Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 05:23:20 -0700
From: (Rosy B. Goode)
Subject: ROSY RL STORY: Solstice '96..  Around the Green Chair - M/F sex, cons. spanking, bondage, etc.

WARNING: This true and colorful story, for ADULTS only, contains consensual erotic spanking , sex, a little bondage, laughing and giggling, a green chair, a pink paddle, a Blue Meanie, an Air Vinyl, a crop, a bamboo spoon, candles, a world class top, and one very red bottom! If you try to use this story for profit or post it to other groups without permission you are _not_ doing right, and if I don't get you the Lords of Karma will. Reasonably polite comments are always welcome.

A note on toys: The "Blue Meanie" and the "Air Vinyl" (our names for these items, but the maker is welcome to use them, too) are homemade spanking toys that a friend sent us. They are made of a laminated vinyl material (which happens to be blue), pack a powerful and exquisite sting, and leave a lasting warmth behind (ok, take the double meaning!) &ltg>. The Blue Meanie is solid while the Air Vinyl is larger and perforated with neat little circular holes. The Air Vinyl is Rosy's absolute favorite paddle to date. The pink paddle is a very sturdy plastic or nylon and came from one of those child's toys with the little ball and elastic attached, and first made its appearance in Assville in the Story "Echoes.. (slap-ow).. of 1992".

One more note: LP uses the word "punishment" in this story. Please be aware that this word is one we use in a _very_ playful way, and it is not meant in the sense that it is often used on this ng.

Solstice '96.. Around the Green Chair

By Rosy B. Goode

The scene is set.. candles all lit. The sturdy green armless office chair with the padded seat sits waiting at the head of the room... a kitchen chair placed to it's left, at right angles. The characters come together... Rosy all soft and fresh and sweet, wearing only her purple cocoon jacket with the gold moons, stars, and suns scattered across it.. her cocoon jacket which drapes so gracefully and doesn't close in the front... LP with the tools of his talent (one of his talents anyway!&ltg>) close at hand. The music tonight will be "Barefoot", good music for a celebration of the longest day, and the green fat shoots poking through the warming soil.

I sit in the green chair, leaning back, savoring this last brief chance to rest before more strenuous exertions are required of me. LP goes over to start the music rolling and then, on his way back to the other chair, starts the little recording deck. As usual, knowing we're recording brings on an attack of bad jokes and word plays and giggles. When I inform LP &ltg> that if I laugh much longer, I won't be able to bend over, he tells me that if I will please stand up, he knows a way to get me to stop laughing... which completely cracks us up!

"Why don't you just stand up, here in front of me," he coaxes. "All you have to do is stand up... this is just achieving the vertical." I rise, soft moans emanating from my throat, and take the step to stand in front of him. He tells me to put my arms around him and takes up the bamboo cooking spoon. The spoon begins to descend smartly to my bared buns, slowly at first. He stops for a moment to bury his face in my bosom, and the stinging blows resume, gradually increasing speed as I wiggle and twitch. Shortly I am squealing and please-ing. He pauses briefly and tells me to place myself bent over the back of the green chair (the height of which has me up on my toes), with my hands on the seat. Several very fast volleys of slaps of that stinging spoon soon follow, as I bounce on my toes. The rythm of the spoon weaves in and out of the polyrythms of the music.

He has me move around to facing the front of the chair, with one foot up on the chair seat, my hands/arms leaning on the chair back, and notes how spankable and fondle-able I am in this position and his other hand snakes around in front of me to play with my love-button and tease my slit. He always loves me with one foot up.&ltg> The Blue Meanie blazes a trail across my bent and tightened bottomcheeks as I moan and then squeal. He puts down the paddle and tells me I may move slightly, but I am not to squirm, and his left hand reaches in to fondle my breast, while his right again seeks the pleasures of my sex. I ooooo and gasp, striving to be near motionless as wave upon wave of sensation flows through me. Finally I grow a bit dizzy, and he tells me to sit for a minute. I sit, my burning buns pressing into the cool fake leather of the chair seat.

He comes over for kisses, his hand fondling my soft breasts as I sit. After a long round of hot and tender kisses, his hand slides south &ltg>, spreading my legs further, once again seeking my deeper pleasures. "Oh," he says, "I almost forgot about this." "Yeah, you forgot about that, are you kidding?" I reply, giggling, " for about ten seconds!" Ooops! Not a wise remark!&ltg> My bottom is not presented as I am still sitting on it! He picks up the spoon again and attacks my exposed inner thighs very rapidly with it... not all that hard, but it's a tender area! I squirm and squeal and begin rapid apologies and pleadings. He is merciful and stops and I remark, " Oh my, there's a reason why I present that bottom of mine so well!" He resumes his teasing caresses for a bit.

