Subject: The Size Twelve Plimsoll
From: Mike from London <100331.724@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 1 Oct 1994 10:05:59 GMT

The Size Twelve Plimsoll

Hayley was getting flustered. She had only worked in the shoe shop for the three weeks since she had left school and she sometimes found it difficult to cope with so many customers asking for different things. Smiling as brightly as she could she handed another pair to the bespectacled lady she was trying to serve. 'There you are madam, would you like to try these on?'

The customer took the shoes, looked at them and then burst out: 'What do you mean!?' These are size 7; I told you I take 5's!'

Poor Hayley apologised and said that she would go back and get the right size shoes straight away. But she was now so worried about getting the size right that she selected the wrong style! She smiled nervously as she handed the shoes to the lady and didn't realise her mistake until the customer, losing her temper at this bad service, threw the shoes to the ground and stormed out shouting that she would never shop there again.

A shocked silence descended on the shop. Hayley felt that everybody was looking at her and wished that the ground would open and swallow her. After a moment everyone else went back to what they were doing but Hayley still stood in shock. Mrs Edwards, the shop owner, came over to her. 'You'll see me at six o'clock this evening, young lady!' she hissed.

Hayley pulled herself together and got back to work. Nothing else went wrong that afternoon but she kept thinking about what would happen at six. She hoped she was wrong, but she couldn't help thinking that she might be spanked!

When she'd got the job Mrs Edwards had told her that all the assistants in her shop had to agree to accept punishment from her when necessary. Mrs Edwards had told her that if she worked hard and acted sensibly then it would not affect her. Hayley had never been spanked in her life but she wanted the job so she accepted.

She had soon made friends with Tracy, another assistant about a year older than herself, but she was too shy to ask her about Mrs Edwards' punishments. However after a couple of days Tracy mentioned it herself, asking Hayley if she'd been told about Mrs Edwards's spankings. Hayley blushed and mumbled that she'd heard something about it at the interview. Tracy had told her not to worry as it didn't happen that often and didn't hurt terribly. Plucking up courage Hayley asked her if she'd ever been spanked by Mrs Edwards.

Tracy had told her that she'd worked there for a year now and in that time she'd had the slipper twice. 'It's not as bad as the strap at school,' she said. But this didn't reassure Hayley. She'd never had the strap, but she'd seen other girls who had, and she remembered how they had cried. Then Tracy went on: 'No, but what I was going to say is I think Linda is going to get her situpon warmed today! And I hope Mrs Edwards really lays it on!'

Neither of the girls liked Linda. She was the most senior of the assistants, about thirty years old. She was very snooty and was always ordering the junior girls around. Hayley was surprised that Linda could be spanked - she had thought of Linda as one of the bosses not one of the girls. She asked Tracy what Linda had done.

'Mrs Edwards left her to lock up last night. But when she got here this morning the shop was unlocked,' Tracy answered. Then a customer came in and the girls had to stop their whispered conversation.

That evening after the shop was closed Hayley noticed how Linda made sure that all the other girls left as soon as possible. She thought of suggesting to Tracy that hang around outside the shop to wait for Linda after her spanking, but as Tracy didn't say anything she didn't either - it really wasn't nice to gloat.

Next day Linda had been much more subdued than usual and Hayley noticed that she didn't sit down at her tea-breaks. Tracy said that Linda must have got something worse than the slipper.

So now Hayley thought that she could be due for some of Mrs Edwards' private punishments. At half past five the shop closed and the girls started to tidy up. One by one the others left. They all had a good idea what was going to happen to Hayley but no-one said anything except Tracy who wished her luck as she went home.

By six there was no-one left in the shop. Hayley drew a deep breath and knocked at her boss's office door. Mrs Edwards stood up as the trembling teenager entered.

'Do you wish to remain working for me, Hayley?' she enquired.

Hayley nodded dumbly. She knew she was lucky to have a job, lots of her friends from school were still unemployed.

'Then you must accept punishment for your disgraceful performance earlier today. You have lost my shop a customer. I explained the rules to you when I offered you the job. Now you can either accept a slippering or you leave my employment!'

'Please, Mrs Edwards, I really am sorry. I do want to work here. I'll accept the slippering.'

'Good,' said Mrs Edwards. 'Now go to the storeroom and fetch me the size twelve plimsoll. You'll find it on the shelf marked "Reserved for staff use". And don't make any mistake about size or style this time or it will be the worse for you!'

Miserably Hayley made her way to the storeroom. She had no difficulty in finding the plimsoll. Near it on the shelf she noticed other items which were obviously instruments of punishment. She had never paid any attention to them before.

She picked up the plimsoll and walked back with it to her boss's office. As she went she wondered if it was this very plimsoll which Tracy had felt and what it would feel like as it smacked against her own bottom. She was soon to find out.

When she got back Mrs Edwards did not waste any time. She took the plimsoll and told Hayley to remove her skirt, slip and pantyhose and to bend over a chair which she had put in the middle of her office. She told Hayley that as it was her first time she was allowing her to keep her panties on but that if she had to punish her again it would be on the bare.

Hayley did as she was told and bent over the chair, holding onto the edge of the seat. Her bottom felt ever so vulnerable in its thin covering of her flimsy white panties. She trembled as she waited. Then she heard the sound of the slipper descending and then a loud CRACKK! as it crashed onto her bottom. She yelled at the sudden sting. Mrs Edwards continued to wallop the plimsoll down with all her might.

Poor Hayley had no idea how many strokes she was going to get. After she had received about a dozen of Mrs Edwards' fullblooded whacks she released her grip on the chair seat and stood upright. Her bottom was just too sore, she couldn't bear any more. Her hands went to protect her bottom and she turned to face her chastiser. Tears were pouring from her eyes and she wanted to beg to be let off but she could only cry.

Mrs Edwards had no mercy, the girl deserved her punishment and she was going to get it. She always made sure that a first spanking hurt so as to persuade the culprit not to come back for a second time. She sat down in the chair herself and dragged the sobbing teenager over her knees. Then, holding her firmly, she delivered another eight hard whacks to Hayley's already so-sore backside. She made sure that every inch of both cheeks received the attention of the plimsoll. Hayley struggled frantically but could not escape Mrs Edwards' strong grasp. The final whack was the hardest of all and landed low on Hayley's left buttock, below the protection of her panties. Hayley screamed at the top of her voice.

Mrs Edwards released her hold on the girl and told her to get to her feet. Hayley fell off the woman's knees and landed, wriggling in pain, on the floor. Mrs Edwards pulled her to her feet and Hayley stood there sobbing, her hands cradling her stinging rear. The shop owner looked at her and decided that she had been adequately punished. 'Put your clothes back on, Hayley,' she said, 'and take the plimsoll back where you found it.'

When Hayley returned after carrying out these instructions she had just managed to stop crying. Mrs Edwards gave her a stern lecture and then told her to go.

By the next day Hayley had got over the worst of it, although her bottom was still bruised and painful beneath her skirt. When Tracy asked her what it had been like she said it hadn't hurt much. But she mentally resolved never to earn herself another spanking.