Subject: Sore Bottoms for Two
From: (Mike)
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 1995 12:30:13 -0100

Sore Bottoms for Two

Gary Whiteley, aged fifteen, had taken the day off from school. Now that the end of year examinations were approaching it was just free periods for private study except for two lessons that Thursday. His class teacher had become very slack about calling the register and Gary knew that it was very unlikely that his absence would be officially noticed.

He enjoyed himself idling around the streets in the hot June weather, delighting in his freedom. After a lunch at a Kentucky Fried Chicken which had just opened he wandered in the direction of his girlfriend's school.

Vivien Barnes, a petite girl with thick curly blonde hair, also aged fifteen, attended a girls' grammar school a mile or two away from his own. When he reached the school he had to wait for about twenty minutes and then it was break time and the girls streamed out, glad to get out into the fresh air after their stuffy classrooms. Gary saw Viv through the railings and gestured towards her. She ran towards him, eager to know why he was not in school.

Conversation across the railings was not very satisfactory. Soon Vivien invited her friend in through the school gates. "Follow me!" she said. "I know a place where we can be by ourselves." And Viv led Gary to a quiet place behind the sheds.

It was, indeed, very quiet and secluded, and before long conversation had given space to cuddling and kissing. Both parties were enjoying themselves so much that the bell for the end of Break went unheeded. In fact so oblivious were they to events in the world that neither of them hears the approach of Mrs Rodgers, the History teacher, until she had grabbed hold of Gary's shirt and roughly pulled him away from Viv's caresses.

"Aha, Vivien Barnes," she said, recognising the disconcerted girl, who now blushed bright red to match her school uniform. "Can I take it that this young man is a friend of yours!?"

It took the shocked girl some time before she was able to reply. Then she said "I'm sorry, Mrs Rodgers, I didn't realise the time. I'd better get in to my lesson."

"Nice try, Vivien! But I think Miss Chapman may want to have a word with both of you first!" Mrs Rodgers had kept a tight grip on Gary from the first and now turned her attention to him.

"And you, boy! What's your name and what school do you go to?" Gary had taken advantage of his day of liberty to wear casual clothes of T-shirt and jeans, rather than school uniform, so his school was not readily apparent to the History teacher.

Gary had been considering whether to try to give Mrs Rodgers the slip. But she was a young woman and seemed, judging from the strength of her grip, to be very fit and he did not fancy the idea of trying to run off only to be recaptured by the teacher and dragged off to Miss Chapman. In any case he didn't want to just run away like a coward and abandon Viv to her fate. So he told Mrs Rodgers the truth.

"Gary Whiteley, miss. Upton Cross Secondary."

"Right. Both of you follow me!" And, still with a tight grip on Gary's arm she marched them both off to the headmistress's office.

When they got there she told them both to stand outside and knocked briskly on the door and went in. She stayed in there with the headmistress for a long time and neither of the teenagers could hear a word of what was being said.

"What do you think's going to happen, Viv?" Gary whispered eventually.

Still red-faced Vivien answered hesitantly. "I hope I'm wrong, but I think it could be . . . the strap! I've never had it, but two girls in my class got it from her for fighting yesterday. Oh, GOD! I hope I'm wrong. Joanne still can't sit down properly and Tracey didn't even come in today! How about you?"

"If your Miss Chapman phones Mr Hampton then I'll get the cane tomorrow, for definite!"

"It's not so bad for you. You've had the cane loads of times before! This is the only time . . . . And how am I going to face mum and dad and tell them what it was for?"

Poor little Vivien looked so very miserable that Gary wanted to take her in his arms and comfort her. It was just as well that he did not do so as, just at that moment, the door opened and Mrs Rodgers stood there beckoning them in. When they had entered the History teacher went out, closing the door behind her. Gary and Vivien stood side by side in front of the headmistress's large desk. Miss Chapman herself, a tall middle aged woman wearing a very angry expression on her face, was still sitting on the other side.

"Mrs Rodgers has informed me of the circumstances in which she found you. Has either of you anything to say?"

The two culprits remained silent, suddenly seeming to find their shoes of irresistible fascination.

"Well, Vivien! I'm sure you know that at this school there is only one answer for behaviour such as yours." The headmistress paused and opened one of the drawers of her desk. She extracted a length of black leather. ". . . The strap!"

