Subject: "Gifted Again" RL F/F spkg, cons, tears, caring, feelings, no sex
From: "Rosy B. Goode" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 19:10:53 -0700

Gifted Again

Warning: This is another true spanking story with feelings and crying and stuff. Only read it if you want to.

Note: Debbie Ann was kind enough to spank me, even though she doesn't usually top. She cares about me and wanted to do it for me... wanted to give something to me. This doesn't mean she is or should be considered to be a switch.

ROSY STORY: "Gifted Again" RL F/F spkg, cons, tears, caring, feelings, no sex

By Rosy B. Goode

I'm sitting on pretty well scalded buns typing this (though it's late and I'll probably have to finish this over the next couple of days). It's a couple of hours plus after the spanking and I'm still definitely feeling it. It was quite an evening. Boy, that Debbie Ann sure knows how to spank! She assures me she has very little experience at the handle end of the paddle, but she does have, as a main frame of reference, what Debbie Ann's bottom can take! Whew! Yeow! A real trip to Sting City....

The evening started out very nicely. I fixed a lovely pasta dinner for Debbie Ann, Laura and myself. Eating it together was lots of fun. It was nice to have one more chance to visit with Debbie Ann before I leave next Tuesday. Gosh it's going to be hard to leave here in a lot of ways. I do miss home and my family... I miss LP a lot. It'll be good to be back, but it is hard to say goodbye to my friends here.

After dinner we sat in the living room for a bit, nibbling the delicious chocolates Debbie Ann had kindly brought and chatting for a bit. Somehow or other <g> the subject of play came up. (Ok, ok.. so I did say, "Does anyone want to play?".. nothing ventured, nothing gained!;-) Laura was tired and in just a bit of pain from a minor medical thing yesterday and not feeling up to it, but Debbie Ann said she'd like a spanking and I'd been wanting a chance to give her a nice one. I got to spank her just a little bit (so my cherrywood paddle could "kiss" her.. I'm sort of <g> collecting on that particular paddle!;-) at the first Asswomen's party, and had been hoping for a chance to do more sometime, because she's so adorable to spank. So of course I acquiesced!:-) (Debbie Ann and I both told Laura she was very welcome to hang out with us, even though she didn't feel up to playing, which she mostly did.)

After selecting a few choice toys, I ensconced myself in the middle of Laura's couch and took sweet Debbie Ann over my lap. My she's fun to cuddle that way, and what a lovely round bottom she's got. It was such a pleasure wrap my left arm around her soft waist and use my right to to spank that cute butt (and spank it... and spank it) what with all those delicious little sounds and wiggles... just what you'd expect from a naughty girl like that! What fun it was working my way down to her sweet bare bottom... trying out various toys, punctuated by some nice rubbing. Yes indeed she's a sweet singer and dancer!;-)

My new leather paddle (just like the one of Laura's I love so... I just bought it.. it's only the second spanker in our immense collection to come from a real adult store!), the cherrywood, Air Vinyl, the oak paddle Laura made me, the pizza paddle, and my "official" "Board of Education"... for "spoiled kids, nagging women, and unruly men" all joined in the fun. Funny about that Board of Education... Idgy and Debbie Ann used to see them in tourist shops when they were kids and wonder what they would feel like... just like I did! Well... neither of them is wondering anymore!<ng> (I haven't wondered for a long time now, since we bought it at a yard sale years ago... it's got a sharp bark and stingy bite!;-)

I thoroughly enjoyed topping Debbie Ann. She both is and has a lovely bottom. Sometime during her spanking she let me know that she was <g> planning to spank me, too, if I wanted her to... which I most assuredly did. There is something very special about playing with other women, and I have yet to meet another spanko woman close to home, so I'm not going to turn down a chance like that my last week here, even if Idgy did just spank the heck out of me last night!;-) So when her spanking was finally over, after a bit of hugging, stretching, and another <g> chocolate, we traded places, and I found myself over her cozy lap for the second time during my visit here.

I feel very safe and secure over Debbie's lap. Maybe only another spanko can understand that part of the security I feel is that she will push me pretty hard, since she can take so much herself. She's got a great hand swat... it sort of splits the middle between Laura's and Idgy's... wow! She was quite thorough with said hand, too, as well as with the various other things we had out. I had wondered from the outset if I'd end up crying... my emotions are still so close to the surface.....

I was certainly doing lots of squealing, moaning and wiggling. Debbie Ann was kind enough to inform me that I could squirm all I wanted to... she would still find my bottom!<g> And find it she did. By the time she had worked her way down to my bare bottom and spanked it for awhile (with a nice little break every so often to rub it), I was getting right up to the edge of crying but not going quite over. (Debbie also does this nice thing where she sort of rocks me when she stops for a rub... it's very relaxing and, I'm sure, reassuring to the child in me.) Sometime around then Laura, who had left the room temporarily, came back and came over to sit on the floor near my head and took my hand.

