Subject: Laura Gets Rosy... or Is That The Other Way 'Round?!<g> - RL  F/F
From: (Rosy B. Goode)
Date: 1996/10/03

Laura Gets Rosy... or Is That The Other Way 'Round?!<g> RL F/F

Laura and Rosy found one more time to play during their visit, on a cool and cloudy afternoon, in front of the fireplace. Rosy was feeling a bit more confident about topping this time, and Laura was feeling a bit hesitant and vulnerable, so Laura got to bottom first. What a treat she is to spank!:^) Toys she got spanked with included a lovely cherrywood paddle she had made as a gift for Rosy and LP, the little (as pizza paddles go) pizza paddle (which was a big hit &ltg> the other time), and a cute little item that's one of Rosy's recent favorite finds (she gifted Laura with one, too). It's like a riding crop but shorter and the slapper part is this cute little padded hand. It's got a great balance of sting to thud and is fun... and funny to use.

Gosh it was fun! Laura was so beautiful and so responsive, and Rosy was better at reading those responses and did a much more thorough job as she worked her way down through those pants and then panties and then directly on that lovely blushing bottom. Mmmmmmm...... Rosy does like those visuals! It was so _cute_ watching that little leather hand go slapping all around, up and down, faster and faster... little roses following in it's wake. As before, Laura was lying face down on a comforter in front of a cozy fire with Rosy sitting next to her, casually placing a leg across Laura's when her feet started to show signs of coming off the floor, stopping every so often to rub that beautiful and ever more sensitive bottom... yum!

The little hand was fun for Laura on the receiving end too. Rosy can slap the thing quite quickly, so the strokes all start to blend together. On a bottom that hasn't been warmed up yet, the thing has a nice little sting to it. Later, after Laura was nice and red, it felt more like a light, barely noticable thud, but it was so silly it was still fun.

The cherrywood paddle (which is the smoothest piece of wood Rosy has ever fondled) has a very fiery kiss, and definitely got some nice responses (Rosy's not the only one who does pretty sounds and wiggles), as it spread and deepened the glow the little hand had begun. Laura was glowing nicely by the time the pizza paddle began covering a broader area with its deeper sting. When the glow was quite fiery, Rosy told Laura to please say when she wanted her last ten, which Laura did &ltg> quite promptly, requesting that they be given _very_ hard with the cherrywood. Rosy did her best to oblige, and from the noises and the way those feet of Laura's kept coming up off the floor, she thinks she did pretty well, and she did admire how prettily Laura managed to count them.

That cherry paddle has an amazing burn when it's swung hard. Just the sort of fiery combination of sting and thud that Laura really loves. And Rosy was using just the right rhythm too: a slow, steady pace that gives a couple of seconds of recovery time between swats and helps Laura get into a light trance state too. Laura loves that paddle, if she does say so herself. She's already planning to make another one for her own toybag, or perhaps to shorten a longer one that she had already made from the same piece of wood.

Afterwards, we sat by the fire and cuddled and held hands and smiled a lot and talked a bit while Laura recovered herself enough to switch, which she did very nicely, gently drawing Rosy down over her lap as she sat on the comforter... mmmmmmm!

Earlier in the day Laura had been feeling a bit down, needy, and hesitant about topping, but she found it amazing what a spanking from Rosy could do for her mood. Add to that a bit of cuddling and the opportunity to have Rosy over her lap, and Laura just couldn't resist. (Rosy is _very_ glad she couldn't!:-)

It was Rosy's first trip over a womanly lap, but Rosy is hoping _hard_ it won't be the last. What a meltingly sweet surrender to trust. Again Rosy experienced Laura's wonderful hand (which does a lovely rub as well as a delicious stinging spank). Other treats included the cherrywood paddle and the beautiful deerskin flogger that Laura made to give Rosy and LP.

After a bit of warm up, Rosy's skirt was drawn gently up (another meltdown&ltg>) and soon after her panties came down (geez, I'm crying again writing this and missing Laura so much), and once again the feeling was one of coming home. Laura was more thorough this time too, and got a lot closer to Rosy's limits than the first time, though she's got a nice feel for when to stop and do a bit of rubbing (Laura's hands have a very special warmth... they feel like ultra-sound therapy).

