Subject: story by Gigi: Nancy 1900
From: (RIharpist)
Date: 16 Apr 1997 17:32:10 GMT

Nancy 1900

Here again is another ancestor story. Nancy lived in Ohio and was my great aunt. She was the eldest of three girls, and her father owned the lumber mill with his brothers. At the time of this account, Nancy was ten. Although Nancy is real, the story is pure fiction. Please do not read this, if you are offended by the spanking of children. You may not use this story without my permission.

by Gigi

One morning, Nancy's mother had some things to do, so she asked Nancy to watch her two younger sisters, Evelyn and Betsy. Nancy had absolutely no desire to do so, but she knew she must. Reluctantly, she pulled her two younger sisters outside and closed the front door. Her mother opened the door and said, "Now, Nancy, you must be very kind to your sisters. Do you understand me?" Nancy looked at her mother and nodded, but it was evident that the look was not happy.

Nancy had no idea what to do with them, so she decided to take them for walk. She walked them to an old shed, where she enticed them into playing a story game. She chose the "Three Pigs". She told them to go into the "house" and pretend to be the pigs, and she would be the wolf. The girls ran into the house in glee and slammed the door. Nancy found some old debris outside and piled it up against the door, and when the girls asked her what she was doing, she told them that she was making them safer from the wolf. They accepted that, and the game began. "I'll huff and I'll puff....." again and again the "wolf" roard. The little girls shreiked in delight!

Then, Nancy became bored, and not wanting to entertain the little ones anymore, wandered off on a walk of her own, leaving them inside the shack. In the meantime, the little ones pushed their way out, looked for Nancy, and then found their way home in tears. When their mother heard their tale of woe, she comforted them and told them that Nancy was going to get a spanking for this. Both girls looked wide-eyed at their mother and gasped a bit. "Now, you go play with your toys nicely in the back parlor while I am working here." With that, she went back to work.

About three-quarters of an hour later, Nancy came home all upset. In great alarm she cried out, Mama, I can't find Evelyn and Betsy!! They just disappeared. I was right there, and suddenly they were gone!!" "Really?" came the quiet reply, as Nancy's mother opened the back parlor door............

"Talk to me about this, young lady, and I want the truth!"

Nancy stood facing her mother, twisting her fingers behind her back and crossing her feet, back and forth, one over the other.

"I....uh.......I was playing......uh......Three Pigs with them........."


Out came the full confession of the abandonment "just for a little walk" and "I was coming right back".

"Well, young lady, it is time for a spanking for you. You directly disobeyed me and I will not permit you to do that!"

"Oh, no Mama, I will never disobey you again......"

"Let's hope you won't!" Nancy's mother took a short, soft strap from the drawer and took a hold of her daughter's arm. She sat herself in a chair and pulled Nancy over her lap, raising her skirt, short petticoat, and revealing her bloomers. Unbuttoning the bloomers, Nancy's mother tugged them down to her knees, as Nancy cried out in protest. Her ten-year old bottom was now in full view. The strap was lifted and came down with a slap on Nancy's behind, covering both sides. Nancy jumped and yelped. The strap rose and fell several times, as Nancy kicked her legs and cried out in protest.

When the spanking had ended, Nancy slid off her mother's lap and grabbed her pink bottom. Her mother reached out and pulled her close to re-do the buttons on the bloomers and smooth Nancy's dress.

"You will now go to tell your sisters how sorry you are and then you are to go to your room until dinner. I will call you when it is ready.."

Crying, Nancy did as she was told and fell asleep in her stuffed chair by the window with her teddy bear, for the afternoon.