Subject: Suzi's Unhappy Return
From: Mike from London <100331.724@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 28 Sep 1994 13:05:19 GMT

Suzi's Unhappy Return

Suzi Bolton had never been overfond of school and had taken her first opportunity to leave at the beginning of the Easter holidays shortly after her sixteenth birthday in March 1969. Despite her complete lack of qualifications Suzi had managed to obtain a job as a receptionist at a local firm - no doubt partly because of her bright, bubbly personality but perhaps more because of her extremely good looks.

Suzi's job did not start until the beginning of May and thus she was still unoccupied when most of her friends returned to school at the start of the new term. She relished her new found freedom, staying as late as she liked in bed in the morning, not having to wear school uniform and enjoying her mother's cigarettes - or her own when she could not filch mum's. Suzi's parents did not take much notice of her these days and made no objection to her rather irregular comings and goings - although Mrs Bolton would certainly have had something to say if she had realised that her daughter was taking her cigarettes.

At all events Suzi was enjoying life, but it occurred to her that it would be still more pleasant to show her friends who were still at school just what they were missing. So she made herself up and dressed in the 'dolly bird' clothes she had worn for her job interview - a tight tee-shirt, a short red bottom hugging mini skirt with a wide leather belt, nylon stockings held up by a white suspender belt, tiny white panties and chunky shoes and went out, with a packet of cigarettes in her handbag, to visit Gowers Road School for Girls.

While she had been a pupil at Gowers Road Suzi had not dared to smoke at school. This was not because she felt that she ought to obey school rules but because she knew what happened to girls who were caught! Two of her friends, Cheryl Watson and Mandy Ferguson, had been stupid enough to have been seen smoking by a teacher when they'd all been in the second year. The two girls had accordingly been sent to Mr Gregory, the deputy headmaster, who dealt with all such offenders.

When they returned after their visit both girls had clearly been crying and they displayed a marked reluctance to sit down in their places until sharply ordered to do so by Miss Bullivant, their form mistress. Mandy spent the rest of the afternoon perched uncomfortably on the edge of her chair, unable to sit down properly, emitting occasional squeaks and moans and beginning to cry quietly again after a while. Cheryl was slightly more in control of herself but Suzi, who was sitting next to her, noticed how she wriggled in discomfort on the hard seat and shivered from time to time as she felt a spasm of pain.

After school Suzi asked Cheryl for some details of what had happened - Mandy had scuttled away as soon as the bell went without a word to anyone. At first Cheryl was reluctant to talk about, it but Suzi was her best friend and eventually she told her that both girls had had to bend over the deputy's desk. He had then rolled up their skirts and given each of them three strokes of the cane over their green school panties. 'Really hard, Suzi! I couldn't believe how hard he hit Mandy! It was as if he was trying to cut her in half!'

Cheryl led Suzi to a deserted washroom and, after carefully looking to see if anyone was coming, she raised her skirt to show two deep angry weals running across the plumpness of her lower bottom cheeks and disappearing under her blue cotton panties. The flesh around the weals was inflamed and dark bruises were starting to form. Suzi was surprised at first that there were only two weals and not the three that she had been expecting but on looking more carefully she saw that one of the weals was a double one where one stroke had obviously fallen exactly on top of an earlier one.

'Jesus Christ! That must have really hurt!'

'Have hurt?! It still bloody hurts! It hurts like hell!'

In due course both Cheryl and Mandy recovered from the painful effects of their punishment but Suzi never forgot, and she resolved never to be caught doing anything which could lead to a caning so long as she was at Gowers Road, a resolution to which she had successfully adhered. Cheryl had learned her lesson, too, and she was never again to earn herself a visit to Mr Gregory's office. Perhaps surprisingly Mandy, despite having taken her punishment less well than her friend was to be caned by the deputy headmaster on no fewer than three further occasions.

Mandy had left school at the same time as Suzi and was now in London, but Cheryl was still at school studying for her 'O' levels. Suzi thought it would be a glorious idea to turn up at her old school dressed in her mini-skirt and smoke cigarettes in view of Cheryl and the others now that the teachers, and Mr Gregory in particular, had no authority over her.

Suzi timed her arrival for the afternoon break so that the girls would all be out in the playground. Her appearance caused a sensation. Her former classmates clustered around her, amazed at the transformation of their friend. With her long blonde hair hanging free, her makeup and her fashion clothes she looked like a model and not at all as though only a few weeks before she had been a schoolgirl like them. She opened her bag and took out her cigarettes.

'Anyone like a fag?' she enquired.

No one accepted her offer and they watched in silence as she lighted one for herself and took a deep breath at it.

'Oh, no,' she said, blowing out the smoke, 'I forgot. You little girls still get smacked botties if you smoke, don't you?'

