Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 00:09:47 -0700
From: (Laura Werner)
Subject: Let It All Out

A friend recently asked me what my perfect scene would be. I told her that I wasn't sure what a perfect one would be like in real life, but I do have a very intense core fantasy. I wrote part of it down, and I was amazed to find myself going deep into bottom space as I was writing.

It felt so powerful that (once I came back :) I decided to try to write it down more completely in a sort of a story form. It's written in the first person, which can be kind of annoying to read, but I'm not much of a creative writer. It's mostly spanking, with a bit of a D/s flavor.

Because of the mild D/s aspect of this, I've crossposted it to as well as, which is where I usually post. Please remove a.s.s from any followups that aren't somehow related to spanking.

Let It All Out

I stand there, eyes downcast, shivering with a strange mixture of fear and anticipation. She says "Laura," interrupting my reverie. As I meet her eyes, which seem both compassionate and stern, she grasps my wrist and draws me to the chair which sits alone in the center of the room.

As we reach the chair, she sits, motioning me to kneel at her side. As I kneel I again look down, afraid to meet her eyes. But there is no escape; she lifts my chin with one hand as she grasps my shoulder with the other. She looks into my eyes and begins the lecture that I dread, telling me that I've been a naughty girl by keeping my feelings bottled up for so long. I want so badly to look away, but the intensity of her gaze holds me prisoner.

She continues the scolding while gently putting her hand on my back and guiding me over her lap. Unfortunately, she is not using enough strength to force me into position; I must do it voluntarily. With that last bit of submission, I am totally in her control. My position, with my bottom high in the air and my head hanging down to the floor, emphasizes that control. I've never felt so helpless.

Suddenly, I feel her lift my short skirt up over my waist. I shiver again and let out a small gasp. She begins to caress my bottom while telling me that I need to be spanked so I can learn to be a good girl and let go of my feelings. She encourages me to relax and let go, telling me that the spanking will show how much she cares. Her voice mesmerizes me, and I can feel my body's tenseness flowing away under her gentle touches. She begins to replace the caresses with gentle slaps, lecturing all the while. I am so relaxed that it takes me a moment to even notice the difference.

The slaps gradually increase in strength until I realize that I'm receiving a full-fledged spanking. My bottom begins to tingle with each slap, and I can feel a warm, red glow spreading across the area. The individual spanks begin to hurt, and the heat builds slowly until I feel the pain as a constant presence.

Then she stops. For an instant, I feel relief, but it is quickly replaced by a feeling of abandonment. In my mind, the spanking has become one with her love and caring, and I miss it. As I admit this to myself, she feels another shiver run through my body and knows that I have given myself over to her completely. She begins to caress me, once again scolding me in her gentle voice.

Just as I begin to relax again, I feel her hand leave my bottom. Almost instantly, I hear a loud crack and feel a sudden, sharp sting on the lower part of my bottom. It feels like the thick strap that I love and fear so much. I softly cry out "No!" but the strapping continues. As it goes on and on, the heat on my bottom becomes hard to bear, and I begin to squirm frantically about on her lap. Finally, unable to take any more, I reach back to protect myself with my hand. Normally, that would be the end. Our play spankings always end when I try to stop them. But not this time. She grabs my hand, twists it behind my back, and continues to apply the strap to my poor behind. I feel ten more strokes, and then she stops.

She rubs my bottom again, and tells me what a good girl I've been. I feel so proud that I can hardly believe it. I had never known that I could feel so gratified by another person's praise. This spanking has revealed parts of my personality that I never even knew existed. I feel gratified by the experience but relieved that it is over.

Just then, I feel her hand reach under the waistband of my panties and pull them down to my thighs. As I begin to whimper, she says "You've been very good, but I'm afraid we're not there yet. There are still some hidden places inside you where we haven't reached."

A faint "I know" escapes through the tears that are beginning to form on my face. I relax over her lap again, and I suddenly feel the burning pain of the strap on my bare bottom. I gasp, and the first sob breaks free from my chest.

"Let it all out," she says, and I now find that I can. I begin sobbing uncontrollably, letting out years of bottled-up emotions. As she continues to spank me with the strap, I can really feel the way she cares about me, and I know that my flood of emotions will never scare her away.

After I've been sobbing for a minute or so, she switches back to using her hand and begins to give me some softer spanks to help ease me back to reality. As she stops and lets me off her her lap, she pulls me toward her and gives me a long, much-needed hug. She draws me to my feet and leads me to the couch. Sitting on the couch makes me gasp, which brings a tender smile to her lips. Suddenly, I can smile too, and I cry lots of happy tears while she holds me in her arms.


Wow. Writing that down stirred up some incredibly strong emotions. I hope I managed to convey some of them in my writing. I'd love to hear from people, particularly if this post resonates with any of your fantasies or feelings about spanking. Gentle writing tips are welcome too. One-line wannas from straight guys aren't. :)