Subject: Smoking Can Damage Your Bottom
From: (Mike)
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 1995 13:04:54 -0100

Smoking Can Damage Your Bottom

Smoking Can Damage Your Bottom!

Stonegrove Public School had admitted only boys for nearly all of its proud centuries old history. But last year the headmaster, Mr Grahame, and the board of governors had decided to allow girls in the sixth form in order to study for their 'A' Levels.

There were now twenty girls at the school, split between three dormitories. And now that, three weeks after the beginning of term, the initial strangeness had worn off and the girls were no longer the subject of quite such intense curiosity on the part of the boys, they were beginning to settle in.

One Monday morning Mr Freeman, the mathematics master, returning from a weekend spent with relatives, was surprised to see a young lady, wearing the Stonegrove uniform, entering a sweetshop in the local village. He checked his watch. It was definitely lesson time. He decided to follow her into the shop and ascertain whether she had leave or if she was playing truant. If so he intended to give her a firm lecture on the importance of school rules and to escort her back to school immediately.

But when he entered the shop he was just in time to see the girl being served with a packet of cigarettes! This was much more serious! He recognised her as Caroline Trevlyn, one of his sixth form maths set.

"Hand over those cigarettes immediately, Caroline!" he ordered, to the surprise of the young girl assistant, the only other customer and, most of all to Caroline. The girl was at first too shocked to respond. Then, blushing furiously, she stammered: "Oh, sir. They're not for me! I was buying them for a present to take home in the holidays!"

It sounded weak even to Caroline herself. She had said the first thing that had come into her head because she knew just how serious it was to be caught buying cigarettes.

"All right. You can make your excuses to Mr Grahame back at the school. Now just give me the packet and come back with me. No arguments. You shouldn't be off the school premises at all!"

As the teacher and the seventeen year old left the customer turned to the shop assistant and remarked "I'm glad I'm not in that young lady's shoes!"

"Yes, rather!" relied the shop girl, "I remember what happened to me when I was caught with cigarettes at my old school! And she was out of bounds as well!" As she spoke the girl's left hand moved to the seat of her jeans and rubbed it reminiscently.

As they made their way back to the school Caroline begged Mr Freeman not to report her to the headmaster. But he knew that he had no choice in the circumstances.

"You'll be hearing from Mr Grahame later today," he said.

Back at school Caroline told her friends what had happened when she had a chance in morning break. Several other girls had known that she had been planning an illicit visit to the village and had, indeed, intended to share in the cigarettes. So there was a great deal of sympathy for Caroline for having been unfortunate enough to be caught.

But there was also a great deal of speculation in the girls' common room, when Caroline was not present, as to the nature of her punishment! Some of the girls thought that she might get the cane.

"Look," said Margaret Collins, "my brother got six of the best from Mr Grahame for smoking last year and there's nothing in the prospectuses or the school rules that says anything about girls being punished any different to boys! I think our little Carrie is going to get herself a sore bum. I'm sorry for her, of course, but there it is.'

"Oh, come on,' said Marie Hardman, nervously, 'you're having us on! You can't seriously think that Grahame can cane our bottoms. It's obscene! They just haven't had time to revise the school rules properly, that's all!"

"Maybe he'll get Mrs Fisher to do it for him!" suggested Michelle Richards. A few of the assembled girls laughed. Mrs Fisher was nearly seventy and rather frail. A caning from her would be rather like being spanked with a feather!

Tanya Newland added her comment: "It might be on the hands. At my old school girls could get the cane on the hands," she said. "I never got it, though!" she added quickly, before anyone could ask.

"Actually Mr Freeman might not even report her after all," speculated Kate Rolandson. "You know how good she is at maths! She's his favourite. Perhaps he only said he was going to tell Mr Grahame to frighten her and really he's going to let her off with lines or detention."

"Maybe," said Margaret. "But if I was Caroline I'd put an extra pair of panties on anyway! My brother says that Grahame really knows how to whack!"

"Oh, stop it Margaret!" said Marie angrily, "You're being beastly!"

"It's all right! Caroline's not here, is she? Anyway, where is she, come to that? Maybe she's bending over in his study right now!"