Just then Mr Gregory spotted the excited gathering and walked over to see what was going on. He saw Suzi, whom he recognised as a pupil there, wearing prohibited clothing and brazenly smoking a cigarette right in the middle of the playground! He did not remember that she had left at the end of the previous term. To his eyes it seemed that a naughty schoolgirl was displaying rebellious disregard for all school rules in the most barefaced way imaginable. Well, he knew a way to cure her of all that!

So without waiting for any explanations Mr Gregory strode into the centre of the group, caught hold of Suzi by her shoulders and marched her away to his office. The other girls were much amused by Suzi's discomfiture, but they all realised that as a school leaver her bottom would, of course, be exempt from Mr Gregory's cane.

'It's rather a pity, though, girls,' said Natalie Leyton, whose own pretty bottom had felt the sting of the cane on several occasions, 'I think that a good caning would do Suzi a lot of good! She's too fond of showing off by half! And while she was here she should have been sent to Mr Gregory a dozen times but she always managed to wriggle out of it somehow!'

And all the other girls, even Cheryl, had to agree.

As the enraged deputy headmaster half dragged her along the corridors to his office Suzi desperately tried to explain the circumstances to him, but he was too angry to listen to her. They reached his office and he opened the door and thrust the girl inside, closing the door after them. At last Suzi, free of his grasp, had a chance to speak. She quickly straightened her clothes and tried to get her breath back before trying once more to explain to him that she was no longer a pupil. But Mr Gregory was still not listening. He had taken his jacket off and rolled up his shirtsleeve and was now opening a cupboard and taking out - a cane!

'No, please sir, you don't understand. I LEFT last term! You can't cane me!'

But the deputy headmaster did not heed her. So far as he could see she was trying to give him some excuse. But nothing could excuse such behaviour!

'Bend over the desk, Suzanne!' he ordered.

Suzi stood stock-still, utterly confounded. This couldn't be happening!

'I said bend over!' Mr Gregory repeated angrily.

Suzi never really understood why she had obeyed the irate deputy headmaster. But at the time it seemed as though she had no choice, he was so obviously convinced that he had a right to order her and she had not yet lost the habit of obeying angry teachers for fear of worse consequences. She stood a little closer to the large desk and slowly bent over it, taking hold of the other side.

As she did so her short skirt rode up, partially revealing her brief white panties. It was an extremely uncomfortable position and Suzi's breasts pressed against the hard desk. But Suzi knew that in a very short time she would be feeling more than just uncomfortable. She felt like an automaton, with no volition of her own. All she could think was that she had somehow to hold onto the desk for dear life and somehow get through the next few minutes. She felt Mr Gregory lift the hem of her red skirt and tuck it securely under her belt. Her slender body trembled at his touch.

The deputy headmaster stood back, looking at the quivering teenage buttocks encased in their scanty covering of filmy white panties. It was obvious to him that the underwear that Suzanne had chosen to wear would afford far less protection than the regulation school panties. In fact it appeared that the caning would be, for all practical purposes, on her bare flesh.

'Right, Suzanne,' he said. 'Four strokes for smoking and four strokes for the most flagrant flouting of the rules on school uniform! And you can consider that you're being let off lightly!'

And without more ado he rested the cane on the girl's cheeks, distending the flesh slightly, to measure hi aim. Suzi trembled slightly at the feel of the rattan on her sensitive flesh. Her behind was shortly to feel red-hot lines of burning agony, but just now the cane felt cold and she shivered. The deputy headmaster took a step back, raised the cane high in the air and then waited a few seconds so as to take the girl by surprise. Then he brought it down with all his strength - he wanted to give this naughty girl a caning which she would remember for the rest of her life and he was going to make sure that each stroke was a real swipe.

Swish! . . . Crack!!

'Aiieeew! Aoow!!' yelled Suzi, 'My bum!!' She lost her grip on the desk and jumped upright. She danced around the office in pain with her hands clasped to her outraged bottom, feeling the weal swelling under her touch. That sudden biting pain had jerked her back to reality with a vengeance. Why was she, an adult who had already left school, letting this happen? This was no game, this was no joke. This man wanted to hurt her, to cause her severe pain. She had only taken one stroke so far, but that by itself had hurt her more than she ever remembered being hurt; her bottom was stinging like crazy and she realised that Mr Gregory had scarcely begun.

She opened her mouth for a final attempt to convince the deputy that he had no right to do this, that she was not a pupil at his school. And then she closed it again. She had come to a decision deep inside. For years she had been cautious and sly at school for fear of getting the cane. But she had often wondered what it would actually feel like, bent over while Mr Gregory walloped that pliant stick onto the seat of your panties, and whether she would be able to take it as bravely as the other girls. Well, this was her last chance to find out! Gritting her teeth she hobbled back to the desk and, slowly and tentatively, bent over again.