"I imagine that you could sit in the chair and probably, don't you think, be made to wiggle in spite of orders not to," he says, "because then you would have to, of course, present your bum for various punishments." His caresses grow ever more stimulating, he knows me so very well. I ask him how much is a wiggle. "It might be very little... can't tell," he replies cheerfully... we both laugh. "So... you should probably do as little as possible," he continues laughingly.... "that would be the best strategy probably... but if you do a little, don't think that will mean an end to your torture." He knows me all too well... the intensity of his torturing &ltg> caresses to my tenderest and most excitable parts continues to rise, and my excitement builds like an electric charge. I gasp and moan and try to remain still and open, knowing, as always, that I will only be able to contain that electricity for so long. He give me one last warning, knowing my downfall is near. "It may be awhile before you get your buns back in the chair after your punishment begins," he tells me.

He alternates his hot mouth between my two nipples as his hand continues its knowing stimulation of my love button. "Sometimes I think about having a contest," he says, "to see which one is more sensitive.... you're actually in a good position for such a thing." He continues to demonstrate what a good position I am in for this. "I can't tell which is more sensitive," he remarks, "we're going through them pretty good." A finger snakes back to gently probe and tease my most secret orifice, adding to the electricity of the combined stimulations. Finally I am overcome by a wiggle that cannot be denied.

"You need to be spanked," he says. "Oh, I'm so sorry," I reply softly, "you _should_ spank me for that." He tells me to kneel on the seat of the chair, facing the seat, with my elbows resting on the chairback. I have to keep my knees back so as not to risk tipping the chair. He surveys the scene. "Damn, that's pretty," he tells me, "and you know what else.... it's the right height for this." "This" he demonstrates by coming close up behind me with his arms around me and rubbing his groin against my bottom which is still quite warm and about to become much warmer.

He attacks my plump posterior very rapidly with the pink paddle. "Am I still supposed to not squirm?" I manage to ask between squeals. "No, wiggle, go ahead," he answers, "just don't move your knees or your elbows." The rapid-fire slaps continue and I heat up inside and out. Since I cannot move knees or elbows without risking falling right out of the chair, I have every intention of honoring this command!;-) My wiggling and squirming bottom is really starting to burn and I begin please-ing. The tape clicks to a halt, giving me a brief break as he moves to turn it over, and he offers me a drink.

He has me lower myself, so I am still kneeling but sort of sitting on my legs... except that I am kneeling so far back in the chair that my bottom... now bent and stretched very tightly... is still mostly available and quite vulnerable. He remarks on how available my front is in this position, and resumes his determined spanking of my now quite red rear, with his other hand proving the availability of my chest. The quality of the sting has changed... broader and even sting-ier. My first guess, the Air Vinyl, is wrong, so he picks up the pace and intensity, proving that it is indeed the Blue Meanie. Oh my, what a sting! My squeals, ooooos, and ows intensify as the fire builds. The stinging slaps come faster and harder until I beg very sincerely for mercy. He is merciful and grants me respite as he comes around in front of me for more of those hot kisses that both stimulate and reassure us both.

My feet are really starting to fall asleep. "I haven't straddled the chair yet," I murmer (this was mentioned as a possibility when he decided we would play around the chair). "Yeah," he says, "everything but." Our kissing continues. "Well, I haven't gone otk in the chair, either, " I softly continue. "You also haven't laid on your back and balanced the chair on your feet!" he jokes. This cracks us both up. "Yeah, there's probably several other things I haven't done yet!" I laugh back at him. We've both got the giggles now. "Laugh while you may!" he replies, in a mock-threatening tone. I oblige!&ltg>

He resumes the paddling of my close-to-blazing rear.... steadily and quite sharply. In no time my giggles change to pleases. "Please what?", he enquires, "please let you straddle the chair?" The blows come down more fiercely. "Oh please let me straddle the chair," I beg most sincerely, "please-oh-please!" "Sure," he says, as the paddle halts in it's progress toward what is becoming a raging fire. I straddle the chair backwards, again resting my arms on the chairback, sitting well back so my well reddened rear overhangs the chair seat most conveniently. He uses two nylon with velcro straps to secure my ankles to the legs of the chair, reinforcing my feeling of exposure and vulnerability.

