Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 18:31:02 -0700
From: (Laura Werner)
Subject: Laura Delivers

Laura Delivers

September 19, 1996

Dear Friends,

Laura and Rosy have been having an absolutely lovely visit. We've hugged and laughed and cried and sat by the fire and climbed a mile high mountain and other delights too numerous to mention. Today, Laura delivered. You see, a short time before Laura arrived, Rosy read, in a letter she got from Idgy, "Hugs and swats (Laura is charged with carrying both to you when she comes for her visit!)". Ok, so the main purpose of this visit was not (really guys!) to play, but Idgy ensured that we would have to at least a bit. Hey, would _you_ want a lady with hands like Idgy's got mad at _you_ for not carrying out her wishes!?!&ltg>

Rosy is entranced... Idgy can be quite confident those proxied swats were delivered lovingly and well... what a sweet hot spanking it was!;-) Yum... Rosy, along with enjoying her hairbrush and a nice little oak paddle of Laura's, was introduced to a flogger today, which bids well to turn into a long and loving relationship... mmmmmmmmmm!&ltng> It all felt lovely over her pants and panties, wonderful over just the panties, and... well... ummmm... rather spectacular on the bare!&ltg> Rosy also learned the difference between how guys hand-spank and how girls do. Yum again!:-)

Laura is an absolutely adorable and sweet woman in every way... beautiful, too, with a smile that would light up the Arctic on December 21... and Rosy is most grateful to have a friend (two friends if you remember Idgy's input) who has given her the great gift of broader horizons and deeper freedom. Even though we were both sort of nervous... &ltg> (Just BTW, LP, bless his dear understanding heart, is cool with this, and nothing sneaky is going on.)

Rosy is and has a delightful, expressive bottom, and spanking her was a real joy for Laura. She emits lots of pretty little squeals and yelps when she's being spanked. She can also take a _lot_ on her rosy bottom. Laura used the nasty, thin, oak paddle that she wrote about in her "Hating a spanking" post, and she didn't really get that close to Rosy's limits. There were also a couple of firsts for Laura: giving a hairbrush spanking and giving a hard flogging on the bottom. Both were a lot of fun, especially with a bottom who enjoyed them so much.

Well, do you think Rosy could accept such a gift without reciprocating? Fat chance!;-) Rosy... for the first time in her life... got to spank someone who enjoys being spanked and has definitely confirmed her belief that she is indeed a switch... the Good Switch of the West has broken through from fantasy to reality and enjoyed the journey immensely, thank you very much!=^) Laura was a (or &ltg> has a) lovely bottom to spank for a first timer... so sweet and expressive and reassuring. Rosy was even more nervous about delivering than about recieving... she hasn't had much RL experience at that end of things after all. Laura made it so graciously easy though, that it was impossible to really stay nervous to any great degree.

Laura says "graciously easy" isn't hard when you're being spanked by Rosy. She used a hairbrush; a small, one-foot wide, oak pizza shovel; and the (in)famous Air Vinyl. The latter was much too nasty for Laura without a lot of warmup first. Rosy isn't kidding when she says she likes sting, because that thing really stings. The pizza shovel, on the other hand, was wonderful, with a nice combination of sting and thud. Rosy provided a lot of variety, too, mixing the steady, rhythmic sweet-spot spanking that Laura likes so much with a few strokes on other parts of the bottom and thighs.

Afterwards we cuddled and enjoyed the lovely warmth in our still tingling posteriors and both agreed the entire experience was incredibly sweet. A truly sweet surrender to a very loving trust. We are both grateful to Idgy for helping to ensure that this exchange would take place, and happy to have a community of people like you to share our joy with. Thank you.


Rosy and Laura... two well-loved and well-spanked women! :-) :-)