Subject: Jackie's Unexpected Caning
From: (Mike)
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 1995 12:32:42 -0100

Jackie's Unexpected Caning

Jackie Thornton, a fifth year at Latymer Grammar School, was a very attractive young lady, her medium length blonde hair softly permed into fluffy loose curls. She had a light complexion complete with a handful of fading freckles on her nose.

She had finished her Maths exercise book and was taking it to the Secretary in afternoon break one day to get a new one. The procedure was that the pupils had to show the Secretary the old book and that it was finished. She would then punch a hole through it, so that the same book could not be brought back twice, and issue a replacement. Unconcernedly, Jackie handed the exercise book to Mrs Nicholson. As the Secretary took it she evidently noticed that the book was rather thin. She flicked through the pages and it was obvious that several had been torn out. Jackie had been using the book for games such as Hangman and Noughts and Crosses and had torn out those pages before bringing it for replacement.

Mrs Nicholson normally had a happy expression on her face and enjoyed exchanging pleasant banter with the pupils but she was not smiling now. Compressing her lips she told Jackie to wait where she was and, taking the book, crossed the vestibule into the headmaster's office.

Jackie was shocked by this turn of events and was not made any happier by the remarks of the boy standing behind her, also waiting to get a new book. 'Umm! You're for it!' he said. 'I hope you're wearing thick panties - he doesn't like pages torn out of books!' Jackie didn't reply to the boy, a scruffy third year, and pretended not to hear him. But she was very worried now. She had got through her time at Latymer School so far without coming close to a caning, and had always tended to look down on the girls in her class who had been caned. Now she wanted to run away, but she realised that it wouldn't have done her any good - the book had her name and form on it.

Mrs Nicholson came back from Mr Taylor's office, without the book, and told the girl to go in and see the headmaster. Jackie was very frightened, she had not expected to be in any trouble at all and now it looked as though she could be caned by the headmaster! She guiltily remembered how only last week she had giggled to herself when Caroline Jones had returned after a visit to Mr Taylor. She had thought of the cane as something that the boys and other girls might get, but she had never imagined that she might be caned. It was gradually dawning on her that she might be wrong. Still she did her best not to show how scared she was in front of the secretary and the other pupils and she turned and walked silently across the vestibule.

Mr Taylor's door was open and Jackie walked in. He told her to close it behind her. This was the first time that she had been in his room or that he had ever spoken to her. He looked very stern and important sitting behind his big desk, and Jackie was tongue-tied in his presence.

The headmaster stood up. He scrutinised the pretty sixteen year old for a few moments before speaking. 'Are you Jaqueline Thornton?' he asked.

'Yes, sir.'

'Then this is your book?' he continued, pointing at the exercise book, lying on his otherwise clear desk. How Jackie hated that exercise book!

'Yes, sir.'

He picked the book up and opened it, thumbing through the pages until it was quite clear that pages had been torn out.

'And did you tear these pages out, Jaqueline?'

Jackie nodded guiltily, biting her lip. The headmaster sat down again.

'Perhaps you could tell me, Jaqueline, why you have been systematically destroying school property!?'

Jackie was so overawed that she automatically told him the truth. She thought afterwards that she should have said that she'd made some mistakes in maths questions and had torn out those pages, but even so it probably wouldn't have made any difference.

Mr Taylor said that this was a very serious matter. She had destroyed school property, used her school exercise book for games and evidently been persistently inattentive in mathematics lessons. 'I am going to cane you, Jaqueline. Two strokes for each offence. How many is that, young lady?'

'Ow! S-six strokes, sir,' she stammered. Caroline had only got five, and it hadn't been her first time for the cane.

'That's right. Enough to give a naughty girl a lesson she'll remember for some time. I'm glad you can remember some maths!

'Remove your jacket and skirt and place them over that chair!'

As the scared girl obeyed, blushing and near to tears, the headmaster rose and took off his own jacket. He then walked to a tall cupboard in the corner of the room, selected a cane and withdrew it. It was about seventy- five centimetres long and about a centimetre thick. He nodded approvingly as he flexed it and allowed it to spring back into shape with a soft hiss. This should make a good impression on young Jackie!

He turned round to see the red-faced teenager standing nervously by the chair with her blue school jacket and skirt draped neatly over it. She had removed her shoes when taking her skirt off and had not replaced them.

'Come on girl!' he said angrily, 'Pantyhose down! You know I cane over one layer of clothing.

Jackie obeyed immediately. She had heard that some girls had had to take down their pantyhose if they'd been wearing them, but hadn't realised it was a rule. She desperately didn't want to give Mr Taylor any reason to be more angry with her, though, and she obediently drew her pantyhose down.