Debbie had been saying some pretty sweet things to me, and Laura started adding sweet things of her own... stroking my head and back with her other hand. She also helped me to focus on my breathing... not letting it get too fast or sporadic or shallow... to let things flow..... The two of them were making me feel so cared for. I told them that, and they both assured me that they cared for me very much. There I lay, buns up and bare, stinging and burning more and more, and I felt so safe.

I thought about times when I'd felt physically unsafe. I thought about how much it's hurting me to get ready to say goodbye to Laura after what may well be the longest time in my whole life I will ever get to spend with her (even though I am looking forward to going home, too)... how hard it was the night before to say goodbye to Idgy... there are a lot of people here I'm really going to miss. Debbie was paddling me pretty darn hard, too. It was amazing how much I could take with Laura holding my hand... telling me how good and brave I was. My tears started to break free... sobs began to punctuate my breathing.

Debbie eased up some for a bit and the tears kept coming... I wanted them to come... I kept thinking those sad thoughts. Laura told me things like what a good girl I was to let go. Then Debbie, dear angel of resolution, asked me if I wanted more. I did want more. I felt myself at the edge of a chasm that I felt I needed to explore... that I was too scared to go into by myself... and I was there with two strong loving women to help me climb down and make sure I could get back up. A chance like that doesn't come along all that often for me. "Yes please", I told her.

Angel of resolution indeed... in some ways it may be the hardest paddling I ever took... and the deepest trip to bottomspace. I wanted to be seriously pushed... I needed it... The pain was truly awesome at times. I don't think there's any way I could have taken that much without Laura holding my hand and coaching me through it. There was still a brief pause once in awhile while Debbie rubbed my increasingly burning bottom, but then the paddle (I think she was mostly alternating the cherrywood and the oak paddles that Laura made for me) would come blazing down over and over and over, with nothing much in the way of recovery time between blows, as I sobbed and writhed and held Laura's hand like a drowning person catches hold of a life preserver. And after every barrage, Laura's "good girl" was like a cool balm to my spirit... and Debbie did some very sweet talking, too... they both did so much to encourage my release.

I went very deep. I think the deepest place I went to involved issues of love or lack thereof in my mother's suicide when I was 17. I never felt loved when she was angry. So did she kill herself because she got so angry all the time that she didn't love us enough to stay? Or did she kill herself because she loved us so much she could no longer bear what she was putting us through? Deep waters and cold.... and a lot of it is stuff I couldn't really deal with myself at the time, because I was so angry myself (it was probably easier to be mad than to really try to face the hurt... it may even have been necessary to my survival) and it was taking almost everything I had right then to try to keep my dad and little sister from falling apart.

The last rain of blows was absolutely intense. I was gasping, squealing, crying, squirming like crazy.... and (bless Laura's heart) breathing and flowing. I did wonder at times if I was going to have to stop the spanking, but I still didn't want to. It was such a clean focused pain... a freeing pain. I couldn't help squirming (and Debbie made good on her promise that she would still find my bottom!;-), but I wasn't trying to get away. My time sense shifted, and I have no idea how long it went on. My crying and gasping and squealing became punctuated with please-es and still the conflagration grew.... and then it stopped... and an incredible peace settled over me... over the whole room I think.

I lay there over Debbie's lap, my bottom stinging, burning, and throbbing even as Debbie rubbed it softly, both Laura and Debbie holding me... stroking me... telling me how wonderful I was to have made it through all that. It felt so good. My crying grew gentler and I could talk more about where I'd been. For those who can see such things, I'm sure there were several feet of golden love-light around the three of us. Debbie (whose arm must have been pretty tired by then, and I know it was late for a weeknight) asked me if I wanted/needed more, but I didn't. I had gotten where I needed to go for then and had reached the point of peace (ok, so I wasn't sure if my bottom could take any more, but that's not the main reason I was ready to stop).

Amazingly (even for me) there weren't really any blue bruises afterwards (or blisters, though I wondered if there would be), at least part of which I'm sure was due to how carefully Laura rounds off and smooths her paddle edges. I'm sure it also helped this that Debbie was so very accurate at hitting me square on with the flat side of the paddles... none of those nasty twists (accidental or otherwise) that cause an edge to hit first. I will confess that for the rest of that evening, my panties felt <g> more like sandpaper than I ever remember them feeling before... when at last I ditched the panties in favor of my soft knit pajama bottoms, I wondered why I hadn't done that sooner!;-) I felt that spanking all the rest of the evening... and parts of me, especially the top of my right thigh, were still feeling some deep sting and pressure sensitivity, and were still quite a nice shade of pink 24 hours later. It was nice to have the reminder.

In retrospect, the more I think about the whole incident, the more it feels like I was giving birth. There I was with two good sisters... one, my angel of release, holding my hand, coaching and encouraging me every way she could... doing everything from letting me squeeze her fingers to helping me flow with my breathing. The other sister, my angel of resolution, doing things that yes indeed did hurt, but were necessary to help me bring forth that which needed to come out.... Once again, my gratitude is profound.