Subject: "Harmony in Two Parts"  F/F spkg caring cons hot sweet sensual/sexual
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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 20:03:19 -0700

Harmony in Two Parts

Warning: This fictional (or wishful thinking, depending on how you look at it!;-) two part story contains F/F spanking and was written before Lizzie and I had met in person. Lizzie wrote the first part for/to me, and I wrote the second part for/to her. We've decided we want to share it here, in celebration of our love and in gratitude to the community that brought us together. It is loving, tender, sweet, hot, sensual and.. something of a departure from my other F/F stories.. somewhat sexual too (though not graphically so). Depending on how you look at such you have either been warned or invited!;-) (And, if anyone ends up wondering, LP is being his usual wonderful supportive self and trusting my heart. Nothing sneaky is going on or will.. in cyberland or RL)

"Harmony in Two Parts" F/F spkg caring cons hot sweet sensual/sexual

By Lizzie and Rosy B. Goode


"The View from Lizzie's Corner"

by Lizzie

Well, whaddya think, my love? Don't I look sweet, standing there in the corner? As still as I can possibly hold, with my skirt rolled up and tucked into the waistband, and my blue lace panties around my ankles - my bottom is a glorious warm fire of medium red - courtesy of your hand and your leather paddle. I stand there with my hands on my head, so as not to rub away the least little bit of vermillion from my behind. There are tears trickling down my face, matching the dewy moisture between my legs. Just barely sniffling, not crying. Not yet.

This is not Stand-In-The-Corner-For-Humiliation, after all. This is different. This is Stand-In-The-Corner-With-Pride. For I am proud to be your Beloved Bouncy Bottom. Your Luscious, Lascivious, Lavishly-Loved Lizzie. I am proud of the time and the care you have spent working up the uniform pinkness in my tight, white tush. Proud that you take such care to build up the tempo and the intensity, never ever pushing harder than I want or faster than I can go. Proud that it is *my* bottom you want bared over your lap, *my* panties you want to pull down, *my* cries and moans and squeals you want to hear, *my* wriggles and jerks and flutter-kicks you want to feel. *My* bottom you want to spank, with hand and paddle, with crop and strap, with switch and cane. And *my* back and neck and bottom and thighs you want to rub and stroke and caress.

I stand in my corner, giving a tiny tush wiggle now and then under your adoring gaze. I am your work of art, a loving and living sculpture. I am in the spotlight of your heart; I am basking in the radiance of your love as you are basking in the warm glow of my cheeks.

This is not a punishment spanking, any more than this is "Corner Time". This is part of the dance of our love, of our shared passion and our mutual trust. I am not on display to shame me, I am on display to arouse you and excite you, to entice you - and me. I stand relaxed and at peace, innocent yet sensual, small shudders of warmth and love and sexual arousal thrilling through me from time to time.

This is intermission - our time to relax and enjoy what we have created so far, and to let the passion and the energy and the tension build. It is a time of sweet loving without words, a blessed moment in which to cherish each other. This is the time when the energy we have shared and exchanged replenishes us for the next movement in our symphony.

The next movement will start without a word between us. I will hear the sigh of the couch as you seat yourself, oak paddle near to hand. I will turn from my corner then, stepping out of my spotlight, to come to you and settle over your lap again. I will feel the smooth coolness of the wood, so loving polished, laid gently on my back while your hands stroke my bottom and my thighs, testing my relaxed muscles, tuning up before continuing. The slow glide of your finger through the dampness between my legs will be like the conductor tapping his baton on the podium. Then it will be time for the musicians to settle themselves for the task at hand, to bring forth the roll of the tympani and the boom of the kettle drums, the insistant rattle of the snare. The paddle will rise like the slow upstroke of the baton, bringing everyone to readiness. There will be a steadying pressure on my back, a whispered, reassuring phrase of love and joy. Soon, very soon.

But for now, it is our time together yet apart, me on display in my corner, you watching from across the room. Quiet in our shared pride, and quiet in our love.


