Subject: Sharyn
From: (Mike)
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 95 11:48:01 GMT


Sharyn kicked Richard. She had no real reason for doing so, except that she thought that she could get away with it and it seemed like fun at the time. Richard and Sharyn were both fourteen years old and were in the same class. Richard was a quiet boy and, in Sharyn's opinion, rather a weed. She knew that he would never do anything back to her. So she kicked him.

Mrs Kingsley, the history teacher, saw it happen. She rushed over, grabbed Sharyn and asked her what she thought she was doing.

Sharyn said that Richard had been hitting her and that she had just managed to break away. She was a been a good little liar! Despite the boy's violent denials the teacher believed her. Her story seemed so much more likely than his. Richard was sent to the headmaster.

Again he protested his innocence, but again he was not believed. To Mr Howard it was a clear case of the bullying of a girl. There was only one appropriate penalty at his school for boys who committed such an offence. He walked over to a cupboard and extracted a cane.

Richard was quiet, but he was no angel. He had been sent to the headmaster's office twice before, and been caned on both occasions. He had taken the punishments in his stride. But then he had known that he had broken the school rules. This time he was not the offender, he was the victim.

He had no choice. He bent down over the headmaster's desk and remained silent as Mr Howard lashed the cane down six times across the seat of his tightly stretched grey trousers. Richard tried to imagine that it was not he who was bending over the stool but Sharyn, That the cane was whacking down onto that bitch's school skirt. But it was no help. When he stood up Richard was crying. Not because of the pain, although it had hurt more than either of his previous canings, but because of the awful unfairness of his punishment and his frustration in not being believed.

Richard could not stop the tears coming back several times later on that school day - much to the delight of Sharyn who mocked him as a cry-baby and confided to her friends the clever trick she had played on him. No-one else agreed with her, but no-one said anything.

At home that evening Richard told his parents the truth about his caning. They believed him because they knew that he was an honest boy. When he'd been caned before he had told them what he had done and admitted that he deserved it. Mrs Lewis did tell him that she was sure that he'd broken the school rules often enough before and not been caught, but they were both really angry that their son had been unfairly punished and that Mr Howard had not believed what he had said.

Richard begged her not to but the next day his mother came in to complain. Sharyn was called to the headmaster's office and eventually she had to admit that she'd been lying. She still seemed to think that she'd been clever, and she knew that she had nothing to fear from Mr Howard. Girls were not caned at the school and their punishment was dealt with by Miss Robson, the senior mistress. Sharyn was a naughty girl and had often been sent to Miss Robson. She regarded a slippering from the senior mistress, who was only allowed a maximum of four whacks, as a joke rather than a punishment.

Mr Howard was very apologetic Richard's mother, but he couldn't un-cane the boy! He made it clear that he was very angry with the naughty girl and assured Mrs Lewis that she would be sent to the senior mistress for punishment. He wrote out a note and told her to take it to Miss Robson in afternoon break. Then he sent for Richard and, in the presence of his mother, he apologised to him for not taking his word.

In break that afternoon Sharyn knocked on the senior mistress's door.

"Come in."

Sharyn entered and handed Miss Robson the note the headmaster had given her. The teacher read it and pursed her lips.

"Do you know what this says, Sharon?" she asked.

"It's Sharyn, miss," the girl replied sulkily. Normally she wouldn't answer teachers who called her 'Sharon' but in the circumstances her sense of self- preservation kept her from going too far.

"Well, do you?"

"Yes, miss," she said sulkily, "I've been sent to you for the slipper." Sharyn had not actually seen the note. If she had, she would have been more worried. But she could guess that the slipper figured in there somewhere.

"That's right, girl. And if it was up to me you would be getting the cane! Still, I'll try to give you something to remember."

Saying this Miss Robson pulled open a drawer of her desk and removed a large, black plimsoll. In its time it had made painful contact with a large number of female bottoms. The teacher walloped it down hard on the desk top. The noise of the impact was frighteningly loud in the small room.