This particular theory was disproved a moment later when Caroline entered the room. Complete silence fell and Caroline blushed at the thought of what the girls had been talking about.

"Have you heard anything from Mr Grahame yet,' enquired Margaret, in a friendly manner. She was really quite friendly with Caroline and certainly didn't want her to get the cane. She just had a rather outspoken way with her.

"No. Nothing at all!" Caroline answered rather sharply. She didn't want to talk about it. She had already realised that if she was reported to the headmaster she could well be caned. It was a terrifying prospect to her. At her old school there had been no corporal punishment and the usual penalty for rule-breaking was having to learn chunks of English poetry off by heart - which she quite liked. Once she had had to write out 200 lines which had resulted in an aching wrist. This time she knew that she might end up with quite another part of her anatomy aching - and rather more painfully!

For the short time remaining of morning break the girls discussed other topics, uncomfortably aware of the presence of the silent and worried girl anxiously waiting for the chopper to fall.

All through the rest of the morning's classes Caroline was distracted, expecting a prefect to come to the class at any moment and summon her to the Head. The longer the wait, and the uncertainty, went on, the worst she felt. But nobody came and it was lunchtime.

Many of the girls had thought that the Head would chose the dinner hour to 'deal with' Caroline and the tension rose to a new peak. By now the boys had heard the rumours spreading and poor Caroline was aware of being pointed out by one boy to another and of their smirks and sniggers. A few nasty lads teased her to her face, but Caroline's friends, and the other boys put a stop to that.

The poor girl was completely unable to concentrate on lessons that afternoon. Her mind was occupied with the prospect of the headmaster's cane whacking down either on her hands or her bottom. Christ! It was awful! She wondered if she should telephone home to her parents, but she didn't know what they would say if they knew she'd been out of bounds buying cigarettes. Her mother, in particular, was very strict about smoking and, in fact, Caroline's only previous real experience of corporal punishment had been when Mrs Trevlyn had caught her with cigarettes.

Three or four times that afternoon teachers angrily called out to her to attract her attention, and Mr Thompson made her stand up for the second half of the Economics class as a reminder. Some of the class were amused, thinking that Caroline might well have lost her last chance to sit down in comfort, but others were beginning to wonder why she hadn't been sent for yet.

And by the time classes were finished many pupils had come round to Kate's opinion, that Mr Freeman hadn't really reported Caroline at all. But Caroline herself did not dare to hope until the bell went for bed time. Mr Freeman had said that she would hear from the headmaster 'today'. And she hadn't. Well just the threat of the cane had been a real punishment - she was going to make sure that she wasn't caught with cigarettes again!

As she changed into her pyjamas in the Luke House dormitory Caroline was aware of an overwhelming feeling of relief. Margaret called over to her, in jest, "I'd keep your panties on under those jimjams, just in case!' But nobody seriously thought that anything could happen now.

Mrs Fisher looked in as usual at ten o'clock to turn out the lights. But this evening she stepped into the dorm and called to Caroline.

"Caroline Trevlyn! Out of bed, girl! You've got an appointment with Mr Grahame!"

After thinking that she had got away with it by the skin of her teeth, the shock was many times worse. Deeply embarrassed and scared out of her mind the girl had to climb out of bed.

"No need to get dressed, Caroline. Just put your dressing gown and slippers on and come with me." Then Mrs Fisher turned to the other girls.

"I'm going to leave the light on now, girls, for about a quarter of an hour until Caroline comes back. You may talk - but quietly! If there is any disturbance in this dormitory some of you other girls will be joining Caroline in Mr Grahame's study!"

The teacher and the naughty schoolgirl walked down the corridor in grim silence. Caroline on the point of tears.

Mrs Fisher knocked on the door of the headmaster's study, opened the door and ushered the girl in, closing the door behind her. Caroline found herself, for the first time, alone in the presence of her headmaster. He was a tall, powerfully built man, with rather a charisma about him. Caroline would have felt overawed in his presence at the best of times, and now, with the knowledge that he had the authority to administer an extremely humiliating punishment to her she felt ashamed to look at him. She stood in front of his desk, trembling slightly, and looked down towards her slippered feet.

