Subject: Good 'n Naughty Laura - F/F fict. cons, spanking, loving (no sex)
From: (Rosy B. Goode)
Date: 1996/10/16

Last weekend, Laura was away from home and mostly out of touch email-wise, too, so I decided to write her a special story (fiction/wishful thinking &ltg>)since I wasn't writing her emails. I told her it was up to her if she wanted me to also post it or not. Here's what she wrote back:

>If you want to post it to a.s.s, feel free. Although the story is kind of >personal, it's so good and so loving that I think I'd feel like you were >really honoring me, and us, by posting it.

So, in honor of my darling Laura, and of the special friendship we share, here it is.........

Good 'n Naughty Laura

By Rosy B. Goode

Laura dear, how nice to see you. Come sit by me on the couch sweetie. You've been _such_ a good girl lately, opening your sweet heart and letting your feelings fly free. You've also been quite playful and naughty recently. Why I hear you actually teased Joni and the rest of the newsgroup, and I've seen with my own eyes that you are using expressions such as these days! As all this behaviour is to be encouraged, I have some special positive reinforcement planned for you.

Please lie across my lap and get comfortable... you're going to be here for awhile! Mmmmmmm... that does feel nice doesn't it. Your trust in me is such a warm glow... we'll have to see what we can do to get another warm glow going.... Oh, you just noticed all those interesting items on the coffee table? Yes, I thought I'd have a few things handy that we might be needing.;-)

I begin to rub your beautiful bottom through the thin fabric of your skirt and panties. You sigh deliciously and give a little squirm and I can feel you relaxing even more under my firmly soothing touch. I lift my hand and let it fall back to your sweet left cheek and then again on the right as you moan softly. My soft hand begins a steady rise and fall, stinging just a litte, traveling around to cover the available territory... glorying in the feel of your sweet flesh through the smooth fabric. After a couple of minutes of this, I stop spanking you and return to a lovely rub, even as I sense your longing for increased sensation... all in good time, my dear!

Unfortunately I have to be careful of my hands, which I need for so many things and which are already beginning to show signs of wearing out on me. Reaching across you to the coffee table I pick up Mr. Hand (a short riding crop with a cute little padded hand for the slapper), and I begin applying it to your naughty bottom, starting rather moderately, but quickly increasing both pace and force, keeping you guessing as to where it will strike next... startling you with an occasional thigh shot. As always, watching that little hand go slapping around brings a smile to my face, and from the little noises you are making I can sense you smiling too. Gosh you're fun to spank.... I could do this for a looonnnnnngg time... I think I will!&ltg> As I slap away you begin to squirm a bit and it almost sounds like your little noises are taking on a pleading quality... can it be that you want more than this?

I stop and gently draw your skirt up, revealing your panty-covered bottom, nicely framed in blushing pink. Mmmmmmmmm!&ltg> Unable to resist a bit of rubbing, I notice the increased heat beginning to rise from your dear cheeks. I pick up my hairbrush and begin briskly swatting away at my tempting target, concentrating on your sweet spot, but landing an occasional blow higher or lower or off to the side... wouldn't want you to relax _too_ much! Yes dear, I know you hate those occasional thigh shots, but they make the rest of the spanking feel _so_ much nicer by contrast, I always think!:-) You are doing a delicious litte wiggle, and I start landing every fifth or sixth swat considerably harder than the others, enjoying the cute little ensuing gasps. Finishing up with a dozen very sharp blows, which get your feet moving a bit for the first time, I decide it is time to allow myself to view the lovely effects of my efforts so far.

As I reach for the waistband of your panties, you lift yourself slightly to aid their downward progress... such a _good_ girl... and I feel you relax even more across my ample lap, giving yourself up to me more completely. I glory in your trust and in the warm feel of your body pressing down on my thighs. Your sweet ass is quite a lovely shade of pink as I firmly rub it, sweeping my hands down your legs or up your back now and then to distribute the energy more broadly, while I consider what to apply next. It seems a bit soon for the cherrywood or the pizza paddle... I'm enjoying this too much to want to accelerate it too quickly!

I decide to help you explore the difference between the hairbrush over panties and the hairbrush on the bare. Picking it back up, I resume my rather brisk pace with slowly increasing force, enjoying the sweet music of your little cries and moans... making sure I occasionally strike with enough force to lift your feet a bit. You begin to wiggle a bit more and I wrap my left arm around your waist in a firm grip, without letting up on your bottom. Over and over and over the hairbrush descends, as the pink deepens and more heat rises from your throbbing stinging buns. How I admire the way you manage, despite your squirming, to keep those buns so loose and available... you _do_ know how to take a spanking very well indeed, sweet friend!:^)

I ask you nicely if you can give me ten more and, when you give your assent, ask you to please keep count, which you do so prettily, though these are the hardest swats yet. A shiver goes through you as I turn the brush over and scratch lightly over your hot red bottom. Putting the brush down, I run my hands lightly over the oh so warm surface, delighting in the heat, and you shiver again. Oh my dear, you are so very beautiful like this and I love you so. My hands rub more firmly as you moan with pleasure at my touch... at the warm energy flowing through you like a river......

I think it is time to quest for even deeper sensations, and I reach for the lovely smooth cherrywood paddle. I rub it lightly over your pulsing flesh and enjoy your charming little wiggle. I raise my arm and hear your sharp intake of breath... you know what is coming. I bring my arm down sharply, undercutting your sweet spot... loving your gasp and noting the little kick of your feet. I tell you you may kick a bit but you are _not_ to get those feet in the way, and I begin paddling you quite steadily and sharply, not too fast. Again and again and again, that fiery kiss blazes through you... you gasp and moan and your feet kick slightly though once more you are taking this well... they never do quite get in my way. Your wiggle shows signs of turning into a writhe and again I wrap my other arm around your waist holding you close, as I continue to feed your flame.