As she did so she made one last, doomed, attempt to avoid a sore bottom.

'Please, sir, I've never had the cane. I'm sorry for tearing the pages out. Honestly! I'll never do it again! Can't you give me lines or detention instead?'

'No, Jaqueline. I've told you what your punishment is to be. I don't enjoy caning girls. This will hurt me as much as it hurts you. But it will teach you a lesson you will remember for a long time. Now, bend over my desk and hold on to the other side!'

As the teenager slowly stretched herself over the desk Mr Taylor noticed that her panties were not the regulation blue ones prescribed by the school rules. These were of a different style and were white in colour.

'Stand up, girl!'

Jackie experienced a moment of hope that made her subsequent experiences even worse.

'What colour are school uniform panties, Jaqueline?'

'Oh! Blue, sir!'

'Yes! And what colour have you got on?'

'White, sir,' Jackie answered in a small, trembling voice.

'Rules are rules, Jaqueline. The fact that your underwear is not usually on view, and that you are therefore unlikely to be found out, is no excuse. Have you anything to say for yourself?'

Jackie remained silent. One pair of her blue panties was in the wash, but she knew that the headmaster would not accept that as an excuse. She felt a tear drip from her eye and sniffed miserably.

Again Mr Taylor scrutinised the naughty girl. She was obviously very agitated at the prospect of being caned for the first time and he knew that six of the best would hurt her considerably. He was not a cruel man. He announced his decision.

'Normally I would award two extra strokes for this blatant breach of school rules. However, as this is the first time you have been caned, I think that six strokes will be sufficient.'

Jackie agreed with him here. She thought it was more than sufficient!

'In the circumstance,' he continued, 'you will write out "I must wear full school uniform when I attend school" fifty times and bring me the lines tomorrow morning before registration. I will carry out an inspection at that time to ensure that you are wearing full uniform. Now bend back down over the desk.'

Mr Taylor pushed the tail of Jackie's school blouse well up her body out of the way and tapped her bottom with the cane a couple of times, causing the girl to flinch. He then drew the cane back, watching his target area closely. He saw the girl's buttock muscles visibly tighten and her bottom change shape intriguingly as she braced her legs back. Then he unleashed the first stroke, slashing the cane down sharply with a practised flick of the wrist.

SWISH - Thwackk!!

The cane dug deep into Jackie's panty-clad flesh before it bounced back resiliently. For a split second there was no reaction from the girl, then her whole body went rigid and she drew in a huge breath with a veiled gasp of 'Aaaoww . . . owww!'

SWISH - Thwackk!!

Jackie's head flew back and she let out a yell of pain. Her right hand shot back to nurse a red raised mark that had sprung up on her exposed flesh where the panties cut back. 'Hand out of the way, Jaqueline!' Mr Taylor snapped.

SWISH - Thwackk!!

'Aaaagh . . . Ooowwwwh!!'

This time the blonde lost her grip on the desk and stood bolt upright, clasping both hands to her nether regions. She danced from foot to foot, making short meaningful 'ooh's and 'aah's, whilst kneading her sore rear desperately.

'I warn you, girl, get back into position or there will be extra!' The headmaster waited for Jackie to bend over again. She was crying now like a two year old. Mr Taylor reminded her that there were 'Three more to come.' Slowly, sobbing uncontrollably, Jackie bent over again. Her bottom hurt so dreadfully that it was terrible to have to present it for more punishment but she knew she had no choice. She resolved that she would grip the desk for dear life and not move so that the horrible retribution would be over as soon as possible.

The fourth stroke caught Jackie squarely across her right buttock, bringing forth another anguished cry of pain from the 16 year old. Her body jerked and her shapely legs kicked out in sheer agony, but this time she managed to remain in position.

Mr Taylor took careful aim for the fifth stroke. He wanted it to land low down, right where her bottom met her thighs, so that most of the stroke would land on Jackie's bare flesh. This was not easy as, despite her resolution, Jackie was now completely unable to stay still. In fact the cane landed slightly lower, curling itself around Jackie's bare and completely unprotected thighs.

Once again Jackie yelled uninhibitedly but gamely stayed bent down, wriggling frenziedly. Mr Taylor paused before delivering the final stroke, inspecting the girl's quivering bottom. An angry weal was now crimsoning across the pale flesh as a result of the fifth stroke and each of the earlier strokes had left visible marks. He saw Jackie's thighs tauten with anticipation as she awaited the final blow to her battered bottom.

Mr Taylor always made sure that the final stroke of a punishment was also the hardest. He took two paces back and came skipping forward to bring the cane down with full force across the teenager's already exquisitely sore behind.

SWIISH - Thwaackkk!!!


