Subject: Story by Gigi: Abraham 1810
From: (RIharpist)
Date: 17 Apr 1997 17:16:22 GMT

Abraham 1810

Abraham was another ancestor, living in Western Massachusetts on a large dairy farm, which his family ran. His father employed several workers, and Abraham had his own chores as a part of the family opreation. If you object to the spanking of children, please do not read this story. Abraham is real, but the account, taking place when Abraham was ten, is pure fiction. You may not use it without my permission.

by Gigi

On the way home from school one warm Spring day, Abraham and his friends made plans to go trout fishing at the nearby pond. "Boy! They are really in there, aren't they?!!" Abraham had said to his friends, as they paused by the pond. "Meet you here in a half an hour! I'll just get my chores done!" Off he ran.

Abraham barely greeted his mother and dashed past everyone else in his haste to get his jobs completed. His chores included bringing some of the cows into the inner yard for feeding and raking the barn. Abraham brought the cows to the inner yard and left them there without their hay. He swept the barn in a rushed half-done way, but he neglected to fill the mangers for the feedings. In his haste to leave, he ran off, fishing pole in hand, leaving the gate unlatched. The hungry, curious cows followed Abraham out of the yard and wandered into the nearby woods and roadway, but Abraham was long gone to the pond.

It was a great afternoon! He had been correct! There were LOTS of hungry trout, and the boys talked about what a wonderful season this was going to be! After a couple of hours, Abraham tied his fish onto his string, said good bye to his friends and headed home a very happy and proud little boy.

Then, in the driveway, he met up with his father, belt in hand......

"The cows are finally in.... The barn's partially raked........... feed is in the mangers........."

Abraham stood and stared blankly. He knew he had done wrong.

"Calf got stuck in a ditch...... We got her out with three men......"

Abraham began to feel smaller and smaller.

"Let's take a trip to the barn to see them, boy"

Abraham nodded and dutifully followed, keeping an eye on the belt.

"Had to belt some of the cows gently to get 'em back into the yard, Abraham........ Don't like to swat the innocent, Abraham......."

Abraham could feel the fear rising in him. He just kept looking down and nodding. They walked into the barn, where the fish were removed from him and on their string were hung on a nail.

"Take down your knickers, boy"

"Oh, Papa, I'm sorry!"


"Yes, Sir." Abraham obeyed.

"Over here, boy".

Abraham followed, the most terrible feeling in his stomach.

"We nearly lost that calf, son."

Abraham nodded, fighting tears.

His father threw several horse blankets over a saw buck and directed Abraham to lie over the blankets.

"Reach down and hold the supports, boy, with both hands, and don't you let go!"

Abraham gripped the support boards, as his father adjusted him over the blankets. Abraham felt strong hands tugging and then pulling down his under clothing, his hips being raised to facilitate this process.

"Oh, Papa, please......" came the protest upon deaf ears.

"Chores first, carefully done, Abraham, then fishing. It is done in that order. We have to straighten out your priorities here."

Abraham felt his naked bottom being further adjusted to be high up and ready for that dreaded belt. It came with a whoosh! Abraham kicked out his legs in pain. Several more times, the belt spanked across his entire bottom, until it was all pink and streaked. Abraham was howling and pleading.

Then, it was over, just like that. Up came the under clothing, and Abraham's father helped his sobbing son to dress again. The belt went onto a nail on the wal, and the broom was handed to Abraham. He was directed to complete the sweeping.

When it was all done, his father put his hand on Abraham's shoulder and said gently, "I don't want to whip you, Son. Don't ever make me do that again." He pulled Abraham to him, and Abraham responded to the warmth of his father's love.

"Now, go clean those beautiful trout and get them to your mother. She's expecting some spectacular fish for dinner!"

A light came into Abraham's eyes. He carefully removed the string of fish from the nail in the barn wall and headed outside. With an encouraging, approving smile, his father handed him a fishknife.