Subject: STORY: EMMA AT SCHOOL 25 (mainly M/f schoolgirl) by Rosewood - After the birching (which is still to come....)
From: Rosewood
Date: 1999/06/01

Emma At School 25

After the birching (which is still to come....)

The birching tower was one of the oldest parts of the school, built of stone and no longer used for any regular purpose. Its sole function now was to house those girls (or boys - though none had been birched yet) who had been sentenced to receive the ultimate punishment.

It was rarely used now and perhaps saw on average one person per year. This year, the one person would be Deborah.

However, let us leave Deborah in the comforting arms of her lover in the sparsely decorated tower bedroom and skip ahead to the following evening and Juliette's return visit to the headmaster's house. We will come back to the events of the morning, have no fear, but it is sometimes best to tidy up one episode before commencing another, no matter what the chronology.

When Juliette arrived, of course, Mr Critchley was still feeling a sense of satisfaction at finally giving Deborah what many voices in the staffroom claimed had been coming to her for a long time and he was almost tempted to let her go. However, that wouldn't have been fair to the others... and of course dealing with the lovely youngster would not be without its pleasures.

"Come in, Juliette," he said. "I'm glad to see you so prompt."

"Yes, sir. Sir?" she added, nervously and fighting back tears.

"Yes, Juliette?"

"Sir, I'm really sorry about my behaviour yesterday. I didn't mean to argue, I just couldn't seem to help myself. I will try to take my punishment properly today."

"I'm glad to hear it. Otherwise we'll have to make this a regular visit won't we?"

Juliette couldn't tell if he was being serious or not and looked even more nervous than before, Mr Critchley noticing the change in her expression and wallowing for a moment in the delicious but quite unjustifiable proposal before continuing.

"To start with, I'm going to spank you soundly for your rudeness. You then have six of the best still due from my cane do you not?"

"Yes, sir."

"Very well, strip to your underwear for me please."

She was becoming more pliable and obedient, the teacher observed as a pile of neatly folded clothes grew on his desk.

Slowly he rose from his chair and walked round to where the shaking girl stood and, taking her hand, led her to the sofa over which she had received the first dose of the cane the previous day.

"Now, let's see if we can do something about this wilfulness of yours," Mr Critchley said kindly. "You tell me what to do rather than the other way around today."

Juliette's look of alarm flitted across her face once more before she bit her lip and steeled herself.

"Sir, I was very rude to you yesterday and I need to be punished for it. Please..."

"Yes," the teacher encouraged her.

"Please sit down."

Mr Critchley sat on the sofa and waited, not unaware of the slight scent from the dampening mound in her panties.

"I... I deserve to have my bare bottom smacked hard," she quavered. "Please pull my panties down and put me over you knee. Then... then give me... give me sixty smacks with your hand."

The headmaster recognised that this was the position Juliette found hardest to bear and congratulated her with approving eyes. His gaze moved down then to her powder blue panties and he allowed his hands to brush her thighs as he reached for them, pulling them down just enough to expose her sex and her bottom and then, very gently, laying her over his knee.

It was a ferocious spanking, the headmaster's tough hand falling over and over again upon the girl's bare cheeks, moving down to bring a deep red glow to both thighs as well as her bottom. Through the scarlet haze, the purple-blue welts of the cane were still visible and Juliette cried out twice as loudly every time her teacher's hand landed across one of these.


"Oww! Ohh, sir! Please, no! Ohh, it hurts! Yeoww!"

Mr Critchley ignored the girl's constant stream of pleas and wails as he worked his way through to the magic number, the delicious feel of the warm fleshy buttocks beneath his hand spurring him on towards the finish.

"Three more," he said at last. "One!"

With maximum force, he crashed his palm into Juliette's well-spanked bum, a hideous screech of pain meeting the blow.


"Noooooooooooooooh!" Again he smacked her bottom with all his might, raising his hand high for the last.




