Subject: Emma 1722 new Story by Gigi Mf
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Emma 1722 Mf

Emma 1722 by Gigi

This is another of the ancestor stories of young children and how they lived in those times. Since there are descriptions of the discipline of these children, please do not read should spanking of a young child disturb you." Please do not use this story without my permission.

Emma was eight and living with her Aunt Harriet and uncle Irving at the time of this story. Her parents had been killed in a tragic accident when she was three, so her memory of them was vague. Her aunt and uncle were the only "parents" she knew, and she loved them very much. Emma was the only child living there at the time, for her aunt and uncle's children were long grown." They had been delighted to have her when the sad opportunity came to have a young child in the house again.

One day, while exploring in the attic, something Emma was told not to do, she found an old trunk filled with wonderful things. Out came old dresses and dishes and small trinkets, which were absolute treasures to her. She put on some of the clothing and jewelry and stood before a dusty old mirror to admire herself, when she heard the footsteps on the staircase. She quickly removed the clothing and jewelry and put them all in the trunk, but she simply was not quick enough. "

"What are thee doing here?!!!", thundered Uncle Irving. "I .... I .... was just looking at things, sir....." "And, who grantest thee permission to do such?" "I.. I. fear that no has, sir. I came up because of the rain......" "Are thee aware of what thee have done in invading the privacy of thine Aunt's possessions?" "Yes, Sir. I am sorry that I have offended her and thee as well." "Well, we shall have an invasion of thy privacy now, my dear in payment for thy disobedience."

In several quick movements, Uncle Irving had placed himself on a trunk and pulled his young niece to him. Over his lap she found herself, and it wasn't long before the skirt, petticoats and bloomers were out of the way to reveal her bare bottom. Uncle Irving held her in a firm grasp. "

"I am very <spank> disappointed <spank> in you <spank> Emma <spank>".

She began to kick and cry as the spanks rained down as hard as the rain outside the window. Her tears ran down her face as did the rain on the panes of glass outside

"Thee <spank> were told <spank> <spank> <spank> not to come up here" <spank><spank> because it is not safe for thee. <spank> <spank> <spank>!"

Emma's bottom became pinker and pinker as the spanks came down from one place to the other, covering all parts of her behind.

"If <spank> <spank> thee ever want to <spank> <spank> come up here <spank>" <spank> in the future, <spank> <spank> thee are to ask one of us to <spank> " bring thee here. <spank> Do you understand? <spank> <spank>?

A very contrite Emma was howling in grief and sorrow. She told him the best she could, through her sobs that the would always ask permission. Uncle Irving pulled up her bloomers and put down her petticoats and skirt. He lifted her up in his strong and loving arms and nestled her against his broad shoulder. He walked with her around the attic a bit, rubbing her back and talking softly to her. Then, in another trunk, he reached down and pulled out a doll. "

"This belonged to thy cousin Maggie when she was a wee bit of a thing. I think she would be honored to know that thou would give this baby a home in thy bed tonight."

Emma took the doll with a look of wonder in her eyes. She gave Uncle Irving a warm and loving hug, and together, they went back downstairs to the warmth of the hearth.

"My, my" said Aunt Harriet, "I have not seen that baby for a very long time." I am glad that she has a new mother now, for an attic life is not one for children."

Uncle Irving and Emma looked at each other and smiled."