Two pairs of eyes focused for their first glimpse of Miss Chapman's strap. It seemed an impressive spanking weapon even to Gary, who was inclined to think that girls' school punishments could not bear any resemblance to the canings at his own school. It was rather more than two feet long and one end was divided into two tails about ten inches long. Despite being nearly a quarter of an inch thick it was very supple, a fact that was proved by the way it unrolled itself, snakelike, on the surface of the large desk.

Gary was horrified at the thought of how much pain this ferocious looking strap would cause, repeatedly cracking down onto the soft tender bottom of Vivien, which he had so recently lovingly fondled. Viv was horrified as well:

"Oh, please, miss! Not the strap! This is the first time I've ever been sent to you and I honestly didn't hear the bell. I'm sorry I was late for class and . . ."

Miss Chapman interrupted the pleading girl. "Be quiet, Vivien. Being late for class is the least part of your offences. You may take a hundred lines for that. You will be strapped for inviting this boy on to the school premises, which is strictly against school rules as you very well know. And for the disgusting, dirty things you were doing with him when Mrs Rodgers found you. Your behaviour has merited severe punishment and you will receive twelve strokes from this strap. And I warn you. Any more argument will only serve to increase the number of your strokes."

Vivien fell silent, but she was aghast at the severity of her sentence. Joanne and Tracey had only got eight strokes each. They were both bigger girls than her and a lot tougher and yet a mere eight strokes had kept Tracey away from school and was still preventing Jo from sitting down properly. But it obviously wouldn't do her any good to argue.

Now Miss Chapman turned to Gary. "Now, Gary. I have spoken to Mr Hampton on the phone - " Gary had expected no less. But he was surprised at the headmistress's next words.

" - and he has agreed that it would be most beneficial for both of you to be punished in front of each other. Therefore I will punish you for trespassing in this school and for what you were doing with Vivien. You, too, will receive twelve strokes of this strap."

Gary was flabbergasted. He had never dreamed of this. But after a while he didn't mind it so much. Even though the strap looked as though it could be quite painful he didn't think that Miss Chapman would hurt him nearly as much as Mr Hampton would have done. And, although he felt sick at the thought of how much Viv was going to be hurt, if she was to be strapped he was delighted that he would be there to see it.

Miss Chapman regarded the two errant fifteen year olds in front of her desk, shifting uneasily from foot to foot. They would be a lot more uncomfortable before she was finished with them! She stood up and grasped the strap.

"Normally there is a saying 'Ladies first', but on this occasion I think it would be more gentlemanly for you, Gary, to show Vivien how to take a strapping! Take off your jeans and bend across my desk. Gary did not argue. It was very embarrassing to lower his jeans in front of his girlfriend in such circumstances, but he obeyed quickly, placing the jeans neatly on a chair by the wall. Then, mentally resolving that he would not let Viv see if he was hurt, he leaned forward over the desk and gripped the other side.

Vivien was told to stand by the wall and pay attention. "This is what happens to naughty boys and girls!" Miss Chapman said, standing behind Gary's underpants-clad bottom and raising the strap.

Then she brought it smashing down with tremendous force onto the boy's rear. The thwack! echoed loudly round the small room. Gary jerked at the impact and, a second later, the pain hit him. His whole bottom seemed to instantly burst into flame. It wasn't so bad as the cane from Mr Hampton, but it was a different sort of pain - a less sharp, but more widespread stinging. Gary breathed deeply and wriggled his behind.

In fact Viv's reaction was more extreme more pronounced than Gary's. She was terrified at how hard the strap came down and gasped in horror as it crashed into her boyfriend's trim backside. She still couldn't fully believe that in a few minutes it would be her own soft posterior that would be intercepting the vicious downward swing of that heavy strap. Her hands went to the seat of her red skirt and she sniffed miserably.

"Be quiet, Vivien," Miss Chapman said, without turning round. "It will be your turn soon enough!" And she whipped the belt down with undiminished vigour across Gary's Y-Fronts. Vivien saw bright red marks appear on the surface of her friend's bottom where it was not protected by his pants. She began to cry quietly.

