Subject: "An Assville Angel of Mercy" F/F RL spkg, feelings, no sex
From: "Rosy B. Goode" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 18:56:28 -0700

An Assville Angel of Mercy

"An Assville Angel of Mercy" F/F RL spkg, feelings, no sex

By Rosy B. Goode

WARNING: Besides containing a bit of spanking, this little true story is sorta sentimental and even has crying in it, so if you don't like heart stuff with your spanking stories you might want to skip this one!;-)

My darlin' Idgy has definitely proved herself to be one of Assville's angels of mercy. She came over to Laura's two nights after Laura and I got home from Laura's surgery and first stage of recovery in Portland. Gosh it was good to see her... good to have someone around I didn't particularly have to be strong for. There were some good parts and joy in Portland, but also some very painful and frustrating complications. I had spent many many hours over that week and a half or so watching Laura in pain.. real agony sometimes.. with often nothing I could really do to help but sit there and watch her suffer and love her and stay strong for her. It was not an easy thing to go through.

We had a nice supper together the three of us, knowing all the while that Idgy and I (Laura said she didn't mind) would be playing together afterwards... knowing that I was going to get some reward and release for what a very good girl I'd been all those hard days... and knowing Idgy was about to get her first real spanking since sometime back in November. It was a <g> cheerful meal.

After supper and a bit of clearing away (and me ducking out on the patio for a smoke) it was time. Idgy took my hand and without hesitation or delay led me over to the couch and bent me over the back. Also without hesitation or <g> delay, those hands of steel began covering my behind with burning smacks... I swear, Idgy's through pants and panties sting more than most hands do on the bare! It's been almost a week now, and I can't exactly remember what she used when, but I do seem to recall that my cherry wood paddle and that wicked Air Vinyl came into play as well as those infamous hands. [Idgy previewed this story and confessed that she had switched to Laura's leather paddle soon after bending me over the couch... well the fact that I couldn't tell oughtta tell you something!<g>]

After awhile, Idgy pulled me around the couch and sat down and took me over her lap. It felt like heaven to be there. I felt so safe and so cared for... and so relieved that I was getting a break from being the big strong one. I also <g> felt a *lot* of stinging and burning. It was a week night after all, and sweet Idgy seemed to not want to waste too much time on genteel warmups just then. My pants came down very early on once we were on the couch and my panties followed in short order. I just love that part... to feel so vulnerable and yet so safe at the same time....

Idgy was not pulling her punches that night... and I was doing quite a bit of kicking (not the <g> obstructive kind however.. I wouldn't have dared!;-) and sqealing as my bottom burned hotter and hotter and the sting just built and built. She was kind enough to stop and rub a few times though, which was heavenly. I remember remarking to her that even if a person didn't like being spanked it would about be worth it for how wonderful it makes the rubbing feel.<ng>

Then she picked up the Air Vinyl (for any newcomers, this is a fairly large somewhat flexible vinyl paddle made of laminated layers of a material called "shower pan liner" available in plumbing stores, and perforated with tidy little round holes... its sting is awesome, but I've never known it to raise a blister like some items with holes do or to feel like it is causing real damage). I knew I was in for some really serious sting, and I was certainly right.

She was hitting pretty hard and fast, and I was feeling littler than I usually do during a spanking... doubtless because I had been having to be so big and strong for Laura. The sting just grew and grew with no recovery time between swats. Tears started to build in my eyes and then Idgy stopped.... My eyes just overflowed and I started to cry. It took Idgy the briefest moment to realize that this was a good thing that was happening and she rose to the occasion like the angel she is, rubbing my back and sweet-top-talking me... murmering sweet encouragements to my release. The one that really broke me down, best I can recall is, "You don't have to carry it now... just put it down."

I cried harder and harder... it felt so good to just let go of all the pain of watching my beloved friend Laura go through so much suffering I couldn't stop... all the frustration of not being able to really help. Hell, there was at least one time she was hurting so much that she couldn't even bear to have her hand held... I had to sort of just barely touch the tips of her fingers so she'd know I was there at least....

After a bit Idgy asked if I wanted to be in her arms which sounded like just exactly where I wanted to be just then, so my pants came back up and I turned and she folded me in her arms and held me and petted and sweet-talked me while I sobbed it all out, until I finally reached a place of peace. There's a line from the Grateful Dead song "Fire on the Mountain"... "If mercy's in business I wish it for you..." Well, mercy was definitely in business that evening... and if Idgy is ever in need of it, I hope she finds it as abundantly as she granted it to me that sweet Wednesday night. By the time I was ready to sit up and blow my nose and drink some of the water she brought me I felt about a hundred pounds lighter than I had.

As a newcomer to the group recently stated there are Angels of Assville... yes indeed there are. And for me, Idgy's name will always and forever be very high on that list.

And, for those of you with insatiable curiosity, yes Idgy did get her spanking, too. I gave her the very best good girl reward spanking I know how to give, with lots of compliments of her beautiful round bottom and adorable kicking feet and wiggles... lots of telling her how <g> nice and red she was getting. By the time she took her last ten with the pizza paddle (not quite as hard as I can swing!;-) she was absolutely glowing... the most beautiful shade of spanko red you can imagine... with not the faintest sign of a bruise on her. If she wants to tell you more about it she is welcome to do so, but I assure you she got the very finest I know how to give.

Thanks for being a community we can share this stuff with. I haven't been able to spend much time in town just lately, but it... and its fine citizens... have certainly been on my mind and in my heart. May you all find mercy when you need it most.