Mr Gregory had not been over-surprised by Suzi's performance - girls often reacted like that to their first ever stroke of the cane, and he had laid on that first stroke harder than he usually did. He could imagine her shock at that fierce line of agony biting into her tender rear and spreading its tentacles of pain outwards. But that didn't mean he was letting her get away with it.

'Come on, Suzanne! Right back over!' he said. 'You still have another seven strokes to come, and if there is any repetition of that disgraceful exhibition there will be extra strokes!'

As Suzi stretched down over the desk Mr Gregory saw her teenage bottom once more present its creamy roundnesses for the attention of his cane. The difference was that this time each buttock clearly bore the marks left by that first stroke. When Suzi was in position once again Mr Gregory rested the cane a couple of inches below those marks, just where the girl's thighs met her buttocks.

Swish! . . . Crack!!

Even the first stroke had not prepared Suzi for this! She just couldn't believe how much the cane hurt on that so-tender part of her anatomy. She screamed out loud at the top of her voice and burst into tears. Somehow, she never knew how, she remained in position griping the side of the desk. Was it to prove to herself that she could take a caning, or was it fear of the penalty strokes?

Mr Gregory continued to lash down stroke after stroke, pausing slightly each time so as to enable the girl to feel the full effect of the previous cut. He aimed each stroke expertly so that they fell within the two inch band of the first two strokes. Suzi yelled non- stop, her voice rising in a crescendo each time the cane made contact. Her long legs kicked, her feet drummed desperately on the floor and she wriggled in anguish across the desk like a worm stuck on to a pin; but somehow she managed to stay bent over that desk.

The deputy headmaster paused for a slightly longer time after the fifth stroke. His right arm was beginning to feel rather tired, but he didn't want to make the last strokes less severe than the earlier ones. He wanted these to be the ones that young Suzanne would remember for the rest of her life. The early weals had merged. Most of the marks were on bare skin, but they were clearly visible even where covered by her panties through the nearly transparent material. He could see that there was now a wide band of raised flesh across Suzi's bottom with tiny red lines running across it. Changing his position slightly Mr Gregory brought the cane down diagonally across the earlier marks. Suzi was beside herself with pain, shrieking, screaming, pleading and beating a tattoo on the floor with her feet. Mr Gregory smiled grimly. He thought he was getting through to this young lady!

The last two strokes were the hardest of all and, like the second, landed right across the tops of Suzi's thighs. Finally it was all over but Suzi remained slumped over the desk, sobbing her eyes out.

The deputy headmaster watched in silence for a few moments as large tears fell from Suzi's face onto his carpet. He replaced the cane in his cupboard and then walked back to the still bending girl. He leaned down and released the hem of the red skirt from under Suzi's belt, feeling the heat radiating from her caned bottom as he did so. Then he told the punished sixteen year old that she should stand up. Suzi obeyed, moving very slowly and carefully, quivering in every limb. Finally she was upright, still crying, but more quietly now with an occasional whimper. Her hands went under her skirt in a futile attempt to comfort her wealed bottom. She moaned dismally as the pain just seemed to get worse even now that the actual infliction had ceased.

Mr Gregory walked round behind his desk and sat down slowly. He wanted the girl to watch him as he did so and realise just how long it would be before she could do likewise in any degree of comfort. When he was ensconced in his seat he looked up at the caned teenager. Her long blonde hair was all over the place and her tears had made a mess of the makeup on her face.

'Well, Suzanne, I'm sorry that was necessary, but you must understand that your behaviour was quite unacceptable at this school and that I had no alternative.' He opened a drawer of his desk and extracted a large black-covered book. 'It's Suzanne Bolton of 5C, isn't it?' he asked, preparing to make an entry.

'No it ISN'T! Oh! . . . oh! . . . owww! I've been trying to tell you! Oww! Waoww! I don't have a form. I left last term - I don't belong to this school any more! Oh . . oh . . oh . . it hurts!'

At last the shocked deputy headmaster took in the state of affairs and realised the implications. He had caned a girl who had nothing to do with the school. The school could be taken to Court. He could be taken to Court!

Fortunately for Mr Gregory Suzi wanted publicity even less, if possible, than he did. 'Don't say anything to the other girls,' she pleaded, 'I know I deserved the cane when I was here and I never got it. But I never dreamt it hurt so much! Owww! My bum is so sore!'

Mr Gregory waited until the school was all at lessons and then told Suzi to leave. He was still shocked at what he had unintentionally done and was very relieved when nothing was ever subsequently heard of Suzanne Bolton's caning.