From: (Rosy B. Goode)
Date: Wed,  3 Jul 1996 19:01:25 UTC
Subject: ROSY RL STORY: Echoes.. (slap-ow).. of 1992 - M/F cons, sex, spanking,

Once again, I know this is out there on some servers, but mine is not one of them. Please forgive me if you see this twice.

WARNING!!!!! This true story, for ADULTS ONLY, contains bubble bath, recycling, PA speakers, funny noises (spelling approximate!&ltg>), bondage, spanking (with a variety of implements), laughter, and passionate loving sex. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!&ltg> If you try to use this story for profit or post it to other groups, you are not being cool, and the Lords of Karma will get you if I don't.

Echoes...(slap-ow!).. of 1992

by Rosy B. Goode

Well, it was bound to happen... I did post my first RL story, "Happy New Year 1992" to a.s.s. recently, an extremely naughty act. Informed a few days ago that tonight would be the payback night, I couldn't help but wonder what was in store for me. I do love anticipation!&ltg>

After supper it is time for my traditional bubble bath, but first I get a good warm-up. Since the Carved Paddle was such a featured item in that ever-so-naughty story, L.P. gets it out and has me kiss it. Then I am told to lean over the bed and informed that the paddling will continue until I beg to pull down my pants and panties so I can be paddled with it on the bare. That paddle is really somethin'... it starts stinging through my sweatpants in quite short order, and I *know* how it burns a nice bare bottom. I do resist for a bit, but soon it is burning so very much that I begin begging to be allowed to get those pants down, just for the brief break from the stinging. Brief is right... there's not much you can do to to stall when it comes to pulling down a pair of sweats!&ltg> Resuming the position, I am quickly reminded of what sting-and-burn really feels like. L.P. does love to watch me squirm and dance! Quite soon I am close to levitating and begging and pleading to be allowed to get in my bath to prepare to go downstairs and be ravished. After a nice little bit of begging I am allowed to proceed.

In the bathroom I can't resist a quick peek in the mirror... quite a glow already, and that was just a little warm-up! I had just printed out most of the Debbie stories and couldn't resist a little read while in the tub. All of a sudden L.P. comes in and catches me in the act... reading lascivious stories in the bathtub! I am promised my naughty bum will soon pay for that too. Having been caught anyway, there is no point in not reading them&ltg>, so while he heads to the shower, I hit Debbie's and Maggie's highlights, so to speak, including most especially my very favorite, part 6b. Boy does that one push some buttons for me! In no time my already pink buns are squirming against the bottom of the tub, as I contemplate the state Debbie's and Maggie's bottoms are in, so very aware of the state mine will be in soon!

A short time later, softened and scented, (Violet tonight) I am escorted downstairs to where those ever so useful PA speakers live. They are pushed up against the door, and padded on top with a folded comforter. Hanging from the door is a padded sturdy pole hung by a rope at each end... sort of like a trapeze. Turns out L.P. has found a use for the broken maul handle... talk about reuse and recyle...&ltg> Bandana knee cuffs, each with one of those handy little camping clips on them go on, and I am told to lie on my back on the speakers, my bottom elevated by a thick bolster, and my legs go through the bar which holds them back from behind my knees and pulls that deserving bottom of mine even farther up.

Talk about lewd and lascivious... I am very aware of what a girl naughty enough to get herself into such a lewd and lascivious position deserves, in addition to whatever else she is getting payback for!;-) I am told to keep my knees together at first, so I comply... as if I were in any position not to comply with just about anything! My darling comes over for a hot kiss, and then begins heating up my bottom with the little bamboo turner... living proof that a toy sure doesn't have to weigh a lot to sting like the dickens! Having gotten me squealing nicely he stops to check on my comfort with the position (bless the man).

"How is it?", he asks. "Very lewd, and quite exposed," I reply softly. "Well," he says, "After all that preparation you should be ready to hold still for your payback." "Ahhhooohh!" I exclaim. "Ahhhoohh?" he says, "What kind of remark is that?" "Oh, it's just a little noise," I respond. He sqeezes and stimulates my nipple, bringing another series of cries and moans and a suspicion of a giggle. "Just a little noise?" he questions with laughter in his voice. His mouth take over the stimulation of my nipple while I try to remain still under the onslaught of sensation. I moan again, and say, "Do you know how hard it is to hold still like that from the very beginning?" I know I won't be able to hold out very long. My moans change to gasps, and I twitch slightly.

"All right, now what have you done here that's been naughty lately?" he queries. "Gosh.. hmm.. well umm," I mumble. "Well?" he demands laughingly. I giggle. "Umm umm umm," he mocks somewhat impatiently. "Posted my first full-length story to a.s.s... I posted "Happy New Year l992"!" I quickly reply, not wanting &ltg> to test his patience toooo much. "You did!?!" he replies. A sudden onslaught of broad and very stinging slaps causes me to ooo and ow. "What do you have there?" I ask (slap-ow!)... I can't believe how much it is stinging (slap-slap-slap-ow!). "I have the pink paddle," he answers, and then treats me briefly to a very hard and fast onslaght of those stinging slaps.

