirror and nodded her head . . . SPPLLLLAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT!!!!! "UHHHHH!!!!!!" Mary's eyes screwed shut, and her grip tightened. She could feel another welt begin to rise across her cheeks. It took a moment longer this time, but again Mary's eyes opened and she took a deep breath, looked in the mirror until she found Andy behind her and nodded her head before she looked at her reflection again . . . SPPPPPPLLLLLAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!! . . . SPPLLLLAATTTT!!! . . . SSSSPPLLLLLAAAATTTT!!!!!!!! . . . SPPPLLLLAAAAATTTT!!!!!!!

Mary looked at herself in the mirror, tears were running down her face freely now and with each stroke she cried out in pain. She had lost count on the number of times she had opened her eyes and looked for Andy and nodded before she looked into her own eyes again. Her face was flushed with small beads of perspiration dripping down from her forehead and Mary Catherine's grip was so tight on the sink that her knuckles were as white as the porcelain. As for her bottom that was a different sight-angry red stripes crisscrossed it, snaking across her full, firm cheeks and streaking down to the tops of her upper thighs. She took a deep breath and before she nodded yet again she looked painfully at the chest and at the towel on it. She wondered dimly what the towel was for since he evidently wasn't going to wet her bottom to increase the sting. At that angle though she couldn't see the razor and shaving cream that was carefully hidden inside . . .

A week later . . .

Mary Catherine walked across campus and into Old Main, climbing the stairs to the Dean's office, glancing at her watch as she walked. Mary picked up the pace, she knew better than to be late to detention, even if she had been on time the first three days. Once inside she found him gone but with a full stack of work in the box he had set up for her. Sunlight spilled in the office and made it bright, catching on the icicles that had formed in the windows. Mary sighed as she pulled up a chair to sit down and go to work on the computer. She glanced at the Dean's appointment book and the clock. If she hurried she could get this done before he was back from his meeting with the Trustees. He'd be surprised. Mary Catherine closed her eyes and slowly sat down, moving around to get comfortable. She smiled with relief-it had finally stopped hurting to sit down. It was Thursday again, a week since that night in the Dean's bathroom. She reflected on the past week as she sorted through the work. It had never taken this long for the effects of the tawse to go away. This was the first day she could sit without squirming with discomfort. That made it easier to concentrate on the work at hand . . . she felt comfortable again at last. Suddenly Mary Catherine blushed furiously. That wasn't quite true. Her bottom might be on the mend, but other aspects of this punishment would last a lot longer than that the effects of the tawse.

After about 30 minutes of intense work she stopped, arched her eyebrow for a second and looked as if she was in deep thought and contemplating something. She glanced at the bathroom, then at the Dean's desk and finally at the door. She raced to the desk and leaned over, her hand resting on her chin as she studied his datebook again. He should be back at 4:45. Mary glanced at the clock, 4:20. There was time. She raced to the bathroom and closed the door, locking it firmly behind her. She looked at herself with one hand on her hip and said to herself, "What are you stressing about, even if he does come he isn't going to come into the bathroom if you're in here!" Face red and heart beating fast, she reached under her plaid skirt and slid down her panties to mid-thigh. She turned and glanced over her back and slowly lifted up the back of her skirt . . .

Even thought it didn't hurt anymore, the marks of her latest encounter with the Dean still showed. The licks that had landed on her upper thighs (and had hurt the most by far) were gone, but there were still pink lines criss-crossing her cheeks. "Good," she thought letting her skirt fall, maybe I could use the indoor pool this weekend and swim some laps. She groaned and remembered she was on restriction and the pool was off limits to her. She hated spending her weekends in the library and in her room. As she turned back toward the mirror she reached under her skirt to pull up her panties and stopped. Catching a glance at her reflection she blushed bright red and a shy, embarrassed look crossed her face. She gave a quick glance to the door and then back to the mirror. Slowly she reached down and lifted up her skirt, the front this time . . . higher and higher, up to her hips and gazed down. It still made her blink with surprise. Mary couldn't remember the last time she was like that naturally, 11, perhaps 12? Trembling slightly Mary Catherine ran her fingers over the skin between her legs which was now as smooth and bare as she thighs. She still couldn't believe it happened and didn't know what to think, except it was something she didn't share with anyone not even Mandy, it was just too embarrassing!

As she reached down and pulled up her panties the Dean's words rang in her ear as he put her to bed after her punishment was complete that night. I hope you realize this is for your own good Mary Catherine, I can't think of any other way to insure you won't go back to that class. You're to stay like that for the rest of the semester." He'd paused for a moment then added, "and in case you're thinking of defying me young lady, you should know, I WILL be checking." "Would he really?" she thought as she smoothed out her skirt. He hadn't yet, but she didn't doubt that he would. He was a man of his word. She walked back to the computer and went back to work. That night had forever changed her feelings for him. Up until then she had loved him, or at least lusted over him she thought but not anymore . . .

Just then Andy walked in folder in hands, all work. "Afternoon Mary Catherine," he said warmly. "Hello Dean I've finished those graphs you needed for your meeting tomorrow," she said, handing him the graphs she had printed. He smiled as he looked at them and he reached down and squeezed Mary's shoulder affectionately, "Good work Mary. Next what I want you to do is break this down by quarter and year instead of year and quarter. Like this," he says drawing on the back of one of the graphs. Mary studies it for a minute with a furrowed brow, then her face lit up. "Oh, ok, I understand no problem, I could have it done in say half an hour?" "Great. I should be back by 5:30 I have to go pay Veronica a visit." Mary's face lit up and her head shot up. "Oh really, eerrrrrrrr, need to take the Mighty Thor with you possibly? I'll be happy to get it for you." The Dean stopped at the door and turned and looked at Mary with a mock frown on his face, "Now Mary, be nice." Mary gave him a contrite look, "I know, I know, but a girl can dream can't she?" The Dean just shook his head and turned and went out the door. The door suddenly opened a bit and he stuck his head back in for a second and said, "You know I shouldn't be telling you this, but no I won't be needing the Thor today, but only because I plan to use Thumper (Veronica's paddle) on her instead. It seems she was running a rather unsavory betting pool about what kind of discipline I hand out these days." Mary looked at the door as he closed it and making a fist said, "Yessss!"

Her focus returned to her work and her feelings for the Dean. No doubt about it her feelings toward Andy had changed. She was determined to marry him now . . . Mary Catherine stopped and gave herself a wicked little smile . . . or at least live with him!

1999 Mary Catherine Whitney and Dean Andrew Michaels, All Rights Reserved