He picks up the Air Vinyl which doesn't sting *quite* as sharply, but it does pack an awesome and exquisite sting and, being a bit larger, covers a little more area in the process. Again, the application is steady and quite firm. "Ow-ow-ow-please-oh-please, it burns!" I squeal. The stinging slaps continue for a bit, then stop. "It's not every girl who will do this for her fella," I remark. "Oh God, Rosy, girls who do this for their fella deserve to be spanked," LP replies. "Righteously," I answer back. "I don't think there's probably anybody who's like you," he continues. I moan and laugh. He renews his stimulation of my breasts and clitoris. "Ok, now where are we with squirming?" I inquire laughing. "If I feel like it, I'll call it too much and spank the heck out of you," he replies. "If I'm happier doing what I'm doing or with what you're doing to me, I'll postpone the punishment even if you squirm... it's very simple, it's called I'm the top, you're the bottom... the bottom gets spanked," he continues.

I moan as his stimulations again take effect and the electricity begins to build again. "This is cool... this is wonderful... your body is beautiful and you're so vulnerable to fondling and diddling," he says, proving it even as he speaks. He can reach every hot spot I've got in this position, and he is going for it bigtime. My gasps, moans, and squeals intensify as I strive for a reasonable degree of open stillness. With consumate artistry he brings me to the edge of my climax, but I am not quite allowed over that edge... not yet. As his finger works his way up my narrow rear passage and his stimulation of other areas continues, the inevitable wiggle and squeeze overcomes me.

"It's just like static electricity," I murmer, "it just gets to where I can't contain it." He begins to paddle me quite steadily again. I squeal and gasp. "Well, I suppose the crop is appropriate, since we're celebrating fertility, and... raising crops," I remark laughing. He obligingly takes it up and begins a rather rapid application. "The crop, to me, is kind of like a French chef's knife... in a sense I could do everything I have to with one tool... I can even remind you how serious the bond of trust is between us," LP observes, cropping away all the while.

"Tell you what," he says, lightening up a little on the crop, "if you want me to stop with the crop, ask for a plug while you hold yourself open for me." This means that whenever he finally crops me after the plug insertion I will still be required to hold myself open for him... one of our ultimate expressions of our trust. He begins to crop me progressively harder and a bit faster. Finally, I will do anything for a break from the stinging burn. Please-please-oh-please let me hold myself open for the plug.. please-please," I beg. He puts down the crop and picks up the jelly plug. "Ooooo I must be nice and rosy," I remark. He agrees.&ltg> I reach back to grasp my burning cheeks, pulling them even more open and spread. He begins his slow tease insertion. My soft moans and gasps are, I know, music to his ears. As the plug eases it's way into place, he renews the stimulation of my ever more sensitive clitoris. I hold myself open... striving to be open to him in every way. I manage it for awhile, but then my bottom squeezes of its own volition.;-)

I continue to hold myself spread (trusting him, as always, _never_ to hit my hands) as the crop strikes one cheek and then the other, wandering every so often to the sensitive inner part of my cheeks, the part I am holding so open and exposed. The sting is outrageous when this happens, but it gets me so *hot*! After awhile, he stops the cropping and returns to testing me with slow partial withdrawals and reinsertions of the plug. This testing doesn't last long! As close to the edge of orgasm as I am it is simply impossible to hold still for long. He picks up the Air Vinyl and in no time at all has me passionately begging and pleading for another chance to be good. Merciful dear that he is, he doesn't make me beg toooo long.&ltg>

He moves around to where I can reach his manhood with my soft hot mouth, while he occasionally gives me a little reminder with the paddle. I ask very nicely for my vibrating egg and he grants my wish. The granting of this wish usually means I will be spanked continuously until I cum, and this time is no exception. Again, I take him into my mouth, loving the taste and feel. He resumes paddling me with the Air Vinyl... the combination of awesome and exquisite sting and focused vibrations brings me closer and closer to an amazing edge. For the last time my excitement grows and swells to an incredible height. He varies between slow and hard and faster but a bit lighter. He is driving me wild! My wimpers, gasps, squeals, and moans come faster. Finally I explode into my orgasm, and for a timeless moment I know how it feels to be a meteor streaking through the heavens. The sensations are awesome and the release tremendous.

He releases my ankles, and I kneel on the chair for him to make his entrance. I just love it when he takes me from behind when my bottom is hot and burning. It feels so good... I feel so loved, and my heart is overflowing with love for this wonderful man who will go to such lengths for my pleasure. He plunges in to fill me again and again and I glory in our closeness. "Ohhhh, this is wonderful," he moans. "Don't mind if you do!" I reply with a soft little laugh. Joined together we sway and dance and moan. His tempo increases as his moans and cries grow in volume and intensity. Finally it is his turn to explode and I glory in his release. Again our trust has seen us through to new and greater heights of passion, and our love is renewed and stronger than ever. Words cannot express my gratitude for our hot love and the marvelous trust that makes it possible. The solstice has definitely been celebrated tonight!