First Movement:

"She Comes From The Corner"

By Rosy

For my Luscious, Lascivious, Lavishly-Loved and Lavishly-Lovable Lizzie....

> But for now, it is our time together yet apart, me on display in my >corner, you watching from across the room. Quiet in our shared pride, and >quiet in our love.

You are so lovely standing there for me... a fountain of stillness... a vision of purity and sweet passion. My calm exterior belies the quickened beating of my heart... the quiverings passing through me in waves... mirroring the waves of quivering that I know you are feeling.

I focus on my breathing... centering and grounding myself for the exquisitely full attention I want to give you soon... trembling at the thought of that dear sweet little bottom of yours lying once more across my lap... savoring the exquisite anticipation of the sweetness of your trust that is yet to come. The time comes... it feels so right. I rise from my chair and walk to the couch.. the old couch that has held so many of those I love... through joy, pain, peace.... The couch sighs as I seat myself carefully in its center. I don't need to turn around to know you have turned to walk towards me... towards another piece of your destiny of deserved love. As you come gracefully into my line of sight I drink in your dear loveliness... the wonderful house of your beloved spirit, which you share with me so sweetly.

As your willowy body glides sinuously across my lap I marvel again at how natural it feels to have you there... how wonderful it is... the dear sweet weight pushing me deeper into the cushion. You have left those lovely blue lace panties in the corner... you know you will no longer need them, as you give yourself up to me on a new level now. Your cherished buns glow softly... such a lovely even shade of pink. I pick up the oak paddle... such a beautiful piece of wood... and place it gently on your back... its slight weight a reminder... a promise.

My right hand reaches to slide gently over your smooth warm bottom... your graceful thighs. You squirm deliciously, settling yet more deeply into my lap and love. You have cooled off a bit but are still warm... like the rocks up on the ridge at sunset, still giving off the remembered heat of afternoon. I murmer endearments... praises to your beauty... encouragements to your trust and relaxation. I cannot bear to lay hand to paddle yet... my hand is longing so to feel once more the sweet sting of connection. As my hand slides up your bottom one last time, my fingertips ever so gently brushing along that special sensitive dividing line, you wiggle deliciously.

My hand lifts... you give a quick little gasp and then remember to breathe out... lift your relaxed rear a fraction higher... a sign of your desire... of your owning of your desire... of the trust between us. My hand descends... firmly but relaxed... stinging but not jolting. I begin at a steady moderate pace, slowly and rythmically accelerating, until my hand is moving quite rapidly. The sting builds and you squirm and squeal delightfully... your lovely dancing and singing.. still keeping your bottom high and proud... fills me with love and admiration.

When you have sung and danced nicely for awhile I stop. Again I stroke your lovely body... my right hand on your bottom and legs, my left on your neck, your back... stoking your hair. Your squirming takes on a more langorous quality... your squeals change to moans and sighs. I reach to pick up the paddle... you tense for the merest fraction of a second, then relax again, even as the satiny wood begins to slide smoothly over your adorable bottom... your long and lithe legs... its smooth edge occasionally teasing the edges of your secret places. Your moans and sighs and slow and sensual squirmings delight and inflame me.

In my sweetest voice I remind you, my Beloved Bouncy Bottom, how very much I love you... how very much you love me... how precious to me the trust between us what I have done and what I am about to do comes straight out of that shared love and trust... a gift to each other of our shared passion and longing. I tell you that this will be a sting and burn with a lot more force and purity than my hand. I ask to let the sting and burn travel clear through to warm your heart. I encourage you to stay relaxed... to keep that proud bottom high.. to remember to breath. I take a deep breath to center myself and ask you if you are ready for me to begin. You give a little nod and I hear your whispered "yes".

The paddle lifts.. you hold yourself so temptingly available and relaxed... I am so very proud... proud of us both... proud of what we have built together and of how much it promises to grow, to open, to bloom ever more brightly. I bring the paddle down sharply, perfectly centered on your sweet spot...that magical marvelous center of nerves and connections. You bounce nicely and squeal and again hold yourself relaxed and ready. I begin paddling you fairly sharply, but not brutally hard.. and quite slowly... moving around a bit, but being careful not to aim too high... giving you time to get used to it... to savor the rich complexity of sensation. Ever so slowly my pace increases.

