From: (RIharpist)
Subject: Story by Gigi: Patience
Date: 2 Apr 1997 23:53:07 GMT

Here is the third of four stories of Colonial children. Neither the children nor the stories are real. Do not read, if the spanking of children offends you. Please do not use this without my permission.


by Gigi

Patience was born in 1690, and her family now lived in a small village, not surrounded by stockade walls, yet somewhat vulnerable from attack. Soldiers were now garrisoned nearby and were available on call. Patience’s father was a pharmacist (chemist), assisting the town physician. At this time, the youngest children were educated at home by their mothers, attending school by nine or ten, if their family could afford it. This story takes place when Patience was about six.

Patience’s mother sat in her chair near the big fireplace with her wide skirts swirled around her. Seven small children, ages five through eight sat around her on little stools. Each held a slate and chalk. Patience’s mother held a Bible, and she was dictating the spelling lesson from a list of words the children were to have learned for this test today. She had a sense that her daughter would not do well, for she had not seen her spend much time with the list over the last few days. There would be a punishment should Patience fail this test, and Patience knew this. This was so for any child who failed. Patience’s mother was a very good and fair teacher, but she would not tolerate laziness.

When the test had ended, there were three children who did not pass. Each one had to stand and explain why not. Then, they had to turn and lie over their stools, facing away from Patience’s mother. The two boys had tight breeches on, so Patience’s mother simply smoothed the cloth more tightly over each of the four buttocks presented to her. With Patience, she raised her skirt and petticoats, so that her bloomers were presented. Then Patience’s mother took a long, home made paddle from its hook on the wall and whipped each of the three children soundly. Each cried out and tried to protect him or herself, but Patience’s mother held them firmly with her hand on their backs during their whippings. The howling could be heard outside, I am certain, but everyone understood what was happening here. Patience’s mother had been a teacher of the very young for a long time. She was well-loved by all.

When it was over, the three students stood and sobbed for a few moments. The other four were greatly sobered by witnessing this occurrence. Each child had to make a new commitment to study. There would be a new test for these three on the morrow, and should they fail again, their parents would be informed for a home whipping. Each child knew that would be worse, for the parents knew that this would have been a second failed lesson. Patience and the others sat down tenderly and continued their school day.