Miss Chapman continued to methodically lash down stroke after punishing stroke. After eight strokes Gary could no longer keep still. The stinging in his bottom was worse than that caused by almost any of his canings. He did not want to let himself down in front of Vivien, but he was near the end of his tether. Miss Chapman did not miss the writhing and wriggling of Gary's smarting rear.

In an attempt to finally break the naughty boy's resistance she reached into her reserves of strength and somehow managed to make the ninth stroke the hardest yet. Her ploy worked. When the heavy strap splatted against his already unbearably sore behind with unprecedented force, Gary could no longer restrain his natural instincts. He yelled loudly, trying to release his built-up pain, and burst into tears.

"Good! I'm getting through to you then, Gary, am I?" the headmistress enquired sarcastically, releasing the tenth whack.

Gary yelled loudly as it landed, and at each of the remaining two strokes. Had it not been for Vivien's presence he would certainly have straightened before the end of the punishment and desperately pressed his hands to his swollen bottom, but, knowing that she was watching him he just about managed to last out. It was a near thing, though. Immediately after the twelfth stroke had cracked down Gary jumped up and danced around the office, his hands pressed to his pants, breathing heavily and squeaking in pain.

Miss Chapman watched approvingly. She was sure that this young man would remember his strapping for some time to come! "All right, Gary! That's enough of that," she said. "Go and stand by the wall near Vivien and put your hands on your head. Vivien, you come over here near the desk!"

Gary limped over to the wall and stood there trying to come to terms with the throbbing pain from his inflamed bottom, and to stop the tears coming. It hurt so much that he was hardly aware that he was still in his underpants. He was horribly ashamed at having cried in front of Vivien.

Miss Chapman's attention turned to the shivering girl who was completely unnerved at the sight of what Gary's strapping had been like and at the prospect of feeling the belt herself.

"Right, Vivien. Your turn now!" the headmistress said brightly. "Blazer and skirt off and then over my desk like Gary!"

Vivien sniffed back a tear and slowly began to obey Miss Chapman's instructions. Her blazer came off soon enough and she placed it over the back of the chair. Then she slipped off her shoes. But she took her time about removing her skirt; she still had a forlorn hope at the back of her mind that something would somehow happen to save her bottom from that terrifying strap. "Come on, Vivien! Don't waste time," said the headmistress, "and for goodness sake stop that snivelling. I've told you - you'll have good cause for tears soon enough."

Vivien continued to undo her skirt with trembling fingers and finally took it off. She placed it carefully on the chair, on top of Gary's jeans. As she did so she wondered dismally what her bottom would feel like the next time she put that red skirt back on. Now Vivien stood in front of the headmistress's large desk dressed only in a white blouse, white socks, red and grey tie and red school panties. Tears were squeezing themselves slowly out of her large blue eyes. The pretty little teenager looked the picture of misery.

Miss Chapman had no sympathy for the wayward schoolgirl. "Come on Vivien," she said. "Get yourself across my desk. And hold onto the other side tightly; I intend this to hurt!"

Reluctantly Vivien obeyed. Being so short she had to really stretch to reach the other side of the large desk. She ended up on tiptoe with her large breasts crushed onto the desk's surface through her white blouse. she had never felt so ashamed in her whole life as she draped herself over the desk exposing her chubby bottom, protected only by the thin red school panties, to the ministrations of Miss Chapman's leather strap.

The headmistress nodded approvingly. The girl's upturned behind was in an ideal position for punishment. And it looked as though her school panties, which appeared to be rather small for her, would give Vivien rather less protection than Gary's Y-Fronts had given him. She raised the strap. Vivien screwed her eyes tightly shut and gripped the side of the desk for dear life.

Just then Gary intervened. Despite the intense sting in his own lower regions he felt that he had to do something to try to save his lovely little Viv from her ordeal. He knew it was really all his fault. "Please, miss!", he cried out, still keeping his hands on his head as he'd been told. Miss Chapman stopped herself in mid-stroke and turned to face the boy, very angry.

"Please, miss!" he continued, "It was more my fault than Viv's. Can't I have some of her punishment? If I have another six can Viv also just get six? Please."

