From: (Rosy B. Goode)
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 21:04:42 UTC
Subject: STORY RL: Rosy Pays Her Dues - M/F cons,spanking,sex,& etc.!

This *ADULT* story includes spanking (with a variety of implements, including a wicked switch), bondage, vibrators, a small hour-glass timer, lusty sex, cries, moans, squeals, love, and laughter. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen! If you try to use this story for personal gain or post it to other groups, you deserve to be *severely* punished, and if I don't get you, the Lords of Karma will.

Rosy Pays Her Dues

by Rosy B. Goode

Ok, so I knew I'd have something coming for posting my delurk.... it was, after all, a very naughty thing to do. Here I sit at the Powerbook all freshly bathed, softened, and scented, wearing the ruffled pink skirt tucked up behind, while L.P. takes his shower. I have a good reason to suspect that a switch (actually, he had me go out and cut two) may be coming up in the immediate future for me. At a good guess I will be pretty immobilized by the time that happens... gee, I can't decide whether to drool or dread.... switches defintately push my limits. I can take quite a bit of paddling these days, naughty girl that I am, but I sometimes wimp pretty quickly with switches. And do I really remember suggesting that the little hour-glass go down, with the other toys?;-) Three minutes isn't really *that* long, but with the right toys/techniques it can be made to seem like a very long time, and the point of the timer, after all, is that while a *little* mercy may be shown, stopping is not on. To top it all off, he just came out from the bedroom to find me working on this little story of my naughtiness....... Rosy will not belie her name tonight!&ltg>

I'll try to let you all know later how it went.... we're going to try audio taping this one to aid my memory..... Bye for now..........

Well, Rosy is definately rosy tonight, perhaps even a touch raw. Over four hours later, not only is the glow still on, but some welts from the most intensive switching I have yet received do remain. I am sitting, but am very aware still of what my bottom experienced tonight, as it paid the price for new heights of naughtiness. When we went downstairs, to where the PA speakers live, the stimulants for the tableau were lined up neatly on the monitors... a poly cooking spoon, the piece of heavy strap leather, the official "Board of Education" that we got at a yard sale, the "crystal wand" (a purple plastic fly swatter with a clear plastic handle), a webbing belt, the crop, and those fresh limber switches! L.P. surprised me tonight with a slightly different method for tying me over the P.A. speaker cabinets, standing on concrete blocks to give me more lift, and my knees tied a different way, more spread than ever, and slightly bent out. Extremely lewd and lascivious..... very naughty!

My hands start off cuffed behind me (a bandana around each wrist and those little camping clips like mini-carabiners do a nice job). I stand, leaning on the speakers, bum jutting out on one side, breasts on the other. The poly spoon comes first (the kind that is molded in one piece to mimic a wooden one). This is my first experience with one of these BB, though they have been doing a great job of punching through whatever I am wearing when I confess to or am caught at bottom-rubbing. They are much more wicked than wooden spoons, through clothing anyway. L.P. begins quite steadily snap...smack...snap...smack..... little touches of fire. Then there is a flurry of sharp smacks until I beg and plead. He stops, and moves around to mouth my nipples, telling me not to twitch away. My nipples are, as always, very sensitive. Not twitching them under the kind of stimulation they are getting is an exquisite torture. I gasp and moan. Despite my best efforts, my body reacts slighty, and I am not successful in passing this movement off as an asjustment of balance... (shucks.... I thought it was worth a try).;-)

Smack, snap, smack, snap, I ooo and ow as that wicked poly again attacks my plump parts. I cant't decide which is worse, the steady smack and snap, or the not so hard but much faster flurries that vary the rythym. I am overcome and my chest comes to rest on the top of the speaker, stretching my bottom tighter. The burning points of fire are shading together into a rich warm glow, and still they continue. I wimper and murmer, "Oh, those really are wickeder than wooden ones." He stops for a minute to kiss me and then resumes his task.... ow-ow-ow-ow-ow- ow-.... it just keeps stinging. My hands are still behind me, and I find I am being smothered by my hair, so I ask him quite nicely to arrange it for me. He obliges, and then takes up the piece of strap leather.

This is a much broader kind of burn, and after half a dozen or so good strokes he asks me, "Do you remember the ostensible purpose for this occasion?" I reply, "Posting my delurk....(smack-ow-smack-ow).... along with my various other *little* things." "Come on," he says, "you've been doing enough naughty things... you've been writing naughty notes." The smacking of the leather speeds up. Through my giggles, squeals and cries, I remark, "Oh God, ***** (a correspondent) will love me gettin' spanked for that." Now they are coming harder *and* faster and my giggles quickly change to pleadings for mercy. There is another pause for a kiss, as he fondles my stinging buns.

A new kind of sting is felt... harder, sharper, louder... it has to be the "Board of Education". Crack... ow... crack... ooo... crack... ow. "Ooooo, I'm getting educated!" I exclaim. Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow... I start to beg, "Please (crack) ow-ow-ow- please (crack)." The pace slows somewhat as the force increases a bit. I writhe and dance the little bit that my bonds allow, as the fierce burn grows. "Oh, pleeeeease, I will be good," I cry out. L.P. interrupts the proceedings to get me out of my thong back panties and into the little harness that will later hold the small vibrating egg. My bottom continues to tingle throughout this proccess, and I hold an awareness that, by the time we get to those switches, it will indeed be in an extremely sensitive state. The change requires my legs to be untied briefly. Then, they are retied tighter and more spread than ever, my hands now cuffed in front.

