Subject: Mandy the Mooner
From: (Mike)
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 1995 12:35:46 -0100

Mandy the Mooner

What Happened to Mandy the Mooner

Mike Walden was very angry with Mandy, his fiance. Mike was a sailor on HMS Stratford and, as the ship had approached a Florida naval base, Mandy had been seen on the dockside raising her skimpy red dress cheekily displaying her delectable bottom for everybody to see. Or nearly everybody. Mike himself had been below deck at the time and even when his mates had told him that there had been a mooner he had had no idea that it had been Mandy, who he thought to be still back in England. But the next day newspaper photographs of the shapely rotundities were displayed all over the ship and Mike realised who the mooner had been. Mandy sent a message on board saying that she had flown out to meet the ship and where she was staying, but there was no word of apology.

Mike came in for some good natured ribbing from his mates on the ship. Most were envious of him for having such a good-looker as a girlfriend, but a few thought she was nothing but a little tart. Mike was furious that Mandy had displayed her intimate parts to the entire world, when they should have been reserved for his eyes alone. Before he left the ship he paid a visit to the Purser and borrowed something that he thought might come in useful.

Mike went to Mandy's hotel and confronted her in her room. She tried to explain what had happened: "It was just a spur of the moment thing, honestly. The other girls kept egging me on and I'd had a bit to drink. Just for a laugh I decided to show off my bum. I never thought it would get into the papers!"

But Mike was not satisfied. Mandy had acted in a totally thoughtless way again and this time she had gone too far. If they were going to be worried she had to learn some responsibility and to act decently in public, whatever she did when they were alone.

Angrily he showed her the photograph in the Sun, accompanied by an article asking readers to write in if they knew whose bottom it was! "They're going to find out it's you, you know," he said, "and then we'll both get our names in the papers. What do you think they're going to say about it at your Hospital?"

Mandy was a nurse and it did indeed seem rather unlikely that the rather strait-laced sister in charge of her ward would approve of this latest exploit. So she didn't answer her fianc‚'s question but tried to change the subject.

"Look, I'm sorry! I really am, all right? Why don't we just forget all about it and go out for a drink?"

"No. Not this time, Mandy! I've always let you get away with things in the past, but this time I'm going to teach you a lesson and make sure that you won't want to display your bottom in public again in a hurry. You agree that what you did was wrong, indecent and stupid?"

"Yes, I admitted it already. I said I was sorry, didn't I?"

"This time 'sorry' isn't good enough, Mandy. You deserve to be punished for what you did. Now, either you can accept a punishment from me or we're finished together! It's up to you. I'm not marrying a girl who raises her skirt and drops her panties in public!"

Mandy was silent. She had never seen Mike in this mood before. He was angry, she had expected that, but it was a cold controlled anger, foreign to his ebullient, outgoing personality.

"What do you mean 'punish'?" she asked, in a subdued voice. She didn't want to lose the man of her dreams over something as silly as this.

"This is what I mean!" said Mike, dramatically. He withdrew a length of rope from his jacket pocket. "Do you know what this is?"

Mandy shook her head, biting her lower lip. The piece of rope was slightly over two feet long and as Mike shook it in his hand she saw that it divided into three tails of about eight inches each. The tails had knots along them, each about two inches apart. She had never seen anything like it in her life.

"It's a rope's end!" Mike told her. "It's used in naval colleges and on board ships on cadets and trainees who don't do what they're told. You like bearing your bottom, so you can bear it again while I give you a dozen with the rope's end!"

Mandy thought about it quickly. The idea of having her bottom smacked was actually quite sexy. She had once been caned on her hands at school and had fantasized about what it would be like on the bum. And she did know that what she had done was really stupid and tasteless. Besides she didn't think Mike would really hurt her, and that 'rope's end' didn't really look too frightening.

"All right then," she said, "but don't hurt me!"

"Oh, no, Mandy! This is a punishment, not a game! It's meant to hurt and it will. But you'll get over it soon enough. I got the rope's end twice and it didn't do me any harm!"

"When was that? You never told me! How many did you get?"

"It was a long time before I met you. The last time was when I was nineteen. I got two dozen for drinking on watch duty." Mike winced involuntarily as he remembered how hard the Petty Officer had lammed the rope's end down onto his own bare backside.

