From: (Rosy B. Goode)
Date: Sat,  6 Jul 1996 08:39:29 UTC
Subject: ROSY RL STORY: Happy New Year l992 - M/F spnk, sex, cons, bondage


This story is the first one I wrote and posted. This session marked a real turning point in our spanking relationship. It probably won't come as a surprise to hear that in working out spanking play with a basically non-spanko spouse I mostly topped from the bottom (though we didn't know those terms for it then) for a very long time... until 1/1/92, to be precise!&ltg> We never exactly had a safeword (though we knew each other pretty darn well by the time our play got at all heavy), but for years "please (or yes) I will be good" mostly functioned as one... until the events of this story took place. He took a definite step up to new strength and responsibility as a top that day, and I found out what it was like to have my limits pushed a decided step past what I thought I could take. We've gone farther since, especially recently, but this time will always stand out in my memory (his too). Hope you'll enjoy it.&ltg>

WARNING! FOR ADULTS ONLY! This true story contains love, bondage, spanking, belting, lashing, paddling, switching, and exquisite and lusty adult sex. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen! Copy this story for your own pleasure if you will, but if you try to use it for profit or post it to other groups, you deserve to be *severely* punished, and the Lords of Karma will get you if no one else does.

Note: This is one of the most detailed accounts of a tableau of years past that I will ever be able to write, as we were actually able to borrow a camcorder to tape this one. We usually try to do something special at the beginning of a new year. We like to think it brings us luck! Enjoy!

Happy New Year 1992

by Rosy B. Goode

I await my dear Lord Protector's pleasure, bent over the edge of our sturdy PA speaker cabinets, each knee firmly tied to one of the comfortably inset handles, legs nicely spread. My gown- the slinky rayon one with the pink roses- still hangs gently down behind, offering a slim illusion of protection, though I know that all too soon even that scant illusion will be rolled up and tucked into the sash leaving me fully exposed and available for my lover's attentions and explorations. My nerve endings throb with expectation, and I am almost overwhelmed by the feeling of trust that washes over me as I enter this new stage of our wonderful journey into greater pleasure and further opening.

He approaches and his gentle strong hand caresses my bottom. Our lips come together in a tender kiss. "So, how's your mobility?" he asks. He delivers a few spanks to my upturned bottom cheeks causing me to wiggle but also to demonstrate that the ties at my knees will not allow me to really evade whatever may come. "You'll be able to make me seriously be good in this position," I reply. As our lips meet again, his hand snakes up under my gown, teasing and fondling, causing my hips to move slowly as soft moans come from my throat. "Let's see how good a girl you are," he murmers as he turns away briefly to reach for the first instrument of this year's passion.

The soft rayon offers little protection as the folded belt draws a stinging path across my tender flesh and then another and then more. My hips rock and twitch as soft ooo's emanate from my throat. He returns to my lips for another kiss, loving, as always, the way a hot bottom causes my mouth to get warmer and softer. He draws away again, resuming his work with the belt, blow following blow as the delicious burning intensifies. I wiggle and twitch, aware that soon this movement is likely to be denied me. "Ooo!Ooo!Oooo!, It burns!" I softly exclaim. "Ah, it burns...that's good...I like that," he replies.

He puts down the belt and reaches under my gown to feel the fire that he has started. Each nerve seems to stand at attention from the stimulation of the belt, intensifying the feel of his touch as he gently strokes my glowing orbs. Slowly he draws up the skirt of my gown, rolling it up and tucking it securely under my sash. I feel the cool air caressing my hot flesh, now fully exposed, and again that wonderful trust sweeps over me, even as I begin to wonder if he will resume with the belt or choose something new. "It's sort of red," he says, examining me, "but not extremely red." Picking up the belt again, he gives me another half dozen strokes, selectively spreading the glow. Again he returns to my ever softening lips, another of these wonderful kisses that so reassure us both.

Not for long though. "Let's see what else we've got here," he says. Suddenly I feel a sharp sting that could only come from our little six strand rawhide lash. He loves this little homemade takes so little effort on his part to get such a reaction from me! He is merciful really, not striking all that hard, but this little lash is *wicked*. I feel rather like I am being attacked by a swarm of bees. He proceeds to make sure that not one bit of the already red area of my lascivious bottom is left untouched by this sting. "Oh! Ooo! Oh! Ooo! Ow! Oooo! That stings!" I yelp, wriggling madly as he strikes my bottom over and over. "Mercy!" I cry. He is merciful, and stops.

