Subject: Story: Celia's First Caning (F/f school)
From: (Mike)
Date: 5 Oct 1997 03:44:52 -0700

Celia's First Caning

This story is based on "Ashley's First Caning" by Crispin (where Ashley is a boy). I obtained his permission some time ago to change the sexes around, but I don't think I ever posted it here before. I am not in favour of real life corporal punishment of schoolchildren. If you don't want to read about such matters in fantasy or fiction, please do not read what follows:

Celia Sutcliffe was in her third year at Aylward's School. Although high spirited she was generally well-behaved and had kept out of serious trouble. Despite her petite stature the fourteen year old Celia was one of the best girls in her year at netball and she took the game seriously. That morning, after coming back from the game, she had got into a fierce argument with another girl in her team who, Celia considered, had "let the side down" and while they were in the changing room after the game, Celia let her know how she felt about it.

Wendy told Celia to "get lost" and to "keep your big mouth shut", then as she was about to leave the room, Celia picked up a glass trophy from the window sill and flung it hard at the floor. The trophy shattered, fragments splattering in all directions. The other girls laughed and jeered at Celia's childish behaviour but Wendy suddenly let out a cry as blood ran down inside her school sock. For a moment there was silence, then the injured girl gave a yell and tried to throw herself at Celia threatening to "punch her head in."

During the uproar and noise, the door of the changing room opened, and the Mrs James, the senior mistress, came in to enquire what all the yelling was about. Wendy told her angrily, tears of shock and temper still trickling down her face. Mrs James looked at Wendy's leg. A piece of glass had unfortunately given it a cut. Though not deep it wouldn't stop bleeding, so she was sent off to the school medical room. The senior mistress told the other girls not to touch the glass fragments and sent one of them to fetch the caretaker to clear the mess up. Celia was taken to Mrs James' office to explain her actions.

As the door of the senior mistress's office closed behind her Celia had never felt more alone. Of all the teachers in the school Mrs James was the very worst one to have caught her. Only the headmaster and the senior mistress were allowed to use corporal punishment and Mr Pearson hardly ever punished girls. Celia had never been sent to Mrs James, but several of her friends had and they all agreed that she had a heavy hand with a slipper.

Standing with her hands clasped behind her back in front of the senior mistress's large desk Celia explained what had taken place. The senior mistress seemed quite sympathetic saying that she believed that it had been an accident, and Celia gave a small sigh of relief at having got away with it. She really did feel sorry for Wendy because she really hadn't meant to hurt her - it was just temper that had caused the accident, and Celia felt a little ashamed of himself.

The senior mistress stood up from behind her desk, and coming round to where Celia stood she tilted the girl's chin up so that she looked at her fully in the eyes. Then in a cold tone of voice she said "Although the injury was an accident, young lady, its cause wasn't, and any pupil in this school who acts in a violent manner which causes injury must expect an appropriate punishment, especially if, as in your case school property is wantonly destroyed."

Still with an icy look the senior mistress snapped "You are banned from taking part in form or school netball matches for the rest of the term, and you will write out 'I must not lose my temper' one hundred times. You will hand the lines in before school tomorrow. And finally, to impress upon you the seriousness of this matter I am going to give you six strokes with the cane across your bottom . . . you can either accept it now or go home and tell your mother what is going to happen tomorrow morning when you come to school, if you want her to know . . .the decision is yours."

For a moment it didn't quiet sink in, then suddenly Celia felt her stomach turn over when the full force of what had just been said to her registered. It was all so silly. She had never meant to hurt Wendy and was truly sorry that she had done so, but the manner in which the senior mistress spoke - talking about violence - was foreign to Celia, because she had never been that sort of girl, and to get a caning for something that she hadn't meant to do seemed very unfair to the trembling youngster. Besides, surely the cane was only for boys or for those girls who really deserved it - the continual trouble-makers or the school bullies, but certainly not for girls like herself. A few of her friends had had the slipper from Mrs James but none had ever been caned . Only two or three of the really naughtiest girls in her class had been, but she knew from their comments afterwards that it hurt a lot more than the slipper. It was all so unfair. As these thoughts ran through the girl's mind suddenly she was brought back to reality as the senior mistress snapped "Well, Celia, have you made up your mind? I haven't got all day to waste on you."

Poor Celia had hardly ever had a smack in her entire young life, and she was very frightened at the thought of being caned. What could she tell her mother - she would never get over it. The thought of telling her that she was going to be caned for cutting another girl's leg open with glass was shattering to Celia, as well as embarrassing, and she knew that she couldn't do it.

