Subject: Story by Gigi: Barbara 1916
From: (RIharpist)
Date: 21 Apr 1997 19:25:18 GMT

Barbara 1916

Barabara was an aunt of mine, and was about six at the time of this account. She is real, but the story is not. It is pure fiction. If you are offended by the spanking of children, please do not read this story. Please do not use it without my permission.

by Gigi

Barbara loved her father's pocket watch. It had been his grandfather's -- perfect Swiss movement with chimes. The face was a shiny gold, decorated with etching and tiny gemstones. It hung on a gold chain that led the watch into a special pocket just below the wistband of her father's trousers. Barbara loved to sit on his lap, running to him when he told her it was about to chime, and carefully put it in her hand to see and hear it. As a very small child, before being allowed to hold it, she would clap her hands with glee at the chiming!

One day, when she was six, Barbara went into her parents' bedroom while her father was shaving and bathing in the nearby bathroom. There, on a try on his table was the beautiful watch. Barbara drifted over and looked at it. She touched it with one finger and admired its beauty. Then, in a moment of wrekless abandon, she picked it up to try to hold it in her hand. It felt so-o-o good! It was smooth and dazzling!

Her mother happened to come in with some linens, and Barbara whirled around, the precious watch slipping from her hands to the floor. Her mother gasped! She lifted Barbara onto a chair and pluncked her down hard! "STAY THERE!", she commanded. Her mother picked up the watch and held it to her ear, listening carefully for any sound. There was none. She placed the watch back on the tray and told Barabara that her father would deal with her, for it was his watch, but she was qute sure that there would be a sound spanking. Barbara started to cry.

It seemed like hours, but when her father came out of the bathroom in his big, soft robe, he saw Barbara sitting there. He greeted her warmly. Her mother returned and explained what had happened, and the clouds gathered upon her father's brow. He took the watch and tilted it gently back and forth, gently, gently, listening and listening again, but there was still nothing. Then, without a word, he went to his dressing room and shut the door. When he emerged, he went to Barbara and told her that this was a spanking thing for certain.

He took her down the hall to her bedroom, where he sat himself on the edge of her bed. He took Barbara's arm and pulled her over his lap, raising her skirt. He gave her some spanks, lecturing her on what she had done and the fact that one does not touch other people's things. Then, he pulled down her panties, just below her bottom and gave her the spanking she deserved. Her behind was very, very pink, and she struggled and kicked in protest. But her father was determinted that this lesson should sink into that little behind.

Then he pulled her up, pulled up her panties and stood her up, standing her on her toy box. Now she was eye-to-eye with him. He took her chin in his hand and held her face towards him. She was sobbing.

"You have done a terrible thing! (she struggled and cried) Now stop! and look at me! Listen!" Barbara tried to calm herself. "You and I will take the watch to the watchmaker tomorrow. You will give it to him and tell him that we need his help. Do you understand?'

Barbara nodded with her tear-stained face. Her father gave her a hug and told her to stay in her room until lunch. "Then, we can start this whole day over again." With that he lifted her off the box, kissed the top of her head, and was gone. Barbara cried for her sore bottom, but more than that she cried for the beautiful watch that was now silent................