"I haven't tried before, girl, but this time I'll show you what the slipper can do to a naughty girl's bottom!"

Sharyn still tried to look unconcerned, but actually she was beginning to wonder if this might not be a more painful experience than she had thought.

"Bend over my desk, girl! Right over! Hold on to the other side!"

On previous occasions Sharyn had been slippered over the teacher's knees. She looked questioningly at Miss Robson but didn't dare to argue as the senior mistress just looked at her impassively.

The petite schoolgirl had to stretch out as far as possible and just managed to grip the edge of the desk. It was a very uncomfortable position, her breasts were squashed against the desk surface and the near edge bit into the tops of her legs. Miss Robson took hold of the hem of Sharyn's blue school skirt and felt the girl squirm as she lifted it up and tucked it under the waist band.

She looked at Sharyn's plump bottom as it moved slightly from side to side, awaiting its punishment.

"Sharon! What colour are your knickers?"

Sharyn was taken by surprise. "Oh! Pink, miss."

"Yes, pink. And what colour should they be?"

"Blue, miss, " Sharyn conceded sadly.

"Very well. I shall punish you for your breach of the school uniform rules after I have dealt with you for your assault on Lewis."

With that she raised the slipper high and brought it down as hard as she could. Normally she felt that the shame of having to bend and have one's knickered bottom exposed for a spanking was a sufficient punishment to naughty girls and she merely used the slipper to sting and not to hurt. This time however she was determined to show Sharyn just how much pain a slippering could cause. She raised the slipper and smashed it down with all her might across Sharyn's pink knickers.


Sharyn hadn't expected it to hurt so much! This was much worse than last time. She gasped in pain and surprise - it had really stung! The naughty girl gritted her teeth, there were only three more to go.


The second whack arced down in quick succession. It landed on the same area as the first one and Sharyn certainly felt it. Her head automatically swung up, sending her blonde hair flying, and she only just managed to restrain a cry of pain. Her bottom felt so intensely sore that she could hardly bear to remain bent over awaiting another two whacks. She held on to the desk grimly and tried to tense her bottom.

This time Mrs Robson paused for a while, watching Sharyn's reddening bottom jiggling up and down before releasing another expertly placed wallop.


Sharyn let out a yelp and her body jerked in a spasm as the new pain hit her. Her eyes and mouth were tightly closed and she gripped the desk top desperately. Miss Robson regarded Sharyn's quivering bottom impassively. She knew that the girl had felt the early part of her punishment, but she still believed that she was getting off lightly. The fourth whack would be the hardest one of all.


This time Sharyn could not stop a sharp gasp of pain. She stayed bent over the desk, her legs kicking. Mrs Robson looked at her for a moment and then told her she could get up.

The senior mistress proceeded to give the naughty schoolgirl a good talking to. Sharyn desperately wanted to rub her stinging rear, but she didn't want the teacher to know that she'd got through to her. But after a minute she gave way and both hands went to her bottom to tenderly massage the painful area.

"No rubbing, girl!" ordered Miss Robson.

Sharyn felt near to tears. She forced them back down. At least she hadn't cried like Richard had done the day before. She was never going to admit to anyone that the slippering had hurt. She waited for Miss Robson's lecture to end. But when it did, there came a surprise.

"Right, Sharon. Back down over the desk!"

"Oh no, miss. Please, I've had the slipper!"

"That was for kicking Richard. Now I intend to punish you for wearing non-regulation knickers!"

"Oh no, please. Everybody does it. Can't I have lines instead?"

"You can have lines _as well_, but unless you get yourself across my desk this minute you'll get extra for arguing. Come on, girl, NOW!"

Sharyn reluctantly returned to her uncomfortable position draped across the senior mistress's desk. As she leant over she felt her blue skirt ride up and then felt the teacher's hands once more lifting it out of the way to reveal her stinging behind.

Miss Robson laid on the second four even harder, if anything, than the first batch. After each whack she paused until most of Sharyn's involuntary writhings had subsided before unleashing the next. She paid special attention to the delicate undercurves of the naughty girl's bottom, where the skimpy pink knickers gave no protection at all. By the time she had finished the exposed flesh of Sharyn's bum glowed a bright pillar-box red.

Sharyn yelled loudly each time the plimsoll smacked into her tender rear. Her resolve to avoid tears went by the board after her fifth whack, and by the time the eighth whack walloped down she was sobbing like a baby.

Miss Robson placed the slipper back on the desk, by Sharyn's head and told the weeping girl to stand.

Again Sharyn's hands went to the seat of her blue school skirt to attempt to give some comfort to her poor bottom, but again the senior mistress told her to take her hands away. Sharyn stood in the middle of the room, trying to sniff back her tears. The teacher walked over to the door and opened it.

Richard Lewis walked in.

Sharyn had hardly believed that she could feel worse, but she did now. Not only was Richard seeing her in her humiliating, tearful state with her slippered bottom screaming out its pain, but he must have been standing outside long enough to hear her whole punishments, her yells and appeals for mercy. Now her whole class would know all the shameful details and she would be a laughing-stock. Miss Robson addressed Richard:

"As you can see I have punished Sharon Morton for her assault on you. I have also had occasion to administer a further slippering for a non-related offence." Miss Robson was reluctant to use the word "knickers" to Richard. "She has yet to be punished for causing you to be caned. In the circumstances the headmaster believes, and I agree, that it would be appropriate for you to carry out this punishment. Four whacks with the slipper. Sharon, back over my desk!"

Neither of the fourteen year olds could believe their ears. Richard had never dreamt of this. He had guessed that he'd been asked there so that Sharyn could apologise to him. But this was a whole lot better! Richard's bottom had largely recovered from its caning but it still throbbed in a constant dull ache and he still had to be cautious in sitting down. He was in no mood to go lightly with Sharyn.

Poor Sharyn was totally mortified and stood stock still. "Now, Sharon!" snapped Miss Robson.

The teenager's earlier spanking had conditioned her to be more obedient than was her wont. Cursing the teacher, the headmaster, Richard and the world in general under her breath she bent over. Her last hope was that Miss Robson would not lift up her skirt this time, so that Richard would have to spank her over her skirt. But the senior mistress was in no mood for leniency. Sharyn squirmed and wriggled and wished she could be swallowed in the earth as she felt her skirt lifting up, revealing her red and swollen bottom. Richard stared, fascinated.

Miss Robson picked up the plimsoll and handed it to Richard. "Four whacks, Richard, and make sure that she feels them!"

Richard was very familiar with the plimsoll as a punishment implement, but only on the receiving side. He had never dreamt that he might be asked to slipper a girl of his own age, especially one as attractive and sexy as Sharyn.

Richard gazed at Sharyn's beautiful, rounded bottom with its flimsy pink covering. He felt his male member harden and he wriggled embarrassedly, hoping Miss Robson hadn't noticed. Sharyn was weeping and moved her legs constantly, so that her bottom constantly changed shape. Richard was surprised to realise that he was feeling sorry for the naughty girl. Determined to harden his heart, he cast his mind back to the previous day, when it had been he who had been bending, trying to cope with the biting strokes of Mr Howard's cane. Thinking of the pain in his own backside he smacked the slipper down hard.

Sharyn responded by screaming out loud and jumping upright. It did her no good. Miss Robson held her down for the last three whacks of her punishment, which Richard administered with considerable force, but little silence. He tried to fix as many details as possible in his mind for masturbating over that evening.

Then the senior mistress loosed her hold on the girl, who jerked upright like a released spring. This time she did let Sharyn rub her smarting rear. She took the slipper from Richard's sweaty hand, wryly noting his erection, which was now too large to hide.

Then she made Sharyn apologise to Richard, which the girl did tearfully and, apparently, genuinely. Richard left the office to go back to class, but Sharyn spent the rest of the afternoon standing facing the wall, hands on head, with her skirt still rolled up, her slippered bottom on display to all visitors to Miss Robson's office.