Mr Grahame looked at the miserable culprit for a few seconds before speaking. Caroline Trevlyn was a pretty seventeen year old of slightly under average height with soft features and shoulder length russet hair. She was wearing light blue pyjamas and a brightly patterned dressing gown. He sincerely wished it was not necessary to inflict punishment on this silly little girl, but it was necessary. Finally he spoke:

"Caroline Trevlyn. Mr Freeman tells me that he found you out of bounds in lesson time buying cigarettes! Have you anything to say for yourself?"

Caroline shook her head in silence, still ashamed to look the headmaster in the face. She did not dare to tell him the ridiculous story she had told the maths master. She knew it could only make matters worse.

"I see. You're a new girl here, but I'm sure that you realise the seriousness of these matters. Possession of cigarettes by itself is specified in the school rules as being punishable by the cane, and you have skipped lessons, broken bounds and lied to a member of my staff as well! Any boy in your form who had acted as you have done could consider himself fortunate if he received twelve strokes of the cane, well laid on! Now, I don't propose to punish you so severely as you deserve, but can you give me one good reason why I shouldn't give you a taste of my cane?"

This time Caroline felt that she did have something to say. She didn't think she stood much chance of getting off, but she had to try at least. "Yes, sir. I'm a girl and girls shouldn't be caned. Also my parents wouldn't want me to be caned. They don't agree with corporal punishment."

"Well Caroline at this school I have one set of rules for all the pupils. And, it may surprise you, but I have spoken with both your father and your mother on the telephone earlier today and neither of them tried to dissuade me from administering to you the caning which you so richly deserve. And your mother told me that she'd once spanked you with a slipper before now for smoking - that's odd, isn't it, if she doesn't believe in corporal punishment?"

Caroline looked at the headmaster for the first time and grimaced, but didn't answer. Her wistful mouth and large eyes appealed for mercy she was not going to get.

The headmaster stood up and moved over to a cupboard in the corner of the study. He opened it and took out a long slender cane, yellowish brown in colour. He turned to face the pretty teenager.

"Six strokes, Caroline, and I am deducting ten house points from Luke House. I don't suppose you've ever had the cane before, have you?"

A miserable shake of the head.

"Well, it's intended as a punishment for serious breaches of the rules and it is a serious punishment. It hurts! But I shall expect you to remain in position throughout - remember I'm giving you much less than you deserve! Now, take your dressing gown off and bend over that chair.'

Caroline obeyed, positioning herself as required and awaiting the first stroke. She wriggled in deep embarrassment as she felt Mr Grahame's hand running over the seat of her blue pyjama bottoms as he checked that she wasn't wearing more than one layer of clothing. He speedily satisfied himself that the thin garment was her only protection. Caroline's whole body tensed as she waited apprehensively for the first blow.

Once he was satisfied with the girl's position Mr Grahame stepped back slightly and measured the distance with the end of his cane against her rear. For a moment everything was deathly still. Then he said: "Right, here it comes. Six strokes."

He drew the cane back and then slashed it down hard across the seat of Caroline's taut pyjama trousers. It was worse than she had feared, a searing line of white-hot pain. A shudder ran through her body and she gasped audibly, but bravely made no other sound.

Back came the cane, up over his shoulder, and swish, down it came to hit that outstretched behind. It made a loud sound, as if a cushion had been thumped, and Caroline jerked but did not cry out.

Somewhat surprised at how well the girl was coping with the early part of her punishment, Mr Grahame applied even more force to his third stroke.


"Oh . . . ow . . . oh!" cried Caroline. She raised first one foot and then the other. It seemed as if fire was viciously clutching at her entire bottom. Her breathing was coming in short sharp gasps, her breasts, within the confines of the blue pyjama jacket, heaved, her hips swayed from side to side, as if in an effort - vain though it inevitably was - to assuage the mind-boggling pain in her thinly covered buttocks.

There was a short pause - an agonising period during which Caroline went through mental torture; not knowing where the fourth stroke would fall. Her backside twitched; her whole body seemed to have been taken over by some outside force which was causing her to shake, and her muscles - especially those in her bottom - to relax rather than tense.