Miss Chapman's angry expression dissolved. She admired the boy's gallantry, however misconceived. "No, Gary." she answered, "Your little friend here needs to learn that actions have consequences. And the consequences of madam's actions this afternoon are that, like yourself, she won't be feeling like sitting down for a good long time! You've taken your punishment and now she must take hers. She's not made of paper you know!"

Gary remained silent. He had made his attempt and it had been unsuccessful. Once more Miss Chapman raised the flexible length of leather.

And this time it came whistling down onto Vivien's scantily protected bottom. Miss Chapman did not use any less force than she had in Gary's punishment. The terrible noise of the belt hitting Viv's bottom was followed by a loud cry of distress from the girl, but she managed to stay in position fully stretched over the desk, merely kicking out with her legs and squirming painfully from side to side.

Despite the circumstances, and even despite unrelenting throbbing in his own rear, Gary felt his male organ harden as he saw two red welts spring up on the pale, smooth flesh of his girlfriend's beautiful bottom.

The next stroke, perhaps because of Vivien's wrigglings, landed lower down and was almost completely on the bare flesh sticking out at the bottom of her panties; indeed one of the tails of the belt lashed across the very tops of her legs. Vivien's loud shriek of agony told just how much that had hurt. Her head shot up and her blonde hair flew wildly. She began to sob.


The strap splatted once again across Vivien's red panties, denting them deeply into her soft flesh. Vivien's whole body jerked violently and she howled out her agony. She almost leapt up and lost her grip on the desk, but she summoned up her deep reserves of courage. Her knuckles whitened as she gripped the edge of the desk even more tightly in a vain effort to ease the pain.

But when the next stroke crashed in, landing on the same place, it was too much for Viv. Howling, she let go of the desk and stood upright, turning to face her chastiser. Her hands went to her outraged bottom to try to comfort it. She could feel the raised welts through the thin red material. Gary was horrified at the effect of just four strokes of the belt on his girlfriend's sweet bottom.

Miss Chapman did not allow Vivien much time to hop around the room holding her blazing cheeks. After a moment she took hold of Vivien and saying "Come on, miss! We've hardly started yet!", she turned her around and pushed her down over the desk. Viv didn't struggle, but she was sobbing loudly and was clearly in terrible discomfort. Gary hoped that Miss Chapman would decide that she had already been punished enough. He was sure that just four strokes had hurt her as much as his own twelve had hurt him.

But the headmistress did not intend to abate a single stroke. Vivien Barnes' behaviour had been quite disgraceful and she richly deserved a soundly strapped bottom. Her 'cowardice' - as Miss Chapman saw it - was no reason at all for going easy with her. Nevertheless she realised that Vivien would not be able to stay in position by herself and would be jumping up after each stroke. So, with her left hand, she took hold of the girl's left arm and bent it firmly onto her back, holding her in place.

Viv never remembered much about the rest of her belting. She was absolutely wracked with pain and her mind was unable to cope. She just remembered being held down in that most undignified position while the overpowering stinging in her bottom grew, unbelievably, worse and worse.

Gary, though, saw her ineffectual struggles as that heavy black strap smacked down time after time onto those thin cotton panties. The power of Miss Chapman's strokes was slightly reduced by her having to hold Vivien down, but it was scarcely noticeable. Viv's frantic shrieks horrified Gary, but he was too much in awe of Miss Chapman to dare to intervene again.

Finally Miss Chapman lashed down the twelfth and final stroke onto Vivien's juddering behind. She released her hold on the girl and stepped back to admire her handiwork. She nodded, satisfied. Young Miss Barnes would have a sore bottom for some time!

"All right, Vivien," she said, "you can get up now! Isn't twelve enough for you?!"

Viv remained slumped across the desk, sobbing her heart out. Roughly the headmistress took hold of her and pulled her upright, but Vivien's legs would not support her weight and the weeping teenager fell to the ground in an undignified heap. Viv just stayed there, rolling about on the carpet, squirming and sobbing like a teething baby, making no effort to get up. Miss Chapman smiled and smacked the belt smartly across the back of Vivien's white blouse, just below her bra-strap. "Stand up, girl!" she said.

Yelping in protest Viv painfully got to her feet and stood in front of the desk, her hands pressed to her burning rear and entire body shaking in pain. "Hands on your head, Vivien!" said the headmistress calmly.