The pink (yes, hot pink!) paddle is made of some kind of sturdy plastic. Not totally brittle, but not really flexible either. I bought it some years ago, and it *was* one of those kid toys with a little rubber ball on elastic like the wooden paddle toys of my childhood. Not that this one ever saw the hand of a child! It does pack quite a sting and so far has been indestructible. It is close to the size of a ping pong paddle, so it covers a good bit of area and can be applied quite rapidly. I am squealing and ow-ing quite vigorously, and he slows up a bit, but there is no lessening of the intensity of the burning and stinging slaps. My rear end is starting to feel like it is on fire.

I begin to punctuate my "ows" with "pleases", and the slaps come even farther apart, but they just don't stop. I continue to beg. He stops for a bit. "My goodness, I'd forgotten how much more things sting in this postition!" I gasp, my tight and stretched skin flaming. "Um hmm," he observes, "There's all this distance from about there... (he defines a boundary quite a ways down my thigh).. all the way around to there.. (his hand caresses the upper edge of the sweet spot on my bottom).. a nice target, there (slap-ow).. there (slap-ow), (he is demonstrating the range of the target area&ltg>)... there, or there, or there.. (slap-ow, slap-ow, slap-ow!)." The paddle strikes here and there, setting a greater area on fire.

He stops paddling and begins to toy with my exposed and vulnerable bottom hole. I ooo and moan and struggle to remain still and not squeeze. He stops and reaches for the little flowered toybag, and removes the cute little bulbous plug. Slicking it up with Love Balm, he approaches. It is usually sort of cold, and this time is no exception. As he works it slowly and teasingly into my little puckered hole, I gasp and moan and strive to remain relaxed and open and still. He *does* know how to take his time at that point where it is stretching me the most!&ltg>

I am surprising myself with how long I am holding out... this position really does maximize the sting, and I am trying very hard to be good. He gets the plug firmly in place and begins to tease my clitoris. My gasps, ooos, and moans come closer together. I am being too good... he gets tired of waiting. He stops and says, "I need something that goes fast!" The bamboo turner attacks my rosy bum, faster, I think, then he has ever used it before. "I didn't squeeze!" I *observe* (I wouldn't _dare_, of course, to *really* protest!). The rapid fire burn continues. "Well, you sort of did.", he answers (that guy... sometimes he can't tell a pulse beat from a squeeze&ltg>). "Owwww, Oooooo!" The rapidfire burn is intensifying.

"Oh, it stings so much!" I exclaim. The blows intensify as he asks, "Are you complaining?" "Oh no no no no, I'm not complaining, I wouldn't complain!" I reply rather frantically. Slap-ooo, slap-oww! "Not with how naughty I've been posting stories and reading about Debbie in the bathtub," I continue. "And you printed it out in hard copy! (slap-slap-slap- hard ones)" he reminds me... "How unecological!" Slap-ow, slap-ow, slap-ow!

He stops the attack on my bottom and his hands reach for my nipples to continue their teasing stimulations. I go ahead and let my bottom instictively contract, thinking he won't know. Wrong! He *saw* it! The bamboo again bites into my well-heated backside, not as fast, but steady and quite hard. In no time I am begging and pleading for mercy.

One hand reaches down to caress my sex. I moan and gasp and then, he bends down and his mouth approaches my nipple (another ultimate test&ltg>). "Aaahoow!", I exclaim rather loudly. "Was that a protest?" he inquires teasingly. "No, no, no, just a loud sound of anticipation!" I respond laughing, "I wouldn't protest!" He begins to mouth my nipple and my excitement grows along with my intensified moans. Finally my lower half twitches, though I manage not to twitch my breast.

"Oh, oh, oh, I didn't mean to!" I cry out, "I didn't move my breast!" "You didn't mean to!" he says chuckling..."As if I cared if you meant to!" A hot and heavy application of that wicked little piece of flat bamboo gets me begging and pleading quickly. "Do you want to spread your legs?" he asks quite pleasantly, lessening his onslaught slightly. "Yes, oh yes, please spread my legs and clip 'em so I can't bring them together!" I reply, ready to ask for anything that will get him to put down the turner. He obliges me, spreading my legs and clipping my knee cuffs to the ropes that suspend the pole. I am fully exposed now and even more completely vulnerable. Even as I tingle in a somewhat fearful anticipation, the wonderful trust washes over me like a gentle wave.

He caresses my sex, and then his hand moves to rub my flaming globes. "Whew, it's so sensitive," I moan... "It's *amazing* how much more everything stings in this position.". "Well," he replies, "That's part of the idea.. the rest is how *available* you are!" He busies himself with various stimulations to demonstrate my availability, soon bringing a rather loud ahhh from me. "Eh? What kind of a noise was that?!" he questions. "Just a.. just a... just a passionate noise.. just a generic, average passionate noise," I reply and burst into laughter. He renews his stimulations of every part he can reach simultaneously. My ooos and ahhhs and moans continue unceasing. His mouth on my nipple works harder, while his fingers intensify their stimulation of my love button. The excitement threatens to overwhelm me.