Stay there for a moment if you wish," Mr Critchley said pleasantly, stroking Juliette's hair. "Then tell me what to do next."

The girl didn't move for a few minutes, amazed to find when she opened her eyes a pool of water on the floor from her crying. The headmaster was gently stroking her bottom now and she lay there under his soothing touch for a count of ten before climbing unsteadily to her feet.

"If you have any work to do, sir," she said at last. "I think it would be good for me to stand in the corner with my bottom on display for half an hour or so before you cane me."

"A very good idea," the headmaster concurred. "I do also have a few visitors. Please stand in that corner. I must say you've done very well so far."

Tears still running down her face, Juliette waddled, knickers still around her thighs, to the indicated spot and faced the wall, pleased to have taken the first part of her punishment and to have satisfied Mr Critchley with her demeanour.

The visitors were hard. Each time the door opened, her heart leaped into her mouth. A number of teachers and pupils came to see the head for various reasons and all of them saw her bright red bottom and knew that she had been a naughty girl. Even worse, two of the visitors, both male, were from outside the school and both commented on her status.

"It's good to see some schools still prepared to use a little discipline," one said. "She looks as though she's been very thoroughly spanked."

It was almost an hour before Mr Critchley told his secretary to hold calls for a short while and walked over to Juliette once more, turning her to face him.

"Do you still want me to tell you what to do?" she asked.

"Yes, I think so."

"Well sir. I still need to be caned for my part in the ballot fraud. I have six strokes to come and I think you should give me the first three here, leaning against the wall."

She turned back to the wall and reached out, leaning heavily against the cool plaster while the headmaster retrieved the cane and lined it up against her bottom.

"I think I should ask for the strokes," Juliette said quietly, looking over her shoulder. Please give me the first stroke."

She watched as the teacher raised the cane high and then shut her eyes just before he whistled it through the air to crack across her bottom, a scream rising from her lips as the pain shot through her body like electricity.

"Please give me the second stroke, sir," she asked in a tear-stained voice.

Again, Mr Critchley caned her hard, the girl squealing in anguish.

"Please give me the third stroke, sir."

The headteacher obliged once more, harder still this time so that the weal left behind was fiercer than ever and the girl's shrieking shriller.

He gave her time to recover again and then, on her instruction, knelt down before her while she turned around so he could remove her panties.

His face only inches from the girl's quim, he could see her glistening labia and the small knot of flesh between. I wonder what would happen if I just reached out and stroked her clitoris, he couldn't help wondering mischievously, his delegation of procedure to his charge helping to bring such thoughts to his mind.

He looked up instead and saw a look on the girl's face of determined serenity and felt that she was about to do something extraordinary. However, it appeared he was wrong as she merely took up a place on all fours on the sofa and asked the headteacher, very nicely, to bring the cane.

Mr Critchley took up his cane again and placed a restraining hand on the girl's back, preparing to strike and waiting for her command.

"Please give me three more hard strokes on my bare bottom," she commanded him.

Who was he to argue with a direction like that.

Her position gave him plenty of swing and he gave her the three remaining cuts in quick succession, not compromising on the power of course, and reducing the girl to a snivelling heap as she collapsed onto the sofa.

"Well done, Juliette," he said honestly, sitting beside her and putting his arms around her. "You have quite made up for your earlier reticence."

"No, I haven't," she said firmly, though her tears. "Not completely."

"What do you mean?" Mr Critchley asked, intrigued.

"The second time you spanked me, with the table tennis bat, I made a fuss about undressing."


"Well, I think I should be punished for that as well. I think that showed a lack of humility and trust and a tendency towards the wilful insulting of authority and should be harshly dealt with."

"I agree that you did not conduct yourself perfectly at that time," Mr Critchley told her. "Please tell me what punishment you expect for it."

"I have to dress first," Juliette explained, struggling to get up. "Otherwise there's no point."

She looked at the teacher. "Do you have time for this?" she asked.

