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Belinda 1822 By Gigi

Belinda is another ancestor of mine, born into a family of nine children. She was the eldest of them all, four girls and five boys. She often became "surrogate mother" to her younger siblings just out of pure necessity. The incident described here when Belinda was ten is purely fictional, but could easily have happened. If you are disturbed by stories involving children getting spanked, please read no further. Please do not use this story for any purpose without my permission.

It was the Sabbath, and the family was getting dressed for church. Belinda was ready first, and she was asked to take her younger sisters for a short walk to entertain then while their mother finished dressing the boys. Out the door she went with a set of twins of four and one little sister of six. They chatted and were having a fine time when the six-year-old decided to draw in the mud with a stick. Belinda thought that was very creative and encouraged them all to do it. She should have known better. The mud soon covered their shoes and stockings, and was splashing up their dresses. Belinda, seeing the disaster, took all three of them to a high place and began to wipe down the mud with her hands. It merely smeared. She took them to the stream and tried to wash the mud off the shoes, but the shoes just got all wet. The mud stayed, smearing more and more. Belinda just sat down and began to cry in desperation. Her sisters were in dismay. They were worried about her, for her tears brought them into a great state of alarm.

It wasn't long, before voices were calling them to return. Panic was setting in now. Belinda sent her sisters to the voices, indicating the path to them, and she remained near the stream in tears. Soon, a figure was approaching her." It was her mother. She stood in silence for a few moments and then demanded that Belinda look at her.

"What have you done, young lady?! I asked to you care for your sisters. You have caused a terrible mess here, and I cannot ready them in time for meeting today.Your father has taken the boys. You have I have to clean up your sisters, and you are going to be punished. Do you understand?"

Belinda nodded, sobbing. She followed her mother back to the house slowly and in great sadness. She wished that things had been very different. Why had she taken them there? Why did she let them play there? There were so many questions.

When they reached the house, Belinda's mother drew the big tub and filled it with water and suds. She placed the three younger girls into the tub and then took each one out one by one. She showed each their dresses, put them over her lap, and gave each several hard smacks on their bottoms just before drying them. Each little girl cried. They were warmly wrapped in robes and placed upon the window seats to look at books and play with their dolls." Their mother reassured them that they were fine now and that their clothing would be clean very soon. Their shoes were wiped out and placed by the fireplace to dry.

Belinda was not as muddy. Her shoes needed cleaning, and her stockings were also splashed with the mud. But her dress was spared, so she did not need a bath as had her sisters. She knew now that it would be time to answer for what had happened out there in the muddy woods and the poor decision that she had made. She took off her shoes and stockings and set the shoes to dry by the fire with those of her sisters. Her muddy stockings went into the wash tub to soak. "

"Now, come here, Belinda!" came the dreaded command, firmly. "Take down your bloomers under your skirts and petticoats and come here to me."

Belinda reached up underneath her petticoats and undid her bloomers. As they slipped down, she felt the coolness of her petticoats against her bare bottom. She stepped out of the bloomers and placed them on a chair nearby and she went to stand before her mother. In her mother's hand was a leather-soled slipper, and Belinda began to cry.

"I will hear none of that. Over my lap, young lady!"

Belinda obeyed immediately. Her head was pushed down nearly to the floor, and her bare feet were clearly off the ground. Up came the skirt and the petticoats well above her waist, and there she lay exposed to the coolness of the room. The room became hushed, as her sisters watched in horror. The first smack of the slipper sent Belinda right into the air. Her mother grasped her firmly to prevent her from falling onto the floor. That slipper seemed to have a mind of its own. It was as though it had witnessed the entire scene and was the spanker. Belinda cried out for mercy, but none was shown at this point. Her bare bottom became pink and then redder and redder.

When it had ended, a sobbing Belinda was raised up and held by her mother, as the punishing slipper fell to the floor. She was rocked and soothed, reminded of why this had to happen and told that now it was all over. With a gentle kiss, Belinda was told to go and wash out the stockings and hang them by the fireplace to dry. Sobbing quietly, she did so, drying her tears every once in a while. "

"Put on your undergarments now, Belinda, for the men folk will be home soon."

Belinda reached over and took them from the chair. How she would have liked to have remained bare, as vulnerable as that made her feel, for the underwear was a bit scratchy on the tender behind she now owned. Three little girls came and held their big sister, and Belinda told them that she was very sorry that they had a spank on their bottoms too. When they turned away from each other and looked at their mother, there was hot chocolate and cookies on the table waiting to warm the tummies on the inside that would match the warm bottoms on the outside."