Celia hesitated, looking down at the floor, then with a trembling lip she said "Please don't tell my mum, ma'am, she'll be very angry with me for what I did." The senior mistress sighed, then in a more gentle tone of voice she said "You're a silly little girl Celia, you could be a very nice girl but you do tend to be precocious which can be very irritating at times. It is in your favour that you appear to regret hurting your classmate. However, that's beside the point and I must punish you."

Pointing to the door that led off her study the senior mistress said "Go and wait inside there, I'll deal with you right away." Celia walked through the door that had been indicated to her. It was a small, comfortable room and looked all the brighter for the sunshine that beamed into it. Outside the window there was a walled, private garden that was backed by fields which bordered on to a small wood, a view that girls didn't see unless they were out of favour with the senior mistress.

As the young offender went into the anteroom that adjoined her study, the senior mistress went across the room and unlocked a cupboard. Hanging on a rail inside the cupboard by their curved handles were several school punishment canes of various thicknesses, while on the upper shelf lay three large leather slippers, which had all soundly beaten the small bottoms of many naughty girls. Mrs James selected the thinnest cane, bent it reflectively and then replaced it. She took her time in deciding which rod to use. The deputy headmistress only used the cane rarely, but when she did cane she caned to hurt. Fourteen year old Celia was small for her age, but she was an athlete and very fit. At last she decided upon the senior schoolgirl cane.

Taking the cane from its rail in the cupboard, the senior mistress bent it so that it sprang back fiercely, after which she swished it through the air a few times so that it cut the air with a loud hissing sound. This one would do very well. The senior mistress waited. She wanted the girl to suffer mentally as well as physically, so a few more minutes of waiting wouldn't do any harm. Mrs James felt that Celia Sutcliffe richly deserved a caning. Quite apart from this latest escapade she had for a long time felt that the girl was rather vain and stuck up. Well this certainly would bring her down a peg or two!

Celia looked up as the door of the ante-room opened. As she saw the senior mistress apply the latch to the door, for the first time the unhappy girl's fear almost got the better of her as she looked at the supple cane in the hand of the senior mistress who was about to beat her with it. The senior mistress walked over to the window and drew the venetian blinds almost together so that the room was in semi-darkness, although at the same time it prevented "seeing eyes" looking into the room if a gardener was around. Then pulling a chair into the middle of the room the senior mistress tapped Celia lightly on her elbow with the end of the cane and snapped "All right girl, let's get it over with . . .take your blazer off . . . .lift up your skirt and bend right over the top of the chair with your hands resting on the seat."

The pretty schoolgirl had never felt so scared. Tears of frustration stung the back of her eyes - she swallowed, then said impulsively "Please ma'am, don't cane me". The senior mistress was used to girls' pleading when they were in trouble and now that at long last she had the opportunity she certainly wasn't going to allow this one to get "off the hook".

"Don't waste time Celia. Do as I instructed", the senior mistress snapped. Celia took off her school blazer and laid it on a table in the room. As she walked over to the chair over which she was to be caned, the senior mistress caught hold of her by the arm and said briskly "let's have this up"..

Before the girl could move the senior mistress put her fingers under Celia's green school skirt and carefully rolled it up. Celia stood quite still, trembling slightly. The senior mistress had taken over and she didn't want to upset her further. Mrs James was used to this exercise. When the skirt was fully rolled up she pinned it into position and glanced downwards. The girl's young, smooth, soft thighs were on display above the grey school socks that came up to her knee-caps, her white cotton knickers clinging tightly against her body. Putting her hand to the back of Celia's neck the senior mistress said sternly "All right girl, bend over." Celia did as she was told. As she leaned over the top of the chair her knickers rode up just that little bit more. The senior mistress looked down at the youngster whom she was about to chastise then, pushing the top of the chair more tightly into the wrongdoer's tummy so that it brought the girl up on her toes, she took hold of the waistband of the girl's cotton knickers and pulled them tightly. Celia remained quite still. The roundness of her small bottom cheeks could be clearly seen under their white cotton covering. "Keep your knees tightly together" the senior mistress snapped, "I intend this to hurt a great deal."

She moved away from the bending girl and after making several preparatory swishes of the cane through the air, which sent shivers of half fear and half expectancy through the waiting Celia, she tapped her lightly on the bottom several times with the rod. and then brought it down with a loud hiss and a thwack across the girl's firm rounded bottom. Celia gave a small scream and jumped hard as the cane bit into her.

THWIP - again the cane rose and fell landing with accuracy across the now desperately wriggling teenage bottom that was being made to suffer.