He kneels down to spread my bottom cheeks, to explore my growing warmth. I love, as always, the touch of his warm hands on my burning flesh. Holding me open I feel his velvet tongue tasting my slit, teasing my most secret orifice. He draws back slightly as his hands take over this tantalizing stimulation. His touch on my clitoris causes the burn on the inside to grow just as the burn on my ass does. Rubbing and kneading my hot posterior, he stands back up and leans against me, alternately reaching around in front of me to caress my sensitive nipples and reaching between us to once more tease my sex. He moves away and I feel a thrill of anticipation, knowing that soon a new stimulant will be applied.

Again that tingling wait is mercifully brief. He returns to me holding our most special paddle, the one he bought, sanded to perfect smoothness, and then carved with our initials intertwined on the handle. This makes it our sweetest of paddles, even though it is also our heaviest, capable of making a naughty girl want to be very least for awhile. He rubs it gently, smoothly over my blazing red buns, wanting me to feel what is coming. Although it is long enough to cover both sides more than adequately, he begins rather moderately. My left cheek is the first to feel the sting, as the tip of the paddle strikes a few times, and then the right. Soon, though, he is applying it broadly. The position I am in is resulting in an excellent target for this long and rather wide paddle, and we haven't used it in awhile. I am amazed at how much of me is burning, as he brings it down across the plumpest part of my bulge, again and again and again. The warm glow from my derierre seems to spread bottom is certainly not the only thing getting hot around here! I cry out, and my bottom rocks wildly from side to side, but tied as I am, there is no escaping the steady rain of stinging blows.

The paddling stops, and I feel the edge of the paddle slide gently up and down my exposed crack. "You could make a girl be very good with that," I murmer. "Maybe I will." he replies. He resumes steadily paddling me, rather gently, but as sensitive as I have grown, even a soft touch from that paddle sears. "Well",he says, paddling away, "I hear you're going to be good." "Ooo! Ooo! Yes, yes, I will be good!", I squeal. "You will be good?" he says in a questioning tone, paddling all the while as my dance continues, "you will not be good! Look at you all tied up like that! You're in no position to be good!" "I am being very naughty," I confess. "Yes, that you are." he tells me, paddling merrily away. "But I will be very obedient!" I reply, as the stinging blows steadily continue. My bottom feels like it is on fire, while my sex is longing for his attentions. I feel a sense of relief as he moves his face closer to mine and our lips touch. This relief is short-lived though, as I discover that this paddle gives him the reach to continue applying occasional blows to my smarting rear.

"You're going to be obedient?" he questions. "Yes, oh yes!" I fervently promise. I lift myself with my hands, exposing my breasts, tempting him. His lips move down my neck and continue down to my erect nipples. Shock waves of pleasure course through my body, as I writhe helplessly, my sex again longing for his touch. He lays down the paddle, and rubs, kneads,and pinches my glowing red nether cheeks. His hand slips up my crack and then moves forward, again teasing my clitoris. Waves of exquisite sensation surge through me as his sensitve fingers explore my innermost recesses. He moves away and, quivering in anticipation, I hear the sound of the Love Balm jar opening. The music stops, and I get a brief respite as he goes to turn over the tape and gives me a drink (all that squealing and moaning does make a girl thirsty!).

"Let's see, where were we?" he asks, resuming his position on my left side. "We'll have to recover some lost ground here," he remarks after examining my bottom. He reaches for the belt, and again I feel its lines of fire streak across my already flaming fundament. Fifteen times it strikes, sometimes catching the backs of my thighs and that sensitive spot where thigh and ass meet. I dance and sqeal and moan. He lays down the belt, squeezing and caressing the area he has just reawakened. I sense him kneeling down behind me. "Don't squeeze," he says, his hands busy. "Don't squeeze?" I question, wanting to be sure I've heard correctly. "That's right, don't squeeze," he affirms. This means I am permitted to still wiggle a bit, but must remain perfectly relaxed and open to his attentions. In some ways it is harder than remaining completely still and open, for if I wiggle too much, I am likely to forget the command I am under.