Your cries are getting louder, and my arm is &ltg> getting a little tired, so I stop and massage the burn. You are so hot now that I can feel the heat rising from your pretty bum from a good foot away... is it my imagination that I can even feel it on my face? You are as red as I've ever seen you, but we are not done yet. I continue my leisurely rubbing, loving the feel so much, reaching again to spread the energy out. Your breathing has slowed again, as has your squirming, which has a delicious sensual quality now.

Feeling playful, I pick up Mr. Hand one last time. It's such a good toy for making sure every available inch gets a nice warm spot... and it's so nice and _noisy_!&ltg> You are so hot and rosy by now, that I realize I'm going to have to be both brisk and firm for you to feel this little Item and that's just what you get. Fast and hard the little hand swats up one side and down the other, warmth trailing in its wake like a comet's tail... occasionally lengthening its journey to explore your thighs, changing the quality of your song. Faster and harder, 'round and 'round, over and over, until you can't decide whether to giggle or please and your feet are doing _such_ a delightful little flutter!;-) This is so yummy I manage to keep going until my poor arm is crying out for a rest, but I land some of the hardest before I stop....

I let you rest for a moment, the cool air of the room washing over your blazing buns like a cool breeze on a warm day in June. Suddenly one finger trails its way gently down your sweet cheek and down the back of your leg and then up again as an uncontrollable shiver passes through you, and this is repeated on your other side. I stroke your darling bottom softly with on hand while my other plays with your hair. You melt into my lap with a moan of satisfaction... a blissful sigh of trust. You are taking this spanking so well, Laura, and I feel the loving fire rising in me to take you to one more height... a lovely and awesome peak of sensation you will remember for a long time to come..... I spend a minute placing delicate little love pats on your very rosy cheeks and then grasp them rather firmly and jiggle a bit... I want you _very_ loose for what is coming next... and besides, I love the way it feels!;-)

Picking up the pizza paddle I rub it's smooth cool surface over your fiery ass... down over your sensitized thighs, as my other hand continues to softly stroke your head... brushing your hair back from the side of your beautiful face. I lift the paddle, and again hear that sharp intake of breath, but still you hold yourself relaxed and ready... not flinching from what you know is coming. How proud I am of you... of us both really. I tell you in my sweetest voice that this is both what naughty girls need and what good girls get, and the magic and wonder of this mystery pierces both our hearts as this gift of powerful and loving friendship unfolds further.

The paddle descends quickly, landing hard, full across your sweet spot. Your groan is music to my ears as you flinch ever so briefly, but even as an uncontrollable quiver shoots through you, you raise yourself a bit and stay loose... what a magnificent bottom you are dearheart... what an incredible pleasure and honor it is to top such a one as you! Settling into a slow inexorable rythm, this lovely large paddle swats again and again, just far enough apart so that each blast of thud and heat and deep sting is felt as a separate incident... just far enough apart to give you a moment to recover from that reflexive flinch and present yourself nicely again. I am concentrating again on your beautiful sweet spot, which this wide and lovely paddle covers so well and then some, though I keep you guessing a bit by occasionally landing a good swat full on one cheek or the other.

Suddenly and unexpetedly, a hard swat lands full on your right thigh and then the left. You squeal and your feet kick rather wildly. "Laura my sweet," I caution you, as I again grip you firmly around the waist, "Don't you _dare_ even consider getting those feet in the way, though I do love to watch them kick a bit." Lightening up just a trifle, I continue to move back and forth between your two thighs as your cries increase their intensity, and your feet do the _cutest_ little scissor-dance, but you do indeed keep those feet low enough to not impede my progress. Such a good girl.....

Turning my attention back to your glowing rear end, I resume my pattern of paddling your sweet spot interspersed with occasional swats to one dear cheek or the other. I am not hitting as hard now, but as red and hot as you are, the sensation is powerful indeed. Your breathing is getting a bit ragged, and I again reduce the force, while keeping the same steady rythm. Even as I flood your senses, you are flooding mine... the musical quality of your pretty whimpers, cries, and moans, the sight of your gloriously red bottom, the sight and feel of your wonderful wiggling and squirming, the sweet fragrance that is Laura... again my heart fills with love for you... for my special friend who gifts me with such a powerful trust... who travels with me to places we cannot go alone.

I sense you tiring and my own flame is turning to glowing embers. I pause, rubbing the smooth paddle lightly over you and ask you if you are ready for your last ten. You acquiesce, and I tell you that these will be the hardest yet, and that you are to recieve them without undue wiggling or kicking and you must count them accurately. The paddle descends fast and hard and you gasp and then quickly count the first stroke. I wait a few seconds for the blow to sink in, a pattern which continues throughout the ten, which you do indeed, as I knew you would, take very well and count nicely.

Laying the paddle down I reach to stroke your hair as I tell you how proud I am of you for taking your spanking so very well. Then I reach for the bottle of lovely light coconut lotion that is becoming such a nice part of our ritual and gently smooth it over your bottom and thighs. Dearheart, I have never seen you this red or felt such heat rising from you.

I finish with the lotion and rub your back a bit. You turn towards me, coming into my arms, resting your head over my heart, as my arms warmly cradle you and my hand tenderly brushes your hair back from your dear beautiful face. I bend to kiss your forehead, and suddenly your cheeks are wet with the gentlest and most peaceful tears you have ever shed, and I feel my own eyes filling and overflowing, as together we water the flowers of this strange and wonderful love we share.