Subject: New Story by Gigi: Curtis 1891
From: (RIharpist)
Date: 17 Mar 1998 10:44:04 -0800

Curtis 1891

Here is another "ancestor story". The characters are real, but the incident itself is fictional. If you object to the spanking of children, please do not read this. Today, this might have been handled differently. Please do not use this story in any way without my permission.

Curtis 1891 by Gigi

Curtis grew up as the third child of four in a merchant's family in Ohio. His family was highly respected in the community, and the town was small enough that all knew each other. At the time of this incident, Curtis was eight.

Frequently, Curtis spent time in his father's store, talking with people and being with his father. Sometimes his friends would come in, and Curtis would go off to play with them, but on this particular day, one of this friends asked if Curtis could get him some fishing line. Curtis was flattered and brought it out with him. When his other friends saw how easy this was, they all began to ask Curtis for these kinds of "favors". Curtis felt trapped. He filled as many orders as he could, but just as he was taking some hard candies for his friend Seth, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"What are you doing, Son?" "uh......" "Looks as though you are taking candy without asking. Is that so?" "um, well.... sort of......"

Curtis felt his eyes filling with tears. If he said no to his friends, they would reject him, and now he was in trouble with his father.

"Come with me, young man." his father said, leading him to the back room of the store. There, he sat in his desk chair, which he had turned with its back to the desk. He stood his young son in front of him, holding his hands in his. He looked in his eyes and asked for an explanation. Curtis told his father all about what had happened and how he had been forced to steal the things from the store.

"No, Curtis, you were not forced to do that. It just felt that way. You chose to steal them to stay popular with your friends. I am going to spank you for this, and then we will talk about what to do."

He undid the buttons on Curtis' trousers and pulled the shoulder straps down by his sides. Then he undid the side buttons and the fly buttons. Curtis began to cry. Down came the trousers and Curtis held himself in a state of nerves. His father lifted him up over his knees and put his little bottom high in the air. Curtis grabbed the rung of the chair quickly to keep from falling.

"You will not <spank!> take anything <spank!> from the store <spank!> again <spank!> without permission<spank!>."

Curtis struggled and wiggled, trying to get comfortable and free. He could do neither.

You were very <spank!> naughty <spank!> to do that <spank!> when you could have come to me and told me what you <spank!> needed. You must never do <spank!> this again. <spank!>" Do you understand me, young man? <spank!> <spank!> <spank!> <spank!> "

"Yes-s-s, I do, Father". came the wee voice amidst sobs. Up came the trousers and Curtis found himself on the floor being buttoned up again. With straps back on his shoulders, he was of one piece once more, and his father took him on his lap.

"Now, let's talk about this. You have friends who need things?" "Yes (Curtis nodded)" "How would you all like some jobs around the store? We would decide as to which job was worth which item. Never again is something to be taken for nothing."

Curtis looked up at his father and smiled. He thought that was a grand idea. With a very sore bottom, he went out to talk to his friends and explain the new business opportunity. The last I heard, The store had lots of help on Saturdays, and little boys had many things they really wanted.