He grasps each rosy cheek firmly, jiggling them to reinforce this relaxation. I hold myself open, awaiting his next move, burning inside and out. His hands slide inward, teasing and then spreading me, and I feel his breath as his face draws nearer. Again that velvet tongue slips in to tantalize me. As my excitement grows, I am unable to resist the impulsive squeeze of my sensitized sphincter. I moan, aware of what is coming. He stands back up and picks up the belt again, ordering me to hold still, and this does mean *still* and includes not squeezing or resisting in any way. I strain to retain my position as those lines of fire are once more written across me, setting me ablaze, inside and out. His questing lips again test the softness of mine, as his fingers,hot, and slippery with Balm resume their probing of my love button and orifices. I remain still, opening myself, gasping and moaning, loving the way he helps me to be open to him. Then his other hand begins to play with my nipples. The growing force of these combined stimulations overwhelms me, and my entire bottom contracts.

The stimulation stops. I just know I will receive something quite serious for this extreme loss of control, and I am right. The bite of the bundle of splayed out willow switches on my already sensitized and burning backside is incredible as the blows come rather quickly. At first I am overcome, unable to hold still, dancing even as I realize that the only way this intense stinging will stop is if I regain my stillness. I manage to steady myself somewhat, and as the awesome blaze continues, I plead for mercy. The stinging blows cease as our lips come together in a long and passionate kiss, though I find that the switches are, like the paddle, long enough to occasionally remind me to keep my focus.

He puts down the switches, and his right hand, beloved instrument of my pleasure, rubs my well burnished bottom and then resumes its quest for my deeper pleasures. I press my knees outward, as far as the bonds will allow, reinforcing my openness. My hand reaches out to caress his swelling manhood, transfering more of my electric excitement to my dearest love. This movement, I know, will be permitted! My moans increase as I approach an incredible orgasm. He reaches back with his other hand to probe my ever more sensitized bottomhole, and one last time I simply cannot resist this impulse to squeeze. Again, he removes his hands, also this time, removing his tight silk pants, then picking up the belt. I resolve to maintain my position better this time.

SPLAT! OOO! WHACK! OOO! SPLAT! OOO! I am keeping steady this time as I recieve ten burning strokes of the stinging leather. He puts down the belt, and I inwardly breathe a sigh of relief, thinking this will be all. Wrong. Instead of reaching for me, he picks up what we call the crystal wand, a purple flyswatter with a sturdy clear plastic handle. Now the swatter part isn't really so bad though it does sting, but I don't get the swatter this time. Instead the handle slashes down on my burning buns. Talk about lines of fire.....I haven't words to describe the overwhelming cutting burn of this instrument on a bottom as hot and punished as mine is by now. I beg and plead and simply cannot keep still as his speed increases. I find I can reach his throbbing manhood with my soft hot lips, and the burning stops.

His hand resumes more tender ministrations, and then his tongue joins his fingers in bringing me yet closer to a wondrous release. My cries grow louder as the nerve centers inside me reach new heights of pleasure. I let him know that I think he has prepared me well enough for a rear entry to work. Slowly and steadily, his hard and hot member works its way into this narrow and burning passage. Now, I know, I am released from my stillness. His hands reach around in front of me, playing with my love button, encouraging me to wiggle and squirm and squeeze. His cries and moans join with mine, and together we dance a dance of fiery and joyous love. The brilliant fire that permeats my loins reaches out to the fire in his, and we come together in a glorious harmony, our love and trust grown brighter and stronger than ever. The new year begins well.


Duchin made the following comment about this story:

> I saw your story......"1992" .......loved it..... > > Just keep your bod off my JBL's! lol > > Duchin

Since then I have added a warning to all stories featuring those speakers.;-)

WARNING! Do not try this at home with your stereo speakers! *giggle* Ours are a fringe benefit of having a rock band... big heavily reinforced suckers built of 3/4" ply and weighing in at over 100 lbs. apiece! REPEAT WARNING: Home stereo speakers will not take the stress!!!! (LP says not even big ones!)