Your cute tail begins wiggling from side to side... not dropping.. not really trying to get away... just trying to shake out some of the slowly mounting sting. You are starting to glow more beautifully than ever, my teasing tantalizing temptress. You are inflaming my senses... I am squirming a bit beneath your dear weight... my womanplace clenching and unclenching. I tell you how exquisitely rosy your nice round rear is getting... how much I am enjoying the sight... I inform you that turning such pretty colors while being spanked is the sign of a very naughty girl, and you giggle amidst your squeals and ows.

I stop again, set down the paddle next to me, and oh-so-lightly run my fingertips over the rosiest hottest places on your beautiful butt. You gasp and then give a sigh and a deeply sensual moan... again your squirming and wiggling slows... becomes more sensual. The feel of my fingers, and then my soft warm hand on your reddened cheeks is awesome... your nerve endings are so alive that their senses are magnified intensely... you never knew having your bottom rubbed could feel so incredibly wonderful. Again, my left hand is reassuring and soothing your heart... your feelings... even as my increasingly firm rubbing inflames your senses further... your internal flutterings and quiverings are increasing... and when my hand dares to start spreading you... just a little... moving from one side to the other... hinting delicately at exposing your most secret place... you are overcome... undone... lost in a toe-curling release a little different... a little sweeter and spicier.. than anything you have ever experienced.

You give a blissful sigh and relax even more... you feel so safe... so loved... so open. I stroke you gently and smoothly... everywhere I can reach, with both of my hands... giving you time to savor the glow... your glow of love and passion that is warming me clear through... filling me with quiverings and flutterings of my own. "Come kiss me," I say, and you turn and come smiling up into my arms, and our lips meet sweetly. I move to kiss your cheeks.. your forehead.. your quivering eyelids. As we look deep into each other's eyes... deep into each other's souls, I ask if you are ready to go farther... ready to let me take you deeper... and higher You give your assent, and I gently guide you back over my lap... adoring the feel of that last little squirm as you settle in while I stroke your lovely ass just a bit more.

The trust is more piercing than ever. It is not easy to learn to trust like this after what some of your life has been... not easy to let go and let the love in after you've been brutalized in the past. I've been there... I know. But I also know how much you will gain.. how much you can heal.. if we can do this thing right... I want that for you as much as I've ever wanted anything. I am projecting safety and loving reassurance every way I know.. voice, hands, and heart. As I reach to pick up the blessed oak... blessed with your sweet searing pain... our deep trusting love... my left arm reaches to wrap itself around your waist, holding you tight... connecting us solidly.

Your magnificently marvelous bottom again lifts up.. relaxed and ready for the searing kiss of the paddle that you know is coming. I tell you what a good girl you are to be taking your spanking so well... how incredibly proud of you I am... how honored.. and aroused.. you are making me feel. You lift even a bit more, flooding me with an overwhelming surge of love. I run the tip of the paddle gently and slowly down your right cheek and thigh and then back up again... then again on the left. You shiver. I raise the paddle and bring it down with a bit more force than before.. a bit faster than I started last time.

You begin singing and moving quickly... such pretty singing... such a lovely dance to delight my eyes... my lap. Again my internal flutterings and quiverings increase. I am ranging a little lower than before as the paddle travels around... reddening more of your upper thighs... of that oh-so-tender crease where thigh and ass meet. Your legs kick prettily, and I tell you so. You keep it pretty... my tempo and force are steadily increasing... your kicking is faster... but you never ever kick in such a way as to impede my progress. I feel such a fond pride in you, my lusciously lascivious, lavishly-lovable and lavishly-lovely Lizzie.

Finally I notice your bottom dropping just a bit... tensing just a little. I slow the paddle's pace but still bring it down smartly, while reminding you, in a gentle voice, to keep breathing... keep lose... make yourself available to me. You give a sweet sigh and again relax... again lift your lovely self to my burning love. My pride in you shoots through me with the brilliance of a crystal arrow heading for the sun. Your moans and squeals become punctuated with soft gasping pleases. I slow the pace and force gradually and then stop. You are breathing deeply and steadily... I am so proud of you my darling.