Gary was called over from the wall to stand next to Vivien. Then, possibly to emphasise that this was something that Gary and Vivien would not be doing for a while, Miss Chapman sat down comfortably in her chair. She addressed the chastened teenagers:

"I hope that that will serve as a lesson to both of you! There's not much school time left now and I think that you can both spend the remainder of the day here in my office under my eye. Gary! Remove your underpants and go and stand facing the wall, hands on your head!"

The idea was hateful to Gary, but he didn't protest. He knew that Miss Chapman employed very painful arguments! And at least the fresh air was some relief for his smarting bum.

It took longer to persuade Vivien to follow suit and the stern teacher had to say "Very well, Vivien, if you won't take them down I'll do it myself!" before the girl painfully and with infinite slowness eased the tight fitting panties off over her swollen and exquisitely sore hindquarters.

Soon the two well-punished fifteen year olds were side by side facing the wall, their quivering naked bottoms glowing bright red. Miss Chapman had pinned up Vivien's blouse and Gary's T-shirt so that the whole of the punished areas was on show. Viv continued to cry loudly and to wriggle and squirm in pain and even Gary moved his weight constantly from one foot to the other and had to continually fight back the tears pricking at his eyes. Miss Chapman ignored them and continued to do some paperwork at her desk.

At a quarter to four Viv and Gary heard the bell go for the end of school, but Miss Chapman did not say a word and they continued standing displaying their thoroughly strapped bottoms in humiliating fashion. By now their bottoms were no longer an unbroken red. Bruises on both sets of cheeks, but especially Gary's, were now beginning to turn black and blue. Shortly after the bell they all heard a knock on the door. Both of the punished teenagers started and blushed deeply and Viv took her hands off her head to cover her strap-reddened rear. Miss Chapman was not having this, however. "Stay in position, you two!" she snapped. "Hands on your heads!"

The door opened but the teenagers could not see who had come in. Viv soon recognised the voice. It was Mrs Peters, her English teacher.

"Oh! I'm sorry, Miss Chapman," she said, "I didn't realise you were inflicting punishment. Would you like me to go?"

"No, don't worry! I've just about finished with these two!"

"Goodness! Is that Viv Barnes?" asked the English teacher. She hadn't recognised her at first, with her hair dishevelled and face pressed close to the wall. She was very surprised to see that Vivien, who was one of her favourites, had evidently earned herself a sound belting.

"Yes, that's Vivien! And that's her boyfriend next to her!"

Silence fell for a few minutes, broken only by Vivien's continuing sobs. Then Miss Chapman finally said "All right, you two! You can get dressed!"

They were both embarrassed at dressing themselves in front of Miss Chapman and Mrs Peters. They tried to be as fast as possible, but manipulating clothing over the strapped areas was very painful, especially for Vivien, and it was a slow business.

At last they were both fully dressed and stood facing the seated headmistress. They were both crying now - Gary had started again in embarrassment at Mrs Peter's presence. Viv's hands were pressed to the back of her red skirt.

"Right, Vivien. I want to see you before assembly tomorrow with those lines. 'I must not be late for class' one hundred times." Poor Vivien. She realised that if she hadn't tried to argue with Miss Chapman she wouldn't have had to do the lines!

"And Gary. Mr Hampton has told me that he wants to see you first thing tomorrow in his study. Now you may both go."

The two chastened teenagers made their painful way out of the office, watched by Miss Chapman and Mrs Peters. They slowly hobbled out of the school, grateful that nearly all the pupils had already left.

Viv didn't have far to go. She lived near the school. Gary walked with her to her house, the silence only broken by her occasional whimpers. He kissed her gently on her tear-stained cheek and said "I'm sorry!" Then he limped painfully away to the bus stop.

When it came the bus was practically empty, but Gary preferred to stand! The conductress, a smiling West Indian lady, came up to him and said, "You should sit down, love. Standing's only allowed when there's no seats."

"No, I'd rather stand, honestly, thanks," he mumbled.

The conductress looked at him for a moment, the penny had dropped. "You've been a naughty boy, haven't you?" she said teasingly. "Just had six of the best from the headmaster's cane? Don't worry, dear, it's all part of growing up! Stand up if you like! My Wayne ate his supper standing up last time he got the cane!"

