Subject: Story by Gigi: Christina & Edward 1911
From: (RIharpist)
Date: 14 Apr 1997 17:58:15 GMT

Christina & Edward 1911

This is another in the ancestor story series, and as with the others is pure fiction. The characters and their situations are real, but the accounts are not. If you object t the spanking of children, please do not read this. Please do not use this without my permission.

by Gigi

Christina and her family lived in Massachusetts, where she was the second of four children and the only girl. Her father was a banker, and her mother had many duties running a busy household and entertaining her husband's many business assiciates and friends. Christina was eight at the time of this incident.

It was evening, the children had had their supper at 5:00 and were all ready for bed, up in their rooms. The guests for dinner had gathered downstairs and were being seated at the dining room table. Christina and her younger brother Edward, age six, had come out into the hall where they were quarreling. A maid passing in the front hall below whispered up to them, urging them to return to their rooms, but the quarrel escalated. Edward made a run for the stairs with the famous victim cry of "I'M TELLING, CHRISTINA!!". Christina ran after him, realizing what that would mean, but Edward was too fast for her. About three steps from the bottom, Christina caught up with him and reached forward to grab him. It turned into a push, and Edward was cast forward onto the hallway rug, where he screamed like a stuck pig.

Their father raced out into the hall and picked him up, wiping his eyes and rubbing the bump on his head. He seemed to be fine. He was more angry than hurt. After asking for a brief accounting, it became clear that there was trouble for Christina. Mother took Edward into the dining room and sat him on her lap at the table, where the guests fussed over him for a while. Father and Christina took a very different trip.

He took Christina by the upper arm and led her swiftly to the back area behind the kitchen. Her feet barely touched the floor as they walked, and she was already crying. Christina knew well what was coming. Her father pulled out a stool and sat down, swiftly placing Christina over his knees, her little bottom high in the air. Up went the nightie, so there she was, bare-bottomed for the spanking that she knew was about to happen. It followed quickly and sharply, with no discussion, and Christina cried and cried, her little legs kicking in protest. Her father's strong hand held her back firmly in place, the other bringing down spank after spank on that bottom, until it was very pink.

Then, he picked her up as she cried and carried her up the back stairs to her room, where he tucked her into her bed and kissed her goodnight. Christina cried herself to sleep.

Edward was sent up to bed by his mother, and he met his father in the upstairs hall. His father took him into his room and closed the door. He unbuttoned the flap on Edward's pajamas and put him over his knees, where he delivered about five hand spanks to that exposed little bottom. Edward was astonished! He had gone from pampering to this! His father scolded him for not having obeyed the direction to be in his bed. Two more spanks followed, and then a tearful Edward was buttoned up and tucked into his bed.

Father returned to his guests, all of whom were parents and had pretty well guessed at what had to be done...........