Jackie's ear-piercing shriek echoed round the room. She jumped upright, her hands shooting to her bottom, and performed what seemed to be a frenetic tribal dance around the office to her own vocal accompaniment. The normally poised teenager looked a proper sight - her face flushed and tear-stained, her hair a real mess.

'All right, Jackie. Compose yourself and get dressed.' Now that the girl had paid the penalty Mr Taylor called her by the diminutive of her name so that she should realise that she had been forgiven.

He returned the cane to its cupboard and put his jacket back on. Meanwhile Jackie, wriggling like an eel and gasping painfully, was struggling to stretch her pantyhose back over her swollen buttocks and thighs.

Mr Taylor sat down behind his desk and waited while Jackie slowly and painfully resumed her skirt, shoes and jacket. Finally she stood fully clothed facing him, her hands pressing the blue skirt to her blazing bottom. Tears ran down her flushed cheeks and she was chewing her lower lip and sniffing childishly.

The headmaster recorded the details in his Punishment Book, and Jackie took the opportunity to get her handkerchief out and blow her nose and wipe her face. She was still not able to stop crying.

Mr Taylor put the book away and looked up. 'I hope that has taught you a lesson, Jackie. School books are for school work!' Jackie nodded silently. He gave her back her maths book and told her to give it to Mrs Nicholson and say that she was to replace it. Then he dismissed the caned schoolgirl and told her to return to her class, reminding her that she had fifty lines to bring him next day and that he would check that she was wearing school uniform.

Mrs Nicholson obviously must have known exactly what had happened to the tearful girl, but she did not say anything and changed the book without any remark. Break was over by now and there were no other pupils in the secretary's office.

Jackie made her painful way, shakily and with small, careful steps, to her class. The lesson was already well under way and the chastened girl knocked before entering the classroom. Rumour spreads quickly in a small grammar school and most of the class had already heard that Jackie had been sent in to Mr Taylor and, when she was late for the lesson had guessed that she'd been whacked. The majority of the class, including several who had been caned, thought that it was a good thing. Jackie was widely perceived as stuck up and superior. Many shared the view that 'It's about time that little madam was taken down a peg or two!' and felt that her come-uppance had been overdue. On the other hand those girls who had never been caned, and the few boys in the same position, were upset, realising that their own bottoms, too, were not exempt!

The teacher however, Mr Russell, had not heard the rumours. He asked Jackie why she was late. The embarrassed girl just managed to stammer 'Mr Taylor . . . ' and then fell silent.

Mr Russell was not a particularly observant man, but as he looked at the red-faced girl in front of him, still wriggling and with tearstained face, he understood what had happened. He told Jackie to go to her place and not waste any more time.

Jackie had seen that her best friend, Barbara, had saved her a place next to her and had brought her books. She limped to the desk aware of the curious stares of her classmates. When she reached her seat she lowered herself carefully until her wealed bottom almost, but not quite, made contact with the hard wood. She supported her weight on both her hands. She remained in this uncomfortable position for the rest of that lesson, the last of the day.

After the lesson many pupils crowded round asking what she had done and how many she had got. Jackie usually cycled home but this afternoon she did not feel able to do so. She walked to the bus stop and rode home - standing up! On the bus she noticed two little first year boys. One pointed at her and whispered something to his friend whereupon they burst into giggles. Poor Jackie was convinced that everybody must know!

At home Mrs Thornton realised that something must have happened when her daughter returned without her bike and having obviously been crying. She was sympathetic but told Jackie that she had deserved her punishment and only had herself to blame. Nevertheless she stood up for her daughter against her husband when he came home and wanted to give Jackie an extra dose from his slipper. Jackie wrote her lines in the kitchen, having brought down a pillow from her bed to enable her to sit on the hard kitchen chair.

Jackie did not get much sleep that night but made sure she was out of bed in good time next day. She dressed carefully, making sure she was in full uniform. She winced as she pulled her blue panties on. She did not wear pantyhose.

She duly reported to Mr Taylor's office before roll call and handed in her lines. Her school uniform was impeccable - even her tie was straight. Mr Taylor walked behind her and raised her school skirt. The marks of his previous day's handiwork were still clearly visible, although the blue panties covered more of her bottom than those she had worn the previous day. 'Still sore, Jackie . . . ?' he remarked.

'Yes, sir,' the shame-filled girl mumbled.

'Well I hope it's taught you a lesson. I don't want to see you here again. Now report to your form for registration.

Later at assembly Mr Taylor made an announcement about not tearing pages out of books or using them for anything other than school work. He said that he had had to cane a girl for this, but didn't mention Jackie's name. But she and all her friends knew whom he meant.