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Abby 1811

Abby 1811 by Gigi

This is another of the ancestor stories of young children and how they lived in those times. Since there are descriptions of the discipline of these children, please do not read should spanking of a young child disturb you." Please do not use this story without my permission.

Abby grew up in Kingston, New Hampshire, where her cousins came for summer holidays from Albany, New York. She was always delighted to see them arrive, for winters could be long in that northern community. She lived on a farm, and her chores were many, but not unusual for a girl of her age of six and for those times. He only real companion in the winter was her older sister of ten, who was deep into learning the ways of a woman, spending much of her time with her mother. "

Because she was often alone, Abby invented imaginary playmates. She had favorite places to go and play her games with them, even though some of those places were frowned upon by her parents. She was not supposed to be in the loft of the barn, for example. She was not to be near the well or the stream that froze in the winter, unless her father checked it first. And, even so, she was never to be alone there. Her favorite playmate was Mr. Boggs, a character with a wonderful sense of humor and a bit of a rascal. She also had Mrs. Mopp, who listened to all her woes. But, Jack Spratz often talked to her, telling her wonderful things about the world. Those three were her favorites.

Today, she was with Mr. Boggs in the barn, when she thought she heard kittens." She stopped and listened intently, not moving a muscle. Jack Spratz whispered that he thought that there might be kittens in the loft. "Oh, do you think so, Jack?" whispered an amazed Abby. "Oh, I am quite sure of it."` She pulled Mr. Boggs along and said "Oh, I want to see them!" Mrs. Mopp was worried. Jack Spratz cautioned her about disobedience, but Mr. Boggs pushed him away and told him that Abby had been up there many times and was quite safe.

So, up the ladder she went, bringing her three "friends" with her. Mrs. Boggs and Jack Spratz stayed close to the ladder, while Mr. Boggs and Abby searched through the hay for the nest of kittens. "Ohhhh..... here they are.... they are Minnie's kittens. They are beautiful" She put them in her apron and stroked them with great love.

At once, there was a voice below. "Abby! Are you up there?" Mrs. Boggs, Jack Spratz, and Mr. Boggs disappeared immediately. "umm.... yes, sir", Abby called down to her father. "Minnie has some beautiful kittens up here, Father, and I am holding them."

"Put them down immediately and get yourself to this ladder. I will help you down', replied her father. Abby reluctantly placed the kittens back with Minnie and crawled to the ladder. What she didn't know was that there was a space in the planking of the loft, hidden by the loose hay. She fell through the hole, and her father raced to catch her, as she screamed for help. She grabbed his neck and hung on for dear life, trembling in fear and relief that she was safe. Her father's arms felt very secure.

"Abby, we have talked about this. You are too little to be up there by yourself. Look what happened. We talk and talk and talk to you about these things. Why don't you listen?" "But, Father, Mr. Boggs said it would be safe up there, and he came with me." "No! not Mr. Boggs again! I suppose Jack Fratz and Mrs. Mopp were there too?" "Yes, but they stayed by the ladder."

"Well, young lady, you are going to get a spanking for all four of you then." You all were very, very naughty today. Do you understand?" Abby began to cry. "I am going to take your bloomers down, and you will receive your spanking out here in the barn on your bare bottom. Do you understand?" Abby nodded, crying. Her father set her down and led her to a barn stool, where he sat himself down. He took off his jacket and then Abby's. Over his strong, rugged knees he placed the little girl, lifted her skirt, and pulled down her bloomers. He pulled them right to her ankles and raised her bottom up, so that it would receive the full impact of the spanking she was about to receive.

"I want Mr. Boggs, Jack Fratz, and Mrs. Mopp to feel this spanking too. I want them to be watching and crying, Abby, for they get you into a great deal of difficulty." Abby was already sobbing. The spanking began. Her father brought his hard, large, farmer's hand down on that small bottom many times, as Abby squirmed and kicked as best she could. It was evident that she was not going to get away from the grip he had upon her waist. She cried and cried.

At last, her father lifted her up, and Abby rubbed her sobbing eyes. Her father took out his handkerchief and dried them for her. Then he dressed her and placed her jacked back on her. He put his own coat on and picked her up." "I love you, baby," he said to her. "I want you safe and unhurt. I want you to see those kittens, but Minnie is going to have to tell us when she feels that it is safe for them to be down with us." "Will she spank them if they come down too soon?" "No, but she will carry them back to their nest again and again and make them stay there. When she thinks they are ready, she will bring them down. We can help her, if she shows us that the time has come. Let's go tell Mother about the babies, all right?"

Abby, Mrs. Mopp, Mr. Boggs, and Jack Fratz all accompanied Abby's father back to the house, rubbing their behinds."""