Subject: Story by Gigi: Raymond 1720
From: (RIharpist)
Date: 28 Apr 1997 23:13:21 GMT

Raymond 1720

This is another in the ancestor story series. The characters are real. but the incidents are not. If you object to the spanking of children, do not read this story. Please do not use this story without my permission.

by Gigi

Raymond grew up in Duxbury, Massachusetts, the son of a sea captain. He had three older sisters. This story about him takes place when he was eight years old.

Raymond was in a restless, foolish mood all day that day. He was all over the place! He slid down bannisters, raced through the kitchen, skidded scatter rugs up the walls as he ran from room to room, and generally drove folks in the house nearly out of their minds. Before anyone could grab at him, he would dart away and be gone in a flash. By the afternoon, things were really going down hill rapidly. His three older sisters were home now and busily doing their projects and chores, so Raymond began in on them. He teased and tickled and ran; he snatched things, laughed and ran; he made faces, taunted and ran. His mother was beside herself. She tried several times to intercept him, especially after the girls came home, but to no avail. He was simply too quick for her.

Raymond began to tease his mother too, in unheard of boldness, and then racing off laughing............................ ran straight up against his father, who stopped him right in his tracks! The family came forward from all rooms, grateful that Father was home, and quickly they shared the events of Raymond's day.

"Let's go, young man," said the huge sea captain, lifting his young son up and carrying him in his arms out through the kitchen to the back shed.

"But, I was just..........". came the pitiful cry, as the trousers were unbuttoned, dropped to the ankles, and the drawers pulled down as well.

Up and over the big knees went a very scared little boy, head lowered to give ample display to a very exposed naked bottom, and high in the air went the big hand with the shingle that would spank again and again that wriggling little bottom. Raymond was howling! With legs kicking and arms swinging, Raymond received the pay-off for his day of frolic and folly.

When it was over, his father dressed him and held him close.

"I too teased my sisters when I was young," he said in his deep, but gentle voice, "and my father took down my breeches and whipped my behind as well. That is what happens to all little boys who tease their sisters and mothers. You will have to fight off the urge to do this anymore. Do you understand me?" Raymond nodded tearfully. "Every time you do this, you and I will make a trip out here, and I will take dpwn your trousers. Is that clear?" Raymond nodded. "Now, let's go in to supper."

He held crying Raymond warmly and dried his tears, carrying him back to the house. Everyone knew that Raymond had not meant harm, and some even felt remorse that they had gotten Raymond into so much trouble.