"Of course," he answered. "Any time a girl wishes assistance in improving her behaviour, it's my duty to find time."

And I wouldn't miss this, he told himself.

"If I tell you what I think should happen, then you can just do what you think," the girl said. The next words came out in a rush as if they had been carefully prepared. "I think I should go outside and come back in and you should tell me that I show too much false modesty and that a dose of the cane will help sort me out. Then you take all my clothes off and make me lie on my back with my legs in the air so that I'm not just naked but all on display... and then you cane me."

"How many strokes?"

"Er.. three?"

Mr Critchley looked thoughtful for a moment.

"No," he said. "Let's do this properly. Nine hard strokes."

Juliette gasped loudly but said nothing. Mr Critchley smiled. Even if this had begun as a girl's sexual fantasy, he would ensure that there was a real element of pain. And he would, for once, really allow himself to enjoy this.

"Come in."

The door opened, and a fully dressed Juliette walked in.

"Young lady, I am afraid that I am not satisfied with some aspects of your conduct in the school."

"Wh... what do you mean, sir?"

"We choose to punish you girls in the way we do for a reason, yet you seem far too ready to question the instructions of your teachers and elder students when they decide you should be chastised."

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry sir."

"Well, I'm going to teach you a lesson today, young lady. Let's see if I can explain things to you."

"The problem seems to be with your attitude to your body, especially your private parts. Let me be clear, when you are to be punished, there are no private parts. Your rights to the usual dignities are lost when you misbehave. However humiliating or embarrassing it may be, you WILL do exactly as you're told, without question. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Remove your blouse and bra, please."

Slowly, Juliette followed the unexpected instruction, her young breasts pouting firmly and her nipples hard.

"Come here!"


Juliette walked over to where the headmaster was standing in front of his desk and was amazed when he reached out to take a breast in each hand.

"I see your nipples are hard," he observed. "Why is that?"

"Er...," she girl stammered. "It... it's cold."

Mr Critchley continued to stroke the girl's tits, her nipples stiffening still further and her breathing becoming shallow.

"That's the only reason?"


"I see. So if I were to reach my hand between your legs, I wouldn't find you wet down there would I?"

"But... n... no!" the girl moaned, feeling very uncomfortable suddenly.

"Take off your panties and hand them to me!" he said suddenly.

Obediently, Juliette did as she was told, watching to her horror as the headmaster carefully examined them, noting the warm dampness and then held them to his nose.

"Shall I ask you again?"

"No... I mean, I am a little bit... I mean..."

Mr Critchley's hands snaked out now to find the buttons on her skirt, within seconds dropping it to the floor and then lifting her up to sit on his desk, Juliette's attention focused on the heat between her legs.

One at a time, the headmaster lifted the girl's feet into the air to remove her shoes and socks, replacing them well apart on the edge of the desk and opening up her pussy to his gaze.

"Put your right hand between your legs," he instructed her. "Now slide your index finger as far as it will go inside you. Come on, do as you're told."

Her face bright red, Juliette performed the familiar action in the most unfamiliar circumstance and then lifted her hand to the headmaster's nose.

"Not wet!" he cried. "Not wet!?"

With no further warning, the headmaster plunged his hand between Juliette's open thighs and found her clitoris with his finger and thumb, the girl almost screaming with the release of the pent up sexual tension as he manipulated her button.

"You're soaking wet, aren't you?" he demanded

"Yes, sir," she gasped.

"Did you masturbate when you were thinking up this "extra" punishment?"

"Yes, sir."

"Do you still feel that you deserve to be caned?"

"Yes, sir... oohh , yes... OOOH!"

"And do you think three strokes would be sufficient?"

"No, sir. Sir... SIR!"

Mr Critchley had timed her pretty orgasm perfectly he thought as he walked to his desk to fetch his cane, returning moments later to lift Juliette's legs high in the air and to push them towards her ears, opening up her sopping cunt and exposing her bottom to the cane. Smiling broadly, he lifted it up.