Subject: zzz--New Story: SHOW AND TELL by MissLilyO (M/f, M/F, cons)
From: (MissLilyO)
Date: 23 May 1997 17:28:39 -0700

Show And Tell

Hi, gang!!! This is my first story in our new home, Asssville!!! The usual disclaimers apply about being 18 or older. (Meaning, if you're not, hit the road). I hope you enjoy it. It contains spanking and hints around about other stuff! Love, Lily


Dear Mr. Carver:

As you are aware, I had to send a note home with Susan yesterday regarding her disruptive behavior in class during the children's Quiet Time. I know that you saw the note because not only did Susan return it with your signed acknowledgement, but she indicated this morning that she had something to share with the class about it during Show and Tell Time. To my shock and dismay, when it was time for Susan to participate, she turned around with her back to the class, flipped up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and showed the boys and girls her still-red bottom from the spanking you gave her this morning for being disruptive in class yesterday.

Clearly, sir, this behavior is completely unacceptable. Therefore, I request a meeting with you without delay to discuss Susan's classroom comportment, and to see what we may do to avoid such incidents from being repeated.


Miss Kathryn Sinclaire

Dear Miss Sinclaire:

Thank you very much for informing me about Susie's choice of Show and Tell material. I must admit I had to laugh out loud when I read your note, and can just see the little scamp proudly displaying her "fanny roses" as she calls them. The point, of course, is that I'm a concerned parent and I do take participation in Susie's educational process very seriously. She does occasionally earn a spanking as a part of her discipline, as was the case when she misbehaved in class recently. But I have taught my daughter that her discipline is all a part of how much I love and care about her and, while she makes a little fuss during her spanking, afterward she seems very proud of herself for being a "big girl" about it, and is genuinely relieved to have the slate wiped clean.

If you wish to discuss this with me further, I'll be available at 4 p.m. next Tuesday afternoon, or the following Wednesday at 2 p.m. May I suggest we meet here in my office which is situated in my home?


Jack Carver

Dear Mr. Carver:

I must say I'm outraged at your casual response to what I believe could be a manifestation of the early stages of a serious psychological impairment in this child. It must surely be conceded that baring one's bottom before an entire classroom is aberrant behavior at best. I would think you would be sufficiently concerned to want Susan examined by a psychiatrist, and perhaps arrange for more suitable discipline, such as time outs and other more acceptable forms of behavior modification, than spankings.

I shall, indeed, expect to call on you in your office next Tuesday at 4 p.m.

Miss Kathryn Sinclaire

Dear Miss Sinclaire:

Your outrage is a bit out of proportion to the incident, don't you think? Susie is a bright and creative child, self-confident, sure that she is loved and cherished at home, despite the loss of her mother when she was only a two year old. I moved my work home so that I could be her constant care-giver, and I think under the circumstances she is unusually well-rounded, focused, and content. That she is also spontaneous is undeniable, and that she viewed her taking her little spanking like such a "big girl" as a source of pride to be shared with her classmates is also completely understandable to me. Her spankings are not abusive, she perfectly understands they are sometimes necessary, and she obviously was not traumatized in the least by the event.

I frankly believe you're making a mountain out of a molehill. Susie and I have had a talk and she won't be showing her bare bum to the class any more this year, at least I don't expect she will. And if she DOES, she'll later be showing it to me--over my knee. And NO, I don't believe she is ready for a shrink because of it. Come and see me Tuesday and we'll complete this discussion.

Jack Carver

Mr. Carver:

You certainly are cavalier where your daughter's mental health is concerned. I will wait until after our meeting, but my inclination at this time is to turn this matter over to our School nurse for further evaluation. Your attitude is distressing, to say the least.

Miss Kathryn Sinclaire

Dear Miss Sinclaire:

"Cavalier" you say? We shall see. Tuesday at 4 p.m. Don't be late.

Jack Carver

To: Mr. Blaine Axelrod, Principal From: Kathryn Sinclaire, First Grade, Room 7A RE: Miss Susan Carver

Dear Mr. Axelrod,

My Student Evaluation Form on Susan is enclosed, along with her Grades, examples of her work, and her Personal Profile. As you can see, Susan is a bright and creative child, exceptionally insightful for her age, is reading at a 5th grade level, and interacts well with the other children.

I had a meeting with her father Tuesday, and feel he is an exemplary parent who takes an active role with his child's education. That is an important criterion in the overall Student Evaluation process. As a result, I recommend her promotion to Second Grade, and suggest she be targeted for the Gifted Children's Program.


Miss Kathryn Sinclaire

Dear Mr. Carver, or may I call you Jack?

Thank you for the roses. They are lovely, and how you guessed white buds were my favorite, I'll never know. Although we discussed this in every possible light during my visit day before yesterday, I felt compelled to write to you to once again apologize for my complete over-reaction to Susie's spontaneous behavior in class the other day.

Oh hell, Jack. Let me drop the pretense altogether and tell you that I haven't been able to sleep a wink since then! All I do is dream of what happened. It's funny--I knew you would be a challenge just by the commanding tone of your letter, and I dressed accordingly. I laugh now when I think of carefully choosing navy blue as a "power" color. Oh, all right, you beast, I had seen you before, of course, and thought you were attractive, so I suppose I also chose the matching silk underwear subconsciously because I wanted to feel attractive as well as powerful.