Gary had blushed cherry-red during this speech. All of the few passengers on the bus turned to look at him. Two twelve year old girls got off at the next stop. Giggling to each other one of them slapped Gary's bottom as they passed. How he jumped! None of the passengers doubted any longer that this was a naughty schoolboy who'd got his just deserts.

That night, finding sleep difficult, Gary wondered why Mr Hampton wanted to see him in the morning. He decided that he would probably have to show him the marks of his belting to prove that Miss Chapman had punished him sufficiently. He had no doubt that the marks would provide ample proof!

Next morning he reported to Mr Hampton's study. "Ah, Whiteley!" Mr Hampton said when he entered, "I hear that you've been getting up to mischief at a girls' school!"

He told Gary to remove his jacket and lower his trousers and he came round to inspect the marks. "Still sore, Whiteley?" he asked. "Yes, sir" Gary answered quietly. It was the truth.

"Yes. Miss Chapman's stronger than she looks, isn't she?"

Mr Hampton went back to his desk and picked up a cane. "All right, Whiteley. Touch your toes!"

Gary protested in shocked disbelief. "But, sir, I've already been punished. You saw the marks. It's not fair for you to cane me as well!"

"You obviously weren't paying attention to Miss Chapman yesterday, Whiteley. She strapped you for trespassing in her school and for what you were caught doing with Vivien Barnes. But you played truant from my school yesterday and you will receive six strokes from my cane for that! Now bend over!"

Gary had no choice. He bent over and grasped his ankles.

The caning that followed was, taken by itself, by no means one of the most severe Gary had suffered. But on his already bruised and raw bottom it was agonising. He yelped at each stroke and tears were trickling down his face by the time Mr Hampton told him to stand up and get dressed.

Gary could not sit down properly for the rest of that day and was teased unmercifully by his classmates. Those who knew some details insisted that he described exactly what had happened to Viv, whom many of them knew.

Viv had been strictly forbidden by her angry parents to ever see Gary again, but the two teenagers found an opportunity of meeting on the next Sunday, when Gary's parents were away. Viv came round, wearing a yellow summer dress. When he opened the door and saw her there he put his arms around her, hugged her pulling her close to him, and kissed her. Then they went upstairs to his room. Viv climbed onto the bed and lay on her stomach.

"How are you feeling, Viv?" Gary asked. "I'm really sorry about everything. It was all my fault."

"No it wasn't" said Vivien, "I asked you in; I said 'let's go behind the sheds'; it was more my fault than yours! I'm still sore, though. Do you want a look?"

Viv wriggled her body up a bit and Gary pulled up her skirt to expose her punished bottom. She was wearing small white briefs, which were almost transparent, and Gary could see that the whole area of her buttocks and upper thighs was covered in what were obviously still very painful bruises.

"Wait there, Viv," Gary said. And he dashed to the bathroom and returned with a jar of his mother's cold cream. "This should help."

He carefully peeled down the tiny panties, causing Vivien to wince as he did so. Then he delicately applied the soothing cream to the curves of Viv's battered behind. "Is that better, Viv?" he asked.

"Oooh . . . Much better! she answered. The truth was that the cream did nothing to ease the throbbing ache still pouring from her rear - but Vivien found the gentle touch of the boy's hand wonderfully erotic.

Gary told Viv about his extra caning from Mr Hampton.

"Hmm. You're not the only one!" was the unexpected response.

Viv explained that it had just been impossible for her to do the hundred lines properly on Thursday night. It was hard enough to write standing up, with a blazing pain in her bottom, and her mother just kept going on and on at her over and over again about the disgrace. Next morning she had only sixty lines to hand in, and those were very untidy.

Miss Chapman was not satisfied. Her strap came out again. However she felt that Vivien's bottom had suffered enough. She administered two stinging strokes to the palm of Viv's left hand and told the girl to let her have two hundred lines by Monday.

"Wow!" said Viv, "I couldn't believe how much it hurt! It was worse than on the bum!"

Soon Viv said that she ought to be going.

"I think it's best if we don't see each other again for a while, Gary," she said. "I really like you, but I'm not risking a strapping like that again!" Gary, although disappointed, had no choice but to agree!

Sadder but wiser Vivien walked home to write out her lines.