Subject: New story from Gigi: Sally 1862
From: (RIharpist)
Date: 22 Jul 1997 16:27:23 -0700

Sally 1862

This is another "ancestor story", and is pure fiction. It is set in a time when children were spanked for their misbehavior, and I want you to not read this, if you are upset about this kind of thing. The characters are real, bu the story is not. Please do not use this story without my permission.

Sally 1862
by Gigi

Sally lived in Ohio, and her father was a soldier in the Union Army. He was stationed in Georgia and a supply officer. Sally often spent time with her grandparents on their farm in Ohio, for her mother had other, younger children in the town.

It was Sally's eighth Birthday, and her grand parents decided to give her a party. They told her about it, and suggested that she invite the children from the neighboring farms to attend. She and her grandfather had a wonderful time planning the games that would be played, and her grandmother planned the food that would be served. A number of the parents were to be included. It was turning into quite a festive occasion.

Toward the end of the party, the adults were getting tired, withdrawing to the shade of the trees to sip their lemonade and chat. The children took off in all directions to play happliy in the farm yard. Sally decided that a grand game would be hide-and-go-seek, so she organized all of the children into a huge game. As they hid their eyes and counted to one hundred, Sally dashed off to the tool shed -- a forbidden place, but one where she knew they would never find her.

It was dark inside with the door closed, for the sun was setting, and there was little light. It was difficult to see much, so Sally tried to be very still. She could hear the others looking around outside, and she supressed her giggles.

Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell back into a rake, which in turn struck a shovel, hittng a pail and box of nails. As she fell backwards, she knocked over a bucket of red barn paint, spilling it all over the floor and many of the tools and supplies. It all made a terrible crash! Children outside came running, as did adults, and the door was flung open. There sat Sally amidst the mess, looking totally devastated.

Grandfather approached sternly. "Sally has not had her Birthday spanking yet," he thundered. Everyone gasped. This was just not supposed to happen. He reached in and lifted Sally out of the mess carefully and stood her on the stump of a nearby tree. He checked her carefully to see that she was unhurt, and then turned toward the shed. "Do not move!" He said to her. She nodded, terrified.

After checking the mess, he returned, shaking his head sadly. "Do you see what you have done?" She nodded. "I fear that this party has now ended, and I feel very badly that it had to do so in this way, young lady." Sally looked down sadly and in shame. Parents began to collect their children. Thank you's were given to the grandparents and cautious goodbye's to Sally. Soon all were gone...... Sally still stood upon the tree stump.

Grandfather returned and spoke to her. "I am going to take down your bloomers and spank your naughty bottom, Sally. That shed was out of bounds for you, and you knew that. Do you know how sad it is for me to have to do this to you on your Birthday?" Sally was unable to answer, as the tears filled her eyes. Grandfather lifted her down and sat on the tree stump.

"Oh, Grandfather, I am so sorry... please don't spank me. I was hiding in the game, and , well, I really wanted a good place.. and..."

"A good place? That was a good place?" He lifted Sally up and across his knees.

"Oh, no, Grandfather, please? I am so sorry..." The tears flowed, as Sally fell apart under the stress of what was about to happen.

"Young lady, you will be very sorry in just a few minutes. Right now, you are merely trying to get out of the punishment that must happen." He raised her skirt and rubbed her bloomers. "I wish this could be different, for a Happy Birthday spanking would have been much better". He undid the buttons and slid the bloomers down, revealing Sally's bare bottom. Raising his hand, he began to spank her, gently at first, and then harder and harder.

Sally cried and kicked, reaching back to protect herself. He took her arm firmly, and he continued to spank her, until her bottom was very red. She was sobbing.

At last, he buttoned her up again and lifted her up into his loving arms. He stood up and carriedher around in the yard, rocking her gently and kissing away her tears.

"We do not need anything like this again, right, little darling?" he asked She shook her head and wiped her eyes. "We will say nothing to your Mama and Papa about this. It will be just between us, all right? Sally nodded.

Grandfather set her down, and they walked into the house together, as Sally rubbed her sore little behind.