THWACK - again the cane slashed through the air to land with even greater force across the now stinging, throbbing small bottom of the young girl bent over the top of the chair. As the third stroke of the punishment cane cut across her buttocks Celia's lips began to tremble, hot tears forming at the back of her eyes as she tried bravely to hold them back... she mustn't cry.. only young kids did that, she was fourteen, not eight, and if the beating that she was now getting hurt like hell, well, she would try not to think of the pain and discomfort - she was a big girl now and... and... Suddenly Celia could endure the pain no longer. She gave a small strangled sob, then as the hot, salty tears gushed down her face the girl could no longer help herself, and sobbed as if her heart would break.

But Mrs James had had a lot of experience of pupils who didn't like their just deserts and who thought that a few tears would save them from a well merited punishment, and if this little minx was trying it on, then she would soon discover that the senior mistress was not a woman to be fooled so easily. In a glance the senior mistress took in the neat little bottom looking up at her and the thighs and legs that led down to Celia's small feet. The softly curved thighs, so smooth and firm were more suited to a woman rather than a girl. Mrs James had no doubt that Celia richly deserved a caning and that it would have to be quite severe so as to convey the required message. She raised the cane high and brought it down to strike the bending girl with some force straight across the top of her thighs, below the meagre protection of her knickers. Celia screeched and jumped up.

The naughty schoolgirl clutched her limbs hard with both hands, and her tears fell hard, amidst small gasps of "oh.....oh .....oh" . The senior mistress felt pleased with herself.. She had long since discovered that not only did it badly hurt if a girl was struck in that manner, but the weal that would eventually show itself would often be visible under her skirt, especially during netball practice, as a reminder that she had been a naughty girl and had been caned for it.

"Back over that chair right away, girl," ordered Mrs James, harshly. "Unless you want extra strokes!" Still sobbing, Celia twisted round to face her chastiser, her hands still pressed to her outrageously stinging rear. Tears pouring from her eyes, she looked imploringly at the teacher, silently beseeching mercy. But none was forthcoming.

"I mean it, girl. You've got another two strokes to come. If you don't get yourself back down again this minute, I'll call Miss Thomsett in to hold you down and you'll get four strokes and not two!"

For a moment Celia continued to face the teacher, then her nerve broke and she turned and slowly lowered herself over the chair. The Senior Mistress waited until she was back in position and then, placing one hand firmly on the small of the girl's back, pulled her knickers up tight again. She noted approvingly the heat radiating from the naughty girl's bottom and how she squirmed involuntarily as she adjusted her knickers.

She took her time over the last two strokes, which she intended to be the hardest of all. Somehow Celia managed to stay down, but her yells were audible over much of the school.

At last Celia had received her full punishment of "Six of the Best", but she was careful not to get up right away.

From outside, the noise and bustle of the other pupils leaving their lessons to go and get their lunch could be heard. Tapping Celia lightly on her back with the end of the cane the senior mistress snapped "All right, Celia, you can stand up now."

The girl did as she had been told, rubbing her knuckles against her eyes to help offset the tears that were still flowing, while giving the occasional sniff of self pity.

"Now go and stand and face the wall....when you've stopped crying you can go and wash your face in the washroom before going in to lunch. I hope that that has taught you a lesson" the senior mistress said sternly.

Celia had experienced her first beating with a stinger of a cane, and it had only taught her one thing, that it hurt like mad. She stumbled over to the wall, her skirt still pinned up. Slowly the girl's tears stopped flowing, but oh, how her bottom smarted, and where Celia had rubbed her knuckles into her eyes, heavy black tear marks could be seen.

The senior mistress's study was silent, then Mrs James walked over and unpinned the girl's skirt. She smoothed it down over Celia's wealed bottom, causing the girl to gasp with pain.

"Right off you go, girl", said the teacher. Celia left the room that she had entered such a short time before, and going to the washroom she rinsed her face under the cold water tap so that her eyes wouldn't look so red when she went into classes after lunch. As for eating Celia just didn't fancy anything, and was not yet ready to even try to sit down.

Later when she had to sit down at her school desk ready for lessons to commence, grins from some of the pupils who knew "Celia had had the cane" didn't make her feel any happier. She lowered herself very carefully onto her seat, but it still took two attempts, provoking laughter from most of the boys in her class. Celia squirmed on the hard wooden seat in intense discomfort for the rest of the lesson. At long last the school day finished and Celia made for home, thinking of the lines she had yet to write and that she had to report back to Mrs James next morning. As she closed the door of her house her mother called out from the kitchen " Have you had a good day at school, darling?" "Not too bad" shouted back Celia. If her mother only knew!