Date: Sun, 5 May 1996 17:51:22 -0700
From: (Laura Werner)
Subject: My first flogging

Hi everyone,

An email pal asked me to tell him about the first time I got a real flogging. I didn't think it would be all that interesting, but I ended up writing a lot about it. So much, in fact, that I decided to post it here too. I'm still not sure if it's interesting, but what the heck. If it isn't, I'm sure that someone here can think of a creative way to let me know. :-)

The whole episode started when I was helping a friend assemble her "bondage bed". It's a big sheet of plywood that sits under her futon, and it has metal rings attached every 18 inches or so around the edges. After we got the thing put together and tied all of the rings onto it, we went downstairs and cooled off for a while because it was hot that day. Then I got my "payment" for helping out: I got tied to the thing.

It works. :-)

My friend (I'll call her Mary) tied a piece of climbing webbing to each of my ankles and then tied them about 3 1/2 feet apart at the bottom of the bed. She then tied webbing to both of my wrists, pulled them straight out to the sides of the bed, and tied them there. I was pretty thoroughly immobile. I could wiggle an inch or two in each direction, but that was it.

After I'd tired of struggling, Mary decided to torment me a bit. She sat down and started playing with my nipples. Even though I still had a T-shirt on, it felt really nice, and I started squirming around again.

Then she surprised me by announcing that she had to go get a haircut. She said that I could either be untied right then or I could lay there for a half hour until she got back. I couldn't tell how serious she was, but it still wasn't a very tough decision. :-) I hadn't had nearly enough fun yet.

Mary left, and I could hear her go downstairs. A few minutes later I heard her go out the front door. Oops! Until then, I hadn't quite believed her. I didn't really panic or anything, but I did start to worry a little bit. After a bit more random struggling, I decided to work one of my wrists free. I tried for five minutes or so with no success. Mary is a bondage nut, so she ties knots really well. And the climbing webbing she uses has no stretch at all.

After I gave up on getting free, I decided to just relax and enjoy being tied up. No sooner had I started to relax when I was startled by a shoe that came flying into the bedroom, followed a few seconds later by Mary. She announced that it was "too hot" to get her hair cut after all. Right.

After checking in with me and discovering that I wanted more, more, more, Mary got out her toy bag and started trying things out on me. She started off by whacking my inner thighs with some leather slappers and then with a thin fiberglass rod. Yow! She wasn't hitting me very hard at all, but it still stung quite a bit. That's a sensitive area.

Next, she pulled my shirt up over my head and slapped my nipples a bit. I'd never had that done before, and I wasn't sure if I'd like it. But I did. Yum. The sensations were incredibly intense, and I was writhing around as much as my bonds would let me.

Finally, Mary got out the whip. It's a fairly soft, 24-tail, cowhide flogger, but I didn't know that much at that point. It just looked like a big, scary whip. Everything else up to that point had been fairly light, but this looked serious. Mary must have sensed this, because she started out by just gently draping the whip's tails over my breasts and then dragging them around. It felt wonderful, and I realized how soft the flogger was. I started smiling and moaning and squirming around. Yum.

She then started actually swinging the thing and letting it hit my breasts. It's a very, uh, interesting sensation. At first it just felt really nice and didn't hurt at all. As Mary gradually increased the intensity it started to hurt a bit, but that was nothing compared to the pleasurable feelings I was getting. Finally, she started to swing the whip fairly hard, and it started to really hurt. The nice feelings didn't go away; they were just supplemented by some pain. It was delicious, and I can't write a good enough description to do it justice.

Eventually I told Mary I'd had enough, and she eased off and then stopped. It was a fairly hot day, and Mary was dripping with sweat at that point. We sat down in front of the fan and cooled off for a while while we chatted. At some point, I commented that the flogging didn't hurt nearly as much as I had expected. I said that if it had been my bottom instead of my breasts, I probably could have taken as much as she could dish out.

Mary took this as a challenge. :-) She had me take off my shorts and my shirt and then lay face-down on the bed. After I was in position, she started to flog me on my upper back and shoulders. It started off fairly soft, but she quickly built it up to a fairly intense level. This was a new experience for me. My upper back isn't exactly an erogenous zone, so I wasn't sure whether I'd like being hit there. It turned out to be fairly nice, but not in the same way as spanking. I could really get into and enjoy the intense sensations and even some of the pain, but it wasn't nearly as erotic as being hit on my butt or breasts.

When I said that I'd had enough, Mary stopped for a second, and then surprised me by starting again on my bottom. That felt really nice. She was swinging the whip almost as hard as she could, and the impacts were great. They were mostly thud, but there was enough sting from the tails to keep things nice and interesting. Down there, I really could take all that she could dish out (with that whip, anyway). After she tired out :-) we finally stopped.

That afternoon was a bit of an awakening for me. I've always been interested in spanking, but I wasn't sure about the rest of S/M. I'd had a few fantasies but wasn't sure whether I wanted to actually do anything about them. Also, I had only played before with lovers and not with more casual friends. Mary helped me realize that my interests were a lot broader than I had thought, and I left wanting more!

Even though I tend to be fairly shy, that day inspired me to go to the Fetish Flea Market last month and buy some toys (actually, I was helping a friend sell things too). So far I've accumulated a new cane, a tawse, a nice deerskin flogger, and a couple of wrist cuffs, plus a bunch of paddles that I already had. I've also attended two play parties (so far!) and joined a couple of S/M groups up in San Francisco. And, of course, I've started posting a bit here and trading some email with friends. It feels great to be able to meet and talk to other people with these same interests.

Wow. That turned into a bit of a sermon or inspirational lecture or something. I'm still fairly excited about exploring this new area in my life, and I think it shows. I just love talking and writing to people about it. It's like I can't get enough!

Well, I suppose I should go and try to get a bit of housework done. Even though I'm not all that interested in real-life domestic discipline, that's one area of my life where I probably could use quite a lot of it. It might at least keep me from sitting down and writing all afternoon. :-)

- Laura