When Rosy was hot and stinging with (no doubt) a fine glow worked up, Laura asked her to please get up and kneel by and lean on the coffee table and to please lift her shirt. Rosy knew Laura was going to flog her back as well as her bottom and was just a little bit nervous as she's got some back and neck problems, but she continued to trust Laura and is ever so glad she did.

Although Laura knew that Rosy was a little afraid of being hit on her back, she just couldn't resist the opportunity both to give Rosy a real flogging and to break in that flogger on her. It's a soft deerskin flogger that came out exactly the way Laura wanted it to - probably her best creation so far. She hadn't used the flogger at all before giving it to Rosy and LP, not even to try it out, because she wanted Rosy to be the first recipient. Rosy, who had never even seen a real flogger before Laura came, was pleased and honored to be the first recipient of Laura's finest so far. (It's a lovely piece of work... works lovely too!;-)

Laura started out by draping the flogger's tails over Rosy's back and gently dragging them along. Such soft leather feels wonderful on the skin, and Laura could tell that Rosy enjoyed it. (All the wriggling around was a good clue.) (Yeah, and those moans of pleasure were another, no doubt!;-) Laura then started swinging the flogger lightly, just brushing the skin, to get Rosy used to the idea. Then she started letting the tails actually land fully on Rosy's back, and Rosy seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. So, of course, Laura stepped up the intensity, swinging the whip fairly hard and aiming at Rosy's shoulder blades. That whip is so soft that it delivers mostly thud, and the tails fly well so it's easy to hit where you want to. Rosy loved it. Later she said that it felt more like a massage than anything else. What Laura did to her back felt great and her back felt nice and loose afterwards.

After that, Laura decided to get back to the main purpose of the afternoon and began flogging Rosy on her bottom. Rosy seemed to really enjoy the strokes that came up from below and landed on her sweet spot, so Laura concentrated on a steady rhythm of those for a while. She concluded the flogging with some individual, hard strokes across the main part of Rosy's bottom, and they seemed to be appreciated. Rosy's bottom got flogged even harder this time and she loved the somewhat weighty sting more than ever.

The last act was ten very hard swats with the cherry paddle... probably the hardest swats Rosy has ever taken and the hardest that Laura has ever given, and Rosy was required to hold her position nicely and count accurately throughout on pain of starting over again. Well, Rosy prides herself on a nice presentation and managed to maintain it this time too, and was very well rewarded afterwards when Laura held her and told her (in that beautiful voice which Rosy could listen to forever) what a good girl she was and how well she'd taken her spanking (big meltdown&ltg>).

This was the most intense paddling on the bare that Laura had ever given, and she loved every minute of it. Even the first swat caused a nice red mark, the others didn't get any easier. Rosy is so expressive that Laura could tell right where the limit was, and she surfed right up to that edge. Even when the marks on Rosy's bottom started to look scary, including a big white or gray spot where the end of the paddle landed each time, Laura decided it was safe to keep going, and we're both glad she did. (Oh my yes indeed!:-)

Rosy was _very_ red after this spanking... maybe as red as she's ever been, and the heat and general glow lasted for hours and hours. In fact she was left with deeper marks than she's ever gotten from a paddle (Rosy's hard to mark) which lasted for several days... a lovely keepsake that Rosy was sad to see fade.

Later in the evening, Laura was a little bit worried that LP might be upset or worried when he saw such vivid marks on Rosy's bottom. But when she heard spanking noises coming from the master bedroom later that night, she figured it was probably OK &ltg>. LP is a wonderful, understanding guy, and he gave Rosy and Laura all the space they needed to play and to open their hearts to each other.

It was a beautiful experience in loving trust and deep friendship, and while it was the last real play session of this visit (maybe Rosy will tell you about the evening Laura gave LP flogger and handspanking tips another time), Rosy is hoping hard there will be others in the future. Again we are grateful to have this community to share our happiness with and grateful that Rosy's husband is such a cool guy.


Rosy and Laura... happy we can be together here in Assville, since we can't in person right now.:-) :-)