"Ohhhh, that's no fair!" I exclaim... and then realize that this was not a very smart remark on my part!&ltg> (I almost always end up smarting from some not so smart remark!) "Oh, I didn't mean it (giggle) I didn't mean it, I just meant it makes it really hard not to twitch!" I continue, laughing and backing water rather frantically. "No fair!?!", he replies, laughing at my attempt to temporize, "No fair!?!" I laugh, I can't help it. The leather flyswatter descends smartly to my blazing bottom. "This is the criminal explaining the law to the judge," he laughingly informs me, continuing to land steady and stinging swats to my vulnerable rear. He is not swatting fast, but with decided force. "Ooooo, owwww. ooooo, owwww!" Again the blaze is fanned to a hot burn, while my inner excitement also grows.

"Actually," he says, swatting merrily away, "It's worse than just posting naughty stories, you've been posting various lewd remarks (swat-ooo, swat-owww. swat-ooo) where thousands of people can see them on the internet!" The swats are coming slower now, but with decided force. Finally, I beg and plead for another chance. He stops swatting, and my burning buns hang, vulnerable and suspended in space, while he goes to the flowered bag and gets the somewhat larger jelly plug.... the one that is especially good at transmitting vibrations from the stick vibrator. Returning, he removes the little plug, while I manage to keep my sphincter relaxed.

He tells me to reach down and hold my bottom even more open and I oblige (not a big surprise, huh?!). Spreading myself wide, I again strive for the open stillness he is requiring of me. He is not making it easy, with his slow teasing approach.;-) He eases the plug *slowly* in almost to the widest part, and then, just as slowly, withdraws it partway. He repeats this process a couple of more times, and I just can't resist a tiny squeeze. He is having too much fun to stop, though. "You'll get it double the next time,", he promises.

The fact that I am holding myself open for him certainly does intensify both my vulnerabilty and my excitement. The plug in place, he returns to tongue and suck my nipple and before long a twitch overtakes me. As I continue to hold myself spread for him he swats me soundly with the leather again and again and again, and soon I am pleading for one more chance. He stops and gives me the little vibrating egg to slip under the little harness I am wearing and turns it on. He picks up the other vibrator, turns it on and applies it to the plug, and informs me that the next time I squeeze or twitch I will find myself holding my cheeks spread for the crop.

Then he actually reaches for my far side nipple with his other hand while he bends to suck on the other one! I know I am doomed!!! He definitely wants to lay into me with that crop! I do my best to stay still, but soon I am so close to cumming that a big squeeze absolutely overcomes me. I hold myself open, tingling with anticipation, as he reaches to pick up the crop. He (diabolical man&ltg>) manages to find a way to continue to hold the vibrator to the plug with his other hand while the crop begins its fiery journey to my most vulnerable parts. My goodness, I'm getting hot all over again, just writing about it!(VBG)

Between the two vibrators, the crop, and the extra turn-on I always get when I hold myself so very open for him, it is impossible to hold still all the time, but whenever a writhe overtakes me the crop comes whistling down even harder. He is making very sure that all of my exposed area is feeling the burn and bite, and my excitement rises. As I enter my climax, I writhe uncontrollably, bringing down an utter rain of fiery blows, and my climax intensifies until I am almost screaming from the thrill and the joy of it. Time seems to stand still for an awesome moment at an incredible peak that finally begins to slowly fade to a hot glow.

He helps free my legs and helps me down, since I am not really at a convenient height for him to take me. He sits on the kitchen stool and I kneel to take his hot cock in my mouth, gratefully returning some of the wonderful excitement he has given to me. My love for him sweeps over me in wave after wave, as he grows and swells, throbbing in my mouth. Finally, he stands me up and turns me around and we discover that the kitchen stool *is* a convenient height.&ltg> I back onto him, enveloping his throbbing manhood in my hot womanplace. His hands on my waist help guide me as I move to increase his pleasure and excitement.

His hips are thrusting, driving him deeper and deeper within my soft warm folds, his groin slapping against my still-blazing buns. It feels so good and so right to have him there. Now it is he who is moaning, sweetest of music to my ears, and his hips are moving faster. Finally, almost with a shout, he cums deep inside me and then holds me close. The joy of our love and passion shoots through me like a purifying flame and my heart and soul rejoice.

Gee, having written this, I suppose I will get around to posting it eventually.;-) Wonder what I'll get for that?&ltBWG> Stay tuned, folks!


Well,&ltg> after seeing Duchin's response to "Happy New Year l992" I am adding the following warning:

WARNING! Do not try this at home with your stereo speakers! *giggle* Ours are a fringe benefit of having a rock band... big heavily reinforced suckers built of 3/4" ply and weighing in at over 100 lbs. apiece! REPEAT WARNING: Home stereo speakers will not take the stress!!!! (LP says not even big ones!)