I guess L.P. thinks I may have cooled off somewhat during these proceedings. My once more well-displayed rear end recieves an all-over flurry of sharp cuts causing me to squeal, "Oh no... ow-ow-ow, not the crystal wand!" (the handle, which is much sharper that the swatter part). He stops, and his hand defines the area which is now red. Six more very sharp cuts, and he comes for a kiss and then the webbing belt wraps lines around my tender cheeks over and over and over. " Ow... that *hurts*... ow... please.... I'll do anything you say!" He stops and says, "Well, time for your last warm up item." He begins to work his magic with the crop (he really is an artist with the crop). Carefully placed tongues of fire work their way around my flaming ass, as I alternately giggle, squeal, moan, and finally howl as speed and intensity both increase, "Please, oh please-please-please-please-ow-ow-ow!"

Another brief pause, as L.P. runs upstairs to get something. "If you're not back in five minutes,I might untie myself and come up to see if you need CPR!" I call out laughing as he starts up the stairs. He returns very quickly however, and says,"Five minutes indeed.... you might untie yourself... dream on..... dream *on*!" I laugh and moan. He attacks my rear end with a very fast flapping back-and-forth of the crop... a new technique, which brings on a giggle-and-ow attack. "Bet you didn't know that could be done with the crop," he says with laughter in his voice. "Well, if anyone could do it it'd be you," I reply. He laughs and kisses my soft hot lips. Then the cropping resumes more earnestly, though still pretty fast. I ow-and-please and before long he stops and begins to stimulate me in other more lascivious ways. I laugh and moan and purr, as he rubs my sex and plays with my nipples again.

He decides it is time to plug me, and gets the 'jelly' plug, which transmits so well when touched by a vibrator. He begins the insertion, telling me I had better hold still. As the plug, slippery with Love Balm, begins its passage I moan and gasp, and hold myself open and relaxed, resisting the urge to squeeze. He slips a finger up my slit to caress my clitoris and the urge to squeeze becomes stronger. At last I succumb. He informs me I will be spanked hard while I continue to hold still. The webbing draws lines of fire across my already blazing cheeks again and again. Once more, I plead for another chance, and as I am doing a very nice job of holding still for the belting he doesn't make me beg toooo long.

He gives me the little vibrating egg to get into place, smack dab on my love button, and changes my hands to clipped benind my back which balances me better for standing to present my breasts. He informs me that the next time I move or squeeze he will get the switches and the timer. I am holding the vibrator controller behind me so either of us can turn it on. He proceeds to do so, at minimum speed and then simultaneously attacks my breasts with one hand, and sometimes his mouth, while his other hand teases my plugged hole with the other vibrator. Gasping and moaning, I know I am doomed to the switches... I can only hold really still under this kind of stimulation for so long.... then the twitch-and-squeeze overcomes me. He removes his pants, and gets the switches. Once again I bend further to rest my body on the top of the speaker cabinets. He stands on my left side, on a little stool so that I can turn my head and reach his hot member with my soft mouth. The switching will not stop, I know, once the timer has been turned over, but if I am *very* sweet, it might not fall *quite* as fast or as sharply.

The timer is turned over and I hear the first whistle-and-swish as the switch flies to its destiny. Oh, it burns, and he is really being quite merciful, not using nearly as much force as he could. He steadily switches away, over and over and over, my cries and pleadings and moans rather muffled by his erect penis in my mouth. I turn up the egg, but it is not enough to really distract me from the cutting burn of the switch as it wraps its fiery lines across and around my naughty bum. I cannot see the timer, as I am now bent flat over the speaker, buttocks tight and stretched. I can only trust in my lover to keep track as an eternity seems to pass.... and still I hear those wicked swishes throught the air... preludes to those burning lines of fire. I beg and tongue and plead and suck, knowing that my pleas will, for awhile, be ignored... but unable to contain them.

Finally, the air remains silent, and he tells me the timer is up. He has me turn a little sideways, so my left nipple is available to play with, which he proceeds to do, continuing to give me occasional sharp cuts with the switch. I don't know if my bottom has ever burned quite so hot from his attentions. Finally, I beg and plead for *anything* but the switch, and he lays it down and picks up the poly spoon. Even a light blow from the spoon sears my red and welted bottom, but I know it will be useless to beg, since I asked for the change. I cannot help but squeal and yelp, though as the combined stimulus of the little vibrator, my tender-teased nipple, and my blazing bottom brings me closer to orgasm. It is also impossible to really keep still and blows come a little harder. Finally I explode, in one of the most mind-blowing climaxes we have yet achieved. I beg him to take me... a plea he can never resist, and my welted and sore behind rubs against his groin. It feels so good to have him there... pressing against me and then slapping himself against me as his own satisfaction nears. As his moans and cries get louder and he loses himself in the intensity of feeling I am once again wonder-struck at the way our trust has grown to make this exquisite and powerful excitement possible. And as he collapses, spent and satisfied, I give thanks for this wonderful love that keeps getting stronger and ever more exciting after all these years.

Rosy has been naughty, and has (for now!) paid her dues. Now what do you think she will get for writing and posting a story this naughty? I'll keep you posted!

Well,&ltg> after seeing Duchin's response to "Happy New Year l992" I am adding the following warning:

WARNING! Do not try this at home with your stereo speakers! *giggle* Ours are a fringe benefit of having a rock band... big heavy reinforced suckers built of 3/4" ply and weighing in at over 100 lbs. apiece! REPEAT WARNING: Home stereo speakers will not take the stress!!!!