Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 23:35:57 -0700
From: (Laura Werner)
Subject: My first caning

(Catchy subject line, huh? :-) I got my first caning on Sunday night, and I want to write a little bit about it now that I have some time.

Last Sunday I helped out a friend who was selling things at the Fetish Flea Market up in San Francisco. Right next to her table there were some people selling tickets to a celebratory play party. I finally screwed up my courage and bought a ticket. While I was at the flea market, I also bought a cane; a nice, soft deerskin flogger; a tawse; and a few other toys.

My friend and I showed up at the party fairly early, and there wasn't much going on. She found someone to top her fairly soon, but I wandered around watching a few scenes and otherwise feeling left out. I can be incredibly shy sometimes. I was starting to regret even going to the party.

After my friend finished her first scene, she relaxed for a while and then asked if I wanted her to try out my new toys on me. Either she was in a sadistic mood that night or she saw me standing around being lonely. Or both. I'm not complaining either way. :-)

After I went and got my flogger and cane and we talked a bit, I got locked into a pillory sort of thing with my legs chained out to the side. Then she proceeded to whip me on my back, shoulders and bottom. She was really swinging the thing, but it's such a soft whip that it felt really nice. I never thought I'd really like being whipped (I'm a definite spanking fan), but this was very yummy.

After her arm got tired :-) we talked a little more and decided how to finish. She used a slightly heavier flogger to warm up my bottom a bit more, and then she got out the cane. I really had mixed feelings about it: I fantasize about being spanked, paddled, caned, or whatever until I let go and cry, but the thought of having it happen right then was a bit petrifying.

The first stroke was a bit of a shock. It stung pretty badly at first, and then actually kept hurting worse and worse for a minute or so, just like I'd heard it would. But on the whole, the caning wasn't so bad. Each stroke made me jump and writhe around, but I didn't end up crying at all. I think she was taking it easy on me, and she was also spreading the strokes around. But it was a really nice introduction to playing in public. Yum.

Afterward, my bottom was warm and tingly for an hour or so, and I ended up with some nice welts. There are still a couple of red marks today, three days later. But it hasn't really hurt at all since Sunday night. I guess my electrologist was right when she said I had a high pain tolerance. That, or a leather bottom.

Later that evening, I got topped by another woman in a very soft, warm, sensuous way. It was wonderful to just let go and trust her. I'm starting to see the attraction of being submissive! Thinking about it makes me want to just melt. Mmmmmmm...

I guess that's enough rambling for tonight. If any of you women out there are going to the party this Friday night, feel free to drop me a line. And if you liked (or didn't like) this post, let me know; feedback is always nice!