Your home is pretty imposing, and my knees were fairly knocking by the time I got up the nerve to ring the bell. When you answered the door, it fairly took my breath away. Were you ALWAYS that tall? And I don't know if that slow once-over-lightly look you gave me is something you throw at all the ladies or if you reserve it especially for Susie's teachers, but it certainly made the color rise to my cheeks. How could I have known it was but a precursor of color rising to those other cheeks as well!!

Your attitude was so laid back that at first I had to bite my tongue. I thought you the most irritating man I'd ever conferred with on a parent-teacher or any other level. Somehow, though, your concern for Susie was crystal clear, and that direct way you have of looking at people cut through my fuss-budget reaction and I began to relax and really listen to what you had to say. And yes, your contention that I was completely over-reacting over a simple little spanking made me furious. When you made that outrageous suggestion that I submit to a spanking so I'd see what all the fuss was about, I was ready to spray you with the mace I carry in my purse!

And then before I knew it, you smooth talker you, I was over your lap with my proper little navy pleated skirt flipped up, my silk panties around my knees, and only my garter belt framing my bare bottom. I blush to think of it. My god, Jack, if I thought I was in for a light little bottom smack, I soon had another think coming. And speaking of "coming," who'd have imagined that squirming like that over your lap would cause such an unexpected and powerful reaction? The fact is, I got spanked more in your house Tuesday afternoon than I have during the rest of my 25 years on earth!

Could I really have been such a prissy little old maid? You awakened feelings in me I never dreamed I'd experience, and I'm forever changed. I know it's breaking every one of The Rules to be so open in admitting this to you, but I'm afraid I'm not very skillful at playing hard to get or coy. You are so worldly wise and sophisticated compared to me, you probably think I'm a complete nerdo (and NO, that's not in Webster's New International, thank you!).

Thank you for the note you sent with Susie. And yes, I'd be delighted to have dinner with the two of you Saturday, and....yes, I did buy the hairbrush you instructed me to get. You asked if I'd like to stay after we take Susie to your mother's to spend the night. The answer is also a resounding affirmative, and I shall bring the hairbrush as requested. See you then.


Phone Message From: Jack Carver

Mr. Goldblum, Jack Carver called this morning while you were out. I had to run out and deliver the bracelet to Mr. Atherling, or I'd have waited to explain this in more detail. I've attached the fax he sent over with the drawing of the ring he sketched out. Mr. Carver is getting engaged and wants you to do up a formal drawing of this ring. He wants it to be done in white gold, in the shape of the rose bud as he indicates, with the large diamond right in the center, and then a cascade of the smaller diamonds along the edge of the open petal. He said to pick good quality stones and give it a "little flash." (his words exactly) He expects the drawing to be complete by next Wednesday, as he plans to show it to his intended right away. She is, apparently, a teacher, and he wants to propose and plan the wedding so that he can take her and his daughter to Europe over her summer vacation. (Isn't that romantic?!!) I told him you'd call him when you got in. 555-7829 I'll be back by 2 p.m.


Dear Stacy,

Here we are in Paris! Can you imagine, Korny Kathryn strolling along the Seine with the Eiffel Tower in the background? Jack is a sensation! I now know what you meant by the glow of a well-f***** woman, you wanton, foul-mouthed wench, you. Thanks for being my matron of honor. You truly are my best friend. At least now I'll have more to talk about when we get together for lunch besides my taking the first-graders on a field trip to the Classic Car Museum!

By the way, how did you *know* I was getting...well...with the hairbrush? Does it really show? Does that mean you and Dale....god, I'm still having trouble with blushing all the time! You always made so much fun of me for being so prim and proper. But I'm getting bolder in my old age, girlfriend. You'll see. By the time I get back from Europe, I'll probably be able to actually say the "s" word. I think Susie knows her Daddy um...well you know....s****** me sometimes. Surely she can hear it through the hotel room walls? She just grins and says, "Maybe YOU'LL have something for Show and Tell Time, Kathryn!" Little minx. She asked me today if it would be okay if she called me "Mommy." God, Stacy. I couldn't keep from crying, and Jack had tears in his eyes too. I am so happy.

See you in August. We'll "do" lunch! Have I got a lot to talk about!!! Love you!

Mrs.Kathryn Carver (don't you LOVE how that looks???)

Jack, Honey,

Took Susie to your mother's, and am stopping by Ace's to pick up some lobster and champagne for supper. Let's make it a special night in, shall we? Ok, get your mind out of the gutter. (But not too far). We sort of need to talk. Oh, Susie left this little card for us. I had to promise not to open it till you got home, so let's be sure and call her at Margaret's after we read it, ok? Called Dr. Burnett and he says Susie won't need braces afterall. It was just a baby tooth! See you in a bit. Love you to pieces.


Dear Daddy and Mommy,

Happy 6 Monthaversury! I made this drawing for you. It is us in Lundon. My best part was those pallis gards and their big funny hats. If we could of stayed 4 more hours I know I could make that one guy lauhg. Ha ha. I am sorry I broke your compooter, Daddy. I promise I wont use it any more without asking you. The spankin hurt. I don't like Mommys hairbrush very much. OW! It hurts more than your hand! No wonder Mommy gets all red when you show it to her. Ha ha. I will be a good girl from now on. I love you love you love you.


P. S. Mommy has something to Show and Tell tell you about the boo boo she put in the car at the dennist. Bet you have to use the hairbrush. Ha ha. See you when I get back from Grandmas.