The cane sped down again, landing a little lower this time. Caroline gave vent to a resounding screech and her haunches writhed furiously as that vicious stroke sent vibrations to every nerve and fibre in her body.

"Stay still, girl!" ordered the headmaster. "Two strokes to come!"

Mr Grahame always made sure that the final two strokes of a caning were the most painful and now he really lashed the cane down hard low onto Caroline's bottom on a previously uncaned area.

"Oooh . . . aagh . . . aahh!" she yelled, her body jerking upright and her hands flying to her backside.

"How dare you get up before I tell you to!" rasped the headmaster angrily. "Back over that chair at once unless you want extra strokes!"

Caroline had started to cry now but she had no choice but to obey. Stiffly and painfully she lowered her body and took hold of the chair again. She had not imagined such pain possible. Neither could she imagine taking another stroke on her blazing bottom. But she had to.

Mr Grahame gave the cane a few practice swishes through the air, each one making the pain-wracked girl feel as if that awful instrument was about to land, each time her bottom tensing at the sound.

Then she heard an almighty swish and, a moment later, the sixth agonising stroke had landed.

"Aarrghh! Ooaw! Ooaw! . . . oh oh oh oh oww!!"

Mr Grahame stood back, placed the cane on his desk, and looked at the quivering bottom encased in its thin cotton trousers. He told Caroline to stand up and she did so, her hands immediately going to her bottom again. She hopped from foot to foot, still trying to come to terms with the intense stinging pain still pouring out of her wealed rear.

The headmaster walked back behind his desk and sat down. He opened a drawer and pulled out the school Punishment Book. He looked up at the wriggling teenager, tears slowly falling down her pretty face.

"Put your dressing gown back on Caroline. And stop crying! It's all over now!"

He was pleased with the manner in which she had taken her punishment. Many boys made more fuss at their first caning than this girl had done.

Caroline put her dressing gown back on and tried to sniff back her tears and stop crying. It wasn't so easy. The caning might have been 'all over' but the pain certainly wasn't! She dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief held in her left hand, but her right hand remained firmly pressed to the back of her dressing gown.

Mr Grahame made the necessary entries in the book. Then he looked up and addressed Caroline once again.

"I'm sorry that was necessary, Caroline. I know it's not very pleasant, and I'm afraid you're going to have a very sore bottom for a while. But it's not my fault, you know, it's your own fault! And it's up to you to learn a lesson from this and improve your behaviour for the rest of your time at this school. Now let's get you back to your dormitory!"

Caroline would rather not have had the headmaster accompany her back to the dorm, but she could hardly object. He did not say a word as they made the slow journey back, but it was not made in such absolute silence as she had walked to his study. This time as she walked Caroline could not stop frequent gasps and ejaculations of pain.

When they reached the dormitory the eyes of all the other girls were riveted onto Caroline, but the presence of the headmaster prevented any comments. He stood impassively by the door as the caned girl limped, blushing beetroot red, across the room to her bed.

She hesitated when she reached the side of her bed, uncertain how to get in without aggravating the pain in her posterior and not wanting to lie down with her weight on her bottom.

"Go on, girl. Get in face down! Everyone here knows you've got a sore bottom!" called out the headmaster helpfully. As soon as she was in bed, face buried in her pillows, he addressed the rest of the girls.

"You all know by now that I have had to cane Caroline Trevlyn for a very serious breach of school rules. I don't like caning anyone, and I especially dislike having to punish senior girls like you, who are supposed to be young ladies, in this way. But I can assure you all that I will continue to do my duty and that if any of you, or any of the other girls at the school, do anything that deserves a caning then that girl's bottom will be just a sore as Miss Trevlyn's is now! I'm switching the light off now, and I don't want to hear a sound from this dormitory - or else."

There was no talking after the headmaster's departure - none of the other girls wanted what Caroline had got. But they could hear her loud sobs as she started crying again. There were shivers in the darkness from the seven girls who weren't sobbing. Some girls could not sleep for thinking about what a caning must be like, hearing Caroline's sobs long into the night.