Subject: Clarrissa 1845 new story Mf by Gigi
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Date: 21 Oct 1997 09:39:37 -0700

Clarrissa 1845 Mf

Clarissa 1845 by Gigi

This is another of the ancestor stories that are purely fictional, although the characters are real. If you are disturbed by stories that describe children being spanked, please do not read this. Clarisssa was ten when this even took place.

One of the favorite activities of the four children in Clarissa's family was soap carving. Rissa, as she was called, was the eldest of the four girls, and eagerly awaited this special rainy day treat. Papers were spread over the table and each child was given a safe knife to use to do the soap carving." Their mother collected the shavings to put in the tiny, wire "baskets" for the dish and laundry water. Each child was permitted to keep her creation for her personal bath. "

On this particular day, Rissa carved a bird, and was very proud of it. Her sisters took much longer, and Rissa was getting a little bored. She lifted the papers carefully, and without being noticed, began to run the knife along the edge of the table a bit. Soon the table had deeper grooves, and then some "designs". Becoming a bit nervous as her sisters neared completion of their work, Rissa took her knife to the kitchen and then her bird to her room. She got her rain gear and went for a walk.

A while later, she heard someone calling her and saw a figure in the murky mist. It was her father. She answered and stood frozen until he caught up with her. He led her to a fallen log, and sat her on his lap."

"We need to have a talk", he said.

"uh huh"

"No, I want to hear, yes, Father"

"Yes, Father"

"Talk to me about the table, Rissa"

"I don't know why it happened, Father. It just did."

"Well, there will be a spanking, Rissa."

Rissa started to cry. Her father reached up under her skirt and pulled down her under clothes, stuffing them into her pocket to keep them dry. Then he placed her over his lap and raised her skirts, folding them carefully under her rain gear. Now, only her bare bottom was showing. The rain wet it completely. His hand went high in the air and came down on that wet behind again and again. Rissa had never been spanked on a wet bottom before. She could not believe how much it hurt her. She kicked hard, but to no avail. He had a real grip on her. Even the rain from the brim of his hat rained upon her bottom."

She pleaded for him to stop, and after a thorough spanking in silence, he raised her up and hugged her. He told her that it was all over, and that he had a story for her. He kissed her cheek and told he that when he was a lad, he had carved some designs in the head board of his bed. He said that his father took him to the barn and strapped him for it. "Knives are to be used for special reasons, Rissa." he said" You may only use one when you have special permission. Do you understand?" Rissa nodded and tried to gain her composure.

They walked back to the house together, and when inside and the wet things were off, her father helped her get her underwear back on. He took her hand and explained to the others that all was well now and we shall understand that this will not happen again. The Clarissa table continued down in the family for several generations, and the story was retold. Now it has come to you."