One more time, my fingertips tease your flaming skin... my hands softly stroke the raging redness... and you thought the rubbing felt good last time!<g> Your wiggling and writhing on my lap is starting to drive me wild. I speak gently of my love for you... my pride in you. I praise your openness... your beautiful presentation. You wiggle and oooo with delight at my praise. I tell you that I am going to begin paddling you one more time... firmly and steadily... and that I will not stop this time until you nicely ask me for your last ten... and that those ten will be the hardest yet. I ask if you are ready for this, and delight in your little nod... your whispered "yes, please".

I pick up the paddle... think of how much I love you... take that deep centering breath... and begin... a little lighter than the middle round, and very steadily.. not really accelerating this time... but you are so sensitized by now that it stings like crazy... you are starting to feel like you are on fire... but it's such a sweet fire, reaching so far into your heart... sending you so deeply into the strangely wonderful peace of bottom-space. The sound of your lovely singing... the look and feel of your marvelous spank dance is driving me wild. I've never felt this turned on from topping before.

I can feel your indecision... and I know the feeling well. It stings and burns so much but that burning is doing so much to open you to the love... to keep you in that delicious trance where you feel so safe... and you are wondering just how hard is hard... what those last ten are really going to feel like. Meanwhile, your presentation is a marvel of relaxed readiness... the way you are holding yourself reinforces the consensuality.. the honestly acknowledged desire.. that is at the heart of what makes this an act of extreme love... you want this... and you are making it clear to me that you do, my lithe and lyrical Lizzie.

Finally I can sense a change in you. I slow just a bit and you ask me to please give me your last ten. The paddle stops and then rubs your hot scarlet buns smoothly for just a minute. You can feel me quivering beneath you, and it makes you feel so wonderful to know that you have been inflaming my senses even as I have yours. I raise the paddle high and bring it down hard... not quite as hard as I could, but harder than I ever have... smack in the middle of your sweet spot. The sting is awesome... you flinch ever so slightly but instantly regain your position... ready and waiting for the next firey kiss. I tell you what a very good girl you are and raise the paddle again, bringing it down just as hard a little lower.

Your sound on impact is closer to a howl now, but you keep that brave bottom right up there, giving me such a gift of yourself...of your vulnerability... such a very good girl. Despite the acceleration of my own quivering I remain steady for you. Another hard stroke and another... leaving time for each one to fully sink in... oh my dear, you are taking this so well. Finally we get to ten... which is just about as hard as I can swing that paddle... just about as loud as you can squeal... just as I find my own release under the dear sweet weight of you... mingling my moans and gasps with yours... coming to rest just as you are... feeling an amazingly powerful warm glow.

You relax completely over my lap now, as my hands gently stroke you... as my voice tells you what a very good girl you are to have taken your spanking so well... what a magnificent woman you are to have given yourself to me and to your own longings and desires with such perfection... how much I've enjoyed listening to your sweet songs... feeling and watching your lovely lissome body... your gorgeously glowing globes. And that is when your tears begin to fall... slowly at first and then harder... as my hands stroke and soothe your stinging... as my voice tells you what a good girl you are for letting go... how much I admire and respect you for giving yourself the gift of this freedom... for giving up your burden that you don't need to carry right now. You feel so safe... so awesomely powerfully loved... here in this vulnerable position... because I am holding you in my heart, even as I hold you over my lap.

I ask you if you'd like to be in my arms, and you rise and turn to nestle in... your sweet wet face resting safe against my breasts.. against my heart... my arms around you holding you close... telling you even as my voice does, how this letting go is also a part of your sweetly dear perfection. I kiss your face.. your eyes...your tears that are still falling onto my heart... blessed holy water of life and love. Your tears finally slow and then stop... and we hold each other for a long long time... safe in the circle of love and trust and respect that we have built together with our caring and our honesty... safe in each other's arms.