"Well, what's it to be, Mandy?"

"OK. I'll take the spanking. I know I do deserve it and you're only doing it because you love me. And I suppose it's right that it should be my bottom that's paying the penalty!"

"Good! I do love you, Mandy, you know that, but you've got to learn some discipline. Right, let's get this started!"

Turning to the bed Mike removed three pillows and piled them up half way down one side of the mattress. "Come on, Mandy, skirt and panties off!" he said. "You know how to do that all right!" Mandy obeyed, wriggling her bottom provocatively at Mike as she did so. He removed his jacket and rolled up his right shirt-sleeve. "Now lie down on the bed over the pillows, so that you bum is raised!" he ordered.

When Mandy was in position Mike moved the remaining pillow so that she could rest her face on it. Then he warned her again that it was going to hurt and told her not to shout out loud if she could help it. "I'm sure you don't want any more publicity!" he said. He suggested that she bit into the pillow rather than yell out.

Then he lifted the implement until the tails fell down behind his back. He gazed intently at Mandy's as yet unblemished rear and then brought the rope down with full force. It hissed through the air, its three tails separating as it did so, to land across the whole expanse of Mandy's bottom.

A spasm passed through the girl's body and she burrowed her face deep into the pillow. She could hardly believe how much that first stroke had hurt.

Hiiisss! . . . Craaackk!!

Hiiisss! . . . Craaackk!!

Mike whacked down two further hard blows and then paused briefly to inspect the results of his labours.

Mandy was no longer lying still over the pillows, but was wriggling like an eel. Her glowing bottom was now covered with criss-crossed weals, red and raised against the pale, tender flesh. Where the knots had hit her there were dark circular marks soon to form into bruises. And yet Mandy had pluckily made no outcry of pain, although now as Mike listened he could hear her whimpering into her pillow.

He hefted the rope's end and recommenced the punishment.

Mandy took the next stroke bravely, but as the knotted tails crashed for the fifth time onto her upraised haunches, across the pattern of swelling welts she could no longer control herself. Her head jerked up and she gave vent to a loud cry of pain. Her right hand came out from under the pillow to be placed tenderly on her outraged flesh. She began to sob loudly.

Mike was not too worried about the noise. There were not many people in the hotel at that time and he knew that Americans liked to mind their own business and wouldn't want to get involved. In fact her had expected Mandy to make a lot more fuss than she had.

He pulled her arm away and waited for a few moments. As he took aim he saw that not a square inch of his pretty fianc‚e's bottom was un-marked. When Mandy's writhings had slowed slightly he unleashed the sixth stroke.

Hiiisss! . . . Craaackk!!!

Mandy bucked like an unbroken pony and screamed again as the additional pain flooded through her already unimaginably sore bottom, but this time she bravely kept her hands away. Mike could see why that last stroke had hurt so much. A small amount of blood was seeping out from where two weals had crossed.

As he looked down Mike was filled with admiration for Mandy's courage, with pity and sympathy for her anguish, and with plain simple lust! He had intended to give her twelve strokes, but she had been punished enough. He didn't say anything, but he dropped the rope to the floor, pulled off his trousers and leapt onto the bed besides Mandy, pulling her towards him.

After her first surprise Mandy gave herself to him unrestrainedly and they made love together as they had never before. Afterwards Mike kissed the tear stains on her face away as he told her how brave she'd been and how he loved her.

It was two days later that reporters from the Sun found the couple and wanted a story and photographs. Mandy had got over the worst of it by then, although she still couldn't sit down properly. And she certainly didn't intend anyone other that Mike to see her bottom in its present state. But on the arrival of the reporters she changed into the shortest and tightest skirt she had brought with her, which only just covered her corrugated bottom. And it seemed to Mike that she was flirting slightly with the photographer, who obviously found her very attractive.

As the couple smilingly embraced for the cameraman Mike lowered his hands and clasped Mandy's wealed bottom tightly through the material of her short skirt. Mandy somehow managed to keep a grin on her face and the newspapermen did not imagine what was going on. But Mike knew it would be a worthwhile reminder to Mandy.