From: (Rosy B. Goode)
Subject: Rosy Post: Domino Gets Her Welcome!
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 1996 21:35:47 -0400

Hi Gang!

It's Rosy posting, compliments of Vashti's generosity. In reading a certain thread, I noticed that one of our citizens, someone quite dear to me, is feeling a bit left out. I have taken it upon myself to correct this oversight.



Domino Gets Her Welcome!

By (or is that from?&ltg>) Rosy B. Gooode

Domino dear, I've invited you over for tea because it has come to my attention that perhaps your welcome to this fine community wasn't as warm as it could have been. I certainly don't want you to feel left out, so I have taken it upon myself to express our delight at having you among us in a way you won't soon forget....

How's the tea, love? Would you like another of these little cakes? One more strawberry tart perhaps? No? You say you're full. Well sweetie we had better proceed to the business at hand.....

Rising and taking your hand I guide you to your feet and lead you over to the sofa. Seating myself on the middle cushion, I ask you to please be seated to my right. You blush slightly but comply. I tell you how very welcome a sweet naughty girl like yourself is in this community... to be sure you understand how welcome you are, I feel you deserve a very nice dose of what naughty girls need. I notice your breath is coming a little faster and a bit shallower, and I smile at you fondly.

Domino, my sweet, I inform you, it's time to go over my lap. You know you need what is coming and I trust you to cooperate fully. As I feel the soft weight of you across my thighs, your dear sweet bottom turned up so trustingly, the love I have for you rises up to allow me to treat you as well as you deserve. Those lovely buns of yours call to my hand like a magnet... I cannot resist spending a few minutes rubbing them through the smooth fabric of your skirt. You moan softly with pleasure and cannot resist squirming a bit. My hand comes to a halt, and I can feel your wondering....

Gently and slowly I draw up your skirt... as you feel the hem slide up your thighs you shiver in anticipation. Dear one, I tell you, this is to welcome you to Assville. We love having you here, and we want you to feel that this is a place where you can be loved for who you are... a place where you can feel some assurance of having certain special needs both respected and met. Your skirt now well out of the way, I feast my eyes on your lovely panty clad rear end, keeping you in suspense a few moments longer. Then I reach behind the end cushion and draw out my favorite flexible paddle, the incomparable Air Vinyl. You give a small wiggle of anticipation.

Lifting my hand, I bring the paddle down smartly, full across both of your dear cheeks. The first powerful and exquisite sting of this wonderful implement jolts through you like an electric current and you jerk slightly and give a little squeal. I reach my left arm around your waist, as I begin paddling you steadily and firmly, tightening my grip a bit as you start to squirm. As the paddle travels around, painting with broad strokes, the delicious sting builds, reaching deep inside you... warming your core. You squeal and squirm as the energy builds. After a couple of minutes I stop, put the paddle down, and again massage your beautiful bottom, enjoying the feeling of warmth that emanates through the thin cotton of your panties.

You moan and give a sigh and relax completely under my tender hand. Soon, I reach for the elastic waistband and tell you it's time to give them up... to totally surrender to your need. Smoothly I draw them down as you lift your hips slightly to aid their progress. A soft pink glow greets my eyes. I smile, thinking how that pink will change to red before long... The cool air of the room caresses your warm flesh, and you await my pleaure and your own with outward patience, even as you wonder how long the wait will be.

You sense me picking the paddle back up and I notice you tensing a bit. Laying the paddle down on your back, its slight weight a gentle reminder of what is soon to come, I again massage you a bit, telling you to relax. You know you have been asking for this spanking, both privately and publicly, and I'm sure you will take it very well, good naughty girl that you are. When you are again relaxed, I pick up the paddle, and this time there is no tensing.

Even as you wonder what it will feel like without the scant protection your panties offered, the first blow lands, full across your sweet spot. As always (including when I am on the receiving end&ltg>) I appreciate how much territory this handy toy can span. The sting on your bare skin is immediate and amazing... you've never felt anything _quite_ like it before. Without giving you much time to recover, my arm descends again and again and again. The wonderful smacking sound is music to my ears, as are your gasps and squeals. As the flame inside you grows and the sting builds to an exquisite knife edge of awareness, the pink deepens. Your squirming and wiggling is punctuated by a rather delightful kicking.

I pause slightly to throw my right leg over both of yours, and renew a firm grip around your waist. You continue to squirm the little bit my tight grip allows, but you are not really fighting me. In fact I notice that each time the paddle descends you are rising to meet its fiery kiss. This brings a smile to my face as I pick up the pace a little more. Oooooo it stings. The pink has given way to a fiery red... so hot, and so beautiful. I can tell by your writhing and wriggling that the fire inside you has grown as well. This only happens, you know, to the very naughtiest of girls. I slow the pace but bring the paddle down very sharply. Still you rise to meet it... what a splendid woman you are, fully deserving of the benefits of this fine town.

At last I stop again, to resume rubbing your now very hot and red cheeks. Domino dear, it has come to my attention that you have felt so neglected that you have descended to the level of actually borrowing books without a proper library card. For this, I believe some extra attention is in order. When you are ready for this, please rise and walk around behind the sofa and bend over the back. In a few minutes you do this, your proud bottom high and ready. I come around to join you.

Oh look! Someone has coveniently left a nice withy willow switch back here behind the sofa! How very convenient!;-) I inform you that I believe a dozen fine stripes are in order, and ask that you please be relaxed and well presented for each one. I raise the switch and then it whistles down through the air until stopped by its intended target. You yelp and rise up on your toes, bouncing slightly but soon return to a state of relaxed readiness, your beautiful round buns high and waiting... quivering with anticipation. Again that slight whistling sound and then a new line of fire written on the fiery canvas of your blazing rear end. Oh my dear you are taking this so very well... how proud I am of you... just the kind of woman Assville needs.

Again and again the switch makes its whistling journey, drawing a new line of fire each time. As before, you rise to your toes and bounce a bit but quickly resume thrusting out my lovely target. When ten of those burning lines have been written, I tell you that for the last two to count, you must keep your heels firmly planted on the floor with no bouncing. I can see your hands gripping the sofa cushion and can sense your determination even as you manage to hold yourself high and relaxed. Eleven is quite a sharp cut, but you hold so very well. Again I am filled with pride for the wonderful strong woman you are... proud that you have chosen to join us. For the last time the air is filled with that whistle as I bring the switch down the hardest yet. You let out a mighty squeal, but your feet stay planted nicely.

I run my hand lightly across the welts that criss-cross your flaming fundament and you shiver. I come around to sit next to where you are leaning over the couch and rub your back, occasionally reaching back to massage the burn, telling you how brave and wonderful you are, how glad we are to have such a one among us. I tell you to come to me and you comply and I draw you into my arms, holding you close, stroking your head, as your breathing returns to normal.

It was so good of you to come to tea dear. I hope this experience has gone a long way towards making you feel more welcome in this fine town and that you will feel free to let me know should you again be tempted to feel neglected. Now, however, I believe you have a little errand to run. Even in a town of individualists like this, we must have a modicum of order. It is time for you to head down to the library and get a proper library card. You don't want Chief Flynn to come hunting you down now, do you? All that jelly and powdered sugar can get so messy really. You just go and see Sparkle and she'll fix you right up.

You rise and put your panties back on, pulling them up rather gingerly, I notice with a smile. You adjust your skirt, smoothing it out, and lift your eyes to mine with the sweetest of smiles. I notice your bottom cheeks are not the only ones in fine color now. Nothing like a good spanking to improve the circulation, I always say! Escorting you to the door, we share a warm hug before you set off on your errand. Do come again soon, I tell you. As I watch you walk off, stepping a bit carefully, again I smile thinking what a splendid addition to the community you are, and what lovely contributions you make and hopefully will continue to make for a long time to come. Welcome to Assville darling... welcome and well met.:-)