Subject: Hamilton 1915 a new story by Gigi
From: (RIharpist)
Date: 28 Oct 1997 12:34:52 -0800

Hamilton 1915

Hamilton 1915 by Gigi

This is another of the ancestor stories of young children and how they lived in those times. Since there are descriptions of the discipline of these children, please do not read should spanking of a young child disturb you." Please do not use this story without my permission.

Hamilton was three when this episode took place. He was pampered by his mother and adored by his older brothers and sisters, who always covered for him when they all got "into trouble". Hence, while the others accepted their fates, Hamilton stood by or went off to play unscathed.

One day, however, Hamilton acted on his own. No one could cover for him this time. He was playing ball in the front parlor and smashed a valuable vase right off the round lace covered table by the window. There had been a terrible crash. He had been trying to hit the cat as she slept on the window sill and had missed. The cat knowing him well, had jumped to safety well before the arrival of the ball. Hamilton stood frozen as his mother came rushing into the parlor in her response to the loud noise.

"Hamilton! What has happened here?" "I don't know" "You don't know? That makes no sense."

The conversation was going no where. His mother began to gather the pieces of the broken vase to see if there was a possibility of repair, but it did not look very hopeful. Hamilton just watched in silence.

"I know someone who is going to get his first spanking" Hamilton backed up with his hands behind him in fear.

His mother led him to the couch and took down his knickers. She placed him over her lap and began to spank his bare bottom. Her hand slapped one cheek and then the other as he kicked and cried. He simply could not believe that this was happening to him. He tried to get up, but she pushed him down further, raising his bottom higher over her lap. He felt those spanks on his upper legs as well as all over his bottom. Everything was getting very pink indeed. Hamilton was howling now. His knickers flew off as he kicked, but his mother kept spanking him. She wanted him to know that she meant business and that he was now into the world of accountability. There would be no more protecting him from his little crimes.

When it was over, his mother pulled up his underwear and knickers. She held and rocked her sobbing son, knowing that he was devastated at this surprising turn of events in his life. He had now been initiated into the world of young childhood. She sang to him and took him to the kitchen to wash his tear-stained face. "

"You can come and watch me clean up the vase", she said, as she handed him a cookie, " You have been spanked and it's all right now. We shall see if Father can fix this."

Mother and son headed for the parlor, one holding a dustpan and broom, and